Establishing the friend-with-benefits boundaries

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Part 2 of the seriesLayla and I had a wonderful romp in her new apartment off campus.  I actually stayed the night with her, and then headed home to go to work.  Classes… Lesbian Part 2 of the series

Layla and I had a wonderful romp in her new apartment off campus.  I actually stayed the night with her, and then headed home to go to work.  Classes began the next week.  I didn't want to become obsessive and pester her nonstop.  We ran into each other on campus on Thursday and agreed to get together the following Saturday evening for dinner. 

Fast forward to Saturday...

I picked Layla up at her apartment and we walked to a diner near campus.  We did our standard hug greeting and that was that.  Dinner was a bit awkward, considering the last time we'd seen each other, we'd seen a lot more of each other than we were used to seeing :-)

I did break the ice and ask how it happened.  Layla knew I wasn't dating anybody and freely admitted to me she'd seen a more attractive version of me and couldn't help herself, and that she didn't sleep around like I might have thought.  We'd both lost our virginity in high school, and Layla admitted that once you have sex with one person, it's not as meaningful.  She did reiterate that she didn't want to be tied down in a relationship, and that she was also attracted to women as well.  The young horny guy in me was loving that notion, admittedly.  She wasn't sure if she would even be at Temple a year from now, and didn't want to establish any sort of connections or roots, and was passing through, unlike myself who intended to stay near Philly for life. 

I then asked how we should handle things.  We discussed our sexual histories, and in the moment, Layla was the first time i'd gone without a condom.  She told me not to worry because she practices safe sex, and figured I was clean.  She didn't want to be tied down but free to be with others.  I agreed.  I guess we were setting boundaries.  We agreed that if other sexual partners entered the picture, we would inform each other.  Admidttedly, Layla was the best as I'd never gone without a condom before.  As I am an autistic, I told Layla I didn't fully understand social cues.  She laid things out for me in an easy way - she told me unless she or I said otherwise, sexual encounters would be guaranteed.  Either one of us could initiate.  I was glad she was establishing boundaries.  I did tell her kissing gets me emotionally involved and asked if that was okay, which it was. 

After dinner, we walked back to Layla's apartment to watch a movie or two.  So we entered, and sat on her sofa and popped in a movie.  I had my hand on Layla's leg and was moving it upward towards her vaginal area, and I was a bit nervous to keep going, but she took my hand and moved it up to her clitoris, where I began feeling around her clitoral area and then her vagina, and took turns between.  The excitement got to Layla, where she pulled me in by my collar to kiss her, and we began making out as I was feeling her up.  After a couple of minutes, I put my hand up her shirt and began feeling her chest, at which time she raised her arms up for me to take her shirt off, which I did.  I let her take my shirt off too.  My hand was taking turns between her chest and vaginal area, all while continuing to make out.  Layla began rubbing my crotch and could see how turned on I was.  She then began straddling me like the last time, and riding on top of me while making out.  We were getting pretty hot, and she got off, and unzipped my pants, and slid my boxers down, and began stroking my cock.  She was about to put it into her mouth when I suggested I may need a quick shower, to which we walked into, hand in hand. 

To be continued :-)
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