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Leo received a wedding invitation. It was located in different city, an hour away by plane. He didn’t really want to go but he thought he should go, networking purposes. He used… rings

Leo received a wedding invitation. It was located in different city, an hour away by plane. He didn’t really want to go but he thought he should go, networking purposes. He used to work with the groom few years ago, and he had a good job with the finance system, so it might open a good chance for Leo to stay in touch with him. 

And he knew who exactly to contact in that city. 


He knew her for sometimes now. They used to work together in a same project. Zara had the nicest smile he had ever seen. And Zara’s smiles helped him go trough all the boring meetings they had to go to. 

They became close friends which led into friends with benefit. But they were never dating. Both Zara and Leo were clear that there would be no chance of them dating. It was merely sex. And sex was good. 

Zara had an amazing body and she knew how tease Leo sexually. They had countless sexual encounter in her place and his place. 

They sometimes pretended to be couple, holding hands in public, and making that silly gestures couples did. Just for fun. 

The last time Leo saw Zara was two years ago. She moved to other city for personal reason. They still contacted one another by text. Until now. 

Leo sent a text to her: ‘I am coming to your city next week. fancy meeting up?’

‘of course. wait, who’s this? *smiley face*’

‘haha. funny. i’ll let you know where I’d be staying’

‘ok. See you next week.’

Leo couldn’t wait to reunite with her again, enjoying her laughs and smile, and also her body. 

She gave an amazing blowjob. ever. She would start with massaging the cock before licking it slowly. Enough for him to give her precum, and she loved licking that clear ooze clean. She said pre cum turned her on big time. 

She would just let him sit back watching her head moving up and down playing with his cock, on four, so he could see her bare back and part of her bums sticking up. 

She said he could moan if he wanted to, which he found it strange. He didn’t think men were moaning during sex. But then she sucked his cock tight that he let out a moan. Not a loud moan, but enough to say it was a moan. 

‘Ohhh, Zara. Your mouth is amazing. How do you do that....’ Leo pushed his hips up closer to her face so that it could go deeper in her throat. 

She grabbed his butts and pushed them toward her direction. She wanted to have it her way and Leo found himself in complete surrender. He enjoyed her nails dug into his skin while her mouth was fucking his cock. Sometimes she gave a lick to his balls too, and while she did that she would stroke his wet cock. And Leo found himself moan even louder. 

‘Do you want to cum in my mouth, horny boy?’ asked Zara teasingly. Leo nodded while gasping for air. 

‘I didn’t hear anything. say, yes please Zara. Take me in your mouth.’

Leo obeyed happily. ‘Yes, babe. Take it in your mouth. Fuck me with your mouth. I want to cum in it. pleaseeee.’

Zara smiled. But she didn’t take his cock. She crawled on top of Leo. Gave him a hot wet kiss which he took greedily. Those lips were amazing. And he loved her naughty warm tongue trying to explore any corner of his mouth. While kissing him, she positioned her pussy on top of his hard cock and she slid in the cock inside it. 

‘Ooooohhhhhhhhh, babeeee!!! You...’ Zara didn’t let Leo finish my sentence. She started moving her body giving him extra pleasure. Her pussy was warm and tight and it wrapped his cock in it. Leo held her tight and he almost thought he loved her. He loved being in her. And his cock loved her even more. 

She slowed down her movement before she stopped completely but she kept his hard cock inside her pussy. 

‘So, do you want to cum in my mouth or in my pussy?’ 

That was hard options. ‘Both, babe. both. please continue. I want to cum inside you. Please....’ Leo tried to moved his cock begging her to continue riding on him. 

And with that, she moved her hips up, and Leo thought she would release the cock from her pussy wrap, but apparently she held it by the tip and rammed her pussy back swallowing his whole cock in. It felt so good Leo moan again. 

She pumped him hard and fast, he didn’t think he could hold any longer. His cock was throbbing really hard ready to explode. Leo held her hips down so his cock was deep inside her and with that he shot his load in her pussy. Leo gave few more thrusts just to make sure he shot till the last drop. She fell on top of him smiling. And they both fell asleep with her in his arms. 

Finally the D Day arrived. Leo was so excited to see Zara again. He wondered if she was still the same slim and sexy woman he knew back then. 

He let her know the hotel he stayed in, and he told her he would be free after 10.

She said no problem. She was going to meet her friends for drinks and she could meet him later. 

It was a boring wedding dinner. More because Leo’s mind was occupied by Zara. She really couldn’t wait to see her and spend the night with her. 

Leo excused himself before 9pm. He just couldn’t wait any longer. He sent a text to Zara. 

‘where are you?’

‘In Hotel Hyatt’s bar. Having drinks with friends. You?’

‘Decided to leave the dinner early. Mind if I join you?’

‘Not at all, but you have to behave.’


Ten minutes later, Leo showed up in the bar. Zara was with her friends all were females. She waved at him. And she was still sexy as ever. She was wearing see trough black top and white hotpants. She introduced Leo to everybody on the table. Leo politely said hi and smiled at them. He could smell Zara’s perfume and that was enough to turn him on. 

‘You look amazing’ whispered Leo in Zara’s ears. 

Zara smiled and replied ,’I know.’

Leo laughed. Zara hadn’t changed a bit. 

They continued drinking and chatting away and they all decided to go to night club. 

As soon as they arrived in the night club, Leo grabbed Zara closer to him and kissed her passionately. He had waited for this moment when nobody paid attention on them. 

Zara kissed him back and hugged him tight. 

‘I missed you sooo much!!!’ said Zara when Leo finally stopped kissing her. 

‘Can’t we just go to my hotel room and let me show you how much I missed you?’whispered Leo. He wanted to see Zara’s naked body and kiss every inch of it and fuck her brain out. 

Zara nodded. She managed to tell one of her friends that she took off so nobody should worry about her. 

Leo undressed himself as soon as he arrived in his hotel room. His cock was full erect. He grabbed Zara and pulled her top off. He fondled her breasts that he missed. He put them in his mouth, devouring the softiness and the sexiness. He still couldn’t believe he was with Zara. 

He unbuttoned Zara’s hotpants and pulled them down, leaving Zara totally naked in front of him. 

Zara jumped on him so he could carry her while kissing her breasts. Their naked bodies were reunited. 

Leo carried her to the bed. ‘I want to fuck you, Zara!! So so much!!!’

‘Well, let’s do it quickly, then.’

Zara bend over on four showing her bum up, and her pussy just below it, shined with her juice. 

Leo couldn’t resist not to kiss and lick her asshole before he suck her clit hard which made her moan. 

She was totally wet and it made his fingers easily slid in. 

‘Ooohhh Leo, I missed this. Where have you been? I missed your tongue, your fingers....’

‘I missed you too, babe.’ murmured Leo while licking her ass. 

He just couldn’t hold it any longer, he slid his hard cock inside Zara’s pussy. Both let out a long moan of excitement. They took their time enjoyed each other before Leo took charge and started pumping her cock hard inside Zara’s wet pussy. 

Leo laid Zara flat on her belly and kept pumping her deep and hard. Zara couldn’t do anything but enjoying every bit of it. 

‘Ooooohhhh.... Aaaaahhhhh. Leoooo, fuck me harder, babe.....’

Leo pumped her hard and he couldn’t control it anymore. He exploded inside Zara’s pussy. 

He was exhausted but happy. He showered Zara with kisses. Zara smiled enjoying the kisses and the juices leaking from her pussy. 

‘Can you stay with me tonight? I want to spend the night fucking you and cuddling with you. Just like the old time.’ Begged Leo. 

Zara looked at him and said,’of course. But I need to leave early in the morning.’

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