Friends With Benefits

rahulkarthik   February 13, 2020   | 10855 Views
My name is Rahul and I’m from Tamil Nadu. The heroine of this story is Sindhu. Sindhu and I were close friends from college and in this story I will tell about how our 5 years… cheating

My name is Rahul and I’m from Tamil Nadu. The heroine of this story is Sindhu. Sindhu and I were close friends from college and in this story I will tell about how our 5 years of friendship suddenly turned into friends with benefits kind of relationship. I never had any sexual intention on sindhu throughout my college days. I completed my UG in a college from my hometown. I became friends with her since day 1 that’s because we use to travel in college bus together and our homes are streets away.

Let me tell something about sindhu’s beauty. She is a bomb shell 5.5 ft with figure 36-25-36. Guys from my college will die to even talk to her and everyone will be jealous on me since I was very close to her. During college days she was in a relationship with a guy named Gokul. Gokul was our senior and he did not like me hanging out with Sindhu all the time. He use to ask her not to hang out with me, but still me and Sindhu we were close friends. There came the time when they both were broken up and she use to talk to me about him every day. Day by day our friendship grew and when I completed my UG I moved to UK for my master’s degree and Sindhu got a job in Bangalore. 2 Years went by and we both were still in contact. We use to chat or skype every day talking about anything and everything. She use to tell me about all the gossip stories from her office. One fine day when we were texting I told her about the incident happened in the night club the previous day. I was totally drunk and friends challenged me to pick a random chick and take her home. Since I was sloshed, I accepted the challenge and I tried all my pickup lines some of which actually worked. I met a girl “Cindy” near the bar and asked her if I can buy her a drink she readily accepted and as the night went by we both were dancing and dancing turned to smooching and finally we ended up in bed together that was my first one night stand and I never saw Cindy ever again.

After listening to this story Sindhu was dumbstruck and was asking questions about each and every detail of what happened that night. From that day my relationship with Sindhu takes a new route. She too started to go to office parties, started to drink and dress up to the standards of Bangalore girls. Her attitude towards sexual relationship totally changed in a year. We slowly started talking about sexual incidents and gradually we started sharing our fantasies and one thing led to another and we started sexting.

After two years when I completed my studies and returned back to Bangalore. I found a job in a MNC company and I stayed with my office colleague. I use to meet sindhu every week but we didn’t really get a chance to fool around. Then one-week day, my friend was not at home and I had planned to take Sindhu for a movie. We went to Sully movie in PVR, phoenix market city. Since it was Tuesday and it was a morning show the theater was completely empty except for us and 3-5 other couples. Luckily we got top corner seat. When the movie started and I desperately wanted to make my first move on her. I took hold of her hand pulled her near me and whispered in her ears that I was waiting for this moment for a very long time now and I started kissing her earlobes. Gradually I was kissing her from ears, cheeks and I reached her lips.

First it was just a simple brush of her lips and after sometime she gave up and opened her lips and we sort of sink into it for at least 10 mins. She inserted her tongue in my mouth and I was sucking her lips out. She lost all her control and she placed her hands on my Dick I felt like I just got electrocuted. She was just holding my dick initially later after sometime she whispered into my ears that she wants to feel it for real and asked me to loosen my pants. I did loosen and she immediately caught hold of my dick and started to stroke it. I asked her to suck it but she hesitated. Even I didn’t want to take so much of risk in a theater. The whole thing happened in quick succession not even half an hour since the movie started but we already came out of the theater making our way to my place. I took my bike and on our way back home it started raining suddenly and since my place was close we didn’t stop.

As soon as we reached my place I closed the main door and took her directly to the bed room. We didn’t mind the wet clothes and in minutes all our clothes were scattered all over the room and I was completely naked while she was only on her inners. She was wearing red lingerie which was very sexy. Immediately she took my 5.5 inch cock into her mouth and I started mouth fucking her. He knows her way out she sucked my dick like a pro. She was giving head with the right amount of saliva and with great hand motions. It was like I was in seventh heaven. After at least 10 mins of mouth fucking I wanted to return the favor and I started licking her. She couldn’t control her feelings and she started moaning and she started saying my name, Rahul! Yes! right there baby lick my pussy harder and I started fingering her. Then we went on to 69 and spent a good 5 mins there. Still she was wearing her bra which I went out of control and unhooked it and her juicy melons jumped right on to my face I started sucking one of the boob while fondling the other she was getting restless and ordered me to fuck her right there saying she don’t have patience anymore.

I just took her in missionary and teased her a bit to lift the mood but she couldn’t control it and literally begged me to fuck her. I inserted my dick, her pussy was very tight and she screamed in pain but she asked me to continue saying she doesn’t mind a little pain when she is getting enough pleasure. I fucked her for 10 mins in missionary and I turned her, made her kneel down and I took her in doggy. I was in heaven thinking about the fact this happening is a dream for sure. After a long fuck she wanted to take my cum in her mouth she kneel down and started sucking me. My god nobody ever has sucked my dick as she is doing right now. What a minimum of 20 mins of fucking couldn’t do her sucking was able to pull it off in 3 mins. I shot a load of cum into her mouth and she took every single drop of it. At last we were totally exhausted and slept naked and we had one more session before evening before she went home. Right now we both are staying in Bangalore and we still are friends with lots of benefits.

That’s it, this is my story, please give your feedback on my personal email, I will write my other incidents with Sindhu if I receive good feedback.

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