My Christmas wish was granted

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I was one of the many young Irish men who emigrated to Australia to find work and a better life, due to return to Ireland for a few weeks, to spend Christmas with my family. I was already planning who I wanted to see for other reasons. Luxury Laura, Katie and Sheila were close friends in a group of maybe seven or eight girls. They were all aged 18 or 19. What these three girls had in common is they had all got my attention.

Laura was my fuck buddy before I headed abroad. She had actually gotten into a relationship just before I had left so there was no tears with me leaving. Laura was about 5"5 with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and an athletic body. She had big d cup tits and a perfectly shaped firm ass. She had a smooth tight pussy that felt amazing. The type you instantly missed when you were fucking a new girl.

Katie had been in a relationship with one of my house mates two years previous so we would have spent quite a bit of time together. Katie has dark brown hair, brown eyes and sallow skin. She had nice firm b cup tits and a great ass. She made everything she wore look very sexy. 

Then there is Sheila, Sheila oozes sex appeal. This girl just has it naturally. I had been after her for a few years now but never quite bucked up the courage to chase her until after I had left the country. Sheila is tiny, maybe 5 feet tall, light brown hair, very cute smile and a pair of brown eyes you'd get lost looking into. Her b cup tits suited her body size perfectly, her ass was small and tight. You just wanted to grab it and feel it. She wore revealing clothes and I'm sure she enjoyed all the attention she got. 

Since I had left I had kept in contact with all three, I had a good friendship with them all. At about the end of October I had told all three separately that I was coming home. The replies they gave me were all similar enough telling me not to go back without meeting up with them. With their replies I was devising a plan to see how much I could push it with them.

"Since you are no longer with your boyfriend, what do you think about me filling your tight little pussy with my cum?" I had sent to Laura.

"Mmmm I would love that, I miss having your cock inside my pussy. Even my mouth craves the taste if your cum." Laura's reply would be enough for any man, but, I was far from home and feeling brave.

"I think we need to do something about all the sexual chemistry that have been there since we were nearly living together two years ago" was my message to the second girl, Katie.

"So after all the times you shut me down, you are finally going to let me have your cock?" Katie replied.

"I didn't want to be a dick to my housemate, it wouldn't have been fair on any of us" here's me being nice saying I was thinking about not hurting my housemate and I'm here messaging three friends. 

Then there is the amazing Sheila, "what are the chances of you wrapping yourself up in wrapping paper and being my Christmas surprise this year?"

"I would but I'm not sure I'd be able to do that myself, maybe you might come over and help me wrap?" She replied.

"If I come over to help, there will be no wrapping presents, you'll be naked, I'll be naked and my cum will be dripping from your tight pussy." I was feeling brave, maybe she was only hinting things in a friendly way but I was going all in.

"That sounds good to me but you have to be careful, I'm not on the pill anymore."

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it, I'm not wearing a condom with you, I want to feel the full thing."

"If I'm very horny then you can" replied Sheila.

Jackpot, I had the three girls lined up for my return and none of them knew about each other. I kept chatting to all three as much as I could up until I was coming home. Everything was good, it was all set in stone. Time for my plane journey home.

I was home two days before I had contacted any of the girls, between meeting family, hitting the pub with my mates and jet lag  I had no time for the three lovely ladies.

Laura was the first girl I contacted, she sounded a bit distant with me. I had thought that because it took two days to make contact, she was making me pay, I was wrong though and left speechless by a message from her. "Did you really think you could get away with it? Us three are friends, we talk! And we compared messages, like how you weren't going to wear a condom on any of us and you were going to cum in our pussies. You hurt me, I thought you were different. I'm not going to be part of your plan, the girls might but I won't."

Fuck, caught rotten, this puts a hole in everything. They know, they all know. Who was I thinking I was fooling by thinking I could pull this off. Then it dawned on me, the other two were still interested. I picked myself back up and got back on my game 

"Hey Sheila, I apologise, I shouldn't have treating you all the way I have, any chance I can see you to talk and apologise on person?" I sent to Sheila, hoping I would get a reply.

"We all make mistakes, call up to my house after 8pm, my mother is heading out, we have the house to ourselves" came the reply from Sheila. 

Sorted, I would leave Katie off until tomorrow I thought to myself, if I know Katie, this won't affect her.

8pm I drove up to Sheila's house, I stopped in the off licence and bought a big bottle of vodka and twelve cans of redbull. I knocked on the door and Sheila answered. "Wow.....Jesus......fuck...." was about all I managed to get out of my mouth. 

"I'm guessing that the low cut top with no bra and short skirt were a good choice to wear tonight" she said as she bit her bottom lip, then stuck out her tongue, turned, slapped her right ass cheek and walked back in.

I was horny, my cock was ready to burst, I was speechless. I followed her lead, completely at her mercy. I left the vodka down on the table in the sitting room, along with the redbull. The table was infront of the couch which she told me to sit down on while she went and got three glasses. The couch was one of them deep couches that you felt like a kid sitting down on because if your back was against the cushions, your feet couldn't touch the ground. You could probably fit five fully grown adults on it easily.

"I'm a bit confused" I said with a baffled face, "why do you need three glasses?"

"You'll find out in a few minutes" she replied giving me a wink and blowing me a kiss.

She came back in with three glasses and poured out two drinks for the both of us.

"Are you not pouring the third?" I asked, again looking puzzled. 

"Just you and me for now" she said as she came over and started to kiss me.

I responded immediately, grabbed her by the hips and lay her down beside me. Her short skirt hid nothing, she had a black thong on that was just about covering her pussy lips. Our tongues were wrestling as our saliva was mixing making both of us very horny. I reach down for her top and broke the kiss, pulled the top off over her head and resumed kissing her. Our sexual chemistry was on point. 

She broke free of our kissing, her tits right infront of my face, they were better than I first thought. Perky and perfect. "We need to get you down to your boxers, leave them on for now though" she said as she pulled off my jumper and t-shirt in one go. She stood up infront of me and reached for my pants, grabbed the waistline and worked them off me leaving my boxers on underneath. My cock fully erect visible through the light material. "Perfect she said, now lie down". 

I lay down on the couch, before Sheila sat down she removed her thong, wow her pussy was smooth and looked untouched. It was perfect. She's watched me as I stated at her pussy "don't worry, it will be on your face in a minute, but first I want to tease you a little."

"From where I'm lying I'm being teased already" I said as I reached for her pussy.

"Good things come to those who wait" she said as she moved my hand away and sat down on my cock. The only thing separating my cock from her pussy is the thin layer from my boxers. She rubbed her pussy on top of my cock as she played with her tits while giving me a very sexy look. This was driving me wild as I was pleading to her to let me fuck her. She sat up and reached down with her two hands, pulled out my cock from the boxers. Next she sat back down and guided my cock into her tight little pussy. I barely got the tip in and she stopped.

"Looks like your cock needs to be wet and my pussy could do with a good eating" she said as she made her way forward until she was sitting on my face with her back to my cock. "Eat my pussy, make me cum, I've heard you know what you are doing when it comes to eating pussy. I want to cum all over your face. Make me cum and I might give you my ass."

Challenge accepted I thought as I started to lick her slit, she tasted amazing. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and if was even tight on my tongue. I worked on her clit for a few minutes, both licking and sucking on it, soon I felt her tensing up and her body started to shake and almost spasm, I knew she was having an orgasm. "OH MY FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKIIINNNNGGGG GGGGOOOOODDDD...." she screamed. She tasted amazing, definitely one of the top tasting pussies I have ever tasted, even to this day.

As Sheila was having her huge orgasm, I felt like my cock was being sucked. I could not see as Sheila was sitting on top of me. I also knew that it was impossible for her to be doing it as she is facing the wrong way and as flexible as she is, she's not an Olympic gold medalist for gymnastics. I kept licking and eating Sheila's pussy as it tasted so good and whatever was happening with my cock, it felt good. It felt amazing actually. 

Sheila looked down at me "Are you ready for your surprise?" She asked with a kinky look on her face

"I think i am, I mean, I know something us happening with my cock but I can't see"

Sheila moved from sitting on my face, when she did I could see this long dark brown haired girls head bobbing up and down on my cock. Much to my surprise and delight, it was Katie. Holy fuck was this really happening. When did I become this lucky. So many questions filled my mind.

Sheila looked my in the eye, "I hope you have enough cum in them balls of yours to fill both our pussies?"

"I won't if Katie keeps sucking the way she's doing it because I'm nearly ready to burst"

Katie stopped and looked up at Sheila, "you'd better jump on top of him so or I'm going to stay sucking"

Sheila took no hesitation, she sat down in the cowgirl position and glided the cock into her pussy. Her pussy was so tight I couldn't hold it, the cum started pumping out if my cock and into her pussy, it felt amazing. "Don't stop riding me, keep going." I told Sheila, then I looked at Katie and said "how about you get fully naked and come sit on my face. 

"I have a better idea" said Katie as she leaned in and kissed Sheila slow and passionately, then moved her head over to her ear and whispered something to her.

Sheila got up off my cock and told me to get up and let Katie lie down on the couch, when Katie lay down my orders were to start fucking Katie's pussy, another pussy that felt amazing. Not as tight as Sheila's pussy but it had a good feel to it. Sheila then put her back to me and sat down on Katie's face, bending over into the doggy style position and asking me to lick her ass hole while Katie cleans the cum out of her pussy. 

It is not long before I feel my balls tightening up again, I felt Katie's pussy tighten at the same time as I released my cum into her pussy, she began shaking with orgasm at the same time. I released ever drop into her pussy. 

I needed a break for a minute to recharge to go again. I was far from finished with these two beautiful women. 

As I got up to get my drink and sit over on an arm chair the two girls had adjusted their positions, this time they were in the 69 position. I'm not sure if they craved my cum or pussy or both but fuck it was hot to watch.

To be continued..

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