Made my friend cheat on her boyfriend

rahulkarthik   February 05, 2021   | 14276 Views
Now I am back with a new one where I kind of spoiled my friend's relationship. Yes, the heroine of this story is my friend from college. Her name is Nidhi. Lookswise, she is super cute. Her assets are small but.. rings

Thanks for the wonderful feedback for my previous stories. Now I am back with a new one where I kind of spoiled my friend’s relationship. Yes, the heroine of this story is my friend from college. Her name is Nidhi. Lookswise, she is super cute. Her assets are small but this Indian college girl very sexy and has a perfect figure.

It all started when I moved to Bangalore recently which was my new job location. I texted Nidhi to see if we could catch up. She agreed and we both went out to see a movie.

After the movie, we just found someplace to sit and started talking. During our conversation, she was talking to me about her boyfriend. His name was Vikram who also stays in Bangalore. Since it was our first meet after college, we had so much to talk about and we spent some quality time together and parted for the day.

After that day, we regularly started texting on WhatsApp. One day, I noticed her being online late at night around 1. I casually asked her if she is not feeling sleepy?

Nidhi responded to my message saying she was with her boyfriend in her apartment and added a wink emoji. I didn’t want to disturb them so I didn’t text her until the next day when she texted me asking for a reply. I just responded jokingly saying that I didn’t want to change what was happening yesterday into a threesome.

Nidhi told me that Vikram was sleeping yesterday and that’s why she was texting me. She also told her boyfriend was very possessive and he was not aware of us talking to each other. Listen to that brought some kinky ideas on to my mind. Until then I didn’t have any kind of sexual intentions toward Nidhi but now I did.

Suddenly, I started seeing her as a fruit that is forbidden for me to taste it. Yet, I so badly wanted to steal it. I somehow wanted to seduce her. But at the same time, I also didn’t want to spoil their relationship. I was confused. Occasionally, I always tried to deviate our conversations into sexual topics when one day she just told me she had sex with Vikram just an hour ago.

I just responded with a simple message asking, “how was it?” She told me it was as usual. I somehow wanted to go deep into the topic. So, I made up some stories like how I seduced a chick in a pub and had awesome sex.

Nidhi finally got into the mood and started asking me more about my experience. I just made up fake stories about the fake girl I had sex with. I told her that it was wild and that my dick was sore for the next two days because of the continuous torture I received sexually. Nidhi asked me if my cock was still sore. I laughingly said to her, “No, it is all okay now and I am all ready for a new chick to bang!”

Hearing all these, Nidhi told me that her boyfriend’s cock was very small, like only 4 inches long. She told me that it was very thin to even feel it inside her.

Suddenly, I was getting this new vibe from Nidhi and something was telling me that I got a good chance of fucking her soon. I told her I have a 5.5 inches under my belt. I also told her feeling my cock inside wouldn’t be a problem as it is very thick.

Her response literally shook me. She asked for proof. Holly fuck! She wanted to see my cock. I wasted no time. I went to my bed removed my pant, took a snap and sent her. She replied with just a kissing emoji. I told her it will be a lot better if I would have got that kiss in real and winked at her. Her next response just threw me out of this world. She told me she was now alone in her apartment.

I was expecting this day would come but honestly, I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I just rushed into a medical shop and grabbed some condoms and raced to her apartment and rang the doorbell.

Nidhi opened the door. She looked like an angel to me and I was already hard. I flew towards her and grabbed her and hugged her so tightly. “Not so soon, Romeo”, she said and asked me to wait until she took a bath as she was still dirty from what Vikram “did to her”.

I couldn’t wait anymore but I was left with no options but to wait. So I was waiting in her bedroom holding my dick over my pant and imagining what to do when she comes to me.

I was surprised to see Nidhi came out of shower completely nude. I was awestruck. She had tiny boobs but perfectly shaped ones. Her nipple was hard and pink.

I moved towards her, picked her up and threw her on the bed and directly went to her pussy and started sucking. In no time she was leaking and I made sure I sucked all the juices. I was literally pushing my index and middle finger inside her pussy while I was licking the crap out of her. Nidhi was moaning with the pleasure and in 5 minutes time, she reached her first orgasm. She was grabbing the pillow over her face and tried not to scream.

Nidhi couldn’t take it anymore and pushed me away and jumped right on me and removed my pants. She took out my cock and started sucking it. She was giving amazing head. One of the best blowjobs I ever received.

As I was circumcised, I was feeling more of her tongue on the soft spot of the tip of my cock. She was simultaneously giving a blowjob as well as a handjob at the same time. She must be a pro. I mouth fucked her literally for 5 minutes and then I dumped a huge load into her mouth.

It took me some time to get back into senses as I was blacked out completely. As soon as my dick was erect again, she ordered me to fuck her. I just pushed her towards the wall and took her lips in my mouth and started to kiss her. I could taste my own cum when I was smooching her. It was a different feeling but I didn’t stop and I just continued.

I was exploring her mouth like an adventurous island. I was using my tongue and I could feel her tongue in my mouth and we both were completely lost.

After gaining my senses back, I made her bend near the bed. Her hands were on the bed supporting her and I took her in doggy. I was teasing her for a bit and then I pushed my cock inside her pussy in full speed. Her pussy was very tight. After all, her boyfriend had a tiny dick.

I fucked her from behind like a mad dog. I was holding her breasts from behind and pinching it hard. Well, I didn’t mind if she felt the pain. I just didn’t care about anything and I was going full on her like an animal.

We then switched positions and I took her in missionary. I inserted my dick and was thrusting up and down slowly this time. It was very intimate and I was feeling the juices flowing out of her vagina as she reached another orgasm. She left some scratch marks on my back as she couldn’t control. She was biting her lips. It was a sexy sight which made me cum a huge load again.

We both were very tired and was sleeping naked for almost two hours. Later that evening, I was just asking her about Vikram. I felt bad that I spoiled their relationship but Nidhi just told me that she was going to hide what we did from Vikram.

After that day we didn’t have sex. It was very hard to control but we somehow were still controlling it. Though my foolish mind wanted Nidhi one last time, I just consoled myself thinking about that one great day.

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