When in doubt; do it anyway.

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All of my friends around me have figured out their sexuality. I decide to spend the night at my best friend's house. What happens next determines my truthful sexuality. rings

All of my friends around me are going through a phase where they are finding out their sexuality. Some are gay, some are bisexual, some are straight, some are lesbian. Either way, they know what they like. I'm Chris... and I have been sitting here for the past ten minutes staring at girls, trying to figure out if I am attracted to them. Then I am starting at guys, doing the same thing. I don't know where I stand with my sexuality. My best friends, Kristy and Drake are sitting next to me. Kristy is on her phone, either talking to her mother or is liking different animal photos on Facebook and Instagram. Drake is sitting there on his flip-phone texting his girlfriend. Since this is Drake's first girlfriend, he is overly worried about their relationship. Kristy is single, but not because she can't find anyone. She isn't interested in dating, she believes that there are more important things to worry about at our age. I am single. I was dating this girl. She was the first person that I knew I truly loved. We broke up over stress. We are all seniors in high school. Our classes are all together, so we have the last mod for lunch. The bell rings and it's time for us to head home or go wherever we need to. I head to the lockers at the end of the hall, to meet up with Scott. He's another friend of mine. We've been best friends longer than I can remember. He comes up to me and says "Nice to know that Valery won the election, now she is class president. Now she is going to make us all into her sex slaves, we are totally screwed!" I laugh at his joke. After I put stuff in my bag, I closed my locker and walk to the parking lot next to Scott. "Hey, do you want to come over to my house? I don't have any work that I need to do, so I am all free!" He asks me. I look over to my vehicle to spot my brother getting in. I tell Scott to hang on while I go see why my brain dead, brother wants. "What the hell are you doing in my car?" I ask him. He just looks over at me and waves. "I was wondering if I could catch a ride, my car isn't doing that well... it is breaking down a lot," he tells me. I look at Scott and then look back at my brother and tell him no. He gets out of the car and says "Okay, whatever you say. I see you have much better things to do with Scott," he winks at me. I get a pissed off face on and point towards his car, signaling my brother to go. Scott comes over and I tell him "sure." I wasn't able to, but I didn't want to go home with my brother. I tell Scott that we should take his car, I can just leave mine at school and we can come pick it up later. I don't want to use up all of my gas. Twenty minutes later, we are still in the vehicle. I am in the passenger seat, while Scott is driving. It is fairly dark out and there is no traffic or any sign of vehicles. The road is surrounded with tall trees blocking any signs of open fields. I look over at Scott and I see that he is semi-tired. I offer to drive, but he refuses. "My parents aren't home until Monday, so I have the house to myself all weekend. If you want, we can stay up all night and just chill and do stuff," he tells me. I nod my head and agree. I look to the left and his house approaches. It's not a large house, it looks more like a cabin. When we get inside, the small living room is to the right, then there is a table that fits two people. Then to the very left is the fireplace. Then there is a room to the left of the fireplace, that's the kitchen. To the right of the fireplace are the bedroom and bathroom. Between the table and living room is a doorway going into another building. That is Scott's, parent's bedroom. Scott tells me that I can take my jacket and stuff off, and hang it up over in the kitchen. He then goes outside to collect wood from the shed. He comes in and wipes the snow on the mat. He puts the wood in the fireplace and lights it. It gets very cold and he sees that I am cold. He gets a blanket and hands it to me. We both sit down in front of the fire to stay warm until the house is heated. Scott's dog, Mason, comes out of the bedroom and lays down in front of us, blocking the heat. Scott shows me to the bedroom. I'm still cold so I climb in. I turn the tv on and it shows up as a gay porn channel. I look at Scott in confusion. He is standing there blushing. He aims his head down while scratching the back of his head. His brown hair and tan skin get me all jumpy and I tell him to climb in with me. He takes the remote and changes the channel to channel 56, FXM (FX movies). The new Transformers movie comes on. We start cuddling to keep warm. Mason walks in and jumps up on the bed. He looks at us and tilts his head left, then right. Then he walks out of the room, goes into the living room and lays down in his bed. Scott gets up and closes the door. The room glows with the fire light that travels under the door and up onto the ceiling.I accidentally fall asleep and I start dreaming about having a relationship with Scott. Next thing you know, I wake up to Scott groping my cock. 
"What the hell are you doing?" Scott replies with "You're cute."I knew that Scott was gay, but I never thought of something like this happening. I kind of liked it, so I lay back and relaxed while he did his thing. My 7-inch cock got harder and harder until it just couldn't anymore. Next thing you know, it shoots out of my boxer briefs and is sticking out for the whole world to see. Scott grabs it and jerks it up and down. He starts off slow but then speeds up. He takes his right hand and cups it. He puts his left hand on my balls and massages it. He then stops everything that he is doing and leaves the room. I get confused at this point. All I can think about is jerking him off. He comes back in with lube. He takes it and pours some in his hand. He asks if I've had this before while jerking off. I tell him no. He continues and when he jerks me off again, this time with the lube, I feel so good that in a matter of minutes I start to feel a pulsing sensation in my cock. I tell him that I am about to cum, but he keeps going. He jerks me off faster and faster until I explode with this amazing sensation. He then licks the cum off of my barely-six pack. Then he lays next to me and turns the tv on. I wasn't going to let this stop here. I was still horny, and possibly hornier than I have ever been. I take the remote and turn off the TV. I lean in and start kissing him. I put my hand up against his jaw and he puts his hand on my hips. After three kisses, we french kiss. We make out for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. Then I reach down and grab his bulge. I can already feel what seems to be his fast heartbeat coming from the veins of his erect cock. I forcefully pull down his pants, then I get him onto his back and I start kissing and sucking on his neck. Then his nipples. When I go down to his torso, I eventually end up kissing his bulge. I pull off his underwear and start kissing the tip of his already wet cock. Then, I get tired of all of this teasing. I shove his cock all the way into my mouth, as far as it will go. I pass the gag reflex and keep it at the back of my throat. I can feel it throbbing. Scott lets out this huge moan. I look up at him and I  take my free hand and massage his balls as he did mine. He tells me that he is about to cum. I keep sucking. When I feel him squirt a little bit in my mouth I let up off of his cock. He cums right on my face. When he is done, he gets up and crawls over to me. I grabbed a paper towel, but that was useless because at that point, Scott licks his own cum off of my face. We get tired after all of the fun. Scott turns to me and says, "we should do this a lot more often. Maybe we can take it to the next level next time you come over." 
I nod my head and agree. We cuddle for the rest of the night. When we wake up in the morning, I get dressed and I get my stuff. We get into the car and we head back to the school so that I can pick up my vehicle. I look over at him and he gives me a grin. He takes his hand off of the wheel and he puts his left hand on the top of the steering wheel. He brings his right hand over to my pants and unzips the zipper. He reaches through the zipper and tries to reach through my underwear to find my cock. He grabs it and he starts jerking me off. I do the same to him. Nobody is in sight on the road, this place is too much of a ghost town, so we are fine. Scott pulls over and tells me to drive. I get out with my dick still hanging out of my pants. He does too. We switch places and we are back on the road doing the exact same thing. Only this time, he bends over and starts to suck my cock. I ask why he is doing that here.
"I need to return the favor, you did it to me last night and I was too tired to repay you," he winks at me. His mouth goes down onto my cock. With my cock in his mouth, he moves his tongue in circles around it. Then he moves his tongue up and down on my cock's slit. I cum after ten minutes. He takes it all in his mouth and swallows. For the next five miles, we continue jerking each other off. We have twenty miles to go until we reach the town. We are still jerking each other off when all of a sudden, Scott and I hear sirens. I look in the mirror and there is a police officer instructing us to pull over. 
I pull over and he gets out of the car. I stop jerking Scott, but he continues. When the police officer sees us, he takes off his shades and has a smirk. I was shocked to see that he was a 17-year-old, just like us. I recognize him... he goes to our school. He must work part time as a police officer. Next thing you know he tells us to roll down the window. I do so... Scott is still jerking me off. He tells us that I was driving recklessly and that we need to be taught a lesson...              
  TO BE CONTINUED....     ;)

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