Connection in bus and pleasure in room Chapter 2

AJK   June 14, 2020   | 6856 Views
On that day night she messaged me and said that she will be going to temple so you don’t come home I asked why what happen suddenly. Then she told that they are going for temple… banner2

On that day night she messaged me and said that she will be going to temple so you don’t come home I asked why what happen suddenly. Then she told that they are going for temple for her only it seem so surely she need to go to temple then I didn’t no what to do but still I said K and then stopped the conversation and disconnected the mobile data and went to sleep with unsatisfied wish.

Then next day morning I got up at 7 o clock and just simply on my mobile data and saw 2 message from sara I thought she would said good night and sweet dreams so I didn’t open the message just left like that went for washroom and came back to bed then again I got a quarasity and opened the message and saw and got shocked. The message was hay ajay I was kidding with you don’t worry tomorrow I will be at home only as we planned you come to home ay 10 o clock. Since it was already 7.30 I told her I can’t come by 10 I will reach home by 10.30 and she saw the message immediately and replied K come soon with out fail. Then immediately I went to bathroom and got fresh up and rushed to her home.

By around 10.30 I reached her home and knocked the door she immediately opened the door as of she was waiting for me near the door. Then I entered the home and asked is everyone gone to temple and she said no all are at home I got shocked and she laughed and said if they have gone only no I will be coming and opened the or else someone else only will be the opening the door no.  By laughing I also said yes and asked for shall we watch move and she told K there deck you go and start the move I will go and bring anything to eat for us. I my pen drive I was completely having romantic and some blue films then I played one of the romantic move and went and sat on the couch. Then she come but I got surprised by seeing her because when I entered home she was wearing chudithar but when she was bring she was in shorts and t-shirt and I asked why suddenly dress change and she told every time I will be like that but before you if some other comes they will think something wrong no so only I was wearing that dress. I replied K fine and we was watching movie after around of 45 minutes there was a kiss scean in the movie and I looked at her and she also looked at me and I asked her yesterday what did you feel when I kissed you she didn’t reply me just she laughed and again I asked the same again she laughed and said be quite and watch the movie I grabbed her and asked said if you didn’t ay now I will kiss u again like yesterday.

She looked at me and said oh with that intension only you came to home ah. I said no but if you didn’t reply then I will do and asked you how you felt so only I said like that then suddenly she said baby why you need to ask this and all yesterday when you kissed if I didn’t like I would have slapped there itself but did I do that then why you need to ask like this and today also for you only baby I stayed back. I was very much happy and I slowly went near and kissed in lips which was harder first kiss in bus. Then she pushed me and said wait this much day you have give me many gift but still now I have not given you any gift so no I have planned a real gift for you. Do you want that gift baby? I said yes dear K then wait for 2 minutes I will be back baby but till that you have sit like a good boy you should not come till I say to come and she went to the bedroom.

After 10minutes she call to come in by closing my eyes and she asked So, baby are you ready for your real gift? I said yes and went to open my eyes and she said wait baby till I say to open and said soon dear waiting for the gift and she said one thing this much day I didn't have much money to get gift for you, but I thought of this will be the better gift for you ever which I am going to give you and something we both can enjoy.  Let me get it for you. And she asked me to open the eyes.

When I saw Sara she was with full covered with a blanket I asked Sara what is this she said come open the blanket and went near her and took the blanket slowly and saw her.  She was, with same shorts and t-shirt but she was having a extra shall in her neck in that it was written take the shall you can see the gift. And I took it and there was a bow tied in her neck and she said this is your gift and I laughed at her and asked shall I open the gift and she low down with a smile and responded with how about we have our first fuck as a couple? to which I immediately agreed. I brought Sara onto my lap and let her straddle me all while we both removed articles of each others clothing.  Both naked and again I saw some bows covering her tits and pussy. I told her this was just as good. Then I carried Sara to the bed and I removed the bow covering her pussy and then began licking her all while she moaned with pleasure for about 10 minutes.  After some time I moved me And went down and took my cock into her mouth and started taking deep. I grabbed her head and pushed up and down very hardly for about 15 minutes. Then we came to 69 position and we was moving very deep and making each other to top of the mood and moments later she got very mood and came top of me and began riding me.  She went to take the bows off her tits but I told her to leave them on because I wanted this gift to be opened with my mouth she agreed and her riding lasted about 20 minutes then she got down and grabbed my cock I also said let me open the next bows on her tits she said k and I carried her and started opening the bows with my teeth and started licking and eating her tits completely for 20 minutes and then I opened her legs and  slowly took my finger inside her pussy and was fingering her for 10 minutes.

Then I just took her in missionary and teased her a bit to make her more mood but she couldn’t control it and literally begged me to fuck her. And I inserted my dick her pussy was very tight and she screamed in pain but she said baby continue by saying she doesn’t mind a little pain when she is getting enough joy. I fucked her for 20 minutes in missionary and I turned her and asked her to kneel down and I took her in doggy. I was in heaven thinking like is this dream or real. After a long fuck she wanted to take my cum in her mouth she kneel down and started sucking me. Oh WOW this is first time ever my dick is sucked as she is doing right now. What a minimum of 20 minutes of fucking couldn’t do her sucking was able to pull it off in 5 minutes. I shot a lot of cum into her face, tits and mouth and she took every single drop of it. At last we were totally tied and slept naked and we got up after 3 – 4 hours of sleep and we had one more session before evening. After that second session around 6.30 she told now you have to leave its time my parents will be back at any time. Then I asked dear shall will be friends with benefits like this? She replied Baby of course with a small sweet kiss on my lips. Then before I leave when I reached near to the door I grabbed her and kissed her for another 5mins and she pushed me back and said baby go now or else we will in trouble and we can’t be meeting again then I said K bye dear and went back home. Right now we are still friends with benefits as she said to me when I asked.
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