Making up with my ex

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My first love and I dated for roughly a year before a very bad breakup.  It was wonderful at first, and she and I actually lost our virginity to each other.  Our relationship… rings My first love and I dated for roughly a year before a very bad breakup.  It was wonderful at first, and she and I actually lost our virginity to each other.  Our relationship had been souring for a few weeks, and I had reason to think she (Tiffany) was cheating on me.  Tiffany and I always fought badly, and it finally ended, with me telling her "I never want to hear from you again, you fucking cunt!" when she said we could still be friends.....

I'll admit, the breakup stung even though I knew it was inevitable.  I'll admit, I was headed into my junior year and decided it was time to really buckle down in my studies, so having Tiff out of my life really helped me improve as a junior in college. 

For a year, we stayed true to that.  She and I effectively had each other shut out, even though I continued to talk with her friends who really were nice to me.  Tiff and I lived an hour apart so I wasn't exactly worried about running into her in my daily life. 

Tiff had gone to community college before (she was 2 years younger than I) and transferred to a school right by mine.  I lived at home and she lived in a dorm.  I'd heard she was going to go to school there but I decided to just leave it be.  Senior year was coming. 

About a month into the semester, Tiff IM'd me (this was in the days of AIM and not facebook), and asked if I would come see her at school.  I decided to take her up on it, and visit her in her dorm on a saturday night.  My nerdy ass actually spent Saturday studying on campus and decided to just be courteous and maybe become friends. 

I drove over to Tiff's school, and she greeted me and we went into her room.  She had on a t-shirt, jean shorts and sandals.  Her roommate had gone home for the weekend, so it was just the two of us.  We made some small talk for a few minutes.  I then decided to "be the bigger man" and apologize for how I ended our relationship, especially for cussing her out.  I explained that she really hurt me and I wanted to do the same thing.  Tiff apologized for treating me badly.

Tiff got up and gave me a hug, saying "Dan, I am glad we are past this and hope we can be friends!".  I broke away from the hug to tell her how glad I was that we were going to be friends and then hugged her again. 

The next thing, Tiff and I were kissing.  I pulled away, saying "i'm not sure if we should be doing this" and she kissed me again, saying "Dan, this feels right".

We continued making out, and fell on the bed together and continued kissing.  Tiff repeatedly said "oh, i've missed this!".  Tiff then got up, and took her shirt off, revealing one of the bras i'd bought her for her last birthday.  Tiff had gained a few pounds, and her breasts had grown nicely and wearing only her bra and jean shorts. 

I kept suggesting that maybe we should stop, especially now that Tiff was down to her bra and shorts, but we kept making out.  Tiff looked really good.  Tiff broke away and reached behind her back with one hand, and undid her bra, and I was like "whoa, this is too much" and she told me that she wanted this.  She dropped her bra to the floor and i'll admit, her tits looked really amazing.  She really looked sexy, especially with her thong protruding out of her shorts a bit. 

Tiff then pulled away and told me she had a special present for me.  She motioned for me to sit down on the side of the bed, and reached for my jeans, and unzipped them, and pulled down my jeans and boxers, exposing my rock hard cock. 

I asked Tiff what she was doing and she grabbed a pillow, and put it under her knees, got down and put my cock into her mouth and began sucking me off right there.  I had tried to stop her by saying "I don't have any condoms!" (we'd used condoms for oral and intercourse).  She told me "Dan, we don't need one.  This is to make up for how I treated you the last few months of our relationship" and then put my cock back into her mouth.  Oh, I was in heaven!  She stopped to take her shorts off, but I told her "You are fucking hot this way!  Keep them on!" as she went back to sucking me off.  Just watching Tiff's head bobbing up and down, my cock in her mouth, and even saw her topless backside in the mirrow.....oh I was in heaven! 

Tiff then grabbed my cock and slid it between her wonderful bare breasts, and alternated back and forth from letting me tit-fuck her to her blowing me.  About 10 minutes later, I told her I was about to finish so I suggested she let me shoot on her tits.

"No, I want you to cum in my mouth!  I want you to experience something I should've given you a long time ago!" 

I could not hold it anymore and as I promised, I finished, right into Tiff's mouth.  She did let some dribble out onto her breasts but swallowed most of it.  I just had to lay back and realize this was the most amazing thing! 

(to be continued)

to be continued
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