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She moaned and moved softly. I placed my hands on her beautiful round boobs. Her movement was rhythmic and after some minutes she began moving faster, kind of jumping on top of me, while I held onto her tits. Luxury

Five years ago, I was going through a hard moment in my life. I had cheated on my wife and things were not well at home. I felt I wanted to be free and I was considering getting divorced. One day, my best friend Paula called me. At that moment she was living in Germany with her girlfriend Hannah. Paula was bisexual but she had had more experience with girls than with guys. I answered my phone and Paula told me she didn’t feel well. She had met a Czech girl in a congress in Amsterdam, and they had ended up having an affair. We talked about our similar experiences and how we felt we were trapped. That night I dreamed about Paula so I wrote to her the next day. I told her about my dream. In this dream I was with Paula and I proposed sharing a girl. It turns out that in this dream we ended up fucking a red-haired girl called Lorena, I girl who had been with me in the past. Paula’s response to my message was: I have never considered having a threesome.

Paula returned home some months ago. She had broken up with his girlfriend and I was divorced. We met a couple of times, and then one day we went to a bar. We had some drinks and in the middle of the night she confessed something that took my breath.

—Remember that dream? I thought about it many times, and now I think I would like to do it.

—What do you mean?

—I’d like to have a threesome with you. I want us to fuck a girl together.

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say. We were kind of drunk and that seemed to have made Paula lose her inhibitions. I said, well, I think I know who we can contact. I was thinking about Lorena, who happened to be bisexual too. We had a couple more of drinks and I felt more open too. Then at some point I told her:

—But you know what… I think we should first have something… just the two of us.

We were friends. Best friends. We had never had that kind of thoughts, I guess, but here we where about to change that kind of relationship.

—I was thinking about it too. Do you wanna go to my apartment?

We took a cab, and on our way, we started making out. She tasted good. I wanted to explore her. I wanted to see what was underneath her clothes. At some point, she moved her mouth towards my ears and whispered, “I’m going to fuck you tonight.”

We arrived at her apartment and went straight to her room. We made out once again and also started to touch. First, our backs, sides, bellies, but then she made a move and introduced her hand into my pants and with two fingers, she started to caress the tip of my dick. I got into her pants and touched her ass. It wasn’t that big but it felt good. I tried to go a little down and that’s when I first heard her moan. I noticed some wetness between her asshole and her pussy, so I moved downwards until I could introduce one of my fingers into her pussy. It was so wet. Extremely wet. Paula unbuttoned my pants and took them down. She got hold of my dick and started to move it up and down. I unbuttoned her shirt. Underneath she was wearing a black bra, which I unfastened immediately. I removed it and got to see her tits for the first time. They were cute. Not so big, not small either. 32C, I would say. I touched her nipples, kissed her neck, unzipped her pants and took them down. I put my right hand into her panties and felt her wet pussy for a couple of seconds until she moved my hand, and knelt down. She started to lick my dick while held my balls with one of her hands. I caressed her hair, and touched her tits every now and then. At some point she also started to touch my ass, and tried to move towards my anus without completely touching it. I was in ecstasy. Then, she held my right ball and introduced it in her mouth making it disappear.

She continued sucking my dick for a couple of minutes, and then she stood up, held my hand and took me to her bed. She made me lie down and sat on top of me. “I told you I was going to fuck you”, she said, and immediately got my cock and put it into her pussy. She moaned and moved softly. I placed my hands on her beautiful round boobs. Her movement was rhythmic and after some minutes she began moving faster, kind of jumping on top of me, while I held onto her tits. She bent down a couple of times and I took advantage of the opportunity to put her nipples inside my mouth. I pressed them and tasted them. She moaned more and more.

Then, I used my strength to make her move and put her arms and legs on the bed. I got behind her and fucked her doggy style. She cried out loud. I touched her tits with my right hand, while the left one directed her ass. I fucked her harder and harder, and she screamed. She continuously said “fuck”, while she moaned. After a while, I stopped and got my mouth close to her pussy and I licked it. Slowly, carefully. I penetrated her hole with my tongue, and she moved frenetically. 

Then, I made her back lie down, and I got on top of her and penetrated her once again. This time we did it slowly while we kissed passionately. I could not believe my best friend was fucking me. I grabbed her ass and moved her chicks to touch her anus. I did it slightly and she didn’t complain. I began to move faster. She screamed and slammed my ass a couple of times. I touched her asshole again, this time with more detail. I moved it a little bit without introducing my finger. She moaned more and more and asked me to fuck her harder. And so I did. I hammered her with all my strength, and her thighs started to contract. I felt she was about to come, so I moved more. I was running out of power but I tried harder until she made a couple of movements and I could see her eyes rolling with pleasure. She told me to stop while she moaned and roared. I was still inside of her enjoying the view. I touched her tits again and didn’t move my hands out of those beautiful mounds.

She kissed me and I moved softly. She moaned once again. Then, she grabbed my balls and I couldn’t take it anymore. I came inside of her. We kissed more and then I rolled to her side. We spent the next minutes talking about what we had done, and who we would get to share in the near future.


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