What a friend. Or was it love

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Lara was a lot younger than me, getting over her las relationship not that it lasted long. She had been living on her own for a year and not even bothered to look for someone else, and at 18 years of age that was strange. I was just new in town, and after 24 years in the army. Battle scared and now just doing a postman so job. I seemed to be some one different and someone Lara had noticed and it look like she had plenty of interest in me even though I was in my forties. Luxury Well that was it. 24 years in the army and a farewell, pat on the back and sorry about your injuries. now I know how Rambo felt at the end of "First Blood" You go from being something to. Well I was postman. I had a flat and my pension and a job. Settling down was still far from my mind. I had now been delivering letters for a month and I missed my previous life.

Then one morning this young girl opened the door of her house just as I was about to put the letters into her letter box. She said good morning and asked what had happened to the other postman. I told her he was doing another round and this was my job new after being in the Army for a very long time. She just said oh. You look really fit. I told her that I ran and had done so in the army as a sport at army level and hobby. I got called strange, and so I told her my name isn't strange, and it's Gary.

This went on for about a week. She seemed to be waiting for me every  morning, we chatted and then I carried on with my delivery. She always  opened the door to me in her Pajamas. On  A Saturday morning. I thought  sod it. I asked her out to dinner. Though she said no, and came back to me saying. Come round when you have finished and bring a bottle of Jack and she would supply the coke. Well I couldn't have finished my round quicker. Once finished it was into running kit, run the 5 mile back to my flat and walk round to Lara's as she didn't live all that far from me, and of course pick up The Jack. She must have been watching for me. As I went to ring the bell the door opened and there she was wearing set of pajamas. Looking at her, and this was the first time I had got a really good look at her with out having to hurry away. She was really sweet looking with that kind of naughty librarian look with her hair brushed back and her glasses that I had never seen her wearing before. she was tall about 5ft 7ins. Her hair was auburn and she was light skinned with freckles all over her face and d on her neck and from what I could see they went down below her neckline. Lara was slim, her breast wear not big. Though from seeing the shape of them from the way her Pajama top covered them. They looked very firm and hardly moved as she told me to come in  and she walked away. Her backside also was nice and firm, with well defined hips and long legs.

Well we got more acquainted, she asked about my army service and was my slight limp from to much running. I told her I had been injured a few times whilst serving on military operations. I asked why she lived on her own or was their a boyfriend. She told me no and that she work for the council, and that her last boyfriend she had lived with. She came home to find his ex wife packing Lara's clothes and throwing her out. While the wife moved back in. Lara also mentioned she never felt comfortable with younger guys and preferred older men. Well as she had mentioned she was 18 and I don't think she had been with many guys young or old. It was more of getting  away from home and doing what she wanted to do. I suppose that's why I left school at 16 and went into the army a few weeks later.

So as we chatted and got to know one another. Lara asked about my in juries and my running. I am not one to look at the hero worship thing infact I shy away from it. Rather than go through the stories I just said I'll show if you don't mind. She just shrugged and said OK. I took of my top and showed her were a 7.62mm had entered my shoulder and came out through my lower arm. She got up and came over to me and touch the scar tissue on the entry point and exit poin in my arm. She smiled and leaned her head on on the scar tissue of the entry point. Looking at me straight in the eyes she kissed the scar tissue and looked at me with a sad look. I hetook her in my arms looking at her, and said its OK it was along time ago, we kissed and this time her tongue entered my mouth, and my  tongue begging to explore hers and her mouth. My cock hard end which she must have felt. I also had been looking for a relation ship or  anything, this just sort of happened. She began to rub my cock on the outsid of my jeans. It felt so good. I let her do wat she wanted whilst un bottoming her Pajamas top and slipping my hand inside to feel those war perfectly shaped teen breast. The were so firm nearly solid. The nipples were small and even brushing my finger tips over each of them on ly seemed to become erect, and did not really stick out like some other girls I had been with. By now now she had my belt and jeans undone, and had pushed them and my boxers down. We were still kissing when she began to fondle my balls and cock and then pulled away from my mouth. She looked down at my cock and balls. Shrugging my shoulders I said I hated pubic hair, and I always thought. Well if a girl or women wants to suck on it and on my balls. Then I wouldnt want them to get a mouth full of pubes. Lara just knelt in front of me  and grabbed m balls squeezing them gently  and yanking them down pulling my for skin clear of the head of my cock. She looked at it the head was a purple colour looking as if it was bursting to release  so much cum. With her free hand she began to use a her finger tip on the glannd of my cock slowly rubbing it up and down, then trying to stick her finger in the eye of my cock and then tracing it down over the gland again and then dowin to wher the foreskin was straining, and then all the way around the rim. all the time keeping my balls pulled down and slowly squeezing and releasing them. It felt so fucking good. But her mouth was even better. Just using her lips she started working on the head of my cock. She kept them tight and every movement on the head made me feel like I would come the next time she did it. Every now and then she would tak it all in her mouth. Though it seemed she loved working on the head of it. We were not drunk we had hardly touch our drinks, and she just kept working on the head of my cock, another thing she did which also felt fantastic to was release my balls and wank me off for a while then it was balls back in her hand yank down and the lips back on my cock head. As she wanked me off  there was pre cum  oozing from my cock. She would suck this into her mouth as her lips went over the head of my cock. Fuck I wanted to cum. Every time she wanked me off I felt like I was going to erupt. But she must have been able to feel my coock stiffen more and she would stop. She did this a number of times. fuck I wanted to cum every time . She had been working on my  cock with her mouth, fingers and tongue for ages. She was totally in control and I would only cum when she wanted me to. Ages seemed to have gone by. And it was one of the times she was wanking my off. I don't know how many times she did it. I just let her do It and I could feel myself stiffening and I was thinking this is it. I started breathing heavy as she wanked me getting harder. Lara plunged her mouth over my cock. Balls back in hand and with a few strokes of her tight lips. I shot my lot all into her mouth, and  she swallowed . Then as my cock came way from her mouth she grabbed it. Yanking down on my balls again. She licked the cum residue on it and the made a seal over the eye of my cock and sucked every last drop of cum out of it that she could get. Oh fuck that was so good. I reached down and lifted her her up from her knees. Kissing her my tongue in her mouth tasting my cum covering my tongue in its residue  and letting her suck it of. she was happy she had got all my cum. She looked at me with a big grin and said did you enjoy that. Pulling her to me looking at her straight in the eyes. I could only say that it was fantastic to not just good and of course I enjoyed it, and I bet you enjoyed doing it too. You looked like it was the last thing on earth you were going to do. You looked so hot doing it, and drinking all that cum as well. I love cum she said. Love it in mouth mouth and it going down my throat, and feeling I have part of you in my belly. I thought she looked so sweet when she said that, and  all this time while this had gone on. We were in her living room with the curtains open. Lucky enough she had nets at the windows to.

know I wanted to fuck her so much.  though first of all I wanted to see her naked. I slipped off her Pajamas top her breast were small light skinned. Her small nipples were a light pink in colour. And there were freckles everywhere. Even on those little pink nipples.. Then I removed her bottoms, and there was a tiny little auburn bush covering their pussy, her legs were thing but well defined, she stood there hands behind her back twisting on her feet smiling and looking at my cock hardening again. She was to me perfect. Picking her up in my arms, and asking were was her bed room she said upstairs straight in front of you. Stepping out of my jeans and boxers, and kicking off my trainers and socks I took her up to her bedroom. Placing her on her her bed. Laying next to to her, and kissing her my hand went down in between her legs. She opened them and I slipped a finger into her. She was so wet, and her pussy juice seemed to stick to my finger. She moaned as I inserted it into her. Her eyes widen with the pleasure of the finger going in. I moved it around and then worked it in and out. She was in absolute exstacy from being finger fucked I kept doing it to her. Enjoying listening to her moaning and groaning from my finger in her. Sometimes moving it in and out slowly, and then faster and slowing down, finding her erect clit with another finger and rubbing it heighten the plesure of my fingering. I then got the to turn over and slipped two pillows under her hips. I pushed her legs apart, and even with her pubes I could see her inner pussy lips. These were pink and swollen and covered in her thick pussy juice. I went down in between her legs and begand to lick her inner pussy lips. She tasted so sweet. Working my tongue on her pussy lips and poking it into her. She  Screamed with pleasure I kept licking and working my way down to her clit. the tip poking out of the hood working a hand underneath her, with a finger I slid he clit hood back as far as it would go and sucked on her clit and and traped he inner pussy lips between my fingers, and started to massage them with a finger in the middle rubber her opening. She was going wild now moaning and ground gasping at the air pushing herself up from her bedwith her arms. Pushing her pussy on to my fingers, continuously moaning, groaning, making little high pitched sounds calling my name gasping at the air. Harder she forced herself on to my fingers, and by now the middle finger was in her. Moving it around as I massaged her inner pussy lips. , rubbing the clit. It all felt so good and she was enjoying every bit of it. Fuck she was so hot. Then just forcing herself onto my fingers on one arm. She started to rub her breast with the free hand,  and  started to say oh fuck oh fuck over and over. Then she scream it one last time and shouted my name, then she clapsed on the bed, and as she screamed I slid my wet thumb into her ass, and felt her anal muscle clenching on my thumb as she came. It toOK her a while to recover, and she jumped on me and started kissing me all over saving my lips and mouth to last. Oh god this girl felt like she had burst. She was still breathing hard and kissing me putting her arms around my neck she was sweating, wanting to say something but not getting her breath. When she did it was just short words like oh fuck Gary , oh fucking wow. I have never cum like that. You teasing bastard. Smiling at me she said you teased me so much and made me cum so hard. Oh you are so fucking good. Are you going to fuck me now? Oh yes of course, and I can pump you full of cum as my sperm don't work, oh fuck she said. I have always made guys wear a condom. No I told her. You can have more cum in you and not in your belly. I have never let any of my boyfriends cum inside me. You'll love it when my cock explodes in you and all that cum comes squirting out. To be continued.
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