Halloween Party and my first 3-way....or not

jimmyjones12   January 22, 2020   | 10654 Views
Layla and I got together once or twice a week for lunch or dinner, and usually a great time fucking at her apartment.  I tried to realize this would not get above friendship but… rings Layla and I got together once or twice a week for lunch or dinner, and usually a great time fucking at her apartment.  I tried to realize this would not get above friendship but it was still hard. 

One of my high school friends was having a halloween party at his house.  I texted Layla, asking if she was busy.  She did say she had a date, which kind of hurt me initially, but I had to realize she was not interested in a long term relationship.  She did say she would want to come to the party later, and would let me know when I could pick her up. 

Fast forward to Saturday, and Layla texts me at 7pm, saying she would be ready at 8 if I still wanted to bring her.  I agreed, and showed up in my car at about 8, and she came to the car dressed as a mermaid, with a very revealing bikini top and a short skirt.  I was dressed as a prison inmate.

On the way to the party, I asked Layla how her date was. 

"I figured that'd be the first thing you asked, Jimmy.  We just went to dinner and came back to my place and he practically jumped all over me, but I honestly wasn't into him, so I told him I was tired and he left."

"I'm sorry it didn't work out, Layla".  I then told her how sexy she looked, and was excited to have her meet my friends.  Jokingly I asked if we could have a conjugal visit, to which she said "well duhhh"

We arrived at the party as it was really picking up steam.  The music was loud, drinks were flowing, and things were getting hot on the dance floor, especially Layla and I grinding up a storm out on the floor.  Next thing I know, my ex-gf Melissa walked into the party.  (Melissa and I had lost our virginity to each other the year before).  I was devastated when she ended things with me and tried for months to win her back, to no avail.  But after meeting Layla, things changed.  Melissa and I still were friends, but didn't talk as much.  She came into the party dressed as a sexy bee.  (I guess college is the time where people dress as slutty as possible on Halloween). 

I introduced Melissa and Layla to each other, and they were friendly towards each other.  The party kept on bumping, Layla and I kept grinding and enjoying the party, and she was getting rather tipsy.  Layla was grinding harder against me as my cock grew harder and she could definitely feel it.  I could also see Melissa watching with jealousy at us.  I wasn't trying to throw Layla into her face at all; we were just enjoying each other's company.  Melissa began flirting with me right in front of Layla.  I could tell Melissa was tipsy as well.  I asked Layla if she wanted to head home, because the party was winding down somewhat.  Melissa asked if she could join us for a late meal, and Layla agreed.  Next thing, we're in the car headed to Layla's apartment to change.  Melissa passed out on Layla's couch, so Layla and I quietly undressed and headed into her shower for some fun.  Next thing I know, Melissa is in there with us, totally naked.  I was about to push Melissa out when Layla grabbed Melissa and began kissing her.  Oh man, was that hot!  My cock grew even harder at the sight of two naked hotties kissing just inches from me.  Melissa then passed out again, down for the count.  We put her on the couch to sleep, while Layla and I went to town on her bed, not worrying if her screaming could wake Melissa.  Admittedly, I think Layla was jealous of Melissa, because she did hold me tighter than usual, and snuggled up to me in bed afterwards.  We awoke a few hours later, and took Melissa home, and went out for breakfast...

Next up.....Layla's Christmas gift to me
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