It feels So Right Ch. 1

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“Am I too thick?” she asked. “You want my honest opinion?” I asked. “Of course, that is why I asked right?” she responded in a serious tone. “To me, hell no! You would be perfect for me!” I exclaimed laughing. “Oh really? So, you know what to do with all of this?” she said giving me that eye. “Yeah! The thicker, the better!” rings

This story begins in Detroit, MI. Now, for disclaimer I’m not going to any real names in this story. It was my birthday, I just turned 18 years old, and I was a bit of a bad boy. My father is a bishop and had his own church. At the time, before it had gotten shot up a couple months later, one day my brother brought one of his college friends over to the church. He met the family, chilled with us a few more times after that, he was real cool! His name was “AJ”! So, my brother, and AJ had came over to watch the game with the family, one night. He got along with everyone so well, it was cool plus, he kept coming by frequently more and more. Fast-forward to the fateful day, we was all sitting around laughing and talking about random shit: Girls, Getting rich one day, Big booty women, and much more, when he stood up and decided to mention that he had a girlfriend. Now, by the sound of his voice we all used to think that he was gay, because he often bragged about just how “fine” she was, how “big” her ass was, and how they’d met at his church. However, we had never seen her. This time, it was different, because he said that he was going to bring her over to the house to meet everyone. It was around 1:30 in the afternoon, on my birthday, the sun was shining, I was feeling good, I got dressed in my new outfit, put my new shoes on, “Ooooooowwwwweeeeeeeeee! I’m gonna kill these hoes, today!” I thought as I made my way downstairs.


There she was, my brothers homeboy’s girlfriend! He introduced her to me, her name was “Asha”! She stood about 5’5, she was little but that body of her’s always was and always will be banging. She was very thick, light-skinned complexion. Big hazel eyes and big lips. She had this big, round, jiggly ass that literally would not stop shaking when she walked! Her breasts were about a B-cup I assumed, and thick thighs. She had on these leggings and a sleeveless top. I could barely keep my composure, my big, 11 and a half inch dick was throbbing. I walked up to her and politely said “Hello! How are you?”. “Hey! They told me that it was your birthday, today. How are you?” she said. Shocked that she was talking to me, I simply responded laughing “I’m good! You know chilling!”. “Oh ok, how old are you?” she asked smiling after my last answer. “I’m 18!” I happily said. I wanted too but I just could not stop smiling. Then, she held out her arms for a hug. Now generally speaking, I’m between 5’11 and 6’0 at this time, and remember she was 5’5. When she wrapped her arms around me, she put them around my neck, so as I leaned down to hug her, I gazed over her shoulder and there it was. Man if you could’ve seen it! “What a booty! I….I mean beauty!” I thought to myself. So, I wrapped my arms around her waist bringing them out below her butt and wide, just to have an excuse to where when I brought them in to engulf her I would be touching it. To my surprise, she just looked back and smiled. “Happy birthday, bro!” my brother’s friend said trying to break the two of us up! “Thanks man! Good looking out!” shaking his hand. “What’s good witcha, playboy? You tryna turn up?” my brother asked me. “Yeah, what are we talking about doing?” I asked him. “Well, I’m calling my girl up right now, but I was thinking we could go chill at my place, blow a couple blunts, ya know?” he said laughing. “Oh ok, what time you tryna set everything up, bro?” I said looking at my watch. “Shit! We can go right now!” he said. “Aight, let’s do it!” his friend said as he grabbed his girl’s arm. “Oh yeah, call up your girl, that way it can be all of us kicking it.”. “Bro, you know I ain’t got no girl!” I told him. “Man, you need to step your shit up bro! Hold on, I’m gonna go see if my girl can bring you someone.”. Just as he turned to walk out of the room, “Asha” looked at him, and said “It’s ok! Probably better that he doesn’t have one!”. Confused, my brother and “AJ” looked at each other, and said “Aight! Let’s go!”. On the ride to my brother’s apartment, the music was on and they were arguing because he thinks she can lose some weight, he was telling my brother about how when they were having sex the night before she wanted him to pick her up, and when he tried she said that he dropped her. Now, he thinks she is a bit “Too thick”. On the contrary, he is always at the gym, talking about how big his muscles and shit is. Now, if anyone knows anything about me? It’s that when it comes to women, the thicker the better! Although, I knew, she didn’t know that yet, she was soon about to find out! The girl is one bad motha-shut yo mouth! If you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. I mean, I don’t know, but damn! That’s one tough cookie!


So, as the debating proceeded, and as we got closer to the apartment, he pulled over at the liquor store and they jumped out the car, both slamming their doors screaming “We gon’ get fucked up, tonight!”. As soon as he walked away, she looked over at me. I instantly felt my third leg throb as it slowly crept down my thigh. “Hey!” she said to me in a soft voice. “Uhmm…… Hey! What’s up Asha?” I responded. I could see that she could tell I was nervous, I mean, how could I not be. “Are you Ok?” she asked giggling and squinting her eyes at me. “Yeah, I’m fine!” I reassured her even though it felt as though my dick was going to jump out of my pants. “Sorry but can I ask you a question?” she said sounding very seductive as it was also in her eyes. “Fasho! What up doe?” I said. “Am I too thick?” she asked. “You want my honest opinion?” I asked. “Of course, that is why I asked right?” she responded in a serious tone. “To me, hell no! You would be perfect for me!” I exclaimed laughing. “Oh really? So, you know what to do with all of this?” she said giving me that eye. “Yeah! The thicker, the better!” I said. “Is it real?” I asked. “It’s real!” she said laughing. “Can I touch it?” I asked her feeling super nervous. I mean, I’d met her before, just not in this way! “Boy, you already touched my booty! What else you tryna touch? Plus, you know my man just went into the store for a moment!” she said laughing. Just as I was about to grab her thighs, my brother and his homeboy was coming back to the car. On the way, we grabbed some weed, and headed to the spot.


We pulled into the parking lot, and walked into the house. I literally can’t put it into words, how amazing that big, soft, booty looked bouncing and shaking as she got out of the car. My brother unlocked the door to his apartment and was the first one to walk in, followed by his girl, then next “AJ” grabbed the remaining bags and he made his way into the door. Asha, made sure I was good then she proceeded into the apartment, with me walking in right behind her. Being the gentleman that I am, I let his girl go in first, then I would follow. She dropped her purse, which she claimed to be an accident. Feeling embarrassed, from the fact that she bent over and rubbed that big behind against my throbbing snake. “Excuse me! I gotta be more careful.” she called out. “Yes, I guess you do.” I responded laughing nervously. “Ay! Bro, come here!” he called out from the kitchen. “Aight!” I said looking at her. As I walked away, she winked at me. Walking into the kitchen, my homeboy showed me the liquor and weed that he had bought for the festivities. It was time to get this thing started!



To Be Continued….

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