My First Time

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Remembering it now, it was totally different from how my sex life is now.Since it's my first time writing it out,the intro might seem very lenghtly but it does have context, so I ended up tying it. Pain,pleasure,first time at 17 was a different feeling altogether.I didn't know my bf would ask for sex that evening.. Lesbian The intro paragraph is really long. My bf and I have had a strong and open bond since 4th grade and studied together in a boarding school in Delhi(same age, in diff. classes). Having spent time with him since class 4 till class 12, I knew all ins outs about him and so did he know mine.Since we were open to eachother (Going to our home during Summer and Diwali holidays in train, was normal now,he had seen me in short clothes manier times now and I was assured that he loved me was when he proposed me when I was in class 11 at picnic and we had our first kiss that day).Going home for Diwali this year was normal, his and my parents living with us for first 4-5 days in town was also normal and also them going to the native place during Diwali to spend the last 3-4 days was also normal we lived in the town to spend time with other friends.This was done for past 3-4 years ig.So one fine day, I was distributing the leftover sweets to our neighbours or someone poor. His name's Kartik and my name's Meghna. Kartik lived 2 lanes behind my house.Knowing he would be alone I thought of giving him company that evening.I wore red lehenga choli of my friend that evening cause I forgot mine and it was with my family at my native place.The lehenga had a perfect fit on me, but the choli was tight, the strap behind was thin and and had to be fit tight as well.The situation was that, my cleavage furrow was thick now and my chest was visible clearly, her duppatta didn't do great work on me, giving clear view even after wearing it over.My back was clearly visible with the thin strap and my chotti just blocking some view there.

I knocked at his door and he was in his normal clothes. (to describe him, he was like a normal boy who's body was becoming more masculine and skinny guy, just a bit fair black eyes black hair). (My body figure was also nice for that age as far as I remember.I was tall, but just reached till his nose height ig.We both actually were fit and also we I was the house captain for my house for the school,I was fairer and quite fairer even after playing sports) let me in.Handing him the sweets I sat on his sofa.Some conversation, some giggles and other talks happened for quite a long time.He then just playfully said, U look beautiful today, the prettiest I've seen ever.I took it as a compliment, but didn't want to hear this in my friends dress.I thanked him for that.His next sentence was directly, would u like to spend a night with me in bed today?I was a bit puzzled, I too wanted to spend a night with him, but felt, today wasn't that day.So I got up and he again prompted,"I was going to ask even if u weren't wearing this today". I clearly said a no cause I didn't think today was the day to do that thing later ahead we could see it happening after a month or so, but as I turned back and walked few steps ahead, he just pulled my chotti which was long till my middle back. Ouch, I too think it is nice but not today Kartik.He was already planned ig, so he pulled me backward by grabbing my hand and he kissed me straightaway. I liked it this one the most.He put one hand on my back and the other hands fingers tangled in my hands fingers.The kiss was over after a minute. I just looked at him and then I wiped my lips and he asked me again.I just replied him whether it was the time for us.He boldly replied yes.I even suggested him to do later cause we didn't have protection, but he said I'll bring it.Now I was nervous and a bit excited at the same time. The fear of getting caught really was just making me out of breath already.He went to the medical store in a disguise and came back quick.He was ready now by locking up his main front door.But I remember him saying this, this is going to happen someday or the other, no-one is going to be caught and ig it is better not to think of it, telling me to wipe the sweat on my forehead. Just then the bell rang, I went behind the sofa and hid.It was his friends and he told them that his parents didn't give the permission to allow others at home today.Locking the door once again, I stood up and I was just stood witha question, which he knew.To ease things up he kissed me again and promised to not getting caught at all.He held my hand and led me to the first floor to his room,I locked the room and pulled the curtains and looking back at him, he had a grin, I smiled too.He came close again and this time quite bold.He put the condom packet aside and he removed his tshirt in front of me, then unbuttoned his pant tucked fingers by his waist and pulled it down and removed it completely.By that time I just opened up my chotti and let my hair free. Now he was in his underwear,I had seen him in his underwear lot of times earlier but today I could see that his erection was popping the penis to be seen as a bulge.Kartik just lifted the duppatta and removed it,now he was more close to my body.

Heasked me whether he could go ahead, I had just one option to reply,To treat me as u like. He looked direct in my eyes and turned me around with his grip grabbing me by my hands.It was Swift and I could feel the intent now.Next he lifted me up with my back facing his face and he lay me down on the bed, I was ready a bit now, cause I was laying with my face on bed now and my hair all over my back.He was searching for my lehenga zip with his hands,I pointed it to him and now knowing where it is, he was about to unzip it very quick, he did struggle to open it,but opened it.By that,I knew one thing, he was completely turned on now.He grabbed the lehenga by the side and pulled it with aforce.My belly and stomach felt that pull and I loved his intent.he put that on the floor and grabbing my hands he pulled me towards himself.This time I could feel just the pleasure not the pain now.He turned me towards his side and he shifted all my hair to one side and reaching to my back from the other side, he unhooked the choli strap and removed it.Next he, placed me slightly in the middle of the bed and I loved the hardness and his grip and force used, I too knew that it was surely going to be a pain some time soon.He now unstrapped my white bra (34C back then ig) and removed it slowly and got rid of it.As soon as he removed the braz I tried to block it's view by my hand but he blocked my hand and pinned me to the bed, saying 'fair body Meghna,'.He got the view of my boobs clearly with erect nipples and those dark areola,where he first kissed now and kissing that way, reached to my chest and then my neck and the lips and my earlobe and tried to lick behind my ear.A lip lock again for a minute and then he stood up.My legs were folded, with my knees up and foot flat on bed.Now I could see Kartik, sliding his black boxer down and now I could see a 7 inch erect penis.I had never seen him naked and today was the day.I prayed for not getting bleeded atleast.He tore the packet and placed the ring on the penis head and slid it down.With that, he lifted my foot and tucked my white panty and slid it off.This time my vagina was relvealed(since it was my first time and this situation aroused directly at that evening, my pussy wasn't shaved).He looked at my vagina and then came over to my body and now kissed me, this time I felt that kiss was special and required as well at that time, I had surrendered myself completely. Next was him adjusting his dick head over my vagina and he looked at my face and said,'I love u Meghna, thnx for choosing me as ur partner'.He just lowered his ass down now and I remember just looking at his face and squeezing my eyes.To start off, he againa went above and below witha suitable pace that would comfort me, I remember him squeezing his eyes as well but trying to control the pace the same time.I could feel that another bone was entering my body and it was giving me chills.After few more pushes up and down on my body, I could breathe now and tried to match with the breath of my partner. Now he got up on his hands and tried to put more effort in, it was paining but just because of the fact that the skin was stretching and loosening up at the that time.i tried to control my pain, by biting my lip and even by grabbing the bedsheet tight.I could see, that just half of the dick was entering every single stroke, I couldn't imagine it going completely inside me.After few more minutes later, Kartik tried to increase up the pace by holding onto my knees tight to get the grip he wanted and going back and forth faster than earlier.I could feel his dick head touching everytime my internal walls of my vagina and now I was trying to gather more breath. I could hear him taking deep breaths as well.Now I stopped looking at him and closed my eyes and and placed my hands on my butt for sometime and then my thigh for sometime.He had increased the pace even more now and I could hear him going 'ah ah ah'. I was yet to orgasm.Him thinking of trying to go even more wild, I stopped him cause I had have the energy left for anal and also needed to get some breath. This time without a resist, we both kissed eachother hard or even the hardest ever,getting eachother breath and then I back out adjusting my hair while deep breathing. I rubbed the area around my vagina first and I could see the gape.I knew for anal my ass had to struggle even harder.He just looked at me and I then looked at his dick.Seeing it, I rubbed it for him and his head went up, I was trying to feel the relief he was gettin from that, my hand got wet sticky a bit and so was my body.Both steamed up, next I knew he did was to place his hands on my shoulder and turning it back.So, I turned myself and got onto my knees and palms resting on the bed.Being totally relaxed by then, I placed my hair on one side and and I was rubbing my pussy with one hand.

Hegot on his knees as well and first placed hand on my ass.He first slided hands on it and placing hand on my back, with other hands two fingers first rubbed from my asshole down to my vagina to comfort me, I did need him to do it.Doing it for few more minutes, he took the fingers(now turned on completely again) and wanted me to lick them.I asked why. He said ur asshole is small right now, first fingering it and then penetrating would be better.I licked it for him and then I was having a look at his face, he was at on side not behind me.So he then entered the fingers and both of us could feel the thickness in there, getting penetrated there will really need good amount of force.So he fingered there for 10-12 mins.trying to stretch it, to go deep and even to put three fingers but couldn't put three fingers..He was done fingering and so now he placed his thighs behind mine, held my waist in his hands to get the grip and placed the dick head at the anal opening. To begin with, it was tough for him to enter anything other than his dick head.So he tried to pull my waist with force to get his penis inside, it was thick and he had to remove and adjust it quite many times.I did feel it getting wide open but knew still had of the bone has not entered yet, so I tried to hold the bedsheet as tight as possible when he would enter it.Failing to do that, he got up on his feet on the bed and bend his knees and pushed my head down in the bed and now tried to apply the force.This time I could feel it entering now and my jaw open wide in pain and pleasure as he was forcing to take it out now.First two three rounds like that and I now shouted eveytime he entered "it's entering, it's entering" to tell him to to do it again and again.15-16 mins of that and now, he picked me by my shoulders and I back on palms. Now he tried to go deep which he wasn't able to go earlier. He used to give me a strong pull and move his ass inside simultaneously and I shouted first at my peak and he place hand on it. He penetrated and then getting the momentum he grabbed my hair. He removed his dick after he was done. I first got down on the bed laid and he went to the bathroom to remove the condom.

Yes, this was my first time, when I lost virginity, I feel wierd wheni say, I didn't get orgasm the first time and it was all about pain and pleasure.I do feel really fortunate enough not bleeding at the time.Also a fact that I was embarrassed to see Kartik naked, but he wasn't at all.He handled me.
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