Confessions of a Lonely Roomate

Panter896   May 01, 2015   | 84300 Views
Grinding your horny body against the palm of your hands, sinking your fingers even deeper inside. Your heavy breathing, turns to deep panting. cheating

Walking past your bedroom, I hear faint whispers of deep breathing. The sounds grew louder, as I approach the door. I put my ear close to door, and hear you panting. Finally, I push it open to find you, across the room lying naked on the bed. Hands between your legs, playing with yourself.

You are - sitting up with your back braced against some pillows, piled up on the headboard. Your legs spread-eagle across the bed, with your hands cupping your pretty pink pussy. I stare at your two fingers, buried deep inside you, fingering your wet hole. They are busy pumping themselves in and out of your pussy.  Your hand plowing into your mound, at a feverish pace. I watch you, fucking yourself.

As your legs buckle and shake from the overwhelming pleasure writhing inside you, you let out a loud whimper.

Your eyes are closed, so it takes you a while to notice me watching you. Even then, after seeing me standing there, with my semi hard cock, bulging out of my pants - you continue, selfishly fucking yourself.

Grinding your horny body against the palm of your hands,  sinking your fingers even deeper inside. Your heavy breathing, turns to deep panting. Your chest heaving up and down - your half clothed body glistening with sweat.

You look up at me, teasingly. Licking your lips, while you watch me, watching you - enjoying your devilish performance.

Your perfectly shaved pussy, dripping your precious juices, all over your fingers. from watching you. My cock pulsating with pleasure.Your eager hips gyrating back and forth, twisting and turning- in sync with the forceful thrust of your hands. You slow down and opening your legs,  as your talented fingers spread the warm folds of your wet lips apart.

You continue, rubbing your fingers up and down your  slippery slit. One by one, I watch each finger disappearing inside your pussy.

The whole time you are staring into my eyes, watching my reaction, as I indulge. The sight of your body, twisting and whining is making my cock,  painful hard. I reach down, pulling it from my  pants. As it springs free, swinging wildly before straightening out.

The old, hardwood floors squeak, as I approach you the bed. Your eyes, spring open, greeting me with a sinister grin.  Your eyes widen, in shocking delight, and your mouth waters, as you stare at my throbbing cock, pointing directly at you aimed at your wet pussy.

You inch towards forward, crawling towards me. As I reach the edge of the bed, before you can kiss me, I grab you by the waist; swiftly flip you around, then pulling your ass back into me. I started positioning you in front of me,  so the head of my hard cock was perfectly aligned with dripping pussy, so I could fuck you doggy-style.

Your feet dangling off of the end of the bed, while  I rub the  head of my dick against the warm lips of your smooth pussy. I reach around your hips, wrapping my arms around your legs, while spreading your thighs further apart. You feel my cock pushing forward into you. Reaching back, jerking my dick, pulling me closer, you start guiding me inside you.

Once inside, the warm sensation of your tight pussy lips, kissing my dick felt amazing. I pushed my hips forward, forcing it inside you as far as it could go. Slow shallow strokes, of my thick cock probing the hot insides of your pussy. We fuck, nice and slow. Grinding yourself into me, shoving me further into your soaking pussy

You brace yourself, back against me gripping the sheets - as I pound into you, slamming you against the bed. My hips ram into yours, thrusting your whole body forward - your tits bouncing, as you scream out in pleasure, I fuck harder.

My finger, soaked with your cum, sliding up and down your pussy, rubbing your hard clit, causing your moans to get louder. The bed screeching, as I fuck you senseless, banging you harder and harder, with each stroke. My hands playing between your legs, working your pussy from behind. You moan and whimper, gasping to the glorifying pain of each thrust hitting the deepest parts of your pussy.

I give your beautiful round ass, a firm smack as I continue ramming you. Fucking faster, and deeper with each thrust. As your moans morph to screams, you yell out in painful joy- begging for me to keep going. I reach down, grab your soaked panties from the bed, and shove them in your mouth- silencing your screams to a muffled murmur.

The head of my swollen cock, rubbing against the walls of your tight pussy, giving us both unbearable pleasure. Each penetrating stroke hitting you perfectly, as we fucked. You keep reaching back between your legs, and rubbing your clit frantically.

I feel an eruption building, inside me at the head of my cock. As the overwhelming pressure explodes, shooting streams of thick, potent cum against the insides of your juicy pussy.

As I pulled out, a few drops of my sticky white cum, spilled from the tip of my pulsating cock, plastering the bed sheets with more wetness. You looked up at me smiling, with a devilish grin.

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