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Respecting the Bro Code

Breast Inspector   July 22, 2017   | 22345 Views
What's to do when my best mate's girl makes a pass at me? Luxury This particular New Year's Eve began, as many other had before, with me celebrating with a group of university friends.  There was my best mate Robbie, his girlfriend Melody and my girlfriend Denise.  Actually by that stage Denise was my ex-girlfriend - we had dated for a couple of years until it eventually became obvious that with our diverging lives, we were not meant to be life partners.  Fortunately, and perhaps unusually, we were still great friends and since neither of us had yet found anyone else, we still occasionally added "benefits" when the mood struck us both.  

While we were all lounging around in the downstairs rumpus room of Denise's parents' house, I enjoyed comparing these two sexy girls as we talked & laughed together.  Being a lover of feminine curves - and yes, especially breasts! -  Denise was the type of girl I had always appreciated.  She was 5'9" tall, with long, straight chestnut-brown hair framing a beautiful face, before cascading down almost to her hips; shapely DD-cup tits with wide nipples that stood out impressively when aroused; a curvaceous ass and thick thighs hiding a trimmed pussy that she loved having licked ;-)  Melody was very different - she had shoulder-length, curly strawberry-blonde hair, a pretty face, and much like Robbie who she'd been dating for 9 months, was rather short, only about 5'4".  However being quite a petite girl, her smaller curves still looked very tempting - not that I'd ever looked too closely, as I didn't want to break the "Bro code" by chasing my best mate's girl!  Robbie had told me that underneath the full blouses she always wore that hid any trace of cleavage, Melody was surprisingly a C-cup!!  She was always very demure in public, though Robbie had proudly announced that she'd recently bought some sexy lingerie for his eyes only.  He was a little frustrated that so far she'd only let him see the top-half of this purchase in action - but on the bright side, Melody had let him caress her tits though the red lace while she rubbed his cock through his shorts.  There's no way I would have ever shared with Robbie what Denise and I regularly used to get up to, as he would have been insanely jealous.  In attempting to be "good", Denise and I had never actually fucked, but we had certainly well-honed our oral skills as we bumped and moaned together in the classic "69" position!

As the night and our bantering wore on, I could see why Melody had been taking it slowly with Robbie.  Her most favourite hobby was cooking, and from sampling her dishes several times now, she was damn good at it.  Surprisingly, it was after Denise and I had broken up that Melody had begun inviting us over to share quite a number of her beautifully-cooked dinners, and through these gatherings she had come to know us both very well.  Robbie, however, didn't regard her culinary gift as a "real" interest and continually rubbished her over this in favour of his sports.  Sure, cricket is a fine gentleman's game, but an attractive girlfriend who can cook like a professional chef should definitely be treasured!  In fact, the wide variety of home-made sweet and savoury treats Melody had plied us with throughout the night had drawn effusive praise from me yet again.  Melody clearly appreciated these very well-deserved, but obviously rare, compliments and engaged both myself and Denise in deep yet joyful conversation as it slowly drew closer to midnight.  Although a great mate, I could see Robbie was only digging a deeper hole for himself with Melody as he tried to compete for her attention with further digs at her culinary talent.

After a few too many Cokes - we needed the caffeine to keep us awake! - Robbie asked Denise how he could find the toilet.  Being a somewhat circuitous path upstairs, she decided it was easier just to show him rather than try to explain how to get there.  After they left the room and began to climb the stairs, Melody leaned closer to me and spoke in a quiet, yet firm voice, "You are SO much nicer than Robbie!"

I probably shouldn't have been as surprised as I was, but it definitely took me a moment to compose myself as I now had to walk a very fine line of being sensitive to Melody without betraying my friendship with Robbie.  "That's sweet of you to say, Melody" I responded.  "Robbie is a VERY lucky bloke to have you!"

I was hoping this was generic enough to keep the three of us happy, but as Denise's steps could be heard descending the stairs, Melody leaned even closer, took my hand and whispered in my ear "You remember where I live?"

I nodded - she lived only about 10 minutes away from Denise.  "Give it an hour after I leave and come & knock on my window!" Melody commanded, brushing my cheek gently with her soft lips as she withdrew back to her seat just as Denise re-entered the room.

I confess I spent from then on pondering what to do.  Why had Melody asked me over - to complain about Robbie's disdain for her cooking?  To ask if I could chat with him regarding this?  I would have left it at these if not for the excited tingling I still felt from that brief brush of her lips.  Was it an accident?  Or did she have something more in mind?  I certainly didn't want to break the "Bro code", but after Robbie returned and we all continued chatting, I swear that Melody was smiling at me even more sweetly than usual.  And surprisingly, it seemed more than just my imagination that Melody was deliberately leaning towards me to ensure her demurely-covered breasts thrust their roundness inescapably into my vision.  Did she know I was a breast-man ...?

By the time Melody was yawning and asked Robbie to take her home just after 11pm, my mind had been made up.  Well, maybe not exactly my mind, but you know ... my "other brain" ;-)  Logically I assumed I was going over to help rescue her relationship with my best mate.  But my hormones were instead in a tizzy after being captivated by the lovely globes she'd been swaying in front of me for the past while.  After ringing in the New Year with Denise and a quick hug good-bye, I drove over to Melody's in record time.

Melody was boarding downstairs in a private home not far from the University, and fortunately tonight the elderly couple who lived upstairs had gone out to celebrate with their own family.  Melody's window was easy to find, being the only one lit on the ground floor.  After padding across the cool grass, I stopped a few meters back from the windows to admire the amazing sight inside; Melody was clearly visible, brushing her curly strawberry-blonde hair after seemingly just having exited the shower, with her lovely curves wrapped in a figure-hugging royal blue silk robe. I berated myself, albeit only slightly, for checking out my best mate's girlfriend for at least a full minute - but surely the "Bro code" could be at least bent a little for a girl this hot?! I approached and rapped gently on the window pane; Melody turned to me with an excited smile, hurried to the window and slid it up fully so I could climb in.

As soon as I had clambered through, Melody drew the curtain shut, hugged me tightly and planted her luscious lips directly on mine.  There was no mistaking her intentions now, and so I left any misgivings outside the window where I had been spying on her exquisite beauty ;-)  We kissed, becoming more & more passionate, for what seemed at least 20 minutes.  With our tongues dancing and twirling together and our hands exploring each other's back and ass cheeks, we drew together so tightly that I could feel her hard nipples poking into my muscular chest.  Eventually we came up for air, and Melody breathed, "I have a surprise for you!"

In one fluid move she stepped back, pulled the tie loose from around her waist and shrugged the silk robe off her shoulders.  As it fell to the floor she locked eyes with me, revelling in my expression as I gasped at her previously-hidden beauty.  She was a goddess, her smooth, creamy-white skin highlighted by red lace panties and bra that were so intricate in their open weave that they left very little to my imagination!  Her breasts were indeed large C-cups, looking like lovely, full, round grapefruit perched atop her slim frame.  Crowning them were small light-pink aureolas blending into puffy, rock-hard nipples which clearly gave away her aroused state.  I was stunned to see a perfect, clean-shaven camel-toe already so swollen by her desire for me that her panties may as well not even have been there.  As my cock went from rock-hard to throbbing at this majestic sight, I could only gasp "You are indescribably perfect, Melody!"

Being a gentleman, I of course repaid her gesture by ripping off my polo shirt and shimmying out of my pants, until I was facing her in just my "Ghost Who Walks" silk boxer shorts, which were doing a very poor job of hiding my massive bulge.  Given the amount of time I spend out-doors I have a pretty good tan, well-muscled arms and legs and quite a  reasonable figure over-all.  I could see Melody appreciating my masculine strength just as I had been blown away by her nubile curves, until she took me by the hand, guided me to her bed and sat me down on its edge.  This amazing girl then sat in my lap, wrapping her legs around my waist to straddle me so we could resume kissing - at a more even height this time as I'm quite tall - but not before guiding my hand to her left breast.  "I know you'll love these!" she whispered just before our lips locked again.  So she had definitely found out that I was a breast-man!

For a tit-lover like me, the feel of Melody's breast in my hand was incredible, and very different to those with which I'd become accustomed.  Denise's big DD's were soft and luscious in their tear-drop shape, giving a deep, inviting cleavage in between.  She was blessed with large aureolas that became dark & tightly-wrinkled when aroused, however their stand-out feature were her thick nipples which protruded at least 2/3 of an inch when I sucked on them.  Melody's breasts were quite the opposite, but no less lovely - each was a good-sized handful, spaced well apart to highlight their almost perfect roundness.  In my hand they were very firm, with her small nipples & aureolas forming taut, puffy pink cones as my fingers teased them to even further pleasure. Clearly they were very sensitive, as when I began rolling both between my fingertips, Melody began to moan loudly and pressed her crotch so firmly into me that I could feel her engorged pussy lips against my shaft, even through her lingerie and my boxers.

As our kissing grew more torrid with my caressing and tweaking of her tits & nipples, Melody reached behind her & unclasped her red silk bra.  I flicked it away, Melody groaning as my strong hands gently squeezed & caressed her hot, firm tit-flesh.  With my fingertips lovingly exploring every millimetre of those lovely, feminine globes, it became clear that Melody - like Denise - was a girl who could be driven wild by extended breast-play.  With her arousal spiking, Melody began to slide her pelvis against mine.  She was still pressed so firmly against me that, even with the fabric between, her pussy lips parted around the side of my shaft and allowed her to rub her desperate clitty up & down against it!

By now both of us were utterly lost in lust for each other, and I needed to see just how much breast-pleasure I could give this amazing woman.  Using my favourite trick, I squeezed the bases of Melody's aureolas between my thumbs & forefingers until her nipples were pushed back inside her tit-flesh - a little tricky given how firm her breasts were! - and I then began to rhythmically squeeze her aureolas.  This had the affect of masturbating Melody's trapped nipples against her own aureolas, and immediately sent her wild!  Not only did her bucking and moaning increase out-of-sight, but the crotch of her panties immediately became sopping wet.  My own body responded, with my pre-cum now adding to her moisture already coating the front of my boxers.

I was sure Melody couldn't take much more of this without cumming when she finally broke our torrid kissing session and stopped sliding against me.  My body screamed "Nooo!!!!", but in my mind I knew I had taken her MUCH further than she'd ever been before.  Yet again, this beautiful girl surprised me as she took my face in her hands, looked directly into my eyes and commanded huskily "Fuck me ... now!"

"I've never fucked fully before, so don't have any protection with me", I admitted, disappointed I hadn't thought of this as I rushed over here.  

"I don't care, Sweetheart." she breathed.  "If I want to have babies with anyone, I want it to be with you!"

Despite a part of my brain telling me we should both preserve our virginity, there was no way I was going to turn down the sexiest woman I'd ever meet when she wanted nothing else than to fuck my brains out.  "I want you to be mine forever!" I responded, planting a loving kiss on her hot lips.

Melody propped herself up on her knees and shimmied down my boxers before, in her urgency, literally ripping off her red silk panties.  With a completely unobstructed view I could see her engorged, freshly-shave mound dripping her musky juices onto me as she positioned herself above my cock-head.  For an instant I wondered if this was the first time she'd shaved her pubic region - I bet it was! - before she slowly lowered herself onto my needy cock-head.  

Holy fuck she was tight!!  I could tell she'd never even been fingered before, as her slippery vagina walls slowly stretched around my long shaft.  I threw my head back and moaned - she was so damn hot, wet and tight - as Melody continued edging herself down my cock until she reached the resistance I knew would come.  Suddenly, she dropped her weight onto me, popping her cherry as she first gasped with the sharp, brief pain, and then moaned as her lithe body engulfed me fully.  Returning to our torrid kissing, my fingers working her wonderfully-sensitive nipples, Melody began to ride me.  Starting off gently, she was already shuddering with delight as my thick cock-head slid firmly again & again over her spongy G-spot.  As Melody increased her pace, we had to break our kissing due to us both being completely unable to contain our moans and gasps of wanton desire for each other.  Finally, Melody began literally slamming herself and her over-stimulated clitty against me, and with a wild look in her eye, I knew beyond a doubt I was about to be the first man ever to make her orgasm - and in a huge way at that!  

With this thought pushing me completely over the edge, I squeezed both her nipples firmly, threw back my head and screamed incomprehensibly as my cock thickened and began to pulse my man-cream deeply into her being.  Melody lost all control of her body, her legs shaking and arms flailing, as her own long-pent-up orgasm exploded within her.  With us both completely wracked with raw sexual energy, Melody rode me over & over again, milking my cum-jetting cock with fierce, orgasmic contractions of her tight, slick pussy.  When finally we collapsed together in a sweat-sheened heap amongst her tousled satin sheets, we continued trading kisses until our gasps slowly reverted back to normal breathing.

The rest of the night only got better as we erotically explored each other's needy bodies in every way we could imagine.  Thank goodness the following day was a public holiday, as we'd barely slept by the time morning came around!  Surprisingly given all the cum I'd pumped into Melody that night she didn't get pregnant; well, not just then anyway.  But I'm more than proud to say that several years later as my beautiful wife, Melody's pregnancy has introduced a whole new dimension to our regular love-making :-)

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