Connection in bus and pleasure in room Chapter 1

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Hi Friends, this is my first story which I can’t forget for my life time was planning to share this story to everyone for a long time but now only I got time share this story.… rings

Hi Friends, this is my first story which I can’t forget for my life time was planning to share this story to everyone for a long time but now only I got time share this story. So now I am moving into the story this not a imagination story this is a real story which happened in my life. Now moving into the story…

Chapter 1

Myself Ajay and I’m 27 years old but the story was heled 5 years ago with my friend her name is Sara we both was studying in the same class and also we both are from same native so we regularly go home together in the bus that to we sit together and we use to travel and she use to sleep on my shoulders every time at that time and all I didn’t felt anything but also I have a crush on her but she doesn’t know that.

On that fine day we was planning to go home together as every time but this time we decided to travel eerily morning so we planned before night and next morning I went to her hostel and we both together went to bus stand together and we was waiting for the bus and at that time I saw her lovely eyes and I felt like that eyes is call me and asking me to kiss her but I controlled myself and was standing without seeing her than after sometime we got but we boarded the bus.

Bus was full empty and we both was sitting together and just we was speaking and then she was trying to open the window but it was very tight then I bended over her and was trying to open the window when I was trying my elbow was touching her breast but she didn’t say anything then after opening the window we was sitting and speaking suddenly the window glass came out with a big sound she got a fried and grabbed my hand I also grabbed my her hand and slowly I told her checks and told don’t worry I’m with you and kissed her in the lips I thought that she will push me away and slap me but she didn’t we was kissing nearly for 5 mins suddenly someone got into the bus so we moved away.

Then bus started moving and we was speaking some regular talks and after some time she told I feel sleepy and she lied on my shoulders and started sleeping. For some distance I was not able to do anything because bus was full of rush. Then we reached and sub bus stand and most of the people got down from the bus and there was few people in the who is in their seat.

Then again started from that bus stand few minutes went on and I was not able to control and took my hand and kept over her shoulder and made her to lie on my chest after some time I made moved my hand to her hip started pressing softly and gently. After few minutes she grabbed my hand and moved it to her tummy and made me to hug her wanted and I was hugging her for few minutes and then again she grabbed my hand made me keep on her breast and she coved my hands completely it with her shall. I felt like we are moving to next step of friendship and I started pressing her breast gently then she got up from my chest and asked do you like to leave your hands inside the dress. I told her yes then she slept on my thigh and slowly I left my hand inside her dress and bra and started press her breast when I tough it I felt like a sponge ball and I stared pressing her both breast even and made her in some mood with other hand I slowly I took under her pant she allowed for that also and I was rubbing over her pussy and making her to mouch lightly this was done nearly for 45mins and we both was nearly in great mood we don’t need to stop in this point we need to go more but since that was bus we stopped she requested lets stop r else I will go in wrong way I thought that is also a correct so I stopped and we got down the bus at are respected stops.

On that day evening I made a call and asked her sorry for what ever happened in the bus she told no problem without my permission you didn’t do it know so no problem in that and don’t think about and sit and waste your time then we stared to speak other topics and after 10mins her brother call her and said that they are going to temple and she told K. I heard that suddenly I got a plan and asked her really do you want to go to temple tomorrow and she replied that I’m not interested but parents are calling me what to do?

I replied don’t go I will come to your home she asked for what I told we can speak and watch move I have new movies she said K and asked but what I will say at home for not coming to temple and I told that you are having chums so that you cant come and also I told don’t say it now then they will cancel the plan say to them tmrw morning she told K and we disconnected the call.

This is the End of first chapter Next chapter in my next post……..
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