Pool at hot night

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Suddenly the three of us were alone in that beach house having some fun ... Lesbian The other day some friends planned to go to the beach for a weekend you know young people about 30 in average age, some were going by car some by bus, etc ..
I was hanging around with a friend those days called Bonny, she looked like courtney cox, phisically and in personality, we were just friends, we decided to arrive at about 6 pm that friday to get the house ready to party, at 7 pm a friend and his wife that looked like nichole kidman (not so tall) arrived in their car, and the rest of the guys said that there was some kind of trouble with the bus and were coming the morning after.
My friend thomas went to someone he knew's house to look for some food and drinks and left in his car and after 20 minutes he called saying that there was some trouble with his car and couldnt started it to come back to the house, so he had to sleep over there, fix it the next morning to come to the lodge with us and the rest of the guys.
So, Suddenly the three of us were alone in that beach house having some fun. Me, my friend bonny and sharon the married girl.
at about 9 pm it was kind of hot and bonny said lets go to the pool guys, so we agreed to do it.
i was with a surfer short but the girls left their bathing suit in the car, some bags were still there. sharon said underwear clothes is like a bathing suit, not that much said bonny, of course I said, come on girls lets get into that awesome pool, lets have fun ! in fact I'm gonna use only boxers to be fear jejeje I took my shorts and jumped into the pool in just boxers.
the girls looked at me and started to undress by the pool.
it was so exited just to look at them undressing, they had great bodies
So we were laughing and playing in that pool and in a while i could see through their underwear their nipples. they were all hard I couldnt stop watching at them. and they realize but didnt care so much.
we were playing volley and in those jumps sharons boobs were poping out all the time, she had to put them inside all the time, after a while she decided to take off her bra and be more confortable
You have seen them a lot tonight she said. this would be our little secret right? sure we said, so she asked bonny come on join me and take yours too, let us see your beautyful girls jejeje
bonny didnt wanted at first but she said, what the heck, here they are and suddenly the girls were almost naked with me in a pool. I  was so horned. So we started talking inside the pool about this erotic night, I said, you are so hot girls. I sat by the pool looking at them inside the water and those beautiful boobs, You are so pleassed looking at our boobs you shameless boy, they were laughing and sharon said:
come on let us see you too ! they wanted me to get rid of my boxers. So I did it, I took them off, and they saw my erectus penis, they were more than pleassed having me naked, so I said, let all be naked then !
and I jump inside the pool, and they decided to take off her panties and get naked.
We started swimming and playing naked and hanging naked around the house, so we started playing slapping our butts every time walking here and there while we prepare the drinks and some snacks etc ..
then I joined bonnie sitting ina big bed, she was watching some tv, and suddenly she started touching my dick
and saying naughty things, in that moment sharon joing us in the bed. and started watching  how bonnie put my dick inside her mouth. when she said, It is our little secret right?
So sharon started to suck it too as I was lying in the bed.
We made an awesome threesome that night and sleeped naked toaching each other.
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