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Deceased wife's friend fucks me Lesbian


I am 59 years old and recently widowed. I loved my wife and never defiled our bed with other partners. I wish she would have been more open sexually. I mean she loved it when I licked her to orgasm, but would never suck my cock. Is that something that only girls in porn movies enjoy? It didn’t take long to find out.

At her funeral, Allison, one of her coworkers at a seniors home mentioned we should go for coffee sometime. I told her to call me, and never gave it another thought.

Allison is 32. Long red hair slender with small boobs, and out of my league. So I thought.

I got a call about a month later from her at about 9 PM. She told me she was at work and did I care to go for a drink or something when she got off. I knew her shift ended at 10, so I said sure.

Allison came out wearing a pink pleated polyester mini skirt with a white polyester sleeveless crop top. It had sexy across her pointy breasts, with wedge sandals. The way her breasts bounced when she walked. I knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her hair was braided in pony tails and hung over her shoulders to her exposed belly button.

I was driving my restored 78 Chevrolet Scottsdale. It was black with flames down the side.

“Nice truck.” Allison said as she slid in and over beside me on the bench seat.

“I expected scrubs,” I said as she got in.

She smiled, making sure I noticed her long slender legs.

“Right here.’’ she said pointing to her shoulder bag.

“Where to?” I asked.

“Somewhere quiet and secluded.” Allison responded, leaning closer.

“How about I pick up a bottle of wine, drive out in the country and listen to the radio while watching the stars?”

“Awesome!” Leaning her her head on my shoulder.

I felt myself getting aroused as her subtle perfume filled my nostrils. I wondered what her attraction to me was.

“I never have any luck dating guys my own age. I always feel better with older guys.” She whispered, kissing my cheek.

I stopped and got a bottle of white wine and a couple of glasses, before heading out to the country, listening to classic rock and roll on the radio. Allison took my arm and put it around her shoulders resting my hand on her firm breast as she snuggled closer.

My cock was in full erection in my shorts. Allison began squeezing it as we drove. I was both confused and pleased.

Allison had been over often but never let on she was interested. I fantasized about fucking her, and cumming on her face as I fucked my wife many times, but she never gave me a second look.

I pulled down by the river parked and put my speakers on the roof. I opened the tailgate and rolled back the cover of the bed of the truck. We noticed a foamy and pillows in the back. I had just purchased the truck and had no idea they were there.

“ Prepared for a sleep over, I see.” Winking.

She smiled, and began dancing to the classic rock and roll playing on the radio. I sat on the tailgate and poured a glass of wine, enjoying her dirty dancing.

She lifted her top over her head and pulled it off. Her small but firm breasts looked inviting with her nipples erect and her brown aureoles visible. As she bent over swaying her tight round bottom to my delight. I stood up and took my shirt and shorts off, shuffled over in my boxers, to her swaying my hips, trying to dance.

I pulled her close as Roxy Lady began playing. She snuggled in and reached down to my rock hard cock, sliding it between her legs and gyrating on it. I kissed her softly as she pressed her hard nipples against my chest.

I led her to the truck and as I sat down. She took the glass of wine. Dipped my cock in it and began licking it. I began massaging her sexy tits. Poured some wine on them and sucked her nipples. One then the other. Pulling her nipples with her teeth. I was in heaven as she licked up and down my throbbing cock.

She gave a throaty moan as she took me deep in her mouth. I began to spasm and jerked up causing her to gag. She coughed but kept right on sucking.

I was afraid she was going to make me cum, so I lifted her up on the tailgate. Kissed her stomach and thighs around her thong. I pulled it down over her feet, and started kissing her leg back up.

When I got to her pussy, smiled, as I poured wine on it. Began lapping at her pussy. She wiggled and moaned as I teased her with my tongue. Licking from top to bottom, probing deeper with each pass.

I inserted two fingers as she arched up wanting them deeper. She was so juicy and wet as I finger fucked her to orgasm. I put her on my shoulders so I could drink her nectar of cum. She tasted so sweet and it was a texture of golden liquid honey.

I put her on her knees, with her sexy ass facing me. She scrambled to the front of the truck stood up and wiggled out of her skirt. Arched her ass and gave it a hard slap.

“ What’s keeping you old man?” as she laughed.

I don’t know if she was laughing at me stumbling to her, or if she was teasing.

I got to her grabbed her pig tails and drove my cock in her hard. She pushed me back and I drove her again, again and again as she met each thrust.

“Fuck me hard, harder. Punish this cunt for laughing at you.”

Allison seemed so innocent and pure when she visited Vivian. Who was this vixen I’m fucking? I turned her around sat her on my cock and bounced her, as she hung on, and enjoyed being my fuck doll.

I stopped, forced her on her knees, and she hungrily took my cock in her mouth as I face fucked her. Slobber and spit running out of her mouth and on her tits.

I was living out my fantasies of her, as she accepted my every action. I took my cock out and slapped her face with it.

“I want your cum. Give me your cum.” She begged.

Looking up at me. Her face and tits wet with spit. I stood her up. Bent her over and spit on her ass. Ran my finger up her crack probing to my first knuckle.

“Be the first to fuck my virgin ass. I want you to be the first.”

I had never had anal, and she was so tight as I put my finger deeper, inserting another. She whimpered as I gave her time to adjust.

She guided my cock in her wet cunt and began fucking with my cock and fingers. My head was reeling as I took my cock and fingers out, and slid the head of my cock in her ass hole.

Squealing, she pushed back hard sinking my cock in all the way. Her ass gripped my cock giving me a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“So big, hurts so good. She moaned.

I pulled out to the head and drove back in as she matched me. Thrust for thrust. In deep out, in again. My cock was ready to explode as I pulled out slapping her hard, turning her around.

We collapsed on the foamy, her face under my cock. She licked my balls as my cum oozed out onto her nose. She opened her mouth to take it. Squeezing my cock to get it all. Her mouth filled and it began running down her chin as my cock jerked one last drop.

She gargled my cum, and used her fingers to play with it. She giggled like a little girl while I lay back panting for breath.

Allison rested her head on my chest and let my cum run out her mouth and began rubbing it between her fingers and sucking them.

She looked up at me.

Then said. “Please don’t tell anybody about my secret life.”

 I wanted you since Vivian told us at work that you give great oral orgasms, and that she doesn’t let you cum in her mouth.

“You talked about that?” “I didn’t.” she replied.

“Will you be my escort this weekend?  

“Where do you want me to take you?”

“To a swingers party. I can’t go without one, and I really want to try to fuck as many guys as I can. You are OK with me fucking other guys in front of you. I hope.”

“Fuck ya. I could video tape you if you want.”

“It’s semi formal dress for guys and formal for girls. Don’t forget your camera.”

“Pick me up at 7 on Saturday.”

Then she drifted off to sleep, as I lay wondering where this was going to end.

Well for sure Saturday is going to be awesome!

Stay tuned for my next story to find out.

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