A Ladies Man Diary: Head's Up Part 2

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I notice how her eyes dance in their orbits, as if she could see how she affects me and enjoyed it. I also notice how her lips slowly part when they come close to the cup but her tongue slowly touches the rim before anything else. She raises her dress slightly up her thigh with her finger, invisibly to her brother, but giving me an incredibly sexy view of her muscled thighs. And she does everything without taking her eyes off mine, even for a second. banner1

A Ladies Man Diary: Head's Up Part 2

God, I want her. After what happened a moment ago, she looks even sexier. Her voice sounds deeper to my ears, her eyes shine brighter, and her lips look more sensual, now that I know what they can do.

We are seated on each side of the large couch in the living room. Between us is her very drunk and loud brother who keeps singing  obscenities. I am laughing hard, while she is feigning shock. The party's over and everyone else is gone. We sit there, talking, like old friends, ignoring the fact that it's pretty late. However I cannot ignore how hot I feel, the way my blood pulses through my veins, the way my cock twitches in my pants everytime I look at her flesh moving.

She is sitting elegantly, her legs crossed with a hand relaxing over her knees, while the other grasps a cup, containing some sort of alcohol surely. Her dress looks even shorter this way. When I remember the way her ass looked in that thong, my cock is in serious danger of growing hard. I take a sip of my own cup, to relax, while I'm sneaking glances at her.

“So you're saying that you didn't talk to any girls tonight?” her brother asks me.

“Nope, Dude”, I answer, while shaking my head.

“Get outta here”, he says, grinning. “You wouldn't let a whole party go on without trying to get in some girl's pants.”

I raise my right hand while smiling playfully.

“I swear.”

“What happened?” he asks, insisting. “Didn't find anyone that you liked enough?”

“You know, sometimes, there's a girl that you see, of that you've been with, that makes every other woman looks bland next to her.” I say, while I look at her sideways. She is smiling, clearly flattered, looking down at her nails.

“And which girl would that be, buddy?” her brother asks, a curious look on his face.

I grin.

“Sometimes a man gotta keep a secret.”

My best friend looks surprised, then bursts into a short laugh.

“Can you believe that guy?” he asks his sister. “He's full of shit!”

She smiles slightly.

“Maybe he's telling the truth, you know. Maybe he’s found such a girl”, she says. “Or maybe he's just kidding and has plans for tonight. The night's still young.”

With these last words, she looks at me. We make eye contact. And smirks, and raises her cup to her lips, as if to drink. But I notice how her eyes dance in their orbits, as if she could see how she affects me and enjoyed it. I also notice how her lips slowly part when they come close to the cup but her tongue slowly touches the rim before anything else. She raises her dress slightly up her thigh with her finger, invisibly to her brother, but giving me an incredibly sexy view of her muscled thighs. And she does everything without taking her eyes off mine, even for a second. My dick definitely stands up.

“I guess it's time for me to go”, I say, standing up, hoping my erection is hidden.

“Oh come on man,” her brother says, his voice slightly slurred. “You can stay a little longer.”

“It's two in the morning and you smell awful.” I answer.

“The quickie man. Never spends a long time with his friends.”

“That's what your mom said to me you know” I say with a grin.

When?” he asks.

“Back when we were together”

“Well you're dreaming pal. You're such a bad lover, she would take breaks during sex.”

“Bookers aren't allowed breaks,” I say.

We laugh hard, then I give my mate one of these complicated handshakes we have.

“I think I should walk you out”, she says, looking at me in a strange way.

I look at her cup. There's actually something that looks suspiciously like soda inside it. Well damn. So much for being drunk.

While her brother stumbles up the stairs, we get out of the house. There's a lawn separating the house from the streets, and we start walking across it. She's walking in front of me, her magnificent ass trembling while she sensually moves on her heels. I am lost in contemplation, not even interested in where I'm walking. She doesn't even seem to notice me, until my leg is caught in a garden hose and I avoid falling by an inch. She looks back at me, and smiles naughtily.

“You're not watching your steps”, she says. “Looking at something else?”

I don't know if it's the way she sounds, the sheer sexual tone of her voice. I don't know if it's the loud bang that comes from her house, indicating that her brother is stumbling somewhere inside. I don't know if it's the chillness of the air, of the drinks I had. Suddenly, without saying a word, I walk to her and grab her neck roughly. For the first time of the night, we kiss.

My breath smells like booze but I couldn't care less. She kisses me back, roughly, hungrily. I let go of her neck and grab her ass with both of my hands, while she caresses my chest. I push her slowly, making her walk backwards whIle still kissing, guiding her to a nearby tree. She moans slightly, when her back touches the hard surface of the bark of the tree. I take her hands and make her hold them up against the tree.

“Don't move”, I say, looking into her eyes. She slowly lick her lips and nods.

I get down on my knees, and raise up her dress, not caring that we're merely inches away from the street and some stranger might see us. My cock pulses in my pants as I give her a quick lick on her thong. She shudders.

“Oh my god”, she whispers. “We shouldn't be doing this here”.

I don't answer. Instead I pull her thong down, discovering a perfectly shaved pussy.

I start to suck on her clit, slowly, sensually, as I run my finger up and down her slit, arousing her more. I circle her clit with my tongue, taking turns lapping it, and sucking it gently. Her little cries of pleasure get louder and she starts to grind her mound against my mouth. I push my lips harder against her pussy, letting my mouth rest on her slit. She moans deeper as I play inside of her with my tongue, exploring her aroused flesh, sucking her juices. I bob my head up and down, never taking my mouth off her pussy lips, licking her good. She arches her back against the tree, raising her dress all the way to her belly with one hand, while the other is scratching my head. I put one of her legs over my shoulder and push my head deeper between her legs. She cries louder, then quickly puts her hand over her mouth. I pull back my head to look at her, smiling.

“I like the way you taste”, I say, while slowly inserting my middle finger inside of her.

She gasps, and does a little spin of her pussy around my finger.

“I like the way you're all wet in my mouth. Do you like the way I eat you?” I ask, spinning my finger faster inside her.

She moans deeply and nods fiercely.

“I didn't hear anything”,  I say, my finger going in and out, faster and faster. She groans.

“Yes baby, finger me just like that” she whispers, her chest rising up and down while I keep fingering her. She breathes hard when I put another finger inside her.

My fingers easily fuck her, twisting and penetrating her, tickling her insides, causing wet sounds of flesh penetrating flesh. My hand is glistening with pussy juice as I accelerate my movements.

“yes yes yes”, she whispers, her eyes closed. Her face is a mask of deep pleasure and animal satisfaction when her whole body starts trembling. She grasps my head with her fingernails and cries out as she comes in my mouth, her other hand scratching the tree for,support. I let go of the leg that was on my shoulder and she lets her body drop against the tree, her legs trembling in jerky motions.

I step closer to her and kiss her fully on the mouth, making her taste her own juices. She sucks on my tongue, then bite my lower lip gently. She places something in my hand. When I look it's a condom.

I wonder where she was hiding it in that dress. Or maybe I was looking at the wrong places.

I rip the condom package quickly, while she is keeping her hands around the tree slowly moving her body, teasing me with a naughty smirk. I drop my pants and put it on, while she watches, licking her lips. I grab her by the hips and kiss her again. Then I put my hands under her ass and lift her off the ground, making her squeal in surprise. She puts her arms around my neck as her thighs rest on my armpits and I slowly penetrate her with a groan of pleasure. I said I always wanted to know what her beautiful legs would look like wrapped around me. I guess I'm about to know.

The moonlight shines bright, making us clearly visible, but I couldn't care less. I am pounding her like I always wanted. Every time she smacks against me, she cries out. She's switching between gliding up and down my shaft and bouncing against me. Her tittties, freed by our fucking, bounce gloriously as she's moaning and shaking. I hold her ass up, and her legs climb higher and higher, finally resting on my shoulders. She moves her hips in a circular motion as I rest her weight against the tree. Then I move my hips forward and start to fuck her.

Her ass cheeks slap as I accelerate my pace. She makes loud groans now, probably because she doesn't have any air left to scream. She hangs on my neck, for dear life, while her eyes turn white. Her sweaty skin, the smell of her perfume, our sex, booze turn me on. I push against her and stand still for a second, as I cum violently, the orgasm hitting me like an earthquake. For a moment it looks like we're going to fall, but I put one of my hand on the tree while she steps down, seemingly lost after the hard fucking she just received.

I fix my pants, while she pulls down her dress down.

“You're one hell of a guy, you know that right?”,she asks, chuckling when she's finished.

“Did you like it?” I ask, while pulling her close to me.

She looks at me squarely in the eyes.

“It's the best I've ever had” she says simply.

“Careful now woman”, I growl, pressing her closer to my body. “I just might fuck you again.”

She giggles while caressing my cheek.

“You could do this forever?” she asks.


“Good for you”.

“When can we do it again?”,I ask.

She looks at me and smile. She kiss me lightly on my lips, and before I can grab her again she runs away. I watch her go, but suddenly she stops and turns around.

She gives me a mysterious look.

“Have you seen my panties?” she asks casually.

I look at her, a stone expression on my face.

A few seconds go by in silence.

Then I slowly grin.

“What panties?”

She cocks her head to one side and smiles back. Then she turn around and run away.

When she's disappeared through the door, I look at my left hand, which was clasped behind my back. It holds her little thong. I guess I'll keep it as a souvenir. I smile again, then walk away.


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