Sex with my Ex's Best Friend

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Closing my hand in a duck-bill shape I slid all of my fingers and thumb into her cunt up to my knuckles. She positioned herself waiting for the onslaught of my fist sliding into her hole. “Yes, yes do it! Please fist me – please! I want it shove it in there!” she pleaded. “Can you take it? Are you a good enough slut?” I asked. banner1

Still feeling down about my divorce I decided to go out with the boys to one of our local clubs to watch a band and have a drink.

Beers were plentiful and I was feeling the effects.

Alan decided it was pizza time and this Italian club made the best wood fired pizza around. I offered to buy the food. I got to the counter, ordered our 4 pizzas and took the buzzer that let’s you know they are ready.

I heard a familiar voice behind me say

“Hey you, nice buzzer. Want me to hold it for you? I will keep it safe between my legs.”

I turned to see Lina my ex’s best friend standing behind me with one of her mates. Lina was single after her relationship failed a few years ago. She had stayed in at our place while she sorted out her finances, so we got to know each other really well.

“How’s single life treating you? You getting any?” she asked.

I paid for the food and asked Lina and her friend to join us, which they promptly did. She grabbed the buzzer out of my hand and said

“I’ll keep this warm for you.”

The guys were happy to see Lina and her friend Terri. Terri was a bright-eyed 28-year-old blonde girl from Bondi with a surfer girl look about her and a nice body. She had small breasts but more then enough to suck on. She was wearing an open-backed red dress and a pair of black high heels. The pearls around her neck added a touch of class.

Lian was 40 with long brown hair that went down to her butt. She was wearing a shortish tartan skirt and a white cashmere sweater that struggled to contain her D-sized breasts.

“So single life?’ Lina asked me. “How is it?”

“It’s not too bad. I am getting used to it.”

“Getting any?” she asked tracing her finger down my thigh.

“Let’s just say I have met a lot of interesting ladies and fucked most of them.” I said with a laugh.

With a smile and a glint in her eye Lina said

“I’m sure they were happy. Can I tell you something?”

I nodded and kept listening.

“I can’t tell you how many times I fucked my pussy with my dido when I lived at your house, listing to you fuck the brains out of Emma every night. Hearing her cum and cum and cum - fuck me I would get a cramp in my wrist jamming my self so hard.”

“I do like fucking and one thing about Emma was she was a great fuck - took it in all three holes whenever and however I wanted it.” I said.

“I know. She told me everything you guys did. I have to tell you each time my cunt would be dripping and I’d have to go and fuck myself again. Then to listen to you guys fuck!” she rolled her eyes, “Seriously it was so intense - no wonder she was always smiling!”

The buzzer went off and Lina squirmed in her chair as she had it between her legs. I reached down for it and my hand purposefully touched her pussy as I picked it up. She smiled.

Andy and Terri had struck up a conversation and were hitting it off quite well. The night rolled on we drank and danced to some really bad covers of sung by the retro band.

Lina and Terri disappeared to the ladies and were gone for a fair while. They returned and Lina came in close and said

“Can you do something for me.”  

“Sure” I replied.

“Just keep it a secret you cant ever tell Emma.” she blurted back.

Not too sure where this was going I replied “OK.”

She again leaned in and said “ I have never been fingered in a night club before please finger fuck me here tonight.”

Without delay I grabbed her hand and led her to a darker part of the dance area the chairs and tables were lit by candles only. We kissed. I felt her hand grab the cheeks of my butt and pull me into her body. My cock started to stir and rubbed right on her pussy mound.

We continued kissing as my hand disappeared under her short skirt, to find she wasn't wearing any panties. Her pussy felt shaved and wet. Lina moaned as my finger brushed her clit on the way down to her drenched pussy hole.

Her backed arched just a little as two of my fingers entered her and fiercely went to work inside her hole. In a matter of moments she came biting on my shoulder to stop herself screaming out loud - although I'm sure people close to us knew what was happening.

Her woman juice run down my hand and I slid another finger inside her sodden pussy. My thumb rubbed her clit and three fingers pumped in and out of her, leaning close she growled

“Yes fuck me. Finger my filthy pussy!” she came again.

This time stronger then the last as she bucked against my hand until her wave was through. I pulled my hand out and told her to open her mouth. I fed her my fingers and she licked then clean with care she sucking each one slowly. I kissed her again. Then grabbing Lina by the hand we said a quick goodbye to the guys and left.

Lina’s place was only a five minute walk from the club but it seemed like an eternity so we cut down a path way and I stopped and pulled my cock out.

Lina knew what I wanted and dropped straight to her knees sucking my cock with total enthusiasm.

“Wow.” I thought. “Getting my cock sucked under a street light in the middle of suburbia is so fucking horny.”

I grabbed her head and started to pump into her face she opened her mouth and let me have my way. I noticed a guy looking through his window watching us, which only added to the sensation.

Lina played with my balls and I pumped fiercely into her mouth and throat. I felt the unmistakable joy of orgasm run straight to my cock and I shot my load deep into Lina’s throat. Undeterred she continued sucking until I was finished. I slipped my cock back into my pants.

“That was so fucking great, so fucking horny.” she said still licking her lips. All I could think about was fucking this girl and Lina then asked in a shy voice.

“You’re still going to fuck me right?”

It was not long before we were in her house totally naked. I grabbed her to me and threw her on the bed. She fell with her legs open wide as if by instinct.

I sucked one nipple as my other hand teased the other one. I moved to kissing and biting all over her breasts.

“Harder.” she cried “I want to be sore in the morning you have to fuck me hard and treat me rough like the dirty little slut I am.”

I bit hard on her nipple and her back arched. My hand found her hole and I slid three fingers back inside her pumping her cunt hard as I continued to suck and bite her nipples. She came again screaming.

“That’s it fuck me! Spread my filthy little fuck hole, spread me wide.”

Each dirty word, like alcohol had its effect and the more she screamed the dirtier she got.

‘“You are so gonna fuck my ass tonight, I know you love it. I would listen to you ram Emma. You have to spread it like you’re spreading my cunt hole!”

I slid a forth finger into her sodden hole as her hand reached for my cock. I sat upright moving my cock into reaching distance perfectly positioned to keep finger-fucking her hole.   Lina started to wank my cock making it hard in an instant.

“OK slut. Get on you knees I want to fuck you filthy gash.” I commanded.

Lina jumped right into doggy and I grabbed her hips hard and pulled her cunt on to my fat hard cock. It slid in with ease. She moaned.

“Fuck yes that’s what I want. Fuck that hole. Fuck me good.”

Slap! I spanked her ass cheek sending a cry of pain out of Lina’s mouth quickly followed by

“Yes that’s it give it to me.”

I pumped her harder and faster. Crack! Another slap, then another.

“You dirty cock sucking slut. Take that!” I yell as my cock slammed into her cunt again and again. My balls were now slapping her clit each time I pounded relentlessly inside her.

“Yes! Yes! That’s it give it to me! I need it ohhh fuck you treat me so good. YESSSSSSSSSSS.” she screamed.

As another smack landed on her red ass cheeks it was too much and she came, pussy juice dripping out all over the side of her bed. As her wave was flowing away I grabbed her hair and pulled it hard making her scream. I smacked her ass again.

“I’m going to fucking ride you shit-less you filthy whore.” I said.

She came again screaming, her body shaking. Her arms couldn’t hold her and she collapsed on the bed.

“That’s not all. On your back.” I told her.

She rolled over with my help. I opened her legs wide and stuck three fingers back inside her now well fucked hole.

“You want a fucking… that’s what your going to get.” I say firmly.

“Yes please give me more! Fuck me, smack me call me names, please, please. I need it!” she begged.

Closing my hand in a duck-bill shape I slide all of my fingers and thumb into her cunt up to my knuckles. She positioned herself waiting for the onslaught of my fist sliding into her hole.

“Yes, yes do it! Please fist me – please! I want it shove it in there!” she pleaded.

“Can you take it? Are you a good enough slut?” I asked.

“Yes I will take it I will take what you give me!”

I started to pump 4 my 4 fingers in and our twisting it inside her as my hand slid in and out. Lina started to buck.

“I want it stick it in there do it fucking do it!”

How could I refuse? Slowly I slid my whole hand inside her hole.

“Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck that’s it! So fucking big fuck fuck Slow please slow.” she said in a small voice. She’s quiet as if scared to be loud that she might split in two.

She won’t. I know pussies are amazing and I was going to teach her how a good fisting can feel. I left my hand inside her - her pussy muscles squeezing it trying to toss this firm, hard invader out.

Slowly I pulled it out of her. Without hesitation I slid back in and out and in again. I continued to work her pussy closing my fist when I had my hand inside her and opening it again as I pulled it out. Slowly I increased my pace.

Lina looked at me and said

“Look at me - am I a good slut? Tell me am.”

I stared in her eyes and said

“Not yet – you’re getting there but you need to take it properly before you are a proper slut. But I must say I am impressed, a definite slut in training.”

The words as if a magic potion made her cum and her cunt clenched so hard on my hand I couldn’t close a fist properly but I didn't stop.

“Aaarrrrrrrggggggg yes fuck me! Fist my dirty cunt. I am a true slut I know! Yes, yes aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggh.”

As her pussy started to relax I started to fist her good and proper her cunt juicing each and every time she came which was over and over now.

“Please stop my hole is so used its fucked and sore.” It was as if she read my mind - I needed to have my cock back inside her and it was her red-cheeked ass that was going to get well fucked.

“I want your ass you dirty little slut. Get on you knees in doggy again.” I tell her.

“Yes please I want it fucked. Fuck it good - please fuck it hard. I love it fucked hard.” she commanded.

No lube was needed as her cunt juice had run down between her ass cheeks. I grabbed my cock and wanked it so was nice and hard. I sat the head right on her butt hole.

“Do you want it? How much do you want it?” I asked.

“Oh I want it - come on stop teasing stick it in, I cant wait any more.”

She took a deep breath and I slid the head of my cock inside her tight ass hole. She let out just a little squeal.

“Don't stop stick it in I want it. Stick it right in there.”

I slowly opened her ass with my cock going deeper with each stroke until the shaft of my 8 inch cock was buried to the base.

“You are such a good slut look at you. You took all my cock.” I said.

“Yes, yes I am! Now fuck me fuck it good!’

Without delay I grabbed hold of her hips and start to pump in and out with long, slow, deep stokes quickening with each pump. Lina played with her clit as my cock pounded into her tight but now well-fucked ass.

“Yes, I love it! Yes go on fuck my ass fuck it fuck it” she screamed as her orgasm made her words unrecognizable.

“Come on! Cum in my hole - dump in me - come on!”

As I grabbed her hips firmer she lowered her head to the bed as if she needed to hang on. I shifted gears and found myself fucking her ass hard and without mercy, deeper and deeper.

“Take it, take my cock. I am going to dump deep in you, you dirty slut.” I said breathing deeply.

“Yes fuck me. Cum. Fuck you cum!”

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I felt my orgasm crash though my body and shoot out the end of my cock deep into this fucking dirty sluts dump hole.

“Ooooohhhhh yes take that, fucking take that you fuck filthy slut!” I screamed.

“Yes please cum, that’s it dump your load in my ass yes!” She screamed as she came louder and longer then ever before.

I continued to thrust my cock deep inside her as her cunt and ass came in unison. I pumped until each and every drop was out and my cock started to soften. I slid out of her well-fucked ass hole and Lina collapsed onto the bed with cum dripping out of her ass. I looked at her and smiled and said

“Now you a true fuck slut.”

With a huge smile and still rubbing her well fucked pussy she said

“Thank you.”

After a quick shower I gave Lina one more suck of my well used cock.

“Guess I will see you around.?”

“You can bet on it.” she said as she rolled over and I walked out of the door.                      

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