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How many times you had the fantasies about girl you can’t have? Your dirty mind would draw pictures of you two in different places having wild sex. Well, I’ll tell you… stepmom

How many times you had the fantasies about girl you can’t have? Your dirty mind would draw pictures of you two in different places having wild sex. Well, I’ll tell you my story.

I am an average guy. Some girls think I’m hot, some are not. I don’t think so, but it’s not the point. One my friend has a roommate. She is hot. I don’t think any guy can say “no” if she would ask for sex. And I remember I gave promise to my friend that I will never think about sex with her. But isn’t taboo thoughts are the most exiting?

That evening we had wild party. Lot of people, beer and naked girls. Drunk girls are nasty to watch if they aren’t sexy. If they sexy they start to dance and you can’t resist watching. Next morning is the toughest. Sleepy people are everywhere. Trash and dirt are everywhere. I went to kitchen to make some coffee and there I saw her. When girl is half sleepy it’s sexiest thing ever. She looks at you with innocent look and you want just grab her, pin to the wall and slowly stick inside. Girl of my dream was wearing little cotton shorts and silky Tank-top. Did I mention she had an amazing body? Every time when silky cloth would touch her body I could see lines of her curves. She was mumbling something tried to find things in a kitchen. I didn’t know what to do: keep hiding and watching or appear and start talking. I choose second, I don’t know why. I walked towards her.

“Hi, why you don’t sleep this early in the morning”? She turned around and looked at me.

“Hi, I don’t know. Next to the room I slept in was snoring guy. I don’t think I ever closed my eyes. I am almost ready to kill him. So sleepy right now. Why are you awake?”

“I am morning bird. Always wake up early”. I tried do not pay attention to lines of her curves. Silky tank was torture to watch. Didn’t hide anything.

She kept opening different drawers and looking for something. I wanted to help but on other hand enjoyed watching her. She was tall but not tall enough to open last drawer on top. I hold my breath when she stepped on her toes and tried to reach the shelf. The picture was killing. Her silky top half opened her perfect breasts and line of her waist was so seductive that I forgot how to breath. Hard as hell I came to her and easily opened the drawer. Filters for coffee were there. “I don’t know who put it there but here we go”. I took the filters and looked at her. “You want it or I can do coffee for us two”? She looked at me and then her look went down to my lips: “First, I think you shouldn’t be that close to me. Second, it’s a crime to be so sexy”. I looked at her with light shock. Why in the world she would say something like that? She thinks I’m sexy?

“Umm, I don’t know what to say, but I gave promise to my friend which is your brother, I can’t think about you in a sexual way”.

 She didn’t move her body and it was few inches between us. Instead, her finger drew light line on my chest.

“So, you gonna make coffee for me?” Her finger teased me so badly.

“Yes. How do you want it”? I swallowed very loud.

“Well, usually I like it hard and all the way, with light cream”. Her finger kept drawing different lines on my chest, moving down. I caught her finger and stopped it.

“Please, don’t do it. You know I can’t. I promised”.

“Do you like it shaved or trimmed?” Her hands slightly moved her little cotton shorts just enough to drive me crazy.

“I-I don’t know…and I-I don’t think I care”, my dick was so hard I could break a wall with it. And she teased me so bad. Did she know guys would get hard just by seeing her?

“Do you think you can make me cum? Eat me out”? My dream girl looked straight in my eyes with this question on her lips. I don’t think she realized how many times I dreamed about it. Open her legs wide and stick my tongue deep inside, sucking out her juices. Playing with her clit, letting it become big and sensitive.

“Dear, I don’t know. You are my friend and I don’t want to think about you this way. I afraid I would want to do something in real”. I did one step away from her. God knows how difficult it was.

“It’s very early morning. Everybody sleeps. We can try…something”, she took my hand and slowly put my point finger in her mouth, gently sucking it.

That moment I lost my mind. I threw filters in a sink and pressed her sexy body towards me. Her full lips were asking about wet deep kisses. She smiled at me and her soft hand sneaked into my boxers. I took off her shorts and my tongue found her wet lips. God she smelt so sexy. Widely open her lips I covered her pussy with my wanting mouth. Her silent moans almost got me to the edge. My tongue kept playing with her clit and I felt she got shiver. Girl’s nails plunged into my scalp and she screamed hollowly. I stopped and got up from my knees. She breathed so heavy.

“If you won’t fuck me right now, I’ll rape you”, her hand found my hard throbbing cock and led it inside her wet pussy, “just do it hard and rough”. I held her butt very tight and slide my dick very deep inside with one move.

“Hold me with your legs”, I had to wait a little so I won’t cum right away. She was so tight. With every move I would go deeper and deeper. I was so close and had to think about unpleasant things, trying to postpone the orgasm. Hottie moved her hips with my rhythm. I felt she’s cumming second time. Her pussy got tighter and I couldn’t wait. Huge wave of wild orgasm washed me out. I kept pounding her, prolonging my orgasm and giving her the third one. Her strong long nails left marks on my back but I didn’t feel any pain. I knew it was first and last time when I fucked her. But we both will remember it because it was taboo…things you can’t have.

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