Throbbing of Sherwood

Danielle69   March 19, 2020   | 7484 Views
Sir Robbin gets more than he bargains when he buries his treasure deep inside the forest. Lesbian

Throbbing of Sherwood

I was in town when I happened to bump into Kim a girl from school. I didn’t really know her that well, despite us both being in the same form class for the final two terms. She was a nice enough girl, quite attractive. But to be honest, I thought she was a bit weird. I remember she had alopecia, where you lose all your hair. I thought it was only a temporary condition. Not so for Kim. 

When I think about her now, it gives me quite a thrill thinking about her always having a smooth pussy. Often, she would come to school wearing a wig. You can imagine the stick she got for that one by her so-called mates. She was also a member of an amateur dramatics club. And wore dresses as if her nan had chosen them. I was so surprised when she asked me if I would like to go for a coffee with her. “I would love to,” I said. And that’s how It began.

Over the summer Kim and I spent a lot of time together. We had both finished school and we're awaiting our A level results. She often tried to get me involved with her fantasy role play games. I’m glad I finally succumbed to her persistent badgering, although at the time I felt like a right dick. 

The day before, we drove to the Ashdown Forest, in her little pink campervan. We sat beneath a broad oak tree where she read me a tale about Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest. Of how Robin had freed Maid Marion from the clutches of the evil Sherriff’s men. And how Robin then kissed Maid Marion for the first time beneath an ancient Oaktree. 

The following day we decided to revisit the forest. It was a hot sunny day and a picnic was certainly the order of the day. When we arrived at the carpark, I spotted, in the back, two costumes. If you haven't already guessed. I was to dress as Robin Hood and Kim as Maid Marion. I even had a plastic sword, for fuck sake. I only agreed to her role play game as she promised she would make it worthwhile. 

We dressed in our costumes and Kim instructed me to tie her to a tree. The very oak tree that she read to me under. 

“you go now, wait until I call for help, then come and save me from the sheriff’s men. Oh, don’t forget, you’re riding a horse.” Fucking hell, I thought, am I really doing this…

I was taking a leak when I heard her call. “Help, help me!”

"Clip clop, clip-clop," I said, as I came within view. I pretended to dismount my horse.

“Oh Robin, you found me. Save me” she pleaded. I ignored her at first. I was securing my horse in case he ran off. She wasn’t happy when I explained that. 

“Take this serious,” she snarled, “or just forget it.” When I saw her tied up, I played my part like a true performer. 

Maid Marion stood there, bound to the tree. She was barefooted wearing a blond wig and a hooded robe. It was open at the front. I stood speechless for a moment as I took in her beauty. Her skin was so pale against the colour of the robe. It parted down the middle of her cleavage so I could see her pert breasts but not her nipples. As my eyes tracked down her body, I saw she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Her legs were slightly splayed. The shape of her pussy bulged in front, the baldness of her sweet, soft, folds, concealed her inner lips and clitoris.

My cock began to swell.

“Robin, brave Robin, show me thy weapon and free my frustration.” I acted simple and drew my sword. I stood just inches away from her. I raised my sword as if to cut her free. “No Sire I bid you, reveal thy weapon beneath thy cloak.” I understood what she meant, realising why she instructed me not to wear any pants. 

Hastily I untied the rope securing my robe and I parted it enough to reveal my standing manhood. I was now fully erect and began to yearn for her pussy lips to wrap around my shaft. Kim, sorry. Maid Marion’s beautiful blue eyes stared into mine and she held her gaze for as long as she could. It became a mind game, to see how long she could last, before she took, a peek at my cock. Finally, she caved in and I caught her eyes flash to my crotch. She smiled wantonly. 

 “Touch my pussy,” she instructed. “Feel how soft it is. Feel how smooth it is, smoother than other girls. Now, part my lips with your fingers. Go on, explore into my folds. Feel for my clitoris. Yes! Right there. flick it gently with your finger. Now, feel for my love hole, feel how wet you have made me.” As she said this, I felt her hand grasp my cock, it felt amazing as she began to stroke it gently.

 “Free my tits,” Maid Marion continued. Hanging on her every word I tore open her cloak to reveal her firm breasts. They weren’t big, but boy, they were a perfect shape, with nipples like strawberry wine gums. “squeeze them with your hot hands. Kiss them. Lick my nipples. Take them between your lips. Nibble them.” Maid Marion threw her head back and sighed softly with delight as I obeyed her every instruction. She clenched my dick each time I gently bit her nipple.  

I returned my other hand to her pussy. I found the source of her wetness and I used her juices to glide my fingers between those luscious lips. Each time I returned to her love hole my finger slid inside a little deeper. Her legs buckled as she widened her gape relenting to me her whole pussy. I knew she wanted me inside her. 

Her love hole widened and oozed with sweet juices, tempting me to prob her with a second finger. The delight in her eyes made my knob throb as the tips of my fingers dipped inside her. I withdrew then and slid them up to her touch her clitoris. I slid them back down and this time I went in deeper until my knuckles were inside. I repeated these moves, slowly, until my fingers were inside her as deep as they would go, and she was whining and rubbing my cock in time with my finger fucking.

"Take me! Robin of Sherwood. I want to cum with your dick inside my me. I want to feel you shoot your hot cream." Maid Marion released my cock and with both hands, she grasped the cheeks of my arse and pulled me towards her. The tip of my cock touched the top of her mound. She raised herself on tiptoes while I sank just a little to find her. My hot knob found its target and I could feel the entrance of her love hole flex open to welcome inside her. My hard-on slipped, lusciously on our juices, all the way to the base and I felt her tight pussy clench every inch of my throbbing sword of pleasure. While my rigid cock was deep inside I made it twitch, several times, to engorge my excited knob to its max. Maid Marion reacted by moving her hands to my neck then raised both her legs and wrapped them around my hips, she lifted to withdraw my cock until my knob had almost left her, then drove my erection back inside her, hard.

The day was hot. We were both sweating as we writhed with excitement. Maid Marion tore off my robe and feasted on my nakedness. I tipped her back against the tree so I could impale her repeatedly with my sword of flesh. Her delight was confirmed as the cry of her welling orgasm echoed the forest.

I felt a tinge of coolness around my arse and on my balls. Wet, as if a tongue was licking me. How has she done that I wondered? I not going to lie the sensation was electric. Suddenly, just as I began to build to a climax, Maid Marion, screamed.  

“Watch out!” she cried, now laughing uncontrollably. “The sheriff's hounds have found us!” Fucking hell, I thought, what’s going on now. I was right at the brink when my orgasm stalled. It was then I turned to see a huge dog, his nose glued to the crack of my arse. The string of saliva from his jowls is a vision that has stuck in my mind ever since. 

Insanity is an understatement, as the next few minutes played out. I had to almost kick the dog away to stop him from licking juice soaked my balls. The sound of a woman's voice, calling her dog, ended our fornication as I untied Maid Marion from the tree and we fled naked into the undergrowth, the dog followed at first revealing our hideaway behind a Rhododendron bush. 

At last, just when the walker was only feet away the hound finally obeyed, and she bought him to heal. I had to cup my hand over Maid Marion’s mouth. I later realised she got off with the thought of being caught, fucking. All the way back to the camper she laughed, while I kept looking over my shoulder just in case that dog had any ideas of having a second go at my balls.          

When we arrived back at the carpark, the thrill of making our escape, naked, had Maid Marion even more excited. I went to close the curtains, but she, of course, insisted we left them open. While she laid on her back, I pressed my face into her mound attempting to devour her pussy whole. I revived the flowing of her juices. My tongue parted her lips. So soft, so, so, very smooth. With the flat of my tongue, I licked inside her folds and flicked her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. 

Maid Marion grasped my head and guided me to her secret. As she pulled me in, I lapped on her honey until she buckled beneath me and shrieked with delight. A moment later she let loose a ticklish laugh and pushed my head away.

“Complete your quest, Sir Robin,” she demanded. “Ride me. Ride me hard, until we are safe from the clutches of the Sherriff of Nottingham.”  

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