It is the first part of a true story, the second part includes Bi and lesbian sex

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She put down her wine and laid a hand on my penis, you see, just talking about it to you has done this, guy's imagination, leads straight to the penis Lesbian

This is a story that happened some time ago, with me and my now Ex partner.


We have been together for some 3 years, and in that time, had, had a c***d, by the time the story begins, my son was 1 year old.


In total we were together for 12 years.


We were sitting in a beer garden of a country pub one Sunday lunch time, as rather attractive lady walked past us carrying a round of drinks, she was a stunner, not tall but with long legs, wearing tight cut-off jeans, and a blouse that was tied in a knot at her boobs, which were protruding nicely above the bra.


She had very short blond hair, and her skin was lightly tanned, I couldn't help but stare, as did most of the patrons in the beer garden, as I turned around, I noticed, that rather than giving me a stern look, my Partner, (Vanessa) was also staring at her, with a look that confused me.


Vanessa's eyes caught mine, and I said, stunning looking woman, she responded with, very attractive, I just blurted out, do you fancy her then, and laughed, Vanessa replied, I could be turned, and we both smiled and finished our drinks.


That night as we sat on the settee drinking wine, a little too much perhaps, I broached the subject of the garden incident, and asked, did she really attract you, to which she replied, yes of course, I was somewhat shocked, I mean, yes would have been a shock but, yes of course, took it one step further.


As I poured another glass each, Vanessa told me, how when she was at school, she had a relationship with a girlfriend, it started by seeing who could get away with wearing the shortest skirts at school, before they were told not to by the teachers.


They became very close in the final year at school, and had a sexual relationship, as she went into detail, I began to get hard, she was smiling and talking in a seductive whisper, explaining what they did to one another, Vanessa told me, that she loved other women's boobs, that is what attracted her, to the woman in the beer garden.


I couldn't get my head round that, I mean she had great boobs, yet she was attracted to other women's, she explained, that women know what other women like, and how to please them, men sometimes just fumble about thinking they are doing what a woman likes.


She explained that kissing is the biggest turn on, and women usually kiss better than men, more sensually, for longer and with feeling and emotion. Caressing the boobs and licking the nipples, not just sucking them, and expecting orgasms. By this time, I had to move my legs, as my erection was trapped in my underpants.


She put down her wine and laid a hand on my penis, you see, just talking about it to you has done this, guys imagination, leads straight to the penis, and the penis is the only thing you want to have tended to, sucked, licked, pumped, apart from your nipples of course, who has the most sensitive nipples going, I can't even touch them, then she laughed.


In the years we had been together, this subject never came up, but now it had, and it wasn't the only thing that came up. But the conversation was bemusing me. I guess it was the wine which loosened Vanessa's tongue, and honesty prevailed.


She took the wine from my hand, and placed it on the coffee table, I am going to kiss you like girl's kiss girls, she began with soft lips kisses around my face and neck, my ear lobes and throat, which gave me visible goose bumps, my penis was already to it's full erection. Then she cupped my face between her hands and kissed me on the lips, licking my lips gently with a flick of her tongue, as the kissing became more passionate, she was using her tongue to penetrate my mouth, but not deeply, just and so entering me mouth, finding my tongue and licking the tip.


Give me your tongue, she said, so I partially stuck it out, she immediately licked the tip a couple of times, and then cupped her lips around it, and sucked it into her mouth, pulling my tongue to it's full length into her mouth, then she pushed it back using hers, and did this a few times sucking my tongue back and forth, then we began very passionate tongue licking, lips kissing, as the breathing began to get heavier and the room warmer, when it was obvious that Vanessa was as turned on as myself, she eased away, removed her glasses, which were steamed up anyway, she un buttoned her blouse and puled it open, her nipples were erect against the soft satin bra, she looked me in the eye as she pulled the bra down over her boobs so it cupped them and they stood supported, now just do as I tell you, start by kissing my lips, neck and shoulders, work slowly down to my boobs, but do not rush, you will know when I am being pleased, by my breathing and gasps or sighs, this is how women know, I will guide your head.


I did as she asked, and as I worked my way down to her boobs, her breathing was laboured I glanced up to see a smile on her face and her head angled slightly back, I could feel pre-cum in my trunks, and my penis at an uncomfortable angle wedged against my thigh, (just as it is, as I write this) but now on my knees in front of Vanessa, I couldn't alter the position. Now gently kiss all over my boobs, but don't touch my nipples until I say so, I did as obeyed, I could feel the moisture on her chest, perspiration brought on through being sexually aroused. She was guiding my head to the places she wanted me to kiss and lick, then slowly she took my head and placed my mouth in front of her, now very erect and hard nipples, she had nice size nipples both in length and girth.


Now lust flick the tips with your tongue, no squeezing sucking or nibbling, I did this, turning the flicking into licking then back to flicking, as she began to take in short breaths, I knew I was doing it right, now suck on it she whispered, as I did this she let out a huge gasp and squirmed back onto the settee. As I concentrated on pleasing her with my attention to her nipples, her arm stretched down, under my arm, and her hand worked its way between my chest and her inner thighs, I made room for her to manoeuvre, she put her hand between her legs pulled up her mini skirt to her waist, and then began to massage her pussy through her knickers, she was now right back against the settee back, her head thrown backwards, and I was almost full length trying to keep my tongue and mouth busy on her boobs and nipples.


The wetness in my pants was now extreme and I thought I might explode at the slightest touch, Vanessa was rubbing her knickers over her pussy, I could feel her hand working between our bodies, after what seemed like an age, through short breaths said, slip my knickers off, I knelt back and hooked a finger into the side of her knickers, as she raised herself from the settee.


As I pulled them over her ankles I caught the odour of her wetness, and upon picking up the knickers to throw onto the settee, I felt how soaked the crotch was. Her mini skirt was up around her waist now, her bra was still cupping her boobs and I was looking straight at a smooth hairless pussy which was glistening with moisture. She looked down at me and said, be gentle, the same as you were with my boobs and nipples, just like we were kissing, do the same to Sarah. (Sarah was her/our name for her pussy, just as Richard was the pet name for my penis).


As soon as I put my head between her thighs, her legs parted, and she hooked them over my shoulders, her inner thighs were already wet, and the sweet smell permeated the air. I began kissing her thighs, my arms were hooked around the backs of her thighs, so my hands were free to stroke the front of her thighs and play with her pussy, when the time came.


As I began to lick and kiss my way to her, now open invitation, her lips were moist, as I flicked my tongue over her clit, she withered and gave a slight buck. I glance up at her over her crotch, to find her eyes fixed on me, her mouth opens as gasps of breath came out. Vanessa's hands were playing with her boobs, one was massaging a breast, while finger and thumb were tweaking and rubbing a nipple on the other.


I began to kiss her pussy, just like I did her mouth, and then flick my tongue into her, but just a little, it was enough to make her buck and thrust at me, she slid down the settee, pushing her pussy into my face, I slipped a finger into her pussy, below the clit which I was licking and French kissing, she was soaking, and as I slid my finger in, juices poured out, I made long strokes withy tongue, then slipped into her pussy again, she was now holding my head tight, and pulling me into her so hard, that from a moment or so, I couldn't breathe, my nose was against her groin, and my mouth forced into her soaking pussy, I could hear bubbles at the side of my mouth, as air escaped through her juices.


I noticed her now pulling on both nipples, really pulling them hard with one hand, as she held me tight between her thighs, and then an explosion happened, that's the only way I can describe it, she raised her bum up in the air, pulled my head tight into her pussy, and forced me into her by pulling my in with her legs, which were over my shoulders, the strength was amazing, Just as I thought I would suffocate, wetness actually poured out of her pussy and all over my face, she was convulsing rubbing herself up and down my mouth, then a scream, I swear, she screamed, then pushed my head away, and held me at arm's length, she was twitching and convulsing, then a smile came over her face, as she gasped for air.


My penis had released so much pre-cum, I wasn't sure if I had cum, I was still fully dressed and on my knees. I watched as her pussy twitched, opening and shutting like a glove puppets mouth.


Vanessa, smiling and out of breath, pulled me up towards her face, then began to kiss me, kiss me deeply, even licking her juices from my lips and cheeks.


She looked me in the eyes and said, that is how women do it to women, and you did well, remember from now on, please the women, and she will please you. It didn't take that much to please me this night. I sat on the settee as she knelt between my legs, undid the belt of my jeans, and unbuttoned the fly, my penis was semi hard now and had got caught in the leg of my trunks, Vanessa pulled my trunks down to my knees along with the jeans, and my penis popped, half hard onto my thigh, pre-cum everywhere. Is there any left in your balls she asked with a smile, I am not sure, one way to find out I said?


She began to tickle my balls with her long finger nails, and the immediate response was Richard began to stand to attention, holding my balls with one hand and squeezing them, she slid the foreskin back and flicked the tip with her tongue, kissing it and licking it as she began to pull back and forth, really slow and deliberate, then her warm mouth slipped over the tip and her tongue ticked the tip and tried to get into the slit, she gently sucked, licked and pumped, and gripped my balls tight, I just couldn't keep it in, I began to thrust, she sucked up until the last second, then pulled my cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her boobs, pumping every last drop out over herself, until there was nothing left, she squeezed Richard dry.


Taking a finger, she ran it across her tits and scooped up some come, then deliberately looked me in the eye, as she put out her tongue, and licked the cum off the tip of her finger.


She said, shower time I think, but I have a plan, and I think that we should experiment, what do you think? I said, if this is the type of experiment, I'm all for it.


This story continues...

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