Oral sex with a cheating husband

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Glen was still asleep when I grabbed the Velcro cuffs, put them around the back of the bed and attached them to his wrists that were above his head. I then slid down sucking his already hard cock making it wet for my already wet pussy. Luxury

It was my fault Glen lost his job.

If it wasn’t for me he would have made it to work on time… but I needed some cock and took advantage of his morning hard-on.

I knew he wouldn’t be keen it as he had already been warned about being late… but I had to have some.

I had dreamt all night about his big cock being in me again.

Glen was still asleep when I grabbed the Velcro cuffs, put them around the back of the bed and attached them to his wrists that were above his head. I then slid down sucking his already hard cock making it wet for my already wet pussy.

I couldn’t wait any more so I jumped on and slid my pussy straight down on him all the way to the base.

‘Oh fuck that’s it. Ohhh that’s good.’ I moaned.

Glen started to wake as I pumped up and down on him slowly.

‘Babe get off - I have to go.’ he said reluctantly refusing the pleasure my cunt was providing his man rod.

‘Just a bit more babe?’ I pleaded. ‘You’ll be gone all day and I need some loving and good fucking. Please.’

‘Well untie me and I’ll fuck you.’ Glen agreed.

‘No you won’t.’ I said as I increased my pace.

His hips were now lifting up and hitting into me as I slammed down on him. He was clearly trying to make me cum and finish.

‘Oh fuck his cock feels so fucking good.’ I moaned, ‘AAAAAgggghhhh.’

I used my cunt so well on his shaft that I came screaming as I did.

‘Yes Yes Yes!’ I impaled my body harder on his hard shaft until the pleasure subsided. I slid off and sucked and licked my tangy love juice until it was clean.

‘Ok babe let’s go now untie me.’ said Glen.

‘Not yet babe. One more go.’

I jumped back up on his still hard, twitching cock and started pounding back to the base again. I sat up proud, squeezing my nipples and looking at myself in the double mirrors of our wardrobe doors.

 ‘Babe get the fuck off me!’ Glen was now getting angry, ‘Let me out… For fucks sake!’

He was thrashing about under me pulling my cunt from side to side - his Trojan thrusting in and out lifting me off the bed as he tried to get out.

‘You’re not going until you cum baby.’ I said. He stopped thrashing and laid still.

‘Well fuck me then.’ he said.

I moved forwards and my hands pushed on his shoulders. My cunt was pounding in full-length strokes. I did my best but to no avail.

‘Cum baby. Cum. Cum in me…’

‘Just get off! It’s not going to happen!’ Glen sapped. ‘I’m not happy at all!’

I leant forward and released his cuffs.

‘Fuck look at the time! 15 minutes till I start work and you know it takes 30 to get there. I need a shower as well.’

He jumped in the shower and dressed and left. It wasn’t long before the phone rang. It was Glen.

‘Thank you babe!’ he started. ‘He sacked me. I fucking told you. Sometimes I think you just don’t care. I’ll be home later. Much later.’

I hung up.  Shame and guilt flowed through my body.

I couldn’t let this happen, Glen loved his job and had been progressing up the ladder until his new boss took over. It seemed the new guy had it in for Glen. From the moment he walked in the door. And me making him late again gave Mr Ellington his final reason to dismiss Glen. Although the first two were just crap in my opinion. Made up rubbish to get rid of him.

I decided that was it. I jumped up, got dressed and headed to Glen’s office.

Tina was sitting behind her big reception desk.

‘Hi Lily. What are you doing here?’ she asked.

I had met her at a few parties. In truth I would love to get a piece of her some time and had hoped at one party we would bring her home. It seemed like that was never going to happen now.

‘I am here to see the Ellington guy. Do you know he just sacked Glen?’

‘Yes everyone knows. I can’t understand it. Glen is so good at his job. Everyone’s shocked.’

‘Well I need to see him.’ I explained. ‘You see it’s my fault he was late and well he was naked and hard and I couldn’t resist.’

‘Ahhh ok… hope it was worth it. Glen was so angry when he left. He seemed pretty pissed with you.’

‘I know he called me. Not happy.’ I grimaced. ‘So I want to see the jerk.’

‘He is with someone right now and has another waiting.’ said Tina. ‘Maybe you can slip in without me noticing when I go and get his coffee? I don’t want to lose my job as well.’

‘Thanks babe.’ I touched her hand and looked into her eyes, ‘Maybe I could return the favor some time?’

‘I’m sure we could work something out,’ said Lily.

A young guy left Mr Ellington’s office, and Lily took her cue to get a coffee. I walked straight into the jerk’s office and closed the door behind me.

I saw the back of a large, leather swivel chair in the room and photos and certificates on the wall.

‘I hope you made my coffee right this time,’ snapped Mr Ellington.

‘Well no.’ I said. ‘I don’t have your coffee.’

The chair spun around and revealed a older gentlemen, distinguished looking with a grim face.

‘I’m Lily. Today you sacked my partner Glen for being late.’

‘So what? He was late. He is gone. How did you get in here?’

‘As I said I’m Lily and I’m here to get my partner’s job back. Why do you pick on him anyway?’

‘It’s too late.’

‘I know he didn’t deserve it. You have done nothing but pick him since you transferred in.’ I said defiantly.

‘He is out and there is nothing you can do about it.’

‘Are you sure about that?’ I wanted Glen’s job back and didn’t care what I had to do to get it.

Mr Ellington was in his sixties. Thin and grumpy. I was sure a set of D-sized tits from a 26-year-old hot Latino could would help cheer him up.

I opened the buttons of my top.

‘Are you sure Mr Ellington? I want Glen to get his job back so bad he really loves it.’ I smiled.

I walked to and locked his door. I pressed record on my iPhone and placed it on his desk.

‘I will be straight with you. I want his job back and I’m prepared to suck your cock to get it.’

‘I’m a married man.’ he said ‘Get out!’

‘Married oh is that so?’

I pulled my top open completely, popping buttons and revealing my D-sized tits spilling out of my bra.

‘Do you like these?’

He turned his chair away.

‘Oh come on now I know you want me!’

He swiveled his chair back around when I threw my skirt over the back of his chair.

‘Come on Mr Ellington. How long has it been since you had a young, warm woman to touch and feel?’

‘I… I… I’m not... I’m married!’

His words sounded fairly sure but his cock straining in his pants told the truth.

‘Please Mr Ellington I so want to suck you. Please… Please!’

‘No you can’t its not right.’

I stood and took down my g-string, unclipped my bra and let my tits spill out. He stood up - no longer resisting. He grabbed both of my girls in his hands squeezing my nipples.

‘Oh this isn’t right.’ he mumbled as his mouth started to suck one hard, pink nipple. My hand reached down and I undid his zipper and let his 8-inch cock spring out of his white y-fronts.   

I pushed him back and he landed on his desk. I got on my knees and proceeded to crawl to him kissing his legs up to his undies. I pushed him back a bit more. Stood up and grabbed my phone. And set it on an angle that showed Mr Ellington perfectly.

I moved over and pulled down his pants.

‘Tell me you want it!’ I said as I moved my mouths slowly down towards his cock. ‘Tell me you want me to suck it!’

‘I want… you… to… suck… it…’ he stammered with a pleading look.

His cock was hard, long and thin I pulled it making him want me even more.

‘So Mr Ellington. Glen’s job?’ I asked as I pulled lowering my mouth closer to his cock.

‘I can’t. What would I say?’ he asked.

I pulled harder my breath now hot on the head of his cock.

‘Suck it. Please suck it.’

‘Glen’s job?’ I said.

‘Yes OK. He has his job back.’

‘OK and what about a pay rise and that promotion you knew he deserves?’

‘Nope… he is luck…’

‘I licked the head of his cock - the eye oozing pre-cum.’

‘Ok. Ok. He has a pay rise!’

My mouth was now sucking around the rim of his head.

‘OK a pay rise and a new office. Please just suck it please!’

‘Ok I will. But first call Tina and let her know to make the arrangements.’

Mr Ellington pressed speaker on his phone and dialled reception.

‘Tina call Glen back and tell him he has been promoted give him the corner office overlooking the park.’

‘Yes sir Mr Ellington. Right away.’

‘It done so please suck my member.’ demanded Mr Ellington.

‘How could I resist? I wrapped my mouth around it and sucked good and hard working it all the way down. Before too long he grabbed hold of my head as he started to cum.

He didn’t deserve to cum in me.

So I moved my head off and pulled his cock until cum spurted out over his trousers and legs. I took my phone in my other hand to be sure I captured it all.

I stood up and dressed in my skirt and top putting my g-string in my bag as I walked out the door.

‘It was nice meeting you.’ I said as I walked out. I winked at Tina as I left.

‘He is ready for you.’ I smiled to the person who was waiting to go in.

‘As I walked out the front door I had a call from Glen.’

‘Babe you will never guess what... Mr Ellington had a change of heart and I got my job back. And what’s more I got that promotion. And a new office. I’m coming home to celebrate. Warm your pussy up for me.’

‘It’s always ready for you baby. See you soon.’

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