A Talbot’s Thanksgiving-[IR-14]-part-1-of-1

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the secret thoughts of a family when the sit down for thanksgiving dinner. rings

A Talbot’s Thanksgiving

It was November twenty second, 1962 at the Talbot’s home in a small norther eastern town in Texas. Margery Talbot set a traditional Thanksgiving table, a snow white table cloths, the good china and silver flat wear to eat turkey with giblet gravy, Glazed ham, mashed potatoes, carrots, Brussels sprouts, German potato salad, green beans with bacon, dinner rolls, real butter, banana pudding, pecan, pumpkin and sweet potato pies. Like all families in the 60s the males were anxious to eat so they could watch the Green Bay Packers play the Detroit Lions.

At the head of the table was Clarence Talbot and on his left was Margery Talbot, on her left was Ben Cunningham their nineteen year old son Jeff’s friend, and on his left was Jeff Talbot their nineteen year old senior. At the foot of the table was Catherin Jenkins, Margery’s divorced younger sister. To Clarence’s right was Paige Talbot twenty year old college daughter, to her right was Tanya Hawkins Paige’s roommate and on her right Luke Talbot their eighteen year old junior.
On the surface it sounded like a traditional Thanksgiving group. Nothing could be the farther from the truth. Under the surface boiled a cauldron of illicit sexual action. Let’s start with Margery Talbot. Margie a sixteen year old bride and stay at home wife who years later would be called a MILF. As was the custom of the time, when Clarence graduated because it wasn’t necessary for a wife to get a diploma because she wouldn’t need to work when they got married two months after he graduated. For Margie it started six months before when she was standing on a small kitchen step ladder rearranging some dishes on the top shelf. As she started to fall Ben Cunningham, her son Jeff friend, showed up just in time to saver her from a nasty fall. Ben, whose parents a dead, official lives with his older brother is a long haul trucker and is always out on the road. Consequencely he actually lives with the Talbots. Jeff has twin beds in his room and Ben’s clothes take up one side of his walk-in closet.

When Ben stopped Margie from falling she was wearing the uniform of the sixties house wife, a sun dress. When Ben grabbed her to keep her from falling one hand went to her hip and the other went under her dress to her bare upper thigh. To avoid embarrassment about any inappropriateness both ignored where his hands were. As he continued to hold her while she finished, Ben’s hand slowly inched up her thigh. Confuse by the feelings Ben’s hand was causing, she continued to move things around past when she’d accomplished her task. Ben’s hand was soon so high that he was rubbing her pussy through her panties. Soon his fingers found her clit which in those days’ people ignored the existences of. She almost feel again when Ben’s fingers gave her something Clarence had only give her twice maybe three times in their marriage.

The next day when Ben came down to breakfast everyone else but Margie was gone. As she stood at the counter working, Ben, as confused as her about the day before put his arms around her. Somehow his hands found their way to her breasts and she let them stay. Ben was considered one of the family so like Jeff and Luke he ran around the house in his BVD briefs. This allowed Margie to easily feel his erection pressed against her ass.

Two days later when it happened again, Margie reached forward and freed Ben erection from the fly of his briefs. Pulling it under her skirt, she inserted in her pussy and as she leaned on the counter he fucked her dog-style. After that Margie stopped wearing panties under her sundress so Ben could more easily fuck her. For the last 6 months almost a day hasn’t gone by that Ben hasn’t fucked her and sometimes more than one.

And that explains why when Clarence was carving the turkey Ben discreetly had his hand below the table fingering Margie’s pussy.

That takes us to Jeff. Poor Jeff is so dedicated to playing football and a scholarship at SMU that he doesn’t have time for sex. The best he’s ever done is played with his girl, Silvia’s breasts and a couple of almost against his will hand jobs. Jeff is oblivious to everything going on around him.

And then comes Catherin Jenkins, the younger divorced younger sister of Margie. There were no children and no alimony in Texas so when her husband divorced her, he left her destitute. This was a time when few women worked out of the home and the ones that did barely made minimum wage. Their detached garage had an efficiency apparent over it from the previous owners. To help her out the Talbots let her move in rent free.

Like Margie, Catherin was hot. The apartment was an efficiency so it had a shower instead of a tub so whenever everyone was away Catherin would seize the opportunity to soak in the tub. She had just gotten out of the tub and was drying off when Luke walked in. being a typical teenage, his briefs couldn’t hide his immediate erection.  Since it was bigger than her ex-husbands it didn’t go unnoticed by Catherin. A divorce who’d had no sex since her divorce and a testosterone was an explosive combination. Neither is sure how it came about but within seconds she was sitting on the counter and Luke had his briefs down around his ankles and was giving her a royal fucking.

Since then she’d taught him about the joys of sex with and older lady, including oral both giving and getting, dog-style, cowgirl and anything else they could think of. They were fucking as much as Margie and Ben. Again like Margie and Ben, Luke had his hand in Catherin’s lap playing with her pussy.     ,

And then there is Paige. To explain Paige will require touching on the history of the times. It was a time when Negros lived in their own part of town, Dalworth and even had their own separate schools. So for a middle class girl like Paige what few Negros she came in contact with, maids, gardeners, cooks, nannies and such were invisible to her. So when she went off to college it was a real cultural shock to get Tanya as a roommate. Her father was white coronel in the army and her mother was an octoroon of mix blood from France.

Caramel colored Tanya was a little pixie, with high cheek bones, almond eyes, full lips that just cried kiss me and rather than coarse Negro hair she had wavy silken ebony locks. Having grown up in Europe, Not being body conscious she thought nothing about parading around their dorm room naked. Paige tried not to stare but she was entranced by Tanya’s Hersey’s chocolate kisses nipples and the silken patch of fur between her shapely thighs.    

Also because she grew up in Europe, Tanya’s was sexually repress like American girls so she took Paige interest to be normal sexual interest. Being the alpha type, Tanya was the aggressor and within two weeks Paige found herself tasting her Hersey’s kisses nipples. The natural progression was moving on down between Tanya’s thighs. She was amazed how silken Tanya’s pubic hair was. Even finer than her own blonde patch.

When she parted that fine hair she was amazed at how black Tanya’s outer lips were and how pink she was inside. Though she’d never tasted a girl before, Paige wasn’t disappointed by the taste. In fact she was so pleased with the taste that she had her tongue in it almost every night.

As they sat there watching Clarence carve the turkey, Paige hand drifted into Tanya’s lap to play.       

And last but not least Clarence, had his private side too. A few months before one of his best salesman broke his leg the night before a sales trip to an important client. The way things worked out he was unable to get a replacement so he was forced to go in his place. He took along Jacob, a junior salesman to do his driving and his grunt work.

Then after a long tiring day with the client they got to their hotel and found the hotel reservations was screwed up. Instead of his suite, he’d been forced to share a room with Jacob.  Ultra-straight Clarence had never had a homosexual thought in his head. So his confusion was understand able when Jacob came out of the shower and he saw the size of his cock. Who would have ever thought a pint size nerd like Jacob would such a big cock.  It must have been over eight inches.

Seeing his boss’s interest, he casually moved so where the head was dangling inches from Clarence’s face while he was drying his hair. As Jacob expected, by the time his hair was dry his cock was in Clarence’s mouth. For a novice he did a fine job of sucking and Jacob was cumming down his throat. Since then he arranged things so he’d been able to suck Jacob’s cock several more times.

He’d even arranged an emergency call requiring that he go to the office during the game. He would meet Jacob there and they would spend a couple of hours playing and then back home for the rest of Thanksgiving.

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