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My Brother (part one)

BabyBrady   December 09, 2017   | 188305 Views
My Brother has always been my hero, but until I was 17, I never knew how much he meant to me... Lesbian

Ever since I was a little girl I believed that my older brother was a most perfect person I could ever know. He was always kind to me, and was always there when I needed him. Even as we got older, he would always ask me how my day was, if I needed help with homework, or if there was anything the matter. On several accounts he put dumb guys in their place if they treated me badly.
It was a sad day when he left for basic training for the Army. He would be able to call for 9 weeks, and I knew I would need his support long before then. But as it stood, there was nothing that could be done.
A few weeks had gone by since Jeremy had left and I found myself looking for companionship. I started hanging out with friends and started to spend lots of time with a guy my age named Kyle, he was nice and hung on my every word. Before long we were dating, and I had nearly forgotten the absence of my brother. Kyle was sweet, he would take me to movies and spend time with me at the mall. He seamed a gentalman. He waited 3 weeks before he asked to kiss me, and never tried to advance. I thought maybe I had found someone that fit my expectations.
One morning I woke up, about 7 weeks since Jeremy has left and found that I had a letter waiting for me on the kitchen counter, it was from Jeremy! He hadn't written the whole time he was away. I tore open the envelope and started to read.

Dear Brady
I'm sorry I haven't written,  basic training hasn't been easy, but I'm doing well. I received a waiver for early promotion because I have done so well. Still, starting at the bottom, there is a long way to the top. I only have a few weeks left. I hope you and mom are planning of coming to my graduation, after that I'll be going right into my job training for another few weeks.
I sent mom all the info for the graduation. I hope to see you there, and I hope you are doing well little bug. I love you.

I was so happy to finally hear from him. I would be sure to talk to mom about going and seeing him a few weeks.
I checked my phone and didn't have a message from Kyle, so I started in on a bowl of cereal and sat down on the couch in the living room. I was still in just a night shirt that fit loosely and stopped just above the him of my blue panties. I flipped through the channels as I tried to decide what to do with my Saturday.
I eventually shut off the tv and started to dose there on the couch. I would need to go get a new outfit to go to Jeremy's graduation. Maybe I'll even go with a cute new skirt.
I head the back door open and I sat up, "Mom?" I asked, though maybe not loud enough for her to hear. No response.
Sure it couldn't be anyone else I settled back down and closed my eyes.
A few minutes later I heard what sounded like someone trying to sneak up on me. My eyes shot open and I saw Kyle standing at the far end of the couch, he was staring at me...but not me, my blue panties. His eyes were fixed, his face flush and his hand rested on the front of his pants. I sat up quickly and grabbed a pillow to cover myself. "Kyle! What are you doing here? Why didn't you knock on the front door?"
He stammered, and blinked a few times "Y-your mom was leaving as I got here. She said the front was locked and just go round back..." he trailed off craining his neck as if trying to see through the pillow.
"How long have you been standing there?"
"Oh! Just a minute, I was going to wake you up, but I didn't want to scare you or make you think I..." he trailed off again.
"Well I'm not wearing any pants, as you could see. And from the look of it, yours might burst."
He looked down at the tent pole in trousers. He flushed harder and turned covering himself.
"Well go in the kitchen so I can run up stars and change."
He did as I asked, glancing back just once. Once her rounded the corner I darted upstairs, feeling as if eyes were on my ass.
Once upstairs I pealed off my oversize sleepshirt and opened my closet. I pulled out a cute outfit and went to my dresser for some new panties. I grabbed a brad from the floor and set it on the bed as I pulled my old panties off.
As I stepped out if them I heard the creek of a door, I turned. There stood Kyle, his pants open and his hard dick pointing right at me.
I screamed "Kyle what the he'll are you doing in her!?" I grabbed at my blankets on my bed to cover myself.
"I'm tired of this Brady. It's been over a month and we have only kissed. Now I've seen what you look like naked, I'm done waiting." He said and walked in, taking his pants off the rest of the way.
I fell back on the bed, horrified. I pushed back as he crawled onto the bed and on top of me. He grabbed my hands as I tried to push him off, pinning me down. "Don't be a bitch! You haven't put out at all, I'm tired of waiting. We have been dating for more than long enough." He said as his hard dick trust forward trying to find its way inside me. I squared and fought. I screamed and spit at him. He stayed just far enough back that I could bite him. He pushed my legs open with his knees and had head found it's target. I screamed. "Kyle stop!" Tears burned my cheeks. "I hate you! Please stop!" I cried. He was pounding away on me his hard dick rough and dry, hurting with every thrust.
I fought with all I had and knocked him to the side, freeing one hand and slapped him. My right knee came up and delived a crushing blow into his manhood. He fell off me and on to the floor, moaning. I ran from the room and into my brothers room. I grabbed his baseball bat and turned to see Kyle stumbling into the room. "Get out of here!" I yelled. He saw he didn't have a chance and backed away slowly.
"Your such a bitch. Fuck you Brady." He said. I heard him go back to my room for his pants and a minute later the back door shut behind him. I sat there, crying on the floor, naked, holding Jeremy's baseball bat.
It wasn't the first time I had a penis inside me, but it was the first time I wasn't ok with it. I got up and went to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and saw myself, "raped", I said to myself, "I was just raped. I'll never let a man touch me again."The next few weeks I tried to act as normal as I could, I had to hide my wrists because of the bruises. And I didn't leave the house much without my mom.
Finally we set out to see my brother in his graduation. It was the first time in the past two weeks I felt happy. It seamed like it had been so much longer than 9 weeks.
We settled into our seats in the stands and watched the graduation, I found my brother quickly, in the front of his formation.
Even from where I sat I could see that his had gotten even bigger. His dress uniform looked so perfect on him and his stern face was almost fearsome. When it all ended we went out onto the field and found him waiting. I threw my arms around him and nearly stared to cry. "Jeremy! I've missed you so much!"
He laughed and hugged me back. "I've missed you little bug."
His Drill Sergeant stepped up, "keep your bearing soldier, your girlfriend needs to not be hanging on you."
He laughed, "This is my sister Drill Sergeant, but will do." He nodded and moved on.We spent the rest of the day going around the installation, him telling us all about his training. As it got time to take him back to his barracks mom said she had a surprise for him and ran to the car leaving him and I alone.
"So what's wrong Brady." He asked.
I paused, "What do you mean?"
"I can tell when something is the matter. And you have been pulling your sleeves all day. What are you hiding?"
I knew it would take mom at least 15 minutes to get back from the car, I was worried to tell him though. I started to cry.
He checked around us, then placed his arm around me. I told him what happened, all the while I could feel his body getting tense. He was angry, I knew, given the chance he would hurt Kyle.
"I just hate boys." I said. "Why can't there be someone like you. Sometimes I wish you weren't my brother. I wish sometimes we weren't related so I-"
He cut me off, his lips landing on mine. I froze, in shock, confusion, but I didn't pull back. His hand held mine, his lips soft against mine. I closes my wet eyes and kissed him back.
After a few moments I pulled away, my eyes opened and I saw him smiling at me, "I love you Brady. I love you so much more than a sister. I always have. You don't have to worry about finding someone like me. It will have to be secret, but you can have me."
I didnt know what to say, I never thought, even once that my brother cared this way for me, and I never realized that I felt the same.
Just then we heard mom coming back, I don't remember what she gave him, I hardly remember saying goodbye. I was stuck in the memory of that kiss. On the way home my phone buzzed.
It was Jeremy. The gift was a knew phone, and he sent me a text. 'I love you sis. I'll keep in touch now that I have a phone again. When I'm done with my next two weeks, I'll be able to come home and visit. I can't wait.'
I smiled...just two more weeks I though.

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