Ananda's Serum

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Ananda sat up grinning. “How does that look honey?” Jade’s jaw hung and she slowly reached out and touched the massive cock. Jade softly and timidly caressed her mom’s new cock. The shaft of the huge dick seamlessly ended at the top of her mom’s pussy, and the balls hung over Ananda’s sweet cunt. Jade suddenly could not help herself and she placed most of the head of the penis inside her smooth mouth. “ooohhhh yes!” Ananda exclaimed as Jade’s tongue ran circles around her cock. Lesbian

It was Sunday afternoon in mid-July and jade was browsing through her iPad while her mom fixed lunch. Jade was an identical twin, just turned 18 years old. She was slim and about 5’6”, green eyes and she had a love-hate relationship with her waist length dark red hair and light amount of freckles. Jade’s mom Ananda, was the same height as Jade but a bit more curvy with 36 C breasts and a cute ass, her shorter brown hair matched her brown eyes perfectly. Ananda’s husband had left her and her four daughters when Jade had been ten, ever since then money had been tight, so they had moved into two side by side Yurts on a small ranch in the mountains of California. Jade had truly come to love the place, despite the lack of electricity (made up for by a generator), and the limited running water.  Jade was picking out something to drink when her mom said. “Hey honey! I have to go into town once lunch is done so I can pick up some things from the store and pharmacy.” “Okay mom. Do you mind if I stay here?” Ananda placed a sandwich in front of Jade. “Not at all honey.” Ananda grabbed her keys and straightened her dress as she walked out the door leaving Jade to herself.

Jade ate, texted her sisters and tried to play some video games. Nothing seemed to entertain her. She usually wasn’t this bored. It was about three o’clock in the afternoon when Jade gave up on her final attempt at reducing the boredom, reading. It was too damn quiet to focus. “That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.” She thought to herself. She popped outside and went to the primary yurt and saw that she was still the only one home. She sighed in boredom. She walked into the primary yurt and started going through the bookshelves looking for something to do or something to read. “Nothing!” she whispered to herself. She then remembered to herself that she had seen an interesting book in her mom’s nightstand. She opened the drawer and rifled through the contents. Her hand brushed something in the back of the drawer, and she pulled out a case the size of a small novel. Jade had never seen this before and she took it to her mom’s bed to examine it. The box had a simple latch and she popped it open. on the inside was a small vile with clear liquid in it, and the rest of the box contained what looked to be an assortment of odd looking rubber bands and a note rolled up into a scroll. Jade gingerly unrolled the scroll, and read it.

                Take no more than ¼ tsp mixed with 8 oz. of water.

                Effects will vary based on height, hair color and eye color and will last for eight hours exactly.

                The effects work as such:

                5’-5’5” base size of 5”

                5’6”-6’ base size of 6”

                Green eyes: add 1”

                Blue add .5”

                Brown add 3”

                Blonde hair add 1”

                Red add 2”

                Brown add 3”

                Do not overdose, can lead to unknown erratic effect.


                Jade rolled the note back up and pondered it. It made no sense whatsoever, what could the measurements be referring to? She looked and assessed that if the vial had been full about a quarter of it had been used. Jade spent 10 minutes struggling inwardly on what to do. In the end she overcame her curiosity and put the box away. She went to the second drawer in Ananda’s nightstand. Upon opening it she gasped. Inside was an extensive collection of sex toys. Jade had seen Athena’s dildo before but she had never even used so much as her fingers on herself before, let alone a dildo. Intrigued, she pulled out a thin short silicone dildo. Written down the side of it was “Just for beginners.” Jade had just turned 16 and had been thinking about trying out masturbation like Athena. She checked the time. Her mom wouldn’t be home for another three hours. She nervously took the starter dildo out and to her mom’s bed. She slipped off her jeans and lay down in the queen sized bed in her just panties a thin shirt. Jade slowly spread her legs and slid her panties to the side. She softly caressed the tight folds of her pink twat. Her neatly trimmed red pubic hair brushed her wrist as she started to explore herself for the first time. Jade was using her index and middle finger to rub a spot that she had found especially sensitive. She had been doing this for about five minutes when she felt her little pussy begin to drip with wetness. She used it to gingerly slip her two fingers inside her virgin pussy. She gasped as her twat stretched around her fingers. She slowly began moving them in and out. With time she picked up speed and she was suddenly lost in the pleasure. Jade’s back suddenly arched as her first orgasm rocked her young body. It rolled through her, wave after wave. Jade had no idea what was happening. She had no idea what an orgasm was, and as the orgasm peaked she blacked out from the pleasure.


                Ananda drove her truck down the steep dirt hill that led to her home at the yurts. She was happy because her errands had taken half the time she allotted for them. She parked the truck and hopped out. Ananda walked into the primary yurt quietly; not on purpose but merely by coincidence. She was five steps inside with the door shut before she noticed her daughter Jade laying on her bed, legs apart with panties around one ankle. Her fingers still pressed into her pussy, and the starter dildo lying next to her. Ananda had to stifle a gasp and a smile. Jade was beautiful. She was slim with pale skin; she was about five foot six and her dark red hair down well past her shoulders. She had green eyes hiding behind shut lids. Ananda had to think. She had been alone with her three daughters since her husband left and her oldest daughter married and moved to the east coast. Since then Ananda had all but given up on men, if you asked her she would say she swung both ways, but she hadn’t had anyone for almost two years. She was 42 years old but she held the body and face of a 33 year old with Semi-short brown hair and brown eyes. All in all she was very desirable. Looking at her daughter made her pussy ache for some action. And her juices started to flow. Before she knew it she was undressed and sitting spread legged on the bench at the table. Ananda moaned as she stared at Jade’s body and pushed three fingers into her experienced twat. Ananda had been going for a few minutes when Jade came around. Ananda’s eyes were shut imagining her daughter eating her out. Jade almost jumped out of her skin at seeing her mom, but seeing her mom doing the very thing that she had been doing made her stop. Ananda heard Jade’s head turn and she jumped up and said “Jade! I’m so sorry! I couldn’t help myself!” Jade looked at her mom’s breasts bounce as she jumped up. She didn’t understand why but she was feeling the same tingly feeling that she had felt when she started masturbating. Jade said. “No mom! It’s okay, I’m sorry I didn’t go to my room. But I found your toys and I couldn’t help myself. Can I ask why you were doing that?” Ananda looked around and softly and ashamedly said “well honey I saw you when I walked in and I couldn’t help myself. You were so sexy lying there.” Jade didn’t even know why she was saying what she said next but she said. “Mom, will you teach me? I’ve wanted to start for a while now and I don’t really know what I’m doing.”  Ananda walked up to the side of the bed and said “honey I would love to, and I can show you more if you like.” “What do you mean?” asked Jade. Ananda could not hold herself back any longer. She lunged at Jade and placed her lips on her daughter’s and softly pushed her tongue inside. Jade was startled, but her instincts kicked in and she embraced her mom and kissed back.

                After several minutes of this the mother and daughter broke apart, pussies dripping. Ananda spoke first. “Baby girl are we really doing this?” Jade’s mind couldn’t even keep up, and she simply said “Fuck me mommy.” Ananda leaned down and whispered “I have a treat for you.” Ananda yanked open the drawer and pulled out the box. She took the vile and uncapped it. She took the recommended dose, and sauntered back to the bed. “What was that mom?” Ananda smirked. “You’ll see honey.” And as soon as the words left her mouth, she lay back on the bed as if she had been pushed. She groaned in pain and Jade saw something happening around her mom’s wet pussy. The mounds bulged out and from above her mom’s twat a familiar shape begin to grow. Jade watched in amazement as her mom sprouted a giant cock. Ananda writhed in pain as the serum did its work. In two minutes she lay breathing heavily, a 12” cock lying erect against her stomach. A large set of balls has sprouted too. Ananda sat up grinning. “How does that look honey?” Jade’s jaw hung and she slowly reached out and touched the massive cock. Jade softly and timidly caressed her mom’s new cock. The shaft of the huge dick seamlessly ended at the top of her mom’s pussy, and the balls hung over Ananda’s sweet cunt. Jade suddenly could not help herself and she placed most of the head of the penis inside her smooth mouth. “ooohhhh yes!” Ananda exclaimed as Jade’s tongue ran circles around her cock.

The serum had several side effects, the first was; the user would become extremely dominant, to a rape-like degree. The second was that the newly grown penis would emit a pheromone-like effect and most females would feel incredibly drawn and helpless to it. Jade and Ananda felt both of the side effects instantly.

                Ananda grabbed a double handful of Jade’s hair and shoved her daughter’s soft mouth down on her cock. Jade’s lack of experience and small build caused her to drag her teeth down her mom’s cock, t Ananda grabbed Jade’s cheeks forcing her mouth to painfully open as wide as it could. Jade could swear her jaw was going to break, but she didn’t care. She was half way down the delicious cock when it slammed into the back of her throat. Her eyes watered and she realized she couldn’t breathe. She instinctively pushed away, but Ananda held her head firmly. For ten seconds jade could swear she was going to pass out and never wake up. Then she could suddenly breathe. Ananda had pulled her meat from her daughter’s mouth, her cock had a light pink ring of lip gloss halfway down the shaft, and that made her sexual desire increase tenfold.

                Jade was on her hands and knees on the bed gasping for breath. She felt her mom grab her under her arms as her mom wrapped her hands into a full nelson holding jade’s arms back. Ananda lifted jade over her lap, and quickly grabbed her daughter’s legs under the knees pulling them up to her chest. Jade didn’t struggle, but instead said. “Mom please! There is no way you’ll fit it inside me. Ananda pressed the huge head of her cock against the soaked opening to her daughter’s twat. “Mm oh honey. I can’t wait to take your virginity, but I feel like this will be a better place to start.” Ananda repositioned her massive shaft to the entrance of Jade’s pink little ass. Jade started to struggle against her mom’s tight hold. “Mom please!! No!” Ananda pressed her cock up with all her might, Jade’s tight hole protested and held out for a total of two seconds before her mom’s cock, soaked in jade’s spit, stretched her ass around the bulbous head of her mom’s cock. Jade screamed as her mom’s foot-long dick started to rapidly deepen inside her virgin ass. Jade shrieked in pain as Ananda pushed her forward onto her stomach as she mounted her daughter doggy style. Ananda spat onto Jade’s stretched asshole and slid two more inches into her daughter’s virgin ass. Jade kicked for a few minutes and then, the fifteen year old gave up, and allowed her mom to rail her ass. It took Ananda a few minutes to hilt her cock into Jade’s ass and by this time Jade was moaning instead of screaming. Ananda lifter Jade up by her arms as she fucked Jade’s ass a foot into her tight hole. There was a mirror facing jade as she looked up in a daze.  She saw something that made her orgasm and scream. Her mom’s cock could be seen imprinted in jade’s flat stomach as it thrusted in and out. Ananda placed her hand on the bulge and sped up her pace in jade’s ass. She fucked Jade for ten more minutes before she removed her shaft from her trembling daughter.  Jade’s asshole gaped open and closed wetly, and Ananda shoved her face into it, running her tongue around the sweet gaping rim of Jade’s ass.

                Jade’s vision pulsed in and out of blackness, her ass hurt so badly she fully believed that her mom had torn her ass and her pussy into one hole. Jade groaned in pain and pleasure as her mom shot her tongue in and out and all around her raw asshole. Jade felt Ananda stop and pull her thighs apart. Jade managed to moan out. “No mom! Please I can’t take anymore!” “Don’t worry sweetie. I’m going in your pussy this time.” Ananda said with a voice that dripped with control. Jade knew she couldn’t do anything to stop her mom, but she had to ask. “Can’t you get me pregnant?” Ananda lined up her cock with jade’s cunt and applied light pressure to her daughter’s twat. Yes I can sweetie! And I’m going to pump you full of my sperm. Then if you get pregnant you’ll have a daughter and a sister. Without skipping a beat Ananda pushed half her cock into Jade’s virgin pussy. Jade’s cervix stopped her mom’s thrusting cock. Jade’s pussy clutched hard on her mother’s huge penis and she cried out as her violated hole was stretched to the width of a baseball. “Don’t worry honey!” Ananda said. “I’m gonna make it fit all the way in.” Jade violently shook her head, swinging her sweat dampened hair. Ananda reached around Jade’s hips and pressed two fingers right on her clit and attacked it as she pressed her cock as hard as she could against her daughter’s tightly shut cervix. Jade’s eyes rolled back as she orgasmed though the pain. Ananda felt Jade’s orgasm, and she grabbed both her hips and pushed as hard as she could. Jade felt world bending pain and pleasure as her cervix stretched around the head of her mom’s cock. Ananda felt Jade jerk as her cock penetrated into her daughter’s womb, the pure feeling of what she had just done drove Ananda to orgasm, her cock exploded in the biggest orgasm she had ever felt. Ananda’s orgasm caused her to buck her hips and drive her cock all the way inside Jade’s pussy and womb. Ananda’s sperm filled Jade’s uterus to the brim, Ananda kept cumming and the super fertile sperm filled jade’s stuffed cunt and spilled out her twat and down her thighs. Ananda’s cock finally stopped with a final shudder, she pulled herself out of jade’s womb and then out of her cunt. What looked to be about half a cup of cum spilled out after Ananda’s cock, and that was when the door swung open.

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