Honeymoon Cruise TwO

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Honeymoon Cruise TwO


               I woke in my new husband’s arms. My head on his strong chest, my body molded to his side. I felt like I was in utopia. He felt and smelled so good to me.

               Up until just a few hours ago. I had never, ever, even thought of this man in a sexual way. But know I could not think of being without him sexually. He has consumed all my thoughts of passion. I would have never thought of making love to him. Or even kissing him with anything more than a peck on the lips. But now all I want to do is ravish his mouth with mine, and give myself to him.

               I have loved my son with no more or less love than any other mother that exists. Then a sequence of events began to happen in a way so unexpected that I found myself naked under my naked son wanting him in a way that I never thought possible.

               I had heard of women that had seduced their sons. I always thought it sick and disgusting. But now, all I could think is how I waisted two years of not making love to him. I never wanted to think that there would be a day ahead of us that I wouldn’t want to make love to him. I want to make him happy.

I never ever thought this way while I was married to my ex-husband Erick. The cheating scum. I hope he is happy with his big boobed, whore-secretary.     

               I started feeling better as I looked at my new wedding ring on my left hand. I had worn one for almost twenty years and only took it off less than a week ago. But now I had a new one. I loved this one more than the first, even though I know it cost much less. It was a simple white gold band. Nothing special except. I can still remember when the captain asked. “Do you have the rings?” I had completely forgotten about the rings. I was about to feel humiliated that I had done such a foolish thing.

But then on a day so full of surprises. Roy did it again and held up two rings. He handed me one and he put the other one on my finger.

I can remember the day filled with joy as my son had presented me with my wedding bouquet, two necklaces. One he lent me, and a new one with a huge Ruby on it. Then he gave me my broach that I had drooled over for over two years, as I began to cry form all the overwhelming joy of the day, he had me presented with a hanky to wipe my tears and something blue. I remember the comments he made to the stylist that they shared with me. Then he had a man help me down the aisle.

So, I ask myself, why was I so surprised when Roy pulled the ring I am now wearing out of his pocket and then he took my left hand and said the words “With this ring I thee wed” like he really meant them as he slipped it on my ring finger where it sits right now. I had never taken Eric’s ring off my finger the entire time I had been married to him. I know I would rather die than take this one off, ever. I had no idea of how strong my feelings were for Roy, my son. I have never in my life ever thought of him of anything but my son. Now I know he is my future. No matter what or how I look at it, I see a very bright future too.

               Then it was my turn and the captain asked me if I had a ring. I was just about to tell him that I did not when. My loving wonderful son held up the ring I placed on his finger with the same loving words he said to me. “With this ring I thee wed.”

I can remember that was the first moment that I wished this marriage wasn’t fake. I knew right then and there that Roy was the perfect man for me. But at that time, I knew it would or could never be. Yet as I looked him in his eyes. It was as if he felt the same way for me. I had never been more in love.

               I moaned in my remembrance of the moment with a smile on my face. I then rolled and kissed my son. I was sort of getting hungry. We made love last night until I saw the clock saying five am. My pussy was not sore at all but I could feel how satisfied it is. If I was to look at all the perfect moments of my life, I knew that this one would be one of them. I rolled over and kissed my son-husband again.

We had decided last night that we would continue to grow together. Together as man and wife. He was my future and I was his. As I continued to kiss him, he began to kiss me back.

0             “MMMM.” Roy moaned. “Anna. If you would have woke me like that when I was in school, I would have never been late.” Roy teased as he continued to kiss me.

               “Oh really?” I asked as I deepened the kiss.

               Roy deepened the kiss even further then said “Yea I would have had to drop out.” He said as he started kissing my neck that just sent shivers throughout my body. “I would never make it out of bed.” he continued as he made his way to my breasts.

               I moaned as he took one of my nipples into his mouth sending shock waves of pleasure right to my pussy. He assaulted them for a good long time when he started working his way down my torso. I started to get a bit nervous wandering what he was doing.

               Roy continued to kiss me lower and yet still lower. We had made love a number of times last night. I had not cleaned myself properly down their and was getting nervous what he was planning. Roy opened my legs and began to kiss my pubic mound. “Roy.” I said. “Oh god Roy?” I ask again. “Roy?” he made his way to my pussy. He was lapping at my clitoris. I started to come as he continued to stimulate my pussy. I knew he could taste himself as well as me as he assaulted my sex with his tongue. I came again as this was the first time, I had ever had oral sex after virginal sex without cleaning myself completely.

               I hate comparing Roy to his father but Eric refused to go down on me unless I was very, very clean and just finished douching. Yet Roy was eating my pussy and making me come over and over again. I was loving him, my new lover and husband more now than ever before.

               After three really great orgasms, Roy began to mount me, taking me missionary stile. I loved the fact he didn’t ask; He just mounts and takes me. I like to be taken. Just for the fun of it, I test him I started to struggle and role over. He pinned me firmly to the mattress with a man’s strength, then began to enter my pussy roughly taking me again. I came instantly and harder than I can ever remember coming as he entered my pussy with force. Then he began to fuck into me with just as much or more force. Taking what was now his, making me his, and making sure I knew it too.

               Roy didn’t last as long as I thought he would. He filled me yet again with another huge load of his potent youthful seed. I could feel my pussy spasming around his cock as he laid on me with his cock still inside of me. God did he feel wonderful in me. “Roy?”

               “Yes Anna?”

               “Roy, you are getting better at taking.” I complement, as he rolls over and cuddles to my side bringing my head to his chest.

“You are mine now Anna. All mine, I don’t share and I will respect you, but I will also take you when I want too. I will never hurt you on purpose, I will never cheat on you. I will always love you. For as long as you will have me Anna. But I will take you in our bed. I wont always ask.

I smiled at myself at what I have raised. What I have created, and what I am now married too. Yea I can live with that. I can let him have me every time he wanted me. Hell, I want him too.

We made out for quite a while and made love again. Missionary, he took me again, he didn’t ask.

When we finally came out of our state room, we noticed that everyone was coming back from their excursions in Mexico. “I guess we missed getting off the ship Roy.”

“I would rather make love to my wife, than go shopping in Mexico Anna.” Roy said holding me tightly.

We went to the buffet for lunch as it was way too lait for breakfast. We ate together and where making light conversation with each other about nothing important, when one of the women that I had recognized as one of the wedding coordinators came forward and said “Mrs. Brown?”

I smiled and said. “Yes?”

“Good afternoon to you.” She smiles a knowing smile back at me and continues. “We have some paper work that needs addressing as soon as you two can. Just some signatures that need doing.”

“Oh, Ok. We can do it now.” I said as we had already finished our meal.

We fallowed the lady into a small office. When I looked at the document, she needed us to sign. I read the top and it said “Certificate of Marriage.” Until we signed that document we weren’t really married. 

Roy was bent over the desk with the document before him. He had a pen in his hand and I could tell he was reading it. I couldn’t see his face. So, I couldn’t tell what he was thinking as he stood above our marriage license. My heart started to hurt as it felt like it was falling through the floor of the ship. I knew that Roy would know we were not really married till the document was signed. I don’t know if he would also know how much it will hurt me if it remained unsigned.

Roy looked at the lady and I knew this was the end. I had lost my husband which was no real loss there. But I don’t know how to take it if I lost my son. My soul mate my future. The man that stood bending over a desk before me, the man that won my heart and my allegiance my love in a matter of just a few weeks.


               I woke with a feeling that someone was touching me, kissing me. I woke to see my mom doing just that. I liked being woken this way. I kissed her back and took her again. I couldn’t believe how nice it is to hear my mother’s orgasms first thing in the morning, as I fed them too her with my mouth tongue and lips. Then after I knew she was happy; I took what I wanted.

               My mom started to fight a little on me, but I knew my mom. I knew this was some sort of a game for her. So, I gently but firmly pinned her to the mattress and forced my way into her. She screamed out another orgasm letting me know that I did the right thing. I fucked her roughly feeling her velvety tunnel still so tight around my cock. It didn’t take me too long to come myself as I had been so turned on the way mom woke me this morning.

               I hugged my mom again and we talked and laughed a little about nothing important as we got dressed for the day. We made our way to the ships buffet very late as we saw that the people where coming back to the ship from Mexico. I assumed we gotten up too late to get off the ship in Cozumel.

               We ate a pleasant lunch; It was too late for breakfast. We then started talking about nothing important at all. But it seemed to keep mom happy. A woman came to our table and told us that she

had something important needing signed. We fallowed her to her office and she presented us with our marriage license. She showed us how the captain and our witnesses had already signed the document. Yet there where two signatures needed before they could file it in the country the ships registry had also been filled in. She told us what country it was but I can’t remember.

               She further explained that this would be an international marriage and we would be receiving the document from our foreign consulate. They would probably send it to us in the mail in just a few weeks.

               I stood there bent over looking at the license. I knew that I could stop right now and end the marriage with my mother. Or I could sign it and allow my mother to break my heart if she didn’t sign it.

I stared at the document for far too long playing with my wedding ring that my mother had put on my finger less than twenty-four hours ago. I had to reached deeply, summoning the resolve and courage I needed, finally… I decided that it would be mom that had to end our marriage, not me. I signed the document, stood up and turned to hand my mom the pen with no smile at all.      

               I hoped mom knew what I was doing right then. I was asking my wife to marry me for the first time. Yet I wasn’t using words. But actions. I wasn’t sure if mom knew for sure so I dropped to one knee as I held up the pen.

I looked in her eyes and tears started to run down her cheeks, I knew. I knew my mom knew what I was doing. I rose up and whipped her tears from her with my finger and kissed her. Then I went to her ear and whispered into it. “Will you marry me?” Very quietly, as so only her an I could hear in the small quiet office.

               My mom wined out an uncoherent moan of some sort then gently pushed me aside, went to the document and signed it where she was told. She then tuned to me and grabbed me holding me tighter than I had ever been held by her. She couldn’t make out words yet but she didn’t have to. I knew what she was saying.

               As we held each other in the woman’s office, the woman finally spoke. “I have never seen anyone as much in love as you too, and I have been the cruise director for this ship for almost twenty years. I envy you two.”

 I smiled at the woman’s observance and tact. Mom kept holding me like she would never let me go. In reality, I really, I dint want her too either. I thought maybe I could carry her around the ship all day. But then I just waited till she finally broke free but never letting me go completely.   

 We went to the lido deck of the ship and watched the crew cast off from Cozumel Mexico and started heading to Progresso as that was our next stop on the cruise.

We wandered around when the land began to be monotonous and we wandered into the ship’s store. Mom wandered in one direction and I in another. She found me again and asked what do I think of a shirt she was holding up.  “You can ware it to the dining-room tonight while we eat our lobster.” It was lobster knight on the ship, I love lobster and was looking forward to it.

               I smiled at the very nice, short sleeved, dark grey shirt she was holding up. It looked like it would fit me like a glove. Then I took the hanger that I was holding and held it up to my mother. On it was a silk nighty that wasn’t completely shear. It was soft, light pink with black embroidery around much of it. My mom flushed bright red as I said. “Anna, You, can wear this to our bed tonight after we are done eating our lobster.”

Then she started to grin a sinister grin. “Just how long am I going to be wearing that tonight?” she quizzed, trying to get me to blush a little.

               “Not very long at all Anna.” I fed back, I surprised at myself that I was far bolder than I thought.

               Mom blushed again knowing just exactly what I meant and didn’t try to hide it.

               We purchased both the shirt and nightgown. The cashier was beside herself with joy as we continued to make it fun for ourselves and others.

               As we began to leave yet again the cashier said. “I am so glad you came in today. I love to see people who are so much in love.”

               Mom and I took our packages to our state room and then made our way to the lido deck and watched the shores of Mexico go bye. I held my wife as we watched the scenery pass bye us.

               We spent the rest of that day and most of the next just enjoying the people on board the ship. Most all of them where entertaining and fun.

               It was the next morning we woke in Progresso. Mom and I where going to get off the ship. However, well, we got up on time but when I saw all the A.K.47 assault rifles. I got a tad bit nervous, and didn’t want my mom to become a widow so quickly. We both agreed that we would pass getting off there.

               As it turned out a slew of people got off the ship and no one was hurt. They all had a great time. However so did mom and I. We went back to our room and made love almost the hole time we where there. 

Later that night after our lobster dinner was over, we went to one of the event’s that the ship had for all the passengers.

               The event was some sort of game show type thing. They selected three couples from the audience. Me and mom where one of the couples selected as they selected one of the couples that had just been married on the ship. That was us. They had a count down and found the couple that had been married for the longest. They were celebrating their fifty second anniversary. Then they had all the other couples kiss. They selected one of the best kissers in that crowd. They had been married for five years and smiled ear to ear every step of the way to the stage.

               They took me away from the stage and left my wife by herself for the fist time since we had been married and already, I felt funny about it.

               The organizers of the event told me what to expect, they told me that my wife would be asked several questions and then I would be asked the same questions and would try to answer what I thought my wife would say.

“Sort of like the old newlywed game?” I asked.

“Yes, exactly.” The man answered.

               When the first question came out it was sort of funny. The question was “You haven’t seen ugly until you saw my wife’s blank…”

               I laughed at that and had an answer already to go.

               When it came to my turn they asked again. “You aint seen ugly until you saw my wife’s blank.”

               “Burlap underwear my mother in law got her…” I answered.

               My grandmother bought mom a braw and panties set that where the ugliest thing I had ever seen. They where thick and the color of an old gunny sack. They did nothing to enhance mom’s figure at all. She felt so comfortable in them that she wore them around the house as a halter and shorts. I felt like throwing up each time she did.

               The crowd erupted as I tried to explain the situation and what they looked like on her.

               Finally, the host told me that “Your wife said… You haven’t seen ugly until you saw her nightgown that she threw away yesterday…”

               I forgot all about that nightgown. It wasn’t that it was ugly. But it was just not sexy at all.  

               The tempo quickly changed from empathetic back to funny and joyous as the other two couple’s continued.

               The next question that was asked. Would you compare last night with which holiday? Christmas, full of surprises. Halloween, creepy and spooky. Memorial Day, paying tribute for the dead. Or Thanksgiving. Just being thankful…

               This time I went fist and told them “I can’t say what Anna said. But I know It was thanksgiving to me. Because I was so thankful, I married my soulmate.”

               The silence was almost defining. The announcer came back with. “Your Wife said... Christmas. She told us that you where full of surprises last night.”

               I felt wonderful. I wished I could have said that same thing to her. Only hind-sight is twenty-twenty.

               The last question they asked us. When and where did we first meet.

               This one was a lot harder. I know when she met me. But I dint know her till later. Remember I was just a baby. A child. But I decided not to lie.

               I told them that “I don’t remember when we fist met. I was far too young. But I can say it was September twenty second. Very early in the morning, in Yuma county hospital. Anna was there the day I was born.”

               Again, the silence was defining. But then the applauds started and it became more defining. Finally, the announcer held back the applauds and said. Your wife said… You won’t remember it but it was the day you where born. She was there and watched you come into the world.

               I was glad mom didn’t lie or try to evade the truth. I was proud of my mom-wife. I was so lucky to be here with her.

               They led us out of where they had kept us guys in the back and to the stage. I saw my mom and her look told me to rush to her. I did and I rapped her in my arms and kissed her like a man that had been starving for years. She jumped up on me and encircled her legs around my waist and I held her up and continued to kiss her.

               Mom had a short skirt on that stopped just above her knees. She was showing a lot of leg but I don’t think she cared either way. She smashed her chest into mine and refused to break the kiss or be set down.

               The announcer of course made it into the scheme of the show and walked around us making supple comments like. “Would you look at the ships new mascot” and “She has got to come up for air sometime.”

               Finally, breaking into our kiss the announcer said. “The bad news is you didn’t win…” The place erupted in laughter. “The good news is. We have a chiropractor on board the ship.” Standing away form us and pointing to my mom still not letting go of me with her legs. But the announcer wasn’t done yet. “But I don’t think we have a surgeon that is brave enough to separate you two…”

We didn’t win the big prize another couple got all three of them correct. We missed the holiday one and the ugly one too.

“There is a consolation prize for you though.” The announcer said as he motioned another woman to him carrying a bottle of wine. She presented it to us and two more to the other couples.

               Anna and I where both smiling at the wonderful day we where having. That is when one of the other couples presented us their bottle of wine. I looked at them and accepted it.

               The announcer was right behind him and asked why he did that. He said. “They may not need it more than we do, but they earned it. I have never seen anyone more in love than these two.”

               I was dumbfounded for a long time as the other couple fallowed suit and gave us their bottle of wine too.

               The winning couple didn’t give us the grand prize which was a half prices coupon on any cruise that the company offered.

We floated out and to our room to put away our wine. My mom kept kissing me as we continued on our way. I felt a little self-conscious to have such a public display of affection like my mom was giving me. In reality, I didn’t mind. I was with the prettiest woman in the world.

               After the show we were somewhat of a celebrity. Even more men ogled my mom-wife. What was surprising was women started ogling me too.

               One woman was so bold that she ogled and threw a pass at me. “Hey, if you get bored with her tonight, I don’t mind you stopping by my cabin.”

               I wanted to slap her. “First, I am married now. Second, I don’t cheat on my wife, third... Well there is no reason for a third. But none the less thank you NO!!” I felt an arm come around me at that time. I looked over to see my mother’s beautiful content face as she pulled me to her in a claiming embrace. Much like the one dad’s secretary gave dad the day he walked out on us. I let my mother claim me for all she wanted. I was hers, and I wasn’t going anywhere.      

               For some reason after her holding me like she did, I became so horny I couldn’t stand it. I encouraged her to come to the state-room with me. She did and we made love again. I took her doggy stile this time with the same demanding, you are mine tone I gave her the last time we made love. She seemed to revel in it.

               We toured around the ship and I took her to the gift shop. I asked her if there was anything in the store she wanted. She told me “Yes there is something in here I want more than anything in the world.” As I turned to her, I could tell that it was me she wanted. I kissed her this time.

               We found one of the jacuzzies after we went to the state room to change into bathing suits. She snuggled to me very closely and I held her. The bubbles where so that no one could see under the water. I was glad as mom played with my cock almost the whole time that we were in the jacuzzi. She of course got it rock hard again.

               I didn’t notice that there was only one other couple here at the time, and they where in the other jacuzzi. Mom turned and sat on my lap and kept working on my cock until it came out of my trunks. I then felt the warmth of my mother’s pussy as it slid into her. I couldn’t fuck her as deep in this position, but she didn’t seem to mind.   

               I had just cum in her and was settling down from our mutual silent orgasms when another couple stepped into the bubbling pool.

               Mom recognized them, or rather her at first site. “Hey, how are you today?” Mom smiled.

               “Oh, Hi I see you two are doing well, how is married life treating you these hours.” She giggled.

               “OH my, it couldn’t be better, I mean it is awesome.” Mom said very enthusiastically. “Roy, this is Brenda, and her new husband. Uh.”

               “Bruce.” He offered.

               “Bruce.” Mom continued with her beautiful smile. “They are one of the other couples that I was. Uh detained with.” Both mom and Brenda giggled.

               “Nice to meet you Bruce.” I said as I held out my hand to him.

He took my hand and shook it. “Congratulation on your marriage. I been hearing that you are the talk of all the people that got married yesterday.”     

“Oh?” I puzzled. “Why would anyone even notice that we were even married?”

“Are you kidding.” Bruce looked at me and laughed. “Every one of the other brides and by now it is all over the ship is talking about the way you where wooing her.” He glanced at mom. “Some of the people are saying he is a romantic god of some sort.”

               I looked at mom. She was blushing as she looked back at me, but I could see a lot of pride in her gaze. What could I do? I pulled her to me and kissed her.

               “See there. I told you he wouldn’t stop. He is still doing it.” Brenda said pointing at me and mom.

Anna started to kiss me back.

               Brenda and Bruce didn’t pay us much mind as they started making out themselves. Things got heated and the next thing I knew I saw that Brenda had took her bathing suit bottoms off and place them on the side of the spa-tub. She then moved onto her husband Bruce’s lap and mounted him much like mom mounted me earlier.

               I turned to mom in a fright that pleaded. LET’S GET OUT OF HERE. But mom laughed and raised the bottoms of her suit up and placed it beside me and began to mount me again.

               “Thank god, I married the right man this time Roy. No one has ever made me happier than I am today.” She said as she continued to fuck my cock with her pussy.

               I just raised my hand and began to fondle her beautiful breasts threw her bikini top.

               It took a while before I came this time, and I enjoyed every second I was in her. Brenda’s husband Bruce was a lot faster than I was. After they finished, they chatted quietly next to each other as we continued to make love in the jacuzzi. Our orgasms weren’t as silent this time, mom let out a guttural moan which sent me over the edge with some stifled grunts of my own. Again, mixing another load of my young potent seed into my mother’s womb.   

               We went back to formal dinning again. Me with my new gray shirt on. Mom wore another sundress, this one a pretty purple with some reddish designs in it. She looked really good. Not like the wedding dress she had on the other day, but it showed her figure quite well.     

               They didn’t have steak and lobster again tonight; it was a special day for them though they were serving prime rib.

After another nice meal with Bill and Joy, we made our way to another lounge and again I danced with my wife. This time when Bill asked her to dance, I told him very reluctantly. “Ok.” But I didn’t like it. I asked Joy to dance with me, she accepted and I had an ok time with her but I wanted my wife back.

Chapter:              Coming to the end:


               I woke up the next three days with my mom not in her new night gown, as some time in the night it would inevitably be taken off of her. Mom would either wake me with kisses and strokes. Or she would be lying just on my chest. I love waking to my mother so close to me every morning. She fit against me like god had made her to be there. This morning I woke up to my mom kissing me and stroking my manhood, I felt like it just couldn’t get any better than this.

               We had made love every day for the last five days. We have had a wonderful time together too. The state room lowered and I knew it was from the ship turning. We where now in the Mississippi river. And making our way back to New Orleans. I only had a few hours left of my wife’s beautiful body. Only a few hours left before all of this great vacation, this dream cruise was going to come to an end.

               I began to kiss mom like she had woken me up a few times already. She started to return the kisses. I carefully took her new nightgown off her and tossed it aside and began to suckle her breasts. I played with her pussy and of course she started to come with my ministrations. I continued and kissed her deeper as the ship’s turning caused the state room to very gently rock up and down. We made love as the ship continued to navigate the river. Raising and lowering the cabin each time as it turned. I made love to my mother slower this time, fearing it would end soon. We were just a few hours from home. Home where this all started, where I invited myself to go on the ship with mom. Where I was conceived and born into the world. Every second of the time my mom knew where I was and what I was doing and with whom I was doing it.

               My mother is a strong woman, she raised me well. I am on a track to go into medical school. There would have to be loans of course. Even dad didn’t save that much money. But now that I am married. If we were to continue this, I would have to quit school and get a job so that I could support my wife. This would be a must. Mom worked in an insurance office. But she didn’t make as much money as my dad did. Her job was secure but the money I am sure wouldn’t cover an apartment for the two of us with utilities, food and gas. I was going to school believe it or not in New Orleans, Tulane School of medicine. I have a partial scholarship with them and also use the pail grant too. But I still have substantial loans to contend with.

There is one thing I know. I would and could give up medical school to be married to my mom. The last seven days have been the best days of my life too.

I now lay here with my mom’s head on my chest, the ‘what now’s’ start to consume my every thought as the ship continues to twist and turn up the mighty Mississippi.

“Make love to me one more time Roy. I don’t want it to end yet.” Mom asked.

“Your wish is my command my wife.”

I began to kiss her again. I cupped her breasts that are so perfect to me as I continued to kiss her passionately. I kissed down her neck and throat, I kiss her shoulders and down to her breasts, I take her nipples that are just as hard as my cock is into my mouth and tease them with my tongue.

Mom holds my head in place letting me know that I was doing it right. I continue to menstruate to her when she pushed me to my back. She then crawled over me and pulled down my boxers, she took my cock in her hand and stroked it. Then she lowered herself and began to suck my cock.

This was the first-time mom had given me oral sex. She did a pretty good job at it. Not that I am an expert by any means. But she seemed to know what stimulated a man’s cock. She didn’t take it all that deep but I could feel mostly her tongue teasing my head which was sending shockwave after shockwave of pleasure into me.

Unexpectedly I called out. “Mom… Mom… I am going to come.” She didn’t break loose and I couldn’t hold back. As I emptied my balls one more time, except this time it was in my mother’s mouth.

Mom sucked me dry and cleaned my cock very well with her mouth and then she rose and smiled a superbly bright smile. I knew more than seen the residue of my seed on her teeth and in her mouth. I brought her to me and kissed her mouth deeper then ever before. Tasting me as well as her as I worked my tongue in every corner of her mouth. It was a good wile before we each broke the kiss.

“I don’t want this to end Roy.” mom said.

“It doesn’t have to end, dose it? Anna?”

“We can’t go around like lovers Roy. Everyone knows that you are my son at home. And I don’t know if I can live with you and not be able to take you out, and show you off to other people as my man.”

“Anna. We will find a way. You know I can drop out of school and get a job, maybe in another state where no-one knows us?”

“NO!! no, you won’t be dropping out of school. First, you worked too hard to get where you are today, second as your mother I won’t let you. and third. Are you really going to deprive your wife of being married to a doctor? Let’s face it, you would be forever regretting not finishing medical school. So, we will be finishing that.

     “How will we survive till I graduate. I don’t think you make enough money for us to live on just your salary having to pay for an apartment and all.

“One, we will stay at home. I got the house in the divorce. Two I got the savings. Three your father has agreed to pay a big chunk of your schooling. So, we will be fine. But we have to back off as a married couple.

“I don’t know if I can do that Anna, I have been so proud walking around the ship arm in arm. People looking at me, envious of the woman that I have on my arm. I loved being seen with you that way.

“I know Roy. I love being seen with you too. I have seen many of the women on the ship looking at me with envy. You are a great looking man. They all want you, and you are mine. They don’t like that. I feel just as proud of you as you do me.” She took a dep breath. “Now. We can still continue at home in the house but not outside to much. We can also go out and be together too. as long as we are carful and make sure there is no one watching us. We mainly have to back off all the kissing and hand holding wile we are by the house. Trust me when I tell you the neighbors will talk.” She laughs. “How else do you think I knew everything you did?”

I laughed this time. “So, you had spies on me?”

Mom smiled a smile that meant she would never admit it, but I knew the hole neighborhood was keeping an eye on all of us neighborhood kids.

We got dressed and cleaned up. Then we packed up all our bags. We didn’t have anything to declare as we didn’t get off the ship in Mexico. I was frightened that it would send red flags to the customs officials. But Bill told us that I could declare the things I bought on board the ship and I would be fine. So, we did that.

We walked off the ship and out with our bags with no static at all. The hot humid New Orleans weather was hard to breath after being on the cooling affect of the gulf for a hole week. We made it to our car, or actually Mom’s car. Mom let me drive home. She sat right next to me the hole way leaning against my shoulder. I wanted to kiss her but here was not one single stop light the hole way.

We got to the house, I grabbed one of the bags and started into the house. Mom pushed the door and it opened before she put the key into the lock.

I dropped the bags and pulled my mom back from the door. I made her stay out front and I went in to investigate what was going on.

It didn’t take long to figure out what was up. “Anna? Seems we had our self a burglary.” Mom eyes got big and round. “But I think I know the culprit.”

Mom held up a business card. “Sheriffs’ department. Said to call them as soon as I can.”

The house phone rang right then. I answered it. “Hello.”

“This is Doug Hill from Big Easy security. I see you are in the house; can you please identify yourself?”

“I am Roy, and I am with my wife Anna.” I say accidentally. Then I continued. “The pass word is Pelican.”

“Ok Mr. Brown. I hope you had a pleasant vacation. I need to let you know that there was an incident. Another Mr. Brown had broken out a window and entered the residence. We called the authorities and they arrested the man in question as he did not have the password and being that he broke out the window to enter the home. The authorities placed him into custody. He is being held there until you contact them.” “Thank you, Doug. We will be calling them right away.” I hung up and looked at my mom.
               “So, Erick decided to break into the house?” Mom asked.

“It sounds like it but why? He took everything out before we left for the cruise. I don’t know what he needed in the house that was so important that he would break in?”

“No telling? I should call the Sheriff’s department and ask. maybe they could tell us what is happening.” She said and held out her hand for me to give her the house phone.

I gave it to her and started looking around the house seeing if he took anything out of the house that didn’t belong to him. I knew he pretty much owned everything in the house, so it would be hard to tell. I came back to find mom had finished her conversation with the Sheriff.

“What did they say Anna?” I asked.

“They really didn’t give me an answer of why he broke in. They told me that because it was really his house still even thought it will become mine in the divorce. They would probably not be able to press charges against him. Even with the broken widow. They only have him right now with the destruction of private property. And that is because I own half the glass he broke to get into the house.”

I almost laughed at the red tape involved in law enforcement.

We began to put away our cloths and other things, I was so happy that mom made sure that I knew that the master bed room was now our room and not hers, as well as the marital bed was now as much mine as hers too.

I kissed her a lot as I was putting away my things in the drawers and the walk-in closet that was at one time my fathers.

I heard something I didn’t like downstairs, I hurried down to find my father confronting my mom-wife. I would be having none of that today. I hurried down stairs and stepped right between both mom and dad.

However, when I looked at him. I softened a lot as he had tears running down dad’s cheeks. I backed up and allowed mom to continue her conversation.

As it turned out. His secretary evidently only wanted him because of our home. She wanted the house we lived in and when she found out that it stayed with me and mom, she kicked him out of her apartment.

He came home to find us gone of course. He broke in and wanted to wait till we got back. However, he didn’t know about the locks being changed or the camera’s mom had installed with the firm that was monitoring them. Because he did admit to breaking into the house to enter it. The police kept him in custody until mom called them.

I was not liking what was happening in this conversation. But mom had to make some choices here now.


I held onto Roy’s arm tightly as he navigated the roads home. I felt so proud holding him. My head on his shoulder my left hand holding his arm and my right hand on his lap. I could see that his cock was well stated but I was going to bet I could get it up again. I took my right hand and began to stroke threw his shorts as he continued to drive us home. I could feel small tremors as the blood started to go back into his cock.    

I felt impowered, and sexy knowing I could get him up so easily. In truth I wanted what we had to last forever.

Roy pulled into the driveway and sadness swept over me as he kissed me on the lips and opened the door. He got out the drivers side and then he ran around and opened my door for me. I had surly raised a gentleman.

We found that the house had been broke into. There was a card on the door from the sheriff’s department. I called the number. I found out that my ex-husband Erick had been arrested for breaking into the house and entering it.

I told them that he should not have been here as he had filed for divorce and the decree stated that the house would stay with me.

They told me that they can hold him for destruction of private property because half the glass that he broke belonged to me. However they could not keep him as he still in affect owned the house he entered.

I told them I would not file charges.

I was working with my new unexpected husband putting away all our luggage and things. I made sure that Roy knew he would be sleeping with me in the master bedroom.

As soon as I did, he took me and threw me on the bed. Started kissing me like he was starving to death. I wanted to get the clothing put away before we started anything. But, he wouldn’t let ,me weight, as he managed to pull my blouse off me, with my bra with it. His mouth clutched onto the left nipple as his hand continued to caress the right one.

I had teased him quite a bit on the way home, so I knew I was in trouble anyway. I just moaned in pleasure as he continued to suckle his mother’s titties.

I could feel my pussy get wet as he continued his ministrations. I loved every second of it as we continued to consummate our love on the marital bed, in the marital bedroom.

I helped him get my panties off, I had a skirt on that didn’t seem to impede him from getting to my pussy at all, as in a very few moments I felt his big hard cock inter my tight wet pussy.

He took me again. I felt him thrusting in me filling me and making me come over and over again. he grunted like a bull calming me as his lover. I knew then that he owned me. He was my man and it didn’t mater what he asked me or told me to do… I would do it.

I felt his hot seed pulse into my womb again. I felt it feel me as I wandered when my birth control shot was due. I had been taking the shot for birth control. But because Eric and I hadn’t made love in almost six months, I had missed a few. I was going to get a shot before the cruise but with all the problems that happened the last week I had put it off again. I was amazed at the fact that this is the first time I thought of this.

We got dressed again and begun to crawl out of bed. I went down stairs to continue cleaning the house up for me and Roy.

I stopped what I was doing as I heard the door open and in walk my ex-husband Erick. I frown and glare at him. “What do you want Erick?”

The argument went on for what seemed for hours. We didn’t yell or scream at each other but I was determined not to allow him back into my life.

Roy kept positioning himself between me and Erick as he continued to try to get close to me.

Finally I told Erick I would let him stay in the spare room if he was willing to rent Roy an apartment for college.

He jumped right on that, thinking it would give him unrestricted time with me to try to win me back. Little did he know I had planned to stay in my new husband’s Apartment by the college eighty-five miles away.

I watched Roy’s face go ashen when I told him he could stay. But I went to him and held him. I got to his ear with my mouth and whispered. “Its ok Roy, I will stay with you in the apartment.”

   Roy’s face lit up like the sun. I hoped it didn’t give away my plan to be with Roy behind Ericks back.


Erick moved into the spare room without a complaint. The only complaint was from me and Roy as he wanted me, as most horny teens want there mate. And I wanted him too.

I had to change my underwear several times a day just being around Roy. It was cramped being with both Roy and Erick. But Erick didn’t stay at home all the time. I would send him to the store and find myself being bent over the dining room table seconds after he left. Roy’s cock pounding inside my love tunnel bringing me to the most pleasing orgasms. Roy was such a wonderful lover.

I was surprised that Erick didn’t notice the pungent odor form the sex we where having. But he seemed impervious of our lust. And our love.

It took a wile for Erick to find a one-bedroom apartment. Erick took Roy with him to check it out. As I was busy that day.

When Roy got back with his father Roy darted in the kitchen to find me. Erick left going back to work. But Roy wasted no time taking me to our room and getting me naked. He put his face between my legs and ate my pussy like a southerner eats grits.

After I circumed to three of the best orgasms I had had in well a few hours anyway, he crawled up to me and fed my pussy with his beautiful cock that I have grown so fond of.

He fucked me slowly and softly as he took me as his mate. Making me his. Making me love him even more.

As I climaxed a few more times each time I looked into my son’s bright blue eyes. I imagined us together forever. I knew that most of the time the woman out lived the male by several years. But with Roy he would put me to rest far before his end. For some reason I found comfort in this knowledge.

It took three weeks before Roy moved into his apartment in the town north of us 85 miles. I went with him as his dad fallowed in his pickup with all the makings of a household in the bed.

After Erick, Roy and I had him moved into the new apartment Erick tried to surprise me by telling me he had motel reservations for us. Looking right into Erick’s eyes I told him. “I don’t care. I will be staying with Roy.”

“There is only one bed?” Erick demanded.

I just smiled.

I stayed with Roy that night and of course made love to him for hours. I never turned him down for sex. Not that I could, the way I taught him to take me. Oh I might turn him down if I am on my cycle as that can be very uncomfortable. But he has never asked me when I was on my cycle. Come to think about it, it has been a wile since my last cycle. I think to myself.

I laid with my husband=son as he softly held me tight. “Roy, is it ok if I stay here with you?”

“Of course, Anna. You are always welcome in our home. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Great, because I plan to spend a lot of time here. I am going to look for work around here too. so, I can help bring home some bacon. WE can’t rely on Erick to much longer.”

“Yes, I know mom…”

“ANNA!!” I snap. “We are in our bed Roy.”

Roy chuckled and then said. “Anna. I know. I am looking forward to you tutoring me Anna. I want to maintain my 4.0 G.P.A.

I kissed Roy again and felt he was ready to give his wife more orgasms. I knew his wife wanted a few more.


A few weeks later, I woke in my husband son’s arms feeling safe and just a little squeeze. I got up and washed my face off with cold water witch dissolved the queasy feeling I was having. I then went to the kitchen and began to make my husband breakfast. I didn’t care about Erick right then. Just Roy.

As I started cooking some bacon the smell hit me so hard I turned off the oven and ran to the commode just in time to hurl. Dropping to my knees I emptied my stomach of the bile that was in it.

Roy heard me and came running to my aide. I felt his warm hand on my neck as he kneeled down beside me. Roy my husband now, held me with companion as I started to realize what might be the problem.

“Get me a cool rag Roy, please.” I asked.

“Sure Anna.”

I could hear the water running then it being turned off. Just a few seconds later I felt the cool rag on the back of my neck. I had wanted it to wash my face but it felt so good there I changed my mind.

“What’s wrong Anna, you got the flue or something?” Roy asked with deep concern in his voice.

“Well.” I started. I took a moment to remember when it was that I had my last shot. It was almost four months ago. And get this. I was going to go in and get one for the cruise but… After Erick dumped me for his secretary I didn’t bother going in. I figured that I was going with Roy, and nothing could happen. Even if I met someone on the cruise.

“Roy?” I asked.

“ANNA…” he answered stroking my hair.

“I love the smell of bacon cooking!” I paused. “I always look forward to it when I cook in the morning.” I pause again. I am sure Roy is a bit of a nervous wreck right now trying to figure out what I was saying. I reached over my shoulder and take the rag. I wipe my face and stand, turn and confront my husband. “Roy?” I said again. “There has only been one time that the smell of bacon has turned my stomach.”

Roy looked at me with deep concern in his eyes.

“When I was caring you.” I finally announce.

I watched Roy stand in front of me with concern in his face and eyes. Suddenly his eyes got large and round. “Mom!! Your not on birth control?” he said and I watched him turn a ghostly white. “Oh, MY, GOD… MOM Really?” he asked.

“I don’t know but it is looking that way.”

Then Roy did something that made me love him even more. He wrapped me in his arms tightly bringing me to him, squeezing me hard and pulling me off the floor. He swung me around a few times. (Not helping with my nausea.) Then set me on the floor and kissed me but good.

“I didn’t think we would be able to have children together.” Roy said with all his heart, never letting me go.

I held my husband tight but we where in for some difficult times ahead.

We sat down together and I told him that we would have to have in-depth testing done to make sure that the baby came out normal, with no birth defects. We talked about the baby quite a bit over the next few weeks.

I stayed with Roy the hole time. Erick didn’t seem to mind. He called me every day and tried to get me to come home. He sent me flowers, but I left them outside. He rote me letters. I returned them unopened.


It was a beautiful day. Roy came home form class and sat with me on the sofa. We started kissing and then French kissing then making out. I wasn’t showing at all and us two where the only ones who knew I was pregnant. We did buy a E.P.T. to confirm it. and I made an appointment with a doctor that I hoped would be open minded to help us with our dilemma.

I had found a geneticist that gave us some really good news. He said that, because inbreeding was knocked out almost completely since the early 1900’s the chances where good that our child would be fine. He took some tests and sent them in. He told us that the ultra sounds would start in my second trimester.

I was making out with Roy when we heard someone at the door. Roy got up to answer it.

He found Erick there with a look of anger on his face. I smiled at him. I should have noticed that I was wearing the nightgown that Roy had bought me on the cruise. But I really didn’t care. I had been Erick’s latest calls and had his number set to go to voice mail.

Finally, he said. “Would you like to explain this?” he said holding up an already opened envelope.

Roy jumped up and said. “Oh, our marriage license came in Anna.” He took the envelope and pulled the document out.

Ericks pallor began to change dramatically. “How long?” Erick asked very weekly.

“How long where you fucking your secretary?” I answered. “I know it was long enough to get her pregnant. I heard she is suing you for child support. And maybe even more?”

Erick went to a chair and sat. I really didn’t want him here with us. But what the hay.

“So, this is real. Your really married. And you are here to live happily ever after.”

Roy came to me sat next to me and we both glared at my ex-husband.

“Erick, tell you what. If you continue to pay for the apartment and Roy’s college until he graduates. I will sign the house back to you. You can live their and find more whore secretaries to fuck and knock up. You agree to do this. I won’t fight you anymore. Or go after the brokerage accounts that you hid several hundred thousand dollars in.” I watched the surprise on Ericks face as he didn’t know I had that knowledge. “You can keep it. Just pay for the apartment and his college until he graduates.”

Erick looked over at Roy who was reading our marriage certificate.

It took him a wile but he finally said. “So, this is it. You’re really going to throw away 20 years of marriage over one indiscretion. You really going to kick me to the curb. Just so you can fuck your only son.”

I looked up in the air for just a moment then said. “Yea, that’s about it.”


My husband Roy is once again chasing our children around the yard. Both are wonderful and perfect.

Roy graduated college top of his class and got a wonderful job in banking. He is a branch manager and doing very well. I almost never see him without a smile. I am still in love with my husband-son. He is everything I need.

My two yes two kids Mark and Lora are perfect. I am lucky to have them and I know that. I had my tubes tied after their birth. Let me tell you I am glad I did. being married to a 20-year-old is work some days. Well good work. I think I spent more time on my back than I did on my feet for the first two years.

Some days he still doesn’t let up. but I don’t mind. He still takes me when he wants me. He makes sure I know I am his and only his. and I love my husband. And my other kids-grandkids.

Erick disappeared soon after Roy graduated. He sold the house and just left without a forwarding address. I have no desire to look for him and Roy pretty much disowned his dad too.

We are happy now. Roy has taken me on a cruise for every anniversary we have had by the way. We had gone to the Bahamas, Alaska, Hawaii, England, south America. Roy knows how much I love to sail. So he even bought us a wind jammer cruise. It was the most exciting time of my life short of my first cruise.

Each cruise Roy would ask the caption to marry us again, each time they accepted. Roy would then have me presented with something OLD, something NEW, something BAROWED, and something BLUE. And I would shed tears of joy because I was married to my soul mate.

Thank you for reading.


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