Grandpa and his maid fucked me in night (part 2)

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This is the last part of the story with my grandpa and his maid and includes group fuck with his friends banner2

Hi everyone thank you for loving my story so much, now I will get back to the story

The next morning when I woke up I was feeling tired because in night after the sex session, I didn’t sleep as over night, I was thinking how my grandpa fucked me and cummed on me.

            I woke up at 10 am in morning and I directly went for bath and while bathing, I was fingering my pussy and thinking about my grandpa cock, Then after 5-10 mins I came back to conscious and then I had a bath, and when getting dressed I thought of what grandpa said on night about group fuck, so I thought of not wearing inners anything.

 I just wore tight leggings and a deep neck t-shirt. My grandpa went to the village for some work. His maid was at home and I went to the kitchen to check what she was doing. She was preparing the breakfast I went to and said as daily my mouth is getting sticky and my body is also getting sticky. I don’t know why.

Then I said I would feel sticky when I had sex with my bf and he would cum on me the same sticky I am feeling here, she was shocked and asked me did you see anyone having sex with you I said no, and I said in night I feel like some cock is entering my pussy and in mouth also.

Then I suddenly said that there are no boys or any one in the house except my grandpa and I asked her where my grandpa sleeps. She said as he will be sleeping in his room.

I said I think grandpa is fucking me in night, she said are you mad how can your grandpa fuck you. Then I told a lie stating that I have seen grandpa stroking cock by taking my name and Cumming and he even too your name also while stroking his cock

Then the maid said no if he needs he would have fucked me, then I said to her that I too need my grandpa cock by listening to this the maid got free and said don’t worry he will be ready to fuck you and he is the one who fucks you in night

Then my grandpa came to home and called the maid and asked whether I had woken up or not. I said grandpa I have woken up and I am ready for breakfast.

Then I went near him and then I hugged him tightly and make him feel my boobs as I was not wearing anything inside, by hugging me he started rubbing my back and started saying my granddaughter I love you so much, by listening this I hugged him still tight and my boobs was rubbing his chest.

I was feeling his crotch near my pussy area, I got to know that his cock is hard now so I just moved my right hand from back to his private area, he was shocked to feel like this and then I started touching his cock over his shorts and dhoti.

Then I went down on knees and started opening his dhoti and in just one pull I removed it and his cock was trying to come out from the shorts and in no time I removed the shorts and took hold on cock

Then maid came out of kitchen and she said so you started now itself then don’t know what happen to my grandpa he hold my hairs and pulled me up and started giving me lip kiss and started smooching my boobs over my t-shirt

Then maid came near me and she removed my shorts and started licking my pussy I was like sandwiched on top I was getting lip kissed and my boobs were pressed hard and down my pussy was getting licked and ass was getting pressed by maid

After some time my grandpa while kissing only removed my t-shirt too and he started sucking my boobs and rubbing my other nipple between two fingers and his one hand was near my mouth and his middle finger was in my mouth and I was sucking that

Then after 15-20 mins they both left me. I again sat on the floor and started giving a hand job to him, I took his cock in mouth and started sucking his cock and he was deep throating me after 10 mins he cummed in my mouth.

Then he said so my slut granddaughter is ready to get fucked by drinking all his cum I said no I need a group fuck which you said yesterday night

He said ohh so you know everything I said I know that so tonight I need a group fuck and I want to enjoy more cocks, my grandpa agreed to that and said tonight I will be calling some friends from another village and don’t say them your my granddaughter your just a slut to them and a Randi to me on that night

And from today you will not wear any dresses in home and all day both the girls of house will be nude, the maid accepted that as I was already nude only the maid removed all her clothes as she was also not wearing any inners

My grandpa said to maid that to help me in cleaning all my body hairs and help in getting ready like a slut for tonight and he asked me do I smoke or drink I said I just smoke I don’t drink so he said ok you can smoke in home from today and tonight you can have that also

At evening 7pm I was ready in a transparent blouse and a sari and just panty inside and she offered me some jewelry to wear and bangles and everything to wear I wore all that when I saw myself in mirror I was like a slut on roadside

Around 8.30 all of them arrived there were 2 old men and 1 young man and 1 boy around 20-22year I was shocked to see that and I got to know I was getting fucked with all aged men today.

They saw me in the hall and as I looked to them all were just adjusting their cocks in their pants and dhotis and I was just laughing a lil bit all of them came and sat on chairs and sofa I went near the door and locked the door one of them said to my grandpa omg this slut is ready for the session.

The maid came and she keep the jug and glasses on table and asked me to serve for all, then I went ahead and put the water into glasses and went one by one to everyone and served the water to them and in between they tried touching my ass when I bent and offer the water to someone which I liked it.

I went to my grandpa and offered him the glass he by tapping on his lap asked me to sit on that I did as he said, I sat on lap and first he kissed me on lips and took the glass and had some water and some water he put on my blouse and my nipples were clearly visible as soon as he put the water inside blouse I removed my pallu and showed all the nipples to everyone.

Then he pushed me on the floor. I suddenly fell down in the middle of everyone by seeing this everyone got tempted and started rubbing their cocks, then the young boy said to my grandpa and everyone let’s start the session then one old man asked me to dance and undress myself.

I stood up and started dancing and started stripping myself they were like watching me as if I am the first lady they are seeing nude, and again someone said come to one by one by dancing and undress us and take your tips

I went to my grandpa first he was on the chair I sat on his lap and started moving my ass on his cock and meanwhile unbuttoned his shirt and got up from his lap removed his dhoti and his shorts and lip kissed him.

I went to the next old man and I sat down and started unzipping his pant and he started pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples v hard I was like screaming and when I stood up and tried unbutton his shirts he rubbed my pussy and again I gave a lip kiss and moved to next.

I went to the next young man on the sofa . Both of them were sitting on the sofa . I sat on both of the laps and they started pressing my boobs and turn by turn they were lip kissing me and I removed the pants of both and holded the both cocks in two hands and pressed v hard.

Now I came back in middle and sat on table in middle and all four stood up and came near me and I was feeling 8 hands on my body some were rubbing my ass some were rubbing my stomach and some on boobs and some was trying to insert finger in ass and my grandpa was fingering my pussy and I was holding two cocks in two hands and the teen boy pushed his cock into my mouth and the another guy stood up on table and started hitting his cock on my head

I was like a porn star that day the teen was fucking my mouth like hell I think it was his first fuck in life and I don’t know why the young guy started hitting his cock on my head and I was stroking the cocks of old mans.

They all lifted me and took to bedroom and my grandpa called the maid to bring the oil and cream and honey and some ciggs and drinks, within some time all that arrived in room he asked the maid to get naked and start making drinks to all 4 of them and in some time she got naked and started making drinks to them and I was on bed and now the young guy was sitting on my mouth and fucking and the teen was licking my pussy and the old man’s were sucking my boobs biting them.

Maid called them by saying the drinks are ready the old man’s went there they took the maid and started pressing her boobs and sipping the drinks and the teen boy went took the glass and came near me I said I don’t drink so he put some drink in my navel and started sucking from there and the young guy by fucking my mouth cummed in that and I was forced to drink that.

And then the main fuck got started my grandpa after finishing his drink came to me and started licking my pussy and after some time he was back to hard and then he inserted his cock in my pussy and the young boy now started having drink with maid and he was kissing to her and then the another old guy came and started mouth fucking me and I started stroking the cock of the teen boy and within no time my grandpa was done he cummed inside me and slept beside me and the another old man came and started fucking me and after 2-3 mins he asked me to turn and come in doggy style

I turn around and by sucking the teen cock I was getting penetrated by the old guy and he was trying to insert finger in ass of me I was screaming then as he tried to insert his middle finger and then the young boy came near me with the oil he started pouring oil inside the hole he called maid to come to bed and asked to rub the old in my ass hole and finger me some time

Meanwhile he poured some oil on his cock and made it full oily by seeing this I got to know that he is going to fuck my ass and in no time I was in doggy and was getting fucked by old he came top of me and started pushing his cock in my ass I was screaming and his cock entered my ass he did not stroke he just inserted his full cock in ass and was holdings me from stomach.

After some time when I reduced screaming then he started fucking me this was my first double fuck in ass and mouth and pussy I was filled in 3 holes and my grandpa was shocked to see me like this they all by changing positions fucked me till midnight 2 am and after fucking left me and maid on floor to sleep naked

In morning when I woke up I was shocked there were money in my pussy and mouth and a gold chain in my neck

This is how I got fucked in group from my grandpa home and from his friends

Please drop a mail if u liked the story and wanted to know my all real sex stories@ [email protected]

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