The Friday my Life Changed CH1

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“That feels fucking massive, you’re much bigger and thicker than your father. I will make you so hard tonight. My tits are very sensitive; I can cum when you suck and play with them. My clitoris is not small and loves to be played with. I love lots of stimulation and then fucked hard and deep in every hole.” Lesbian

Paul arrived home in the late afternoon, he had got the results of his finals, and he was now a lawyer. He was on cloud nine. His dad was putting a suitcase into his car. Paul told him that he had passed his finals. His dad congratulated him then said, “Paul, I am so happy for you, you have done well. Your mother and I have had a little disagreement, and I have decided that I will now sleep in the apartment at the coast. I believe that now your mother and I have reached the end of the road. You are without a doubt the best thing to come out of the relationship. We are both going through a difficult time. I wish that I was celebrating with you tonight, we will do it another day. Please feel free to have some Champagne from my cellar. If you need to contact me, then please do it through my mobile, and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.”  


He gave Paul two hundred and fifty pounds from his wallet, shook his hand and left. Paul was grateful for the money, he then went into the house, and his mum wasn’t there. He went into the Cellar and took two bottles of Pol Roger Blanc de Chardonnay and put them into the fridge in the kitchen. There was an opened bottle of his mum’s Chablis there. He poured himself a glass, and as he sipped it, he said to himself, “Well done Paul, no one has ever graduated with this degree with doing less work.”  


At the end of his first term in his first year, Paul had realised that when a lecturer emphasised a point, then that was an important point. He always made notes when this happened, and this had paid dividends in all his exams. He then sent his mother a message which read, “Hi mum, just got home and I am now a lawyer. I’m happy that it’s now over. Dad was here and told me that you had had a slight disagreement and he is going to stay in the apartment. What’s he done this time? I want to invite you out for dinner this evening, where would you like to eat? I’m having a glass of your Chablis this now, and it’s wonderful, my first drink as a lawyer. When will you be home?”  


A minute later his phone rang, and his mum said, “Darling, I am so proud of you, well done, I will be home in ten minutes. Pour me a glass as I need it. It’s Friday night so let’s walk to the Golf Club, I am sure that they have a supper dance tonight. When I get home just let me talk to you but make sure that you keep my glass topped up. A slight disagreement, I fucking hate that man. We are finished now, I will never sleep under the same roof as him again. I’m so proud of you, be with you soon.”  


Paul got a glass for Val, his mother and topped his glass up. He then thought of the implications of what his mother had said. His father was a doctor in General Practice. He had his practice with five assistants. He was comfortably off. Val had inherited her father’s business; it was a considerable business which included hotels, restaurants and bars. It also included a wine company which was the largest independent wine company in the area. It was run by her father’s personal assistant who was now in her sixties. She had worked for his grandfather for over forty years.  


As his Aunt May said, “Your father puts the bread on the table, but your mother puts the jam on it.”  

Aunt May wasn’t an aunt, she was Val’s best friend, and he always referred to her as Aunt May. May was a doctor and had her Clinic. Paul had worked in the business during his school and University holidays and knew the day to day operations inside out. He got on well with Bunty who ran the business, she had her finger on the pulse, and the whole business was computerised, and all the staff were geared up for customer service. It worked well.  


Val arrived home and immediately hugged Paul and said, “I’m so proud of you. I was so depressed half an hour ago, and now I am the happiest woman in the world. Where is my glass I need a drink?”  


Paul filled her glass, and they went into the lounge. She told him that she had booked a table for tonight at seven-thirty and then told him what had happened. Two weeks ago today, Sal had terrible pain when she peed, and she was peeing all the time. She also had a very sore throat. She had messaged May, but May couldn’t see her until Tuesday as she was at a seminar until Monday afternoon.  


On Tuesday morning May told her she had gonorrhoea, and it was a strong strain. May put her on antibiotics and told her not to have sex for ten days. Today, May had checked her, and she was now clean. Val then said to him that in four years he had infected her three times. This, was now the end. Val owned the house, and he had bought the apartment at the coast. She would now divorce him.  


Val was now on her fourth glass of wine and was emotional. Paul said, “Mum, you are doing the right thing, if I can help you in any way then I will. Don’t let him away with this. The cards are all in your favour. With May’s medical records, it’s impossible for him to defend. I would slow down on the drinking now as we need to be at the Golf Club in forty-five minutes. I would suggest not to think about this. I won’t mention it again. I need to have a shower. Let’s meet in the lounge at seven-twenty.”  


She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek then said, “I will shower too. See you at seven-twenty.”  


Paul showered in the bathroom, Val had her ensuite bathroom. As he showered, he felt sorry for his mum. His dad was an absolute asshole. He drank and smoked a lot. He only thought of himself. Paul thought it was so typical of him inviting him to have some of his Champagne when in fact it was Val’s Champagne. He was happy that he had cheered up Val, three times she has gone through this. Val was better off without him.  


Paul didn’t know the inner workings of Val’s business, but he knew that it was big. Bunty had once told him that they employed over four thousand people. He liked Bunty; he thought that she must be in her sixties. She was a Chartered Accountant and very capable. Val had once told him that she felt that she was her father’s lover, but she wasn’t sure.  

He then dressed and went downstairs. He had a glass of Chablis as he waited for Val who arrived exactly on the half hour. She said, “I am sorry that I’m a little bit late, but I was extra careful putting on my war paint. I won’t have any more wine as we had better go to the Club. This will pay for the meal.”  

She handed Paul two hundred pounds. It put it in his pocket. Val looked stunning. She was wearing a pale red cashmere polo neck which highlighted her massive tits beautifully. She was also wearing a pair of figure-hugging red slacks and was carrying a red custom-made cashmere jacket. Paul helped her put it on then they left for the Club. As they walked Val took Paul’s hand as she gently squeezed it she said, “I am proud of you, I was so down, and now I feel so good, it’s a long time since I have felt so good. Is it ok if mummy lets her hair down tonight or do you want her to be prim and proper?”  


Paul stopped then took her in his arms; he could feel the weight of her gigantic breasts against his chest, he also felt the gentle circular motion of her pussy against his leg. At this moment he saw his mum in a different light. As he was about to speak he could feel his cock stirring; he said, “My Lady in Red, I have never seen you looking so lovely as you do tonight, I have never seen you shine so bright. You honestly look amazing. May I call you Val when we out together as I would feel uncomfortable calling you mum. Secondly, I want you to be yourself; I want to get to know you as a person. If I can give you happiness in your life, then I will.”  


Val hugged him tighter; her pussy was more forceful against his leg; his cock was getting harder. Val stood on her toes and brought his mouth to hers. His mouth opened and her tongue slid deep inside his mouth. She could kiss as her hips pushed her pussy harder against his leg. They kissed for several minutes then she broke off and said, “Please call me Val, but I know that there will be times when we are alone that it will arouse me if you call me mummy.”  


“I only stayed with your father because of you. I hate him for everything that he has done to me and for everything that he hasn’t done for you. I will be myself so that you can get to know the real me. I love you as a mother loves her child. We are both human and have our needs and urges. I also find you attractive as a person which I find exciting. Let’s have fun at the Club, but tonight I would like you to share my bed with me. I hope that you feel comfortable with that.”  


They had taken a footpath to the Club and were in total privacy. Paul’s cock was rock hard. He took Val’s hand placed it on his groin. She squeezed it and stroked it beautifully; he asked,” I hope that you are comfortable with this.”  


They kissed again this time with much more passion, she took his right hand and put it on her left breast, he could feel her hard nipple, her tits were enormous. She said, “That feels fucking massive, you’re much bigger and thicker than your father. I will make you so hard tonight. My tits are very sensitive; I can cum when you suck and play with them. My clitoris is not small and loves to be played with. I love lots of stimulation and then fucked hard and deep in every hole.”  


They then walked arm in arm to the Golf Club. Paul felt very relaxed, and so did Val. The Golf Club was one of Val’s wine company’s customers. Paul ordered a bottle of Champagne as they ordered their meal. Val whispered, “Darling, use the credit card I gave you in your first year at University then we can drink Champagne all night. I feel so good, and it feels so natural.”  


The meal was excellent as it always was. The ‘Band’ started to play which was, in reality, a keyboard player who was also a great singer. His music was from the eighties which everyone loved. Val and Paul danced a lot but mostly to the slow numbers as Val wanted to conserve her energy for later. Val felt so good in his arms; she knew when to squeeze and push her cunt against him.”  


During one dance he held her so close and whispered in her ear, “The Lady in Red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek. There’s nobody here; it’s just you and me. It’s where I want to be. But I hardly know this beauty by my side. I’ll never forget the way you look tonight. I love you.”  


As they went back to their table, Val said, “Those were wonderful words, you made mummy cum. Let’s go home; I want you so much. I want to make this so special for you tonight. You can cum inside me. I’ll get May to put me on the pill. I have some morning-after pills, and I will take one tomorrow morning. I want you to fill me with your hot spunk tonight. I am so happy. Darling, I am also wearing red underneath, I love risqué lingerie. In the house, I will only wear lingerie for you.”  







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