In The Deep End

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I reached below and cupped his heavy balls, he groaned. "I'm coming, Penny! Oh my god, I'm coming!" I felt his cock thrust one last time, then the heat of his sperm flooded my pussy. That did it for me as well. I felt myself gush, his rapid thrusts against my cervix had turned me into quivering jelly. stepmom


In The Deep End"

Hi, sis! Where's Trevor? He's not answering his phone."

Penny laughed aloud and said, "About 25 thousand feet right now on his way to Spain".

“It seems as if the company he works for needs him there. Is there anything I can help with?" She replied.

"Well, you know, I got this sailing holiday booked? Simon can't make it and I was going to ask Trevor if he wanted to fill in."

"He's away for a least a week. Hey! What's wrong with asking me?"

"I didn't know you were into sailing"

"You know I never turn a good holiday down. Besides, I'm on my own now. Unless you're afraid I might scare the girls away..." she trailed off laughing.

We had always been pretty close as kids. Couple that with the fact that she was a good looker I mused to myself. The idea was gaining merit rather quickly.

"OK, can you be here in one hour? Just bring some old clothes. We're bound to be wet most of the time" "See you there, bye!" She said happily as she rang off.

I looked at the boat on the trailer behind the car. I had bought it at a good price from a well know auction site. Having never sailed before I looked online for an instructor. Eventually, I found a site that held week-long courses for beginners and eagerly booked a spot.

Penny arrived, unloaded her gear and stowed it in the trunk. I made a final check of the trailer and made sure that everything was secure. We took a steady drive, stopping only to get coffee and check the trailer again.

It took forever, but we finally reached the site. We booked in and were given the itinerary for the week.

Our chalet had two single beds in one room. As it was originally supposed to be two men it didn't pose a problem. Now that Penny was here, I said that I would sleep on the couch.

Our first thing was life jacket drill and survival training. It said to wear old clothes because we would get very wet.

We spent the first-hour meeting everyone and learning what we had let ourselves in for. Then learning how to tie and use life jackets. The instructor had us all stand in a line on the edge of the lake. He walked down the line, and one by one pushed us in the water. It was cold, but he made us demonstrate that we could inflate the jacket and blow the whistle.

Eventually, he dismissed us and told us to get changed. "Dinner in one hour!" He shouted.

We dripped our way back to our chalet. Shivering I stood at the door and stripped off my clothes. I had no intention of being charged for damaging the carpet.

Penny looked at me standing in my pants and after a moment, she shrugged her shoulders.

She pulled off her wet clothes and entered in only her bra and panties.

It had been a long time since I had seen my sister half-naked. She stood in her bra and panties, soaked. The wet material hid nothing.

"Hey you, perving your sister?" She said laughing.

"Sorry sis, I couldn't help myself. You are one hot lady". Penny blushed and went into the bedroom to shower.

She removed the bra and panties; and looked at herself in the mirror. Her breasts were not big, 34C. However, her nicely shaped hips led to a cute butt.

She smiled to her self in the mirror and knew she had to keep an eye on her brother this week. She entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. The warm water cascaded over her trim body.

Meanwhile, I had stripped off and tied a towel around my waist. I sat on the bed patiently as I waited for my turn in the shower.

Penny turned off the water and walked naked into the bedroom. She had accidentally left her towel on the bed. Suddenly, she froze.

There I sat on the edge of the bed waiting. She stood there in shock as the water continued to drip off of her. "I think you are trying to turn me on sis, two flashes in ten minutes".

I sat and gazed appreciatively at her slim body as she continued to stand there. Her breasts were firm and tipped with the most beautiful nipples I had seen for ages.

My gaze followed her slim waist and admired a set of fantastic hips. Unable to stop, I looked further down. That was when I noticed something interesting. She was completely shaved, save for a narrow landing strip of pubic hair. All of this took a few seconds but seemed like ages.

Penny saw I was sitting on her towel and reached forward. I thought it was to snatch it from under me, but instead, she whisked mine from around my waist. I tried to grab it, but she crossed the room away from me. "Oh look, my big brother is flashing his big cock to his little sister."

Penny felt herself getting aroused as she noticed the hard cock jerking as she looked at it, her nipples hardened as she watches it twitch, she wondered what it would feel like buried deep inside her, What was going on in his mind? Was he getting the same feelings as her?

It was all true and as I stood up to go to the shower I could see my cock leading the way. Rather than feeling embarrassed, I want to let her know I was attracted to her and wanted nothing less than to make love to her. But I knew I was on dangerous territory "Sorry, sis. It's your tits. They do it for me every time." I admitted as I entered the shower room.

In the shower I let the hot water run over my body, I was surprised at her not getting angry with my display, I remembered the look on her face as she pulled the towel from my waist, the almost imperceptible licking of her lips.

My soapy hand aided me to orgasm as in my mind I saw her kneeling in front of me, ready to complete my dream. I dried myself slowly, letting my body recover.

Getting dressed I wondered what she was thinking. I entered the front room. I saw that Penny had made coffee, we sat in silence, it was not an awkward silence, but mutual, I felt a bit of guilt wanking over lewd thoughts of my sister. Penny, on the other hand, was looking at the other side of the situation, she had felt a stirring deep inside her body that she had not felt for ages, she still had a tingle in her breasts, and it felt so good.

"OK, Steve. Let's talk about this. We both know we are going to get wet and our bodies will show. After all, we are adults. I don't mind you seeing me nude and obviously, you weren't too shy about me seeing you're hard on.

" We both agreed it was silly to be too cautious. Just do what comes naturally was the rule. That issue settled we returned to the lake to finish off our lessons.

The rest of the afternoon was spent learning to rig the boats and reviewing the rules of sailing.

As we walked back to the chalet we saw the notice board. The club had a live band starting at eight pm. Penny and I both loved dancing. Wondering if she wanted to go, I turned to ask her if she would be interested. The excited glint in her eyes answered my unspoken question.

Penny liked to be fashionably late, so we didn't leave until nearly eight-fifteen. Penny wore a low slung top that showed her cleavage nicely. Her denim skirt that was so short that it barely covered her ass.

I held the door open for her and we walked inside. I wandered over to the bar and ordered drinks for both of us while Penny used the rest-room.

Later that night she told me how she met Sandra. She said it went something like this... I finished doing my thing and stood there at the sink. I washed my hands and fiddled around with my hair. That was when I noticed a girl of about twenty that stood at the next sink.

"Hi! My name's Sandra. Is this your first time here?"

"Yes, the first time for both of us," I replied as she patted a stray hair back into place. "You've got a cute boyfriend." Sandra giggled, feeling slightly embarrassed. "If you get fed up with him throw him my direction."

I was just about to correct her when it happened. "Let's have some fun," I thought devilishly. I turned to face the newcomer and flashed her a mischievous grin. "Oh yes, he's one hot guy." I winked conspiratorially at the young woman.

"I can tell that I'm going to have to keep my eye on you!" I added with a laugh as I walked toward the exit.

I saw Penny walking toward the table I had secured , and noticed the cat that swallowed the canary grin plastered on her face.

Penny looked at me and I began to wonder what she was on about. When she was by my side, she bent over and kissed me full on the lips. "Did you know we are known as a hot couple here?" she laughed.

I looked at her as if she was drunk.

Penny explained about Sandra and pointed her out. She was indeed hot and she waved at us when she noticed us looking at her.

Penny leaned over and pulled my head to hers and our lips met again.

"Damn it, Penny, what are you trying to do? I'm only human"

"Steve I'm going to be honest with you, Trevor is always away, and we never spend time together. He is always too tired to make love to me, while he is a fantastic provider, I need the feel of someone holding me." "Work has taken over his life and I'm left on my own," Penny confessed openly to me.

"When Sandra said I had a cute boyfriend it gave me an idea." "No one here knows that we're brother and sister, right? So why not relax and let's have some fun without going too far."

I had known that he was keen on getting a directorship with his firm, but didn't realize that my brother in law was neglecting her. Looking at her sitting there I thought what the heck, let's go for it.

The music changed at that moment, to a slow dance. "All right sis, let's relax and have some fun.". "Thanks, Steve", she murmured.

Getting up we went to the dance floor, I held her close and felt her head rest on my shoulder, Our bodies moved as one,

I ran my fingers down her spine; she was one sexy lady I had in my arms. I felt myself getting hard. Her body rubbing sensually against mine was such a big turn on. I tried to pull my hips away so she wouldn't feel it, but her hand pushed my ass closer.

She was enjoying the feeling of being desired. She moved her head away from my shoulder and I made the mistake of looking into her eyes. Wordlessly, her mouth descended to mine. Our lips met briefly and parted. Standing there with our bodies pressed against each other we forgot everything else.

Our lips met again and soon we were lost in the kiss. As the music ended, we felt a tap on our shoulders, it was Sandra and her boyfriend. "Hey, you two. Come up for air," she laughed. We parted laughing,

Penny introduced us and Sandra introduced her partner as Philip. We sat together with them chatting most of the night. I could see from the way Philip fawned over Penny that he was taken in by her.

The club started to close and we said goodnight to our new found friends. We walked slowly back to the chalet. each of us lost in our thoughts. We both knew we had crossed the line, but I don't think we were bothered.

At the time we were doing it, it felt so right. When we entered the chalet Penny turned to me and was about to speak. Instead, I silenced her with a kiss. As soon as our lips touched I felt her melt into my arms.

My hands caressed her body all over, exploring her slim waist and I followed the curve up to her breasts. She gasped when she felt my hands cover her bra. I gently cupped each one and squeezed. Our hips pressed against each other and I knew that she enjoyed the sensation of my hardness as it pushed against her.

I lifted her arms above her head and took her top off. The lacy bra was a half cup and her hardened nipples lay exposed. She groaned as my lips engulfed her nipple sucking it deep into my mouth. Her hands trembled as she gripped my head.

Feelings she had not felt for a long time swept through her body. She continued to hold my head tight, forcing me to tease and suckle her. My hand went behind and undid the clasp. This caused her bra to fall forward and revealed both of her breasts.

Excited, I knelt before her. My hands slid to her waist and my mouth kissed a trail to the top of her skirt while my hands fumbled around for the zipper tab. I gave the metal tab a slow downward pull until it was completely open. All it took was a gentle tug to send the skirt to the floor. My sister stood nearly naked before me.

The tiny thong she wore barely covered her sex. It did nothing to conceal the flesh that was in front of my eyes. Penny groaned as she realized my hands were taking down the last piece of clothing. A moment later she felt my lips as they followed the same path her panties had taken.

Teasingly, I licked my way down to the spot where her womanhood began. She gripped my head again as she spread her legs apart, allowing me free access to her hot cave. I could smell the musk coming from her body. I took one long lick across her landing strip of pubic hair and bent so I could taste her juices from the source.

One-touch from my tongue had her leaking her juices , Penny collapsed to the floor.

I stood up and ripped my clothes off. My cock was fully charged with a hair-trigger. The feel of her cool hand as it gripped my shaft was all it took. One quick squeeze and my cock shot its load across her body. Spurt after spurt hit her. It landed in hot pools on her breasts, face, and pussy.

Penny rubbed the sperm into her skin, her legs opened and shut as her body absorbed my hot sperm. Spent, I bent down and picked her up. I carried her to the bed and turned on the bedside light.

In the glow of the light I watched her breasts as they rose and fell enticingly. Her hands reached out for me, "Steve I have never wanted something this bad before. Just fuck me hard, please."

As I bent over her body she reached for my cock. She pulled it to her pussy and when she rubbed it against her clit, her whole body shook in pleasure.

"Now, damn you. Fuck me hard!" She pleaded. I aligned my body with hers and slid my cock deep inside her. The warmth engulfed me and her muscular spasms gripped me tightly. "Hard and fast baby, please," she begged.

She pulled her legs over my shoulders and I thrust hard and deep. Her hands gripped my arms as I pummelled her pussy. Her juices flowed copiously and soaked both of our sexes. I felt my sperm starting to rise. "Baby, I am going to cum real soon." I gasped.

"Don't stop, I want it deep inside me." Her hips rose and thrust against mine as her orgasm started. The first spurt blew deep inside her. As she felt it splashing her pussy walls. she climaxed hard. Her head shook from side to side as it took over her body.

Even though I had come a short while ago, her pussy overflowed. Our conjoined juices pooled on the sheet beneath her. Slowly, I lowered her legs. Still, inside of her, I rolled over so we were side by side.

Our lips joined again as our bodies came down from our climaxes. I pulled the sheet over us as we held one another and drifted off to sleep.

I woke to a hot feeling in my groin, I realized that Penny was sucking me, I lay back and held her head gently. Her hot tongue swirled over the head and her hand gripped my shaft. With excruciating tenderness, she expertly rubbed it up and down.

I pulled her body over mine and kissed her. "Hiya sexy." I grinned. "I want you on top of me." She grinned and slowly sat up. She held my hard cock and lowered herself down. "Nice and slow, baby," I warned. "I want to enjoy this."

I left her body to set the pace. She lifted her hips slowly until I was almost out, then slowly slid back down. I felt her grip tighten on me as I played with her magnificent breasts. I twisted and pulled her nipples while she rode me energetically. She bent down and kissed me. "I think I am going to be sick all week and your cock is the only treatment that will cure me."

I felt her hips increase their movement. Her breath became sporadic as the strokes grew faster. She lay her hands on my chest and pushed as she lifted her hips. Her juices soaked me as they flowed over my balls. Suddenly, she stopped. A growl started deep in her stomach and her orgasm crept up. Her hips crushed down on mine as her orgasm swept through her.

When her climax finally subsided, she lay on top of me. She kissed me and held me in her arms. Content, we drifted off to sleep like that.

The next morning, we were roused by the banging on the door; Penny put her dressing gown on and opened it. Sandra stood there grinning, "Oh my god! You two are just like rabbits," she laughed. She came in and sat while Penny made us a coffee. It seemed we slept right through the morning lessons.

I could hear them talking in a low voice and it seemed that Sandra wanted to know what I was like in the bed. I heard Penny say she was in heaven. Sandra reminded her that if we split she wanted a go at me.

I showered and left them to their conversation.

When I came out of my shower, Sandra had gone. I lay on the sofa and held Penny in my arms. Nervously, I asked the question that had had plaguing me in the shower. "Do you have any regrets?" I asked her. "Never, and I don't think I want it to stop."

She turned her head to mine and kissed me deeply. We decided to skip the afternoon training and go into town. We walked as if we were a couple deeply in love, stopping every so often to kiss and hold each other.

Later, we met up with Sandra and Philip at tea. They told us there would be another group playing in the club tonight. We decided we would meet inside and the first couple would grab a table. "Sandra has the hots for you," Penny informed me as we walked back to the chalet. "Philip spent all night last night watching you," I answered smugly.

She smiled and I said, "Let's see how things go OK?" Penny smiled as we walked into the chalet, she had not been so happy for years. She had no guilty feeling, it just seemed so right.

We decided to shower together. I rubbed soap on Penny's back and let my fingers press into her ass cheeks. She gasped out loud as I brushed her rosebud. "Do that again baby that felt sooooooo good." I found yet more thing about my sister that astonished me.

She had always been reserved, but it looks like she was coming out of her shell. I got some shampoo and trickled it down her back. Eventually, it found its way to her crack. My finger gathered some and pushed gently against her hole. She groaned as I slipped into the first knuckle. I felt her push back. "More, baby, do it slowly."

Getting more shampoo I poured it over my finger. I let slide off of my finger and watched as it ran to her ass. Probing gently I felt it sink in further. Soon my whole finger was in and I twisted gently from side to side. "Try another, gently." The second finger slid in much easier.

I twisted and turned them as her ass rocked back and forth making a rhythm, my other hand reached around her body and found her clitoris, pushing the hood back gently I let my finger run along the sides putting gentle pressure on it.

Penny's breathing became raspy as my finger attacked her from two sides. "Now I want you to take my anal cherry, but go slow OK baby?"

She turned her head and we kissed as I brought my shampoo covered cock to her rosebud. I pressed my head gently against it and felt it slip in gently. Soon the entire head was in and Penny stood hands against the wall panting as she adjusted to this new feeling. Her legs were spread as I stood between them.

Gradually, I pushed forward slowly but surely I entered her. Soon I was buried deep inside her. Her ass was so tight, but it felt like heaven.

I stopped and let her body get used to me. Slowly, we did the dance of love. Penny moaned out loud each time I thrust forward. My hands gripped her hardened nipples and squeezed. My mouth sucked and bit her neck and I felt my climax start to build.

Penny was building up to a climax that she had never felt before. Her hand between her thighs, she worked her clit. Matching her movements to my thrusts ."Give it to me baby I need it right now," she shouted. "Here it cums baby!" I gasped.

The first shot exploded deep inside her bowel. She screamed as she felt the hot sperm pulse deep inside her, "Yessssss fill me baby, harder, harder." Her hand punished her clit as her orgasm swept over her.

We stood there silent letting our climax subside, I pulled her closed to me.

While I was still buried deep inside her, she reached behind my head and pulled my mouth onto hers. Neither one of said anything as we just stood there and let the water rush over our bodies. We didn't get out of the shower until the water started running cold.

It was getting late and it was time to dress for the evening. Penny had bought a dress in town today, and she planned to wear it tonight.

I lay on the bed and watched as she dried herself. I could see that she was quite happy.

She pulled the dress out from the wardrobe. She stepped gracefully into it and zipped it up. She had no bra or panties on and when it was zipped up I realized why. It clung to her figure like a second skin.

I whistled as she smoothed it down her body. I could picture the look on Philip's face when he saw this dress. "Come on we have five minutes until we meet them."

Penny smiled and slapped my ass to get me moving. "I bet Philip comes in his pants when he sees you," I shouted to her as I pulled on my shirt. "I bet Sandra's mouth will be watering if she could your package in that," Penny commented as I slipped on the thong that she had bought me earlier today.

We giggled like children as we went out the door, arms around each other. Sandra and Philip had arrived early and grabbed a table. While Philip and I went to the bar, the two women chatted. It was obvious that we were the topic of conversation. They stared at us and Sandra held her hand to her mouth as if she was shocked. "That is one beautiful lady you have." I turned to Philip and said truthfully.

"Not as hot as Penny, Christ I almost came in my pants when I saw what she was wearing." Philip smiled. "It's what she is not wearing that makes the dress," I said laughing. Phillip's mouth opened but he was unable to say a thing.

We rejoined the women at the table and passed around the drinks.

Philip and Sandra had the first dance, and they wandered to the dance floor. "Sandra wants you real bad," Penny whispered and laughed when we were finally alone. "Well, Philip wants to check what you are not wearing up close." I retorted.

"Are we going to be bad tonight?" she quizzed me. "That's up to you baby." I shot back at her. She grinned at me and said nothing.

We sat in silence holding hands, watching Philip and Sandra move around on the dance floor. Finally, the song began to draw to close. The pair approached the table and as Sandra sat down Penny looked up at Philip. "How about inviting me to dance"?

His face lit up and he escorted Penny to the floor. A nice slow dance came on and they melted together. I saw Penny lean back a bit so her hips were pushed at Philip's. Sandra grabbed my hand and drew me up. Her hands went around my neck and our bodies moved as one.

I felt her breasts as they pressed against me. My hands dropped to her ass and I pulled her in closer. Our hips meshed and gyrated against each other. It was obvious what we wanted. "You do know Philip has the hots for Penny?" Sandra asked as she looked at me. "Does Philip know I have the hots for you?" I replied innocently as I looked back into her eyes. "Yes," was all she said as she pulled my head down and kissed me.

I snuck a peek at Penny on the dance floor. I saw her hips sway erotically side to side and noticed that Philip's hand had covered her breast. My eyes met Penny's and she blew me a kiss. Then, she turned and kissed Philip on the lips.

We all met back at the table briefly. The two women went to the Loo and we got the drinks in. The women came back and we joined them.

Penny looked at both the guys and smiled. "OK, we know there is a feeling amongst the four of us. We've decided to let nature take its course. Sandra and Steve will use our chalet, while Philip and I use theirs. No comebacks, just good honest fun between friends."

We all looked at each other and laughed, the tension had been broken.

Chapter Two.

Penny and Philip

I could feel Philips cock pressing against my thigh, His eyes looked into mine. No words were spoken, none was needed. My pussy was leaking down my leg, each time we pressed together I felt his cock nudge my clit; sending spine chilling waves through me. My hand slipped between his and I could feel the hard ridge his cock made in his pants.

Philip pulled me close and nibbled my ear lobe," Are you ready to leave yet?" Looking into his eyes I nodded, we went and told the others. Steve kissed me and said "Have fun" and smiled.

We walked outside the club, the rain was falling gently, walking side by side as friends so as not to let anyone know our intentions. Philip opened the chalet door and ushered me in, we stood in the darkness silent and held each other. I was longing to feel his cock in my hand, it felt so big as we danced and pushed against me.

Philip kissed me gently, I felt myself giving up to his kisses. They were soft and gentle but had an urgency about them. His fingers danced over my dress, he could feel my nipples standing out on the thin material.

Bending his head he nibbled on the material that covered my nipples. I groaned and pulled away. "Help me take this off" I sad to him. His hands turned me around and undid the zipper. His hands crept into the dress from behind, cupped my breasts and twisted my nipples. He pulled the shoulder straps off, it slid to the floor. I was naked and I wanted him.

I knelt and undid his belt. Slowly, I pulled his zipper down and eased the trousers over his hips. I watched as they fell to his knees. His underpants tented with his hard cock and slowly I pulled them down. His cock was just inches from my face.

My mouth opened and I leaned forward . I wanted and needed his cock in my mouth. My tongue flicked out very slowly. I tasted the pre-cum on the head and made him groan. I held his hard cock out straight and I slid my tongue over the shaft.

I could feel the veins that ran the length. I bent and licked his balls. When I cupped them, I found them heavy. I hoped the sperm that filled them would soon be deep inside me. He pulled me to my feet and bent me over the settee and he ran his fingers across my pussy. I was so wet!

His fingers probed me and I felt my lips part as his fingers ran across the nub that was my clitoris. He took my breath away as he rubbed fast then slow. "I want your cock now Philip."

I was in the doggie position, and I knew it would go deep. He held his cock in his hand and let the head tease my clit. My juices flowed over the head and he knew I was ready for him. Philip pushed my back down and my ass rose in the air. My lips were in a full pout as I waited for him to enter. I felt him slide in and while Philip was not very thick, he was very long.

I felt him as he nudged my cervix with each thrust. My hands went behind him and pulled him in further. I wanted his cock to probe even deeper.

"Yes, Philip screw me, baby." I cried out encouragingly. The doggie position had the benefit of allowing me to play with my clit. I could feel his shaft with my fingers as he thrust in deep. I strummed hard, desperate to cum. Philip gripped my hips as he thrust harder and deeper and I knew by the way he was gripping me his spunk was ready to shoot deep inside me.

I reached below and cupped his heavy balls, he groaned. "I'm coming, Penny! Oh my god, I'm coming!" I felt his cock thrust one last time, then the heat of his sperm flooded my pussy. That did it for me as well. I felt myself gush, his rapid thrusts against my cervix had turned me into quivering jelly. We lay in that position for a while, his cock still hard, our combined cum dripped onto the carpet. Philip kissed my neck and back as he cupped my breasts. The nipples were so sensitive and I felt myself tremble as he squeezed them.

We both collapsed onto the floor, our hands and tongues slowly exploring each other. "I wonder how they're getting on?" Philip murmured, "If Sandra comes as good as I did she'll be in heaven," I said as I kissed his lips.

The urgency of the first fuck out of the way now, we moved together again. Philip slid in and was able to take his time. He kissed and held me and my body came alive again. The hairs on his chest set me off as we moved slowly together. I felt his sperm shoot into me again. I smiled and thought sex had never been better as it has the last two days.

We drifted off to sleep sated for the moment. About an hour later we stirred and Philip kissed me gently as he rose to get a shower. I joined him., but there was no sex now.

Pleased. we simply washed and held each other.

We decided to go and surprise the other two. We noticed that the camp was deathly quiet as we walk towards the chalet.

Chapter Three

Sandra and Steve.

Sandra smiled to herself as Penny and Philip left the clubhouse. She had Steve on the dance floor and his hands caressed her body. She felt herself tingle as he gripped the nipple in his fingers. "I think we need some fresh air honey before I rape you on the dance floor." Sandra murmured seductively in his ear.

Steve looked at Sandra and the heat in the room was nothing compared to what he was feeling now. Steve loved small breasts, he always had, but Sandra's breasts were twice the size of Penny's. He was shocked that he couldn't get enough of them.

The pair walked outside and the rain had turned to a fine drizzle. "Let's walk a bit by the lake," Sandra said taking his hand.

The campsite had quieted down and the air was cool. They stopped by one of the storage sheds and outside it had a small veranda. They sat on the bench and cuddled one another.

"So how long have you both been together?" Sandra asked Steve. "Most of our lives" He replied after a brief hesitation.

He kissed her lips and between kisses asked, "And you two?" "Three years." Was her response as she kissed him back.

"What do you mean most of your lives? That's a strange answer."

"Well, it's complicated." Steve realized his mistake, but it was too late.

He could see that Sandra was intrigued. "Well don't stop now!" Desperate, Steve tried to change the subject by pulling her over onto his lap and held her back to his chest. His hands crept under her top and he felt his way to her breasts. Sandra groaned as his hands lifted her bra and cupped her breasts. She loved the way his hands made love to her breasts.

He slid one hand down under her skirt and cupped her pussy. He could feel the heat that radiated from within.

His finger swept under the panties and felt her wetness. Sandra placed her hand on his and guided it to her clit. He rubbed her gently and loved how her juices made it so slick. "Come on baby tell me, your hiding something." Sandra gasped as she felt his fingers exploring her lips.

Steve knew he had to come clean. He mentally kicked himself in the head for his slip up, but now there was no more stalling. He took a deep breath and prayed his sister wouldn't kill him later. "Well, as I said it is complicated. You see," he hesitated briefly before blurting out, "Penny is my sister."

Sandra gasped as Steve told her everything. She felt hot as she imagined the forbidden sex that the brother and sister shared.

Completely aroused now, Sandra turned around and pulled Steve's trousers down. She lifted her skirt and she sat on his hard cock. She let it sink slowly.

"Play with my clit and tell me again" she gasped. She was turned on big time. Steve twisted her clit with his finger and he started to tell her how it all happened. Sandra bounced on his cock as he spilled the final details in her ear. It made Sandra cum hard.

She loved kinky sex and this was the best she had heard. "Take me back to the chalet and fuck me, hard baby," she growled.

They raced back to the chalet. Once the door had closed they tore their clothes off and tossed them in a messy heap. He threw her on the bed and entered her hard and quick.

"Fuck me like you do your sister," Sandra gasped, she was turned on big time now. "Do you fill her with your baby-making sperm or do you make her take it on the mouth?" "Both," Steve gasped out, "She also likes it up the ass."

He pounded her pussy with the thought of her knowing about them both. Sandra screamed out as she heard that. Her juices flooded out coating Steve's balls and as he pounded into her. Just then the door opened. Penny and Philip watched them fucking like animals, both turned on.

Neither aware of an audience. Sandra gasped out "Come on, fill me more you sister fucker! Think of my pussy as your sister's and fill me." Penny gasped when she heard that.

Steve must have told her. Philip was turned on as he watched Steve fuck Sandra so savagely. He undressed Penny and she bent over. His hard cock slid easily into her. They fucked hard as they watched the climax of the other again.

Philip came hard as he watched his girlfriend virtually raped in front of his eyes. Penny felt the sperm slide down her leg. As Sandra and Steve saw they were not alone, they drew apart. Sandra stood up and approached Penny. "So we have some kinky people in the room. Brother and sister fucking like rabbits."

She smiled at Penny and hugged her. Pulling away, she kissed Penny on the lips. "Good on you girlfriend." They sat around naked talking for hours. Sandra admitted that she wished she had a sister. She had always wanted to make love to a female. The men looked at each other and both had the same thought.

Penny had sat quietly all this time with thoughts of her own. She had always wondered what sex with a female was like.

Steve bent over Penny and kissed her neck. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Penny smiled and just said "Mmmmmmm". Penny sat up and moved closer to Sandra. She bent over her she said, "You mean like this?"

Her mouth descended over Sandra's and Penny snaked her tongue into Sandra's mouth. Sandra, surprised at the movement, responded. Their arms wound around each other as they kissed. Sandra drew back, looking at Penny she said, "Are you sure?"

Penny gave her answer and her head dipped. She sucked on the hard nipple and Sandra felt the tingle going through her. Her fingers delved for Penny's pussy. Sandra shoved two fingers in deep and felt the sperm from Philip. Penny was full of it, and when Sandra pulled her fingers out, she tasted them. Oh my god, she loved it. She pulled away and bent over to spread Penny's legs.

Her mouth covered the gaping pussy before her. She could taste the sperm mingled with Penny's juices. Her tongue lapped as fast as she could so that she could gather it all up. Penny lay there, her mind in overdrive, her hips responded to Sandra's ministrations. Penny swivelled around so they were in a sixty-nine position and forced Sandra's legs open.

Delighted, she lapped at Sandra's quivering pussy. The two men watched wide-eyed as the women made love with their mouths. Both men moved their hands at the same time to their hard cocks. Slowly they moved their hands in unison, stroking their hard cocks. They moved closer one at each end watching as the women sucked and licked at each other.

Philip cried out as he felt his sperm rise, quickly he aimed his cock at the mouth and pussy before him. Penny saw his cock and licked faster. He watched as his cum splattered the face and pussy before him. Penny's tongue brought Sandra to a huge climax. Her hips jerked as the tongue pressed hard on her clit. Penny's face and hair were covered with cum, using her tongue she licked the juices running down Sandra's thighs.

Steve felt his balls tighten; he knew he was going to cum hard. Sandra raised her head from between Penny's thighs mouth open waiting. The first shot missed her mouth and hit her chin. Determined, she moved closer. The next shot found her mouth and she held on as she milked the hard pulsing cock.

As Steve squeezed the last drop out, Sandra lowered her head. Her mouth full she blew the sperm into Penny's wide hole and pushed her fingers deep inside. Penny cried out when she felt the fingers inside her, the sperm was sloshing around inside making it feel all silky. Using her tongue, Sandra brought Penny close to coming again. A gentle bite on the clit was all it took.

Penny's pussy gushed over Sandra's face as she rode the climax. They all lay back sated and shattered and drifted off to sleep where they lay.

The next morning Steve woke and surveyed the room, the two women lay covered with cum and juices on their faces. Philip had one hand on his cock and the other on Sandra's butt. Penny still lay between Sandra's open thighs. Her face still covered in dried cum.

Slowly he got up and went for a shower. As he came out Philip was awake and sat in a chair. They both looked at the two women and smiled knowingly. They had breached all kinds of taboos the evening before. Steve put the kettle on and the two women woke with the noise. They laughed as they saw each other covered with cum. They went into the shower together and soon the sound of lovemaking came through the open door.

They both came out together totally naked and kissed the men. They grabbed the ready-made coffee and sat down. Amused, the men joined them at the table, Sandra broke the silence, "Not only a brother fucker but a lesbian as well. It's surprising who you meet at these camps."

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