Snow day in the cabin

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He just got a separation and was in need of sexual relief. cheating  We new a snow storm was coming so we desided to go to the mountain cabin, so we were assure of privacy. He had just got a divorce and needed someone to be his bitch so he could relieve his sexual frustrations. We had once as teens tested the waters. I ate his ass, sucked his cock then ended it with a handjob to finish him off. I had lost my wife several years back and new the true meaning of seeing to someone's pleasure without being concerned of themselves. Just as we arrived at the cabin the snow started  so we gathered firewood and retired to the warm cabin. Grabbing the groceries we picked up I grabbed the steaks and bagged toss salad.  Pouring a couple strong drinks he sat by the fireplace and I stood over the stove cooking our super. As I looked over at him I noticed he was staring at me, what's up I ask? I was just admiring your tiny ass in those jeans and was remembering our being naked years ago. I always remembered those pleasures you provided me back then and sometimes as my wife gave me a blowjob, I'd reflect on those moments you provided me back then. It always seemed to make her blowjob a greater pleasure. This is your weekend so what would make it better. Well, he pauses a moment you could make us another drink and maybe remove your jeans! Sure I said and poured us another then going to the bedroom I removed my jeans and put on the g-string I had brought and went back to cooking.  Oh now that's what I'm talking about, what a sweet little ass and it's mine all weekend. I smile at him and twitch my ass at him. And your a tease he says, I should have married you he says laughing. 

 Setting the table and turning the lights down, turning towards him I say time to eat big boy, and grab myself after super and dishes I'm all yours. Maybe you can take a shower and I'll join you if you want. Leaning over the table, my ass pointed in his direction. Ok tease he says, your really asking for a good long slow fuck. Smiling again I slide the string crotch and pull in over an ass cheek, spreading my ass cheeks. After all this time it's still virgin property. He smiles ya for now! 

 After we finished the meal I picked up the table, wiping it off I say the only thing left is a nice desert. Well I'm getting mine shortly , I respond I want mine now so hop up on the table lay back as I suck you off for starters. Stripping his pants off he climbs on the table laying back, his cock swollen to fully erect. Leaning over his side I slowly rub his cock and balls, no no no I tell him no leaking tasty precum that's all mine as I open my mouth and lick the sticky sweet cum from his underwear. Then pulling the underwear down and over his knees and feet, I kiss and lick my way back up to his balls. Looking up into his eyes I lick his ball sack, his eyes twinkle as I take one testicle at a time into my mouth. Bathing it with my saliva he twitches his hips, no, no dought I should have married you he smiles. Lifting his swollen cock from his lap I lick up to the head, seeing more precum I savor the flavor  as I clean him up again. Then I pull his cock back further and lick down the top and sides of his cock. As I get to the head again there is more tasty cream waiting for me to clean up. After cleaning it up I open my mouth and start my downward action taking as much cock into my mouth then after a couple bob's up and down I continue taking it down my throat I amazed myself I must have been able to swallow about three quarters of it before I had to stop. That was just right it left me room to stroke him while I sucked his cock. Now as I proceeded back up his cock my hand wrapped around his cock shaft. I hear him stammering as I lift my head from his cock asking him if he was enjoying this. Oh my GOS yes, relax a bit I don't want you to cum to quickly. Shut up he says and suck me. Doing so I was able to spread his legs and with my other hand rub and massage his ass and asshole. He warns me it's almost creamy time so now i consintrate on sucking him to bring the desert time to my mouth and tummy. I feel his body tense and then his legs shack as he pumps his hips into my mouth and I back up his cock to leaving just the head in my mouth. Yes I tell him looking in his eyes fuck my mouth, feed me your cream filling. As he erupts into my mouth and feeds me wave after wave of his sweet tasty cum. YES he screams YES eat me and after his cum finally stopped I bobbed my head up and down, coming out any little bit hiding in his cock shaft. He wasn't getting soft so I asked if I should keep going. You can if you want but this next load is for that beautiful virgin ass. Ok I respond and lift myself from his body and say I guess it's time to do the dishes.

 I'm headed for the shower after feeding the fire, join me when your done. I watch him walking bare assed as he puts a log on the fire. Nice looking ass I tell him, it's yours to eat after. YES I say Thank You. His cock is bobbing up and down as he walks to the shower, hurry I'm thinking about your sweet little ass. When the dishes were done I went into the bathroom and shower, you ready for me I ask. Yup I sure am. Opening the sliding door I join him in the shower, he grabs me and pushes me against the shower wall. Takes a grasp of my cock and says maybe you should cum first. Soaping me up he strokes me steader and steader  as my cock swells and he jerks the cum from my body.  Spraying all over his leg he showers it off turns me around and thrusts into my ass crack. Spreading my ass cheeks he rubs a finger into my asshole and presses it in up to the first knuckle. My yes that is a very tight ass I'm going to need to massage and finger that to loosen up some before we fuck. He spent the next 20-30 minutes working my asshole, pressing me against the wall again he pulls my ass back into his lap and he holds and presses it into my asshole. He's moaning and pressing forward until his cockhead disappears into my ass. Disappearing into my ass he stops and just enjoys the tight pleasure. Then withdraws  and backs away, I drop to my knees and start sucking his hard cock, be careful he says you might get another load in your tummy. I  say that wouldn't be that bad as I pushed do and to my surprise I swallowed his entire cock into my mouth. He gasp and said oh my god suck it holding my head as he pumped into my throat. Then stopped and withdrew from my mouth, I better not I really want your ass. Then let's go to bed I tell him and turn off the water. Wipping ourselves off we head to the main room where the bed is. I lay down and he stands looking at me, how did I ever end up so lucky as to have a brother like you? Come on I say I'm going to need to prepair you for another nice long slow fucking.

 Snow day chapter 2 to follow.

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