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How to Train Your Daughter Ch. 3

RobertLStevenson   June 28, 2022   | 7609 Views
…Blushing, my daughter nevertheless obediently held her tank top just above her navel, knowing how important it was to give the men a clear view of her bare, pink vagina… banner2

When Ramer arrived, I poured him a glass of scotch, grabbed a notebook and pen, and led him up the stairs to Jennifer's bedroom, where she was doing her homework. I knocked on the door and opened it.

Despite Jennifer's age, pink was still the main color of her personal space. Her white princess bed frame and pink bedspread dominated the center of the room; though she was normally quite tidy, she had just washed a load of her panties, which were arranged in a colorful, lacy profusion along the metal rail of her footboard to dry. Her desk was in front of the window, and she sat in an office chair with her back to us as we entered, working at her computer. Her long, dark ponytail bobbed in surprise as she turned and saw that I had brought a guest with me.

Like most families, we had raised her to be comfortable in and out of clothing; from childhood we treated her body as something to be proud of. The general rule was that young girls should wear the least amount of clothing appropriate in any given circumstance; they needed to be accustomed to being visually enjoyed by others at all times, and it was a sign of poor upbringing if a girl was excessively covered. Though she was perfectly happy being nude in front of other people, we taught her that being naked was still something special she should share with special people for special reasons. For instance, when family or friends visited, we would often have her undress so that a full appreciation could be made of how much she'd grown and changed since last time they'd seen her. More often than not, as her own preference, she would simply stay naked for the rest of the visit, which was usual in private situations. When out and about in public, normal clothing was customary, but it was always designed to showcase her maturing figure, not cover it. When at home, we expected her to wear light, simple clothing for the sole purpose of covering her modesty.

Turning around in her chair and standing up to greet us, she wore a white, loose-fitting tank top that was nearly sheer. The clinging fabric outlined her pert bosom, and the faintly visible darkness of her areolas drew our eyes to the tips of her breasts. Her only other article of clothing was a pair of light cotton panties-her usual lounging-around-the-house outfit. I introduced her to our guest, and Ramer extended his hand.

'Honey, this is Mr. Ramer. He's been helping me get you ready for the Festival, and I wanted him to come give me some advice about a couple details. Can you help us out?'

She giggled and nodded, 'Of course, daddy! What do you need?'

Ramer chuckled as he shook her hand. 'Good to meet you, Jennifer. Goodness, she's not shy at all, is she? You are a treat, young lady.' Raising her hand above her head, he gently twirled her around to get a good look at her backside. Jennifer giggled again and spun back around in mock embarrassment, clasping her hands in front of her crotch.

I smiled at her coy behavior, but couldn't let her instinct for modesty go unchecked-certainly not in front of one of the best coaches in female handling in the state. I gestured with my hands and gently reminded her that a lady doesn't cover herself when she is being appreciated. She pouted for an instant, sorry that she had disappointed me, and quickly brought her hands back to her sides, standing up a little straighter and pushing her chest out a little further than was necessary, just to show that she was really trying to be a good girl. Her nipples pushed against the loose fabric, and the edge her right aureole just peeked out from the side of the skimpy tank top.

'I'm sorry, Mr. Ramer, I didn't mean to cover myself,' she apologized, smiling and looking him in the eye like a mature, polite woman and carefully speaking the phrases she'd learned in her etiquette classes. 'I'm glad you like my body-please feel free to enjoy looking at it.'

'Honey, Mr. Ramer is here to help us decide how to style your hair in your bikini area for your big night. It's an important part of your look, and since this is my first time doing this, I'm not sure what would be the best choice. He's an expert, and he's helped a lot of girls place very well in the Festival, so I wanted him to take a look at you and give me his opinion.'

As I spoke, Jennifer's eyes moved from me to her panties to Ramer, and they grew a little bigger. She had been naked in front of other people many times over the years, but with the exception of the thorough evaluation I had needed to do on her when I had started Ramer's Festival Preparation Course, it had always been an informal, casual nudity-never with an actual focus of attention on her genitals, and certainly not by a stranger. She knew that as she grew up, however, that that would start to change, and she apparently decided that this must be part of that change. She nodded her head understandingly, and then smiled in assent.

'Of course, daddy! I was not sure of that either-I had some ideas, but I'm glad you found someone to help. Thank you, Mr. Ramer, for being willing to do this. I was kind of worried; I know that it's really important to get good scores on that whole area. I read a magazine that said I can't change the way my vagina is shaped, but that the way I style it is important to the overall score the judges give it.'

Ramer nodded kindly and smiled.

'Certainly, Jennifer. It's my job, and I wouldn't want you to feel anything but confident when you are up on stage for your big night. We'll make sure you feel and look great. My daughters have all been styled differently for their Festivals, and they all got top marks in that area, and I help several other girls each year with lots of different aspects of preparation. So I think I have a pretty good chance of helping you do well, too.'

He sat down on the edge of her bed and motioned for her to stand in front of him. She complied, her light purple panties at his eye level. I pulled her desk chair around next to them and opened my notebook.

'Now, why don't you help me holding your tank top just up above your belly button for me like this, and I'll take a look here,' he said in a cheerful, business-like fashion, and as she did so, showing great care to do exactly as he'd asked, he looked at her panties for a long moment, then began talking me through his method.

'First thing is to see the shape of her mons, and how her hips join with it, and the overall proportions and shape of this whole area,' he said, spanning his hands from hip-bone to hip-bone and then using his fingers to lightly trace the edges of her panties down to where they plunged between her legs. Jennifer shivered as she felt him touch her there.

'She doesn't have really wide hips, and she's fairly lean, so first of all we'll want something more tightly trimmed and sculpted,' he explained. 'She has a nice flat stomach, and her mound is not terribly prominent, but it's obvious she has some well-defined outer labia here-you can see them quite distinctly through her panties. It's usually a good idea to accentuate them, if they're nicely shaped. Let's see what we're working with, here.' As he said this, he grasped the waistband of the panties and eased them down Jennifer's thighs, leaving them just above her knees. My daughter's left hand moved to cover her mouth, and she pouted slightly as the cool air from the open window made contact with her pussy, but she maintained her composure and held tightly to her tank top with her right hand, holding it just above her navel as she had been directed, knowing how important it was that our view of her private area remain unobstructed.

Her pussy was beautiful. It was a clean, perfectly symmetrical slit in the middle of a surprisingly plump mound of soft flesh, and just visible in the depths of the fissure was an irresistible glimpse of her clitoral hood enfolded in the delicate, finely detailed edges of her inner labia. She kept her dark, thick pubic hair trimmed quite short, but it was otherwise a full, natural bush-we had neither shaved nor waxed, since we wanted to have the most to work with when we made our decision for the Festival. Ramer nodded his head knowingly.

'This is excellent,' he said, 'absolutely lovely pussy, Jennifer.' He leaned in to make a closer study. Jennifer, unused to such an intimate examination, shifted slightly away. Ramer, whose years of experience handling young girls was now second nature, smoothly and firmly grasped her hip with his left hand, simultaneously preventing her from avoiding his exploration while also calming her, and gently ran the fingers of his right hand over her mound and through her pubic hair as he explained his analysis to me.

'She has really nicely prominent outer labia, and you see how they almost close at the bottom of her slit here, but there is still a clear view of her clit from the base on to about half its length-you just can't quite see her clitoral head, because it's nestled in between her outer and inner lips here. This is such a classic vulva, just outstanding.

'Okay, the best way to present this little dish is going to be a clean wax job all the way around, with a little hair shaped kind of like a flame or a deer's tail starting right about here, at the base of her clit. And then make sure that everything below that, all along her outer labia, is super-smooth. Or-and this is really fun with a pussy like this-you can switch to a very short trim below the landing strip line, so she has two lengths of hair. The contrast can be very hot on the right girl. It'll perfectly highlight the sculpted quality of her pussy, but add a little more excitement than a full brazilian.' As he spoke, Ramer used his hands to illustrate his ideas, framing Jennifer's vulva like a director framing a shot to demonstrate the various shapes and boundaries of our options.

I nodded, and wrote some notes and scribbled some sketches. I was doing my best to emulate the cool professionalism of Ramer, but I had to admit that it felt strange to watch my daughter being handled so familiarly and dispassionately by a relative stranger, and also to be participating in such a cool appraisal of her sexual desirability. The evaluation I had done on her as part of Ramer's course, using his itemized sheet as a guide, had been a little uncomfortable for both Jennifer and I; although I had seen her naked many times, I was increasingly being confronted by the reality of having to think of her as a sexual object, and I realized that success in the Festival meant I would need to overcome my sense of prudishness about my little girl and wade in with both hands, so-to-speak.

I was still not clear on how that worked. Normally, seeing a naked girl was quickly followed by the desire to have sex with her, and the actions necessary to make that a reality. The problem was, I didn't want to have sex with my daughter, and so I didn't think of her sexually. I was realizing that this would become a problem soon, since my job as her father was to craft her into an extremely desirable sexual partner. As Jennifer had grown, I had struggled to find the mindset that would allow me to view her as other men would view her, because I was too afraid that it would lead to me wanting to consummate the desires other men would have for her.

I consciously focused on mentally and emotionally distancing myself; this was not my daughter standing here, it was just a young, soft, female body and I needed to imagine-in detail-what it would be like to have sex with it. What would be the best parts? What would be a little disappointing? What could we improve, so that having sex with this girl would be a top-shelf experience? She was clay to be sculpted into an incredible sexual creature, and like any artist, I needed to immerse myself fully in the creation of ultimate desirability. I needed to master this, since I would have to do the same thing with the twins soon. It seemed to help, a little. I decided to just follow Ramer's lead and learn what I could from him.

Jennifer was a little flushed and breathing deeply, and we could feel her body heat as she stood there. As comfortable as she was with her body, this was a new level of being handled for her, and I could see a million thoughts and feelings in her face. Wanting to involve her in the process, I asked her if she had any questions or concerns, and she nodded shyly.

'Um, Mr. Ramer, do you think it would it be a good idea for me to get some jewelry...down there?'

'Well, what do you have in mind, Jennifer?'

'I don't really know. I mean, I was over at Stefanie Lowell's house the other day, and daddy, you know her sister Tasha who graduated last year, she was there too, and the three of us were watching a movie, and then one of their dad's friends, Mr. Garner, came by and asked Mr. Lowell if he could have sex with Tasha, and Mr. Lowell said yes, and when he undressed her and made her bend over the couch I saw that she had a little ring. And Mr. Garner seemed to really like it, and Tasha let me look at it afterward and she said that it felt good to her when men touched it. So, would that be something I should do?'

Ramer listened thoughtfully, looking Jennifer in the eye as she talked. His left hand still steadied her by the hip, and the fingers of his right absently traced the lines and contours of her vulva.

'Sometimes a little sparkle is a great idea, Jennifer,' he answered. 'Where exactly was her ring?'

Jennifer thought for a moment. She seemed to be weighing the fact that she was warming to Ramer against the growing realization that she would ultimately be abandoning all sense of privacy or modesty if this conversation continued in this vein. Through the entire consultation so far she had stood with her legs together, her thighs clasped as close to each other as she could keep them, obediently allowing us a full view of the delta between her legs, but not particularly interested in revealing more than was necessary for Ramer's professional purposes.

It was one thing to submit to a specialist's cursory evaluation of her pubic area in order to help us prepare for the big event-and the fact that she currently possessed such a full bush made it easier to feel at least semi-covered-but it was quite another to engage with this man in a detailed conversation concerning her anatomy knowing that it would almost certainly require a far more comprehensive exploration of her female parts. I was so proud of my girl; she was obviously not comfortable sharing so much of her young self with the stranger, but she knew that placing well in the Festival was essential, and she saw that some sacrifices to her sense of propriety might need to be made in order to achieve her full potential. A brief struggle played over her expression, and then she made her decision.

'It was in her clit...I think,' she said, her cheeks turning a lovely shade of rose.

Ramer smiled.

'Well,' he said kindly, 'there are a couple factors to that decision. The first is whether your vagina can even be improved with a piercing, and I actually think that you've been so blessed in that area, I'm prone to say don't touch it at all-it's nearly perfect, and you are going to make a lot of men very happy with it just as it is. The other question, though, is what parts of your vagina are best suited to that sort of thing-see, every girl is different, and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. I know Tasha Lowell-I've enjoyed her several times myself-and she happens to have a fairly prominent, well-defined clitoris. It's easier to pierce a larger clit without damaging it, and jewelry doesn't end up overwhelming it visually. Now, from what I can see here, you look like you have a smaller, more subtle clit.'

Jennifer's face fell a little as Ramer spoke, but she said she understood. Ramer quickly continued.

'However, there's always a way if it's what you really wanted-we'd just have to figure out what would work best for you. Is it something you might actually want to do?'

Jennifer immediately brightened up, and nodded in assent.

'Good,' Ramer chuckled, 'then we'll need to get a little better view of the whole landscape, so to speak. So tell you what, let's have you put your foot up on the bed beside me, so I can show you some different options that you and your dad can discuss later.'

Jennifer glanced at me as if searching for permission-perhaps to refuse-but I nodded and smiled and reminded her that Ramer was taking extra time out of his day now to help us, and she should appreciate that and also make his job as easy as possible. With a bite to her bottom lip, she allowed Ramer to help her step out of her panties and then slowly raised her foot and placed it on her bed next to him. He pressed her leg to the side with a firm movement, then slid his hand along the back of her thigh, taking hold of her bottom and pulling her hips closer to him while tipping her pelvis up slightly so that her her vulva was elevated to our view and fully exposed. What we saw was spectacular.

With her legs open her outer labia, which closed so perfectly together when she stood, parted beautifully, revealing a strikingly pink set of inner lips which ran precisely the length of her slit. Although her legs were spread, her inner labia remained closed, doing their job of keeping her soft, sensitive entrance protected from our view. They were perfectly formed, separated at the bottom around a tiny opening into her young body, running forward along the length of her slit, and joining at the top in a little nub of flesh which seemed almost to spring to life as she presented herself to us.

Ramer tore his gaze away from my daughter's treasure long enough glance at me and raise his eyebrows in appreciation-even with his years of experience, he was impressed, and that made me proud. He quickly mastered his candid enthusiasm, however, and returned to the job he had to do. He looked at Jennifer.

'Well, first of all, your clitoris is just adorable-as I thought, it is quite small, but on the other hand it's also pretty well-defined.' He turned to me.

'The thing is, when they're stimulated, some girl's clits get larger, while others retract further under their hood-it's usually better for those girls to get a hood piercing, and she definitely has enough to work with for that. A vertical barbell here,' he said, taking her clitoral hood between his thumb and forefinger and tugging on it gently to demonstrate how the loose, soft skin could be pulled away from the delicate little nub beneath, offering enough room for a needle to penetrate it, 'would look great; even when her legs are closed, it will be visible. On the other hand, with what I'm seeing here, this little button might tend to get more erect and visible when she's aroused, and that would make her a great candidate for an actual clitoral piercing. Have you done any stimulation training with her? Do you know how her vagina changes when she's aroused?'

I shook my head. 'Not really. Mostly we've focused on minimizing any contact or touching, especially on her own. I thought that was what we were supposed to do.'

'Well, that is one school of thought,' Ramer said. 'And I do agree that she should be prevented as far as possible from touching herself. But I think it's important to know how a girl's body is going to respond to different stimuli; it can be very useful during the pageant as a strategic tool, and it is certainly some important information you'll want to be able to pass on to other fathers when they come to take a turn teaching her so that they have a good starting point to work from. I typically begin introducing my girls to light touching fairly early on, continue to experiment as we got closer to their Festival, and take careful notes about how different types of contact affect them. For instance, with Kelly, I found that, even as a child, whenever she had been disobedient and needed a spanking she'd get extremely wet. I was able to develop that response, so that just before I went on stage with her, I simply lightly rubbed the paddle we use at home across her backside a few times. She became an instant, total mess, and took top marks that year for lubrication. None of the other girls were even close. May I try something?'

'Please,' I said, 'You're the expert. Whatever you need to do. I think it grows a little, but it looks like she's pretty aroused right now.'

Jennifer's eyes grew a little wider, and her hand reached for mine as she prepared for a spanking.

Ramer didn't have anything that violent in mind, however. Moistening his thumb with his tongue, he reached between her legs and began to gently rub Jennifer's clit in tiny circles. Jennifer's hips tightened and her breathing grew a little ragged, but she held perfectly still as Ramer focused on barely contacting the head of her clit, which nudged its way out from under its hood until it poked completely free-a tiny, triangular nub of flesh that glistened under the coating of his saliva and seemed to strain toward Ramer's thumb even as he pulled away to inspect the results of his work.

'Well, there you go,' he said, sounding pleasantly surprised. 'She's got a nice little clit there that honestly could be perfect for piercing.' He looked up at Jennifer, who smiled happily even as she blushed deeply.

Ramer went on to caution Jennifer that even though a clitoral piercing was an option for her, he didn't recommend that she get it done this close to her Festival. It was a very painful procedure, he said, and she wouldn't want to still be healing when her big night came. Jennifer seemed oddly interested in this, and asked exactly how painful it would be.

Ramer explained that the usual practice these days was to secure a girl to a worktable with padded straps so that the piercer had a stable, motionless target to work with. Obviously girl bits were very small and very sensitive, so having the ability to work carefully and methodically helped, and you wouldn't want a girl to suddenly struggle and accidentally injure herself.

Jennifer shuddered again, completely absorbed by Ramer's description, mindless now of her exposed body as she followed with rapt attention. She seemed to be breathing shallowly, her eyes shone, and when I glanced between her legs I was surprised to see that her clitoris appeared to have grown even more insistently erect while she listened to Ramer describe her being bound and rendered helpless in preparation for her genitals to be violently modified. I'd had no idea that my Jennifer was turned on by the idea of bondage, but I was obviously learning important things about my young daughter, thanks to the experience and skill of Ramer. As I leaned closer and saw that her clit had indeed become more engorged, I watched enthralled as a thin trickle of clear fluid escaped from the tight confines of her vaginal entrance and began inching toward the floor down the inside of her leg. Though Ramer had to be aware of everything I was noticing, he simply continued with his lesson.

'Then the piercer will rub your clitoris like I just did to make it poke out, and when it does, he'll pull the hood back and fasten the head of your clit in a little steel clamp, which he'll use to stretch it out, kind of like this, and then drive the needle through the middle of it,' he said, taking her clitoris firmly between his fingertips and testing how far he could coax the glistening button of flesh out from under its hood. Jennifer moaned suddenly, her legs began to shake, and her grip on my hand tightened urgently. As Ramer continued to manipulate her clitoris, her inner labia slowly-almost imperceptibly-opened on their own, signaling that her young body was ready for copulation, and she suddenly screamed 'daddy!' as a copious amount of fluid was released from her opening-a large glistening bead of perfectly clear liquid suspended at the end of a crystalline strand of female cum which swung pendulously with her spasms. The freshly exposed flesh of her entrance was slick and richly pink, and the room quickly filed with the warm, pungent scent of a young girl's orgasm as her entire body tensed and then relaxed with a series of deep trembles.

As she shuddered to a stop, breathing heavily and supporting herself with her hands on our shoulders, Ramer let go of her clitoris and we sat quietly for a moment, letting her cool down while we enjoyed the timeless sight of a beautiful young girl in heat. Her arms and chest were damp with sweat, her ponytail had begun to come undone, and her tank top was soaked through, clinging to her skin and slipping completely off her left breast, which hung free in the cool air of the bedroom. Her dark nipple was rock hard, and the skin of her areola was deeply textured and wrinkled. Her vagina gaped open, allowing us a view into her body as it offered itself for penetration. Periodically it would contract gently, then open again, each time releasing more clear, viscous fluid, which would collect at the bottom of her open slit until it spilled over and hung in yet another long strand.

Ramer chuckled. 'Well, does all that sound like something you'd want to go through?' he asked wryly.

Jennifer nodded, her chest heaving, a somewhat confused look on her face. She tried to gather herself, foggily clutching her tank top as she remembered that she was supposed to be keeping herself exposed for us. 'Yes...I mean...I don't know why that happened...I don't know WHAT happened...'

'It's perfectly normal, Jennifer,' Ramer said, soothingly. 'And I think we can say that you're a very healthy girl, who just likes the idea of being tied up. Have you been reading books about that kind of thing?'

Jennifer nodded breathlessly, and Ramer smiled. 'After your Festival, I'm sure that you'll find that many men will be happy to help you explore that interest. My goodness,' he murmured, looking her up and down, 'you are quite delicious, aren't you? That tank top is going to make you catch a cold. Let's go ahead and take that off, shall we?' Jennifer nodded, and as she unsteadily complied, pulling the damp piece of cloth over her head, Ramer took the opportunity to dip his index finger into her entrance, scoop up some of her cum, and taste it. He smiled and licked his lips.

'Oh, now that is good,' he said. 'Robert, there is nothing like the taste of a new girl. You need to try this.'

In spite of myself, I wanted nothing more than to do just that. I had achieved the mental state I had been striving for-it no longer mattered that it was my daughter standing naked in front of me. After the last half hour, she was now just a fresh, naked, dripping young girl whose body was crying out to be bred, and my cock was fully prepared to do the job.

It was a fascinating, liberating state. My body wanted hers with undifferentiated biological urgency-I wanted to eat her alive, to throw her down on her bed and drive her into the mattress, to split her open with my cock and fill her with load after load of semen. But incredibly, I also knew with calm certainty that I would never actually do that, and that I didn't actually WANT to do that to my daughter. I was like an observer of myself, and I was able to note my body's response to her separately from my actual purposes and desires for my daughter. Of course I would never actually breed her, but there was nothing wrong with tasting her sex. It was just one more important piece of information I should know about her as I released her to her sexual career with other men. She was now a teaching tool, and I was simply learning everything that a father should learn about his daughter's body, not because I wanted to take her, but because knowing these things and being able to discuss them with other men was what a father did, and was important to her future.

I reached between her legs and caught a large drop just as it began to fall from her vagina and brought it to my mouth, the strand following my fingers and stretching from her entrance to my lips as I swallowed her clear girl-cum. She was a little salty, a little musky, with a sweet aftertaste that went down smooth. Ramer and I both went back for seconds and then thirds, discussing the intricacies of her flavor profile, as Jennifer stood obediently still and continued producing her sweet nectar for us, each dip of our fingers into her opening being met by yet another little rush of syrupy fluid and accompanied by an insistent moan from from the back of my daughter's throat. Ramer ran his hands over her body, constricting her throat, grabbing her hair, squeezing her breasts and flicking her nipples, keenly observing her responses and noting what kinds of touches seemed most effective at eliciting more vaginal fluid. He held her open with one hand and slowly applied a strong, steady pressure to her nipple with the other while I swirled my finger around the base of her entrance, and suddenly she came again with a scream and a shudder, and nearly collapsed. Ramer grabbed her and helped her lay down on the bed. She lay there, exhausted, her legs akimbo, her eyes half-closed, her pussy leaking into the bedspread.

Ramer adjusted his cock in his slacks and looked at me.

'Well, was that helpful for you?' He asked

'More than you know,' I answered. 'Thank you so much for your time. I learned a lot, and I'm excited to use a lot of this information with her younger sisters when it's time for them, too. What do I owe you, sir?'

Ramer dismissed the question with a wave of his hand, then turned a hungry gaze back to Jennifer's body.

'Don't worry about it,' he said, 'I'll be back through town after the Festival, and I'll stop by here to spend some one-on-one time with this little filly here. I think that sounds like a fair price.'

'Absolutely,' I laughed, 'She'll be ready for you. And I think she'll make it more than worth your while.'

'Excellent,' Ramer smiled. 'Jennifer, it was lovely to meet you, and I'll be seeing you again in a few weeks. Robert, I'll be going now; one of my friends texted me earlier that he's coaching a curvy little 20-year-old blonde just down the road in perfecting her bowjob technique, and that she could use some more practice as soon as he's done. He's really taken an interest in helping her improve; I'm sure you'd be welcome to join us and assist. Practice makes perfect, you know, and he'd appreciate any feedback you could give her.'

I thanked him for his tempting offer, but since we had a lot to work on this close to the Festival, I decided I should stay here and start styling Jennifer's pubic hair.

'And also,' I said severely, glancing down and seeing Jennifer's hand had crept between her legs and she was stealthily rubbing herself, 'it looks like before we do that, we may need to spend some time learning a little discipline.' Jennifer's hands flew back to her sides in a failed attempt to feign innocence, Ramer dismissed himself with a knowing smile, and I unbuckled my belt and pulled it from my pants...

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