Perversion and privilege (introduction)

Secretly twisted   January 24, 2020   | 25670 Views
When I turned 16 my parents introduced me into their sex life. It was an arrangement that pleased everyone involved. Dad had a younger, better looking, much younger woman to screw,… banner2
When I turned 16 my parents introduced me into their sex life. It was an arrangement that pleased everyone involved. Dad had a younger, better looking, much younger woman to screw, mum got a break from the sadistic and physically draining sex acts that dad liked (and also had someone to act out her lesbian fantasies with) and I loved the attention and love I received from my previously distant parents.  
My dad was a horse breeder and was incredibly wealthy. Not that he needed to work, he is from a very old aristocratic English family. Mum was much younger than dad and was the daughter of his first wife. She had become pregnant as the result of an affair and as punishment, dad promised to divorce her and marry mum after she turned 16, a promise he lived up to, and I was born a year later.
I was raised by a series of au pairs and nannies, all of whom were dismissed as soon as my father got bored of them sexually. Dad's first wife, my grandmother, also helped raise me as dad kept her around, not prepared to lose all the privileges of their marriage just because he was with her daughter.
Now that I was an adult in the eyes of the law, mum and dad introduced me to their world of high society swinging. Twice a month they would attend, and occasionally host sex partys attended by rich and powerful people. Among the regulars were our local MP and his mistress, a police commissioner and his wife, a bishop and the headmistress of the local girls school with her husband and daughter.   At each party the host would be expected to organise a show. These were inevitably extreme and shocking. Sometimes the hosts themselves would take part like when an old man had sex with his 18 year old grandson before having his daughter suck his semen from her own son's anus, but usually people were paid to take part such as drug addicts, homeless people and illegal immigrants, anyone desperate basically. Almost Anything went in these performances. As long as the people involved were over 16 and human nothing was too low as long as they were consenting, albeit reluctantly.
  The people at these gatherings were not nice people. They had their own twisted ideals and bigoted views. They were upper class, white English men and their opinions and happiness were of the upmost importance. Wives were the property of their husbands and were expected to be sexually available to them at all times, as we're daughters from the age of 16 until they were married. They were racist, particularly towards black and people from Western Asia (India, Pakistan, Iran etc).
  They were also massive hypocrites. They believed that working class people were all pedophiles and therefore evil yet they relished the chance to have sex with people as young as legally possible, on one occasion minutes after she turned 16, and made younger looking girls role-play as school girls or sometimes infants. They would tell people how sick and disgusting they were for performing the acts that they dreamed up. They used to say that black girls (they used the N word) were to ugly to be fucked from the front despite the fact that they were noticeably aroused by the many beautiful African girls that attended. They also said that homosexuality was evil and would call men homophobic names while having sex with them.
  I never fell for any of this. I immediately saw through the twisted logic and flawed morals of the group, but I never spoke against them. You see, I was on my own voyage of sexual discovery, learning about sex in the most twisted ways imaginable, and I was loving every second of the journey. I might not have agreed with the group's view of the world, but I was more than happy to reap it's benefits.
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