Happenstance: Quarantine Ch02

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A Mother and Son deal with a trying time. Lesbian

Well, of course, I had another great night's sleep, and another the night after, till it became a whole week of us masturbating together before kissing on the lips at the end. While in the daytime, we both acted as if nothing happened the night before.

Only, I guess you can call me selfish for wanting more of this sexual game we were playing. Yeah, it was great masturbating with Mom every single night.

Still, truthfully, it was becoming harder just to masturbate and not reach out and touch this gorgeous, sexy vixen in front of me.

I think Mom realized it, because the next night, when she came to visit, wearing a red stretched floral lace bodysuit that had a V-neck and scalloped trim with criss-cross straps, she did something different.

Unlike all the other times when we had masturbated, looking across from one another, Mom, this time, decided to lay next to the right side of me at the head of the bed.

I only looked on in amazement when she rested her head back on my headboard and said, "Let's try something a little more stimulating, tonight."

"Oh. Okay," I replied, and watched as Mom undid a couple of hidden buttons I wasn't aware of between her legs, exposing her crotch.

"Well, don't just stare. I want to see you touch yourself, also," Mom said, as she spread her legs until her thighs were touching mine.

You could imagine she didn't have to ask me twice, as I stroked on my dick while she toyed with her pussy; only, while her right hand was tickling her clit, her left palm rested on my thigh, and she said, "Oh yes, Cory, this is much better. Why don't you touch my leg like that, also?"

With my heart beating in my chest, I place my hand on her soft skin and then began to rub it up and down her thigh, while we both masturbated.

She was right. This was much better; and I closed my eyes as I listened to her soft moans of pleasure fill my room, while her palm ever-so-gently squeezed and massaged my upper thigh.

However, as our breaths heaved louder, I felt Mom's hand moving up my leg, inching its way closer to my groin, causing me to get even more excited as she moaned softly, "I'm getting close, love. Are you?"

"Yesss," I hissed, and then felt my mother's hand bump the base of my shaft before moving a smidgen away.

Then another bump as her hand slowly moved away again. Over and over, I felt her bump my groin until finally, she said, "I want to feel it, Cory. I want to feel your big, hard cock."

I had no sooner removed my hand when her hand quickly took its place. I groaned when it so skillfully twisted and slid up and down my shaft.

My god, it felt so great having her once again stroking on my cock, but that wasn't the end of it, because Mom took hold of the hand I had on her thigh and guided it towards her pussy, and said, "I want you to touch me, too, baby. Play with my clit."

Now I was in heaven, and felt a little cum bubble out of the tip of my cock when my finger first made contact with her little bud. I heard her sigh, "Oh yes, baby. Mmm. Just like that. Now go faster. Make me come, honey."

I added another finger on her hard clit and began massaging it up and down while her hips whiffed upward.

Faster and with more vigor, I went on keeping pace with Mom's hand as it stroked my shaft, until I heard her sigh, "Put them in! Put them inside me, now!"

Swiftly I inserted two fingers and heard my mom howl as her ass leapt off the bed, sending them both deep inside her super wet pussy.

"Yes! Oh, honey, yes! Keep going! Faster! Go faster! That's it! Oh, God!" Mom expressed, as I rammed, stabbed, and plowed my fingers quicker and faster inside her more-than-welcoming vagina.

Mom grasped on my cock hard while her other hand held my fingers deep inside her. All the while she moaned and bellowed over and over, "I'm coming! I'm coming!"

So was I, since there was no way I would last any longer after feeling and hearing her orgasm, and I groaned myself, in pure sexual delight.

In an entirely blissful state, I listened as we both panted loudly; only, as I felt Mom's hand slide away from my spent pecker, I found myself yearning for more. More of this incredible, sexy, fucking hot woman that lay beside me, and when I felt her move next to me I quickly leaned over and kissed her, hard.

Of course, Mom was already accustomed to us kissing, but this time I added my tongue, and was happy when her tongue danced with mine.  

Passionately we kissed, while we both ran our hands over one another's body. This was definitely more than just masturbating, now, and it only intensified my desire to take this further. So, when Mom broke our kiss, I didn't move away, but instead kissed her neck softly, while massaging her left breast in my hand.

"Honey," I heard my mother sigh as I tweaked and flicked her nipple with my left fingers, while my hand was digging between her legs, again.

"Shhh... Jasmine, we don't want to wake my mom up," I said.

"But, honey. Oh! We should ssstop before..." I heard Mom implore as I now nibbled on her tit through the light fabric, while teasing and pinching her clit.

"Oh, God, Cory! You're getting me hot again!" I heard, as I ventured even lower, kissing my way down to her stomach while feeling both her hands rubbing the hair on my head.

I was at her waist when I heard mom softly say, "Cory... you shouldn't."

But I kept going, and then when my tongue made its first couple of little flicks over her clit while I inserted my fingers back deep inside her box, I felt my mother grasp my head when her ass bucked off the bed and I heard her sigh, "Oh, God. You're going to make me come, again!"

Nibbling and teasing her clit with my tongue while I finger-fucked her was driving her crazy, and trust me, it showed by how she was gyrating her pussy over my face and screaming, "Yes! Oh, this is so wrong! But it feels so good! Keep going, honey! Keep going!"

Faster, I flickered and fucked her with my fingers, all the while I was stroking on my now hard cock, until I felt Mom hold my head tight to her pussy and scream, "I'm coming! I'm coming, honey!"

Quickly I removed my fingers and replaced them with my tongue, catching her sweet nectar as it seeped out from inside her pussy.

“Ugh Ugh Ugh Oh, God! Ugh, Ugh, Ugh.” Mom wailed as her body tensed up while her legs spasmed, tightening her inner thighs on my face.

Mom's body went limp as she panted profusely, but I wasn't finished, and kept working my tongue over her pussy until she was once again moaning in delight.

"Oh, God, Cory, what are you doing to me? Christ, you know how to eat pussy! Oh, so good! So fucking good!” Mom implored, thrashing around while holding my head. "Yesss... Oh, God... Oh, God! Oh... Ssson... Oh, son. Oh, son! Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going! Yes, yes, yes, yes, Ohhhh. Ffffffuck! YES! YES! YES! I'm coming!!!"

Fuck she called me ‘son’! I thought, realizing the pretense was over, and went crazy on her snatch while she came; only this time when I had finished, she went limp. I looked up into her blissful appearance and said, "So, how was that,… Mom?"

Panting hard through slit eyes, Mom gave a slight nod.

I gave her clit a quick flick of my tongue with my eyes locked onto hers, and she sighed while her hips pushed upward.

I flicked my tongue over her clit again, and heard another sigh, along with getting another heave. Again I flickered, and she heaved. Faster I licked, adding several little nibbles while I sucked on her clit, until Mom's body was lifting rapidly off the bed, and she moaned, "Oh, God, this is so fucking wrong! But I can't help it. I love what your tongue is doing to me."

I had Mom all worked up again, enjoying the pleasure I was giving her, but now it was time for me to get some of this incestuous pleasure.

So, while my mother was in her sexual bliss, ready to come again, I straddled her body until my throbbing dick was hovering over her face.

"Cory!" I heard my mother say as her hot breath quickly grazed over my penis, but she snapped her mouth shut when I bumped my pecker against her lips.

I bumped my dick again to her closed lips, and realized she would need a little coaxing for this to happen; so, instead of saying a word, I slid my fingers deep inside her womb while teasing her clit with my tongue.

"Ohhhh. Ohhhh. OH!” Mom wailed, and on the following,“Oh,” I heaved my cock quickly past her lips and inside her warm mouth. Then, when my dick went past her tongue, I heard Mom make this gurgling sound.

“Mmm. Mmm. Mmm!” Mom gagged as I thrust my entire girth inside, before easing it back out.

“Cory!... Ha! Ha! Ha!” Mom expressed, before I slid my cock back inside her mouth, only not as deep this time, before easing it back out. Over and over I did this, until I felt Mom's head bobbing while sucking on my tool, herself.

Yes! Oh yes! So glorious. So fucking nasty! She was doing it! Mom's sucking me off. My own mother is sucking my cock, I thought, as I finger fucked her even faster, causing Mom to now moan on my dick while she blew me.

“Humph! Humph! Humph!” I felt and heard, when her juices covered my face as she came once again, never letting up on her bobbing and sucking.

My god! Mom knew what she was doing. She was definitely more experienced than Melody was at this, and it wasn't long before I felt the first signs that I was going to blow.

But I didn't want to. God, I really didn't want to. I had to last longer. I just had to. But she was so good at sucking dick! The best I've ever felt. The way her tongue was sliding up my shaft while she was sucking on my cock, was doing things to me I had never felt before; and I couldn't take it any longer when Mom decided to go even faster.

"God, Mom!" I wailed, when I felt my cum start to release, and as I heaved my pecker a little further down her velvety throat, I felt Mom's hands pull me all the way down her esophagus when I exploded.

I could hear Mom gagging as my seed filled her mouth, and when my body tightened up from climaxing so hard, I groaned, "Ohhhh. Ffffuck!"

It was glorious; one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced. And as I eased my spent pecker out from her soft lips, I rolled onto my side, gasping for air, and huffed, "My god, Mom, that was the best!"

Exhausted, I shuffled my body around until I was up next to her side, and very lovingly ran my fingers over her chest, before kissing her very passionately. Holding her in my arms, for I don't know how long, I listened to her beating heart before I passed out.

However, in the morning, Mom was gone. Yeah, it bothered me just a little, since I wanted to wake up still being in her arms, but after all that happened last night, I was more interested in finding out if things might have changed with her, since she called me ‘son’ during our little sexual adventure.

Quickly I took a shower and dressed, before finding Mom doing her morning exercises, wearing a pair of black spandex, this time with a tight black tank-top.

I watched from the doorway as she bent forward, legs spread with her arms out to her sides, while she looked ahead and shifted her body from the right to the left.

Fuck, that ass of hers was killing me, and I wanted to rush up behind her as I had done before, but instead, I called out, "Hey, Mom. Mind if I join you?"

Mom stopped, stood up, and turned around.

"Join me?" she repeated, as she reached for her towel, wiping the sweat from the opening in the middle of her chest.

"Yeah, I thought that maybe... I don't know. I could join you, this morning."

"I guess it's okay. But no funny business. I think I was more than fair with you, last night, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yeah, Mom. You were, for sure. I promise I won't try anything." At least not yet, I thought, as I stood by her side.

"So, what do I do?"

Mom smiled as she guided me through her morning routine. Truthfully, it was kind of fun doing it with her, and yeah, my mind all through it was still trying to figure out a way I could turn this into something of a sexual nature; but in all honesty, just doing this was making me feel like I was bonding with Mom on another level.

"So, what did you think?" Mom said when we finished.

Mom smiled and then surprisingly gave me a quick kiss on the lips before saying, "I'm going to take a quick shower, before making us some breakfast."

"Okay, Mom," I replied, as I watched her leave.

Unlike other mornings, Mom and I talked all through breakfast. Afterward, I even offered to do the dishes, which I'm sure Mom appreciated. Then, that evening, as the day wound down, I asked her if she would like to watch a movie with me. She accepted, and even commented when she rested her head on my shoulder, "I found today to be most enjoyable."

I put my arm over her shoulder and replied, "So did I, Mom. So did I."

Only, as we both enjoyed our company together, I heard Mom's phone ring, and she hesitantly got up to answer it.

"Hi, dear," I heard Mom say, and not in her usual pleasant voice, normal when she addressed my father.

"No... Nothing's wrong."

"Yes, I know it's been a while. Hold on a second," Mom said, before holding the phone to her chest and looking at me.

"Cory, can you do me a big favor, and get me a glass of wine?"

"Sure, Mom," I said, and went into the kitchen; but as I did, I didn't immediately get her the wine as she asked, but instead, listened from the doorway.

"Okay, Donald, we can talk now," I barely heard Mom say, since her voice turned into a whisper.

"Care to tell me who that girl was, the one that answered your phone when I called?"

"What do you mean, ‘when?’ Are you telling me that you have that many different women around you, that you don't know which one it was?"

"You bet I'm pissed. No! I'm not going to take it easy!"

There was a long pause before Mom started to talk again. I guess my father must have been trying to talk his way out of this, but then I heard Mom say, "Oh, so you think if we do that, it'll make everything alright?"

"I'll think about it. What do you mean, ‘It has to be tonight’?"

Dad was trying to get Mom to do some virtual sex, which only made me mad; so, before Mom could give him an answer, I quickly filled a glass with wine and rushed back into the room.

"Here you go, Mom," I said, as I reached my hand out, holding her wine glass.  "Is that Dad?"

Mom took the glass from my hand and said, "Yes. It's your father."

"Can I talk to him?"

I think that shocked Mom when I said that, but she handed me the phone, and I said, "Hey, Dad. How are you managing, over there?"

"Good, son. It's all good. Can you put your mother back on the line?"

"Guess what, Dad. I did like you said, and helped Mom out around the house."

Mom's eyes got big when I said that, and she took a big sip of her wine, but I followed up by saying, "I have to say, Dad, it did help get my mind off of things."

"Great. Now, put your mom back on the phone."

"And you know what, Dad? I think I'm up for helping her out some more, right now." With that, I hung up the phone.

"Did you just hang up on him?"

"I did," I said, as I quickly leaned over and kissed her, hard.

Mom pushed on my chest while making some panicked moaning sounds, but quickly relaxed as my tongue slipped past her lips.

Her arms falteringly went over my shoulders, as I motioned her body back onto the sofa while I rested my weight on top of hers.

"Oh, Cory... We shouldn't be doing this right now," Mom sighed when the kiss broke.

But I playfully kissed her neck while I brushed, squished, and tweaked her shirt-covered breast with my left hand. It wasn't long before Mom was breathing heavily, as I now rubbed my right hand over her tight jeans that shielded her mound.

Still kissing, sucking, and pecking her neck, while rubbing parts of my mother's body that a son shouldn't be touching, I heard Mom sigh, "Oh, Cory... You're making me so hot!"

She wasn't the only one, for my dick was rock hard and begging to be freed from my shorts. I was lost in this incestuous state, and needed to feel that wonderful pussy of hers wrapped around my fingers once again.

But before I could tuck my hand inside her jeans to find the hidden treasure I sought, Mom bellowed, "Wait! Just wait a minute."

I paused as I looked up at her panting face, and was overjoyed when she said, "Let's take this upstairs."

Hastily I sat up before helping Mom to her feet, but just before we started to leave, Mom's phone rang again. We both looked down and noticed it was my father calling back. I was surprised when she said, "Let it ring."

I took Mom by the hand as we made our way up the stairs, and once again, I was overwhelmed when she seductively said, "Let's go into my room."

I kissed Mom hard, right there and then, while she embraced me as we staggered into her room, rubbing our hands all over our sexually excited bodies.

Clawing and tearing at our clothes, we quickly undressed each other, and once Mom was utterly naked I paused, and said, as I admired this sexy creature before me, "God, you're so beautiful, Mom."

I could see the look of raw sexual desire wash over her face as she crashed her naked body into mine while wrapping her arms over my neck, causing our bodies to fall onto her bed while we kissed very passionately.

My god, I was so turned on, feeling my hard cock rubbing against her silky smooth skin, and then I groaned when Mom took it in her hands, and whispered, "Fuck... Cory, your hard dick feels so good in my hand."

"You make it that way, Mom," I replied, as I reached down myself, and rubbed my fingers over her hard little bud.

We kissed intensely as I shifted my leg between hers, while we masturbated each other. Ever so lovingly, I started to rub it up and down Mom's inner thigh, until it bumped her pussy, and then felt Mom push her mound hard against it and my hand, before letting out a light sigh.

Again I pushed my leg, and again she ground her mound. Over and over we did this, while playing with one another; only, in the process I was also inching my dick closer to her most sacred spot. Then, once our toying hands touched from the closeness, I removed my hand while rolling Mom on her back, resting my body between her open legs.

Mom paused in stroking me, but only for a second, as I kissed her hard and thrust the lower portion of my bare shaft that Mom wasn't grasping in her hand, up her slit.

Pump and push. Pump and push. I went on and on while she stroked on my dick, until I felt her hips lift off the mattress, meeting my every heave, causing her to whisper in a sigh, "Oh Cory... I know it feels good, honey, but we just can't go further than this. You're my son. It would be so wrong."

"Shh... It's okay, Mom," I said, as I thrust and gyrated over and over again, while Mom's breaths quickened, and she started to make little whimpering sounds. "All this would be fine, Mom, if Jasmine were here."

"Oh, Cory!" Mom replied when I said that.

"We just need Jasmine," I said, as I thrust up again. "Jasmine can help us."

"Oh, Cory... Oh, honey... I... I... Oh, God! This is... Oh, it's," Mom implored.

"It feels good, doesn't it, Jasmine? Having my cock rub against your pussy like this, while my mother isn't around…"

"Mmm... Nnn.  Ohh...Yes...  Oh yes, it does." Mom moaned, as I kept up my constant pressure, making sure my shaft made contact with her clit.

But Mom still felt a little hesitant, so I whispered in her ear, "Just let yourself go, baby. Mom isn't around.  It's just us here. It's just us. Only us. Let go, baby. Just let go."

And then it gradually started to happen. I was feeling less of Mom's hand, and more of my shaft rubbing over her wet slit, while I slowly motioned my dick up and down it.

"That's it, Jasmine. Let my dick feel more of your pussy. I can tell you really like it."

"Oh... Cory... Ah... Cory!  Oh, fuck!" Mom expressed, when her hand finally moved altogether out of the way, and she grabbed my ass with both her hands while her legs spread completely wide apart.

Making subtle grunts and huffs, I raced my dick over the outside of her slit several times, before her hips thrust upward, causing it to slide between them. I was now raking my cock over her wet opening, making sure I bumped the head of my dick against her swollen clit.

"Oh, God... Oh, God, no. Cory, it's feeling too good. It's too good! Oh shit! Oh, honey. I... I... I can't take it! Oh, God, please forgive me!!!" Mom screamed, as she heaved upward while pushing on my ass, forcing my dick to pierce the opening into her womb.

"Go deep! Go deep!" She yelled, helping my dick into her depths by lifting her legs and wrapping them around my waist while pushing on my rear.

I was in heaven and shuddered when my dick bottomed out inside her warm moist cunt, and it didn't take long before I was plowing away with all I had, while my mother thrashed and gyrated her marvelous pussy on it.

“Yes, Cory! Yes! Fuck me! Oh, God, fffuck me! Fffuck me, honey! Oh,God, I needed this for so long. Faster! Go faster!." Mom whimpered.

Pumping, pushing, thrusting faster and harder, I went for broke. The sweat poured off my body as I relished in the feeling of this forbidden sexual act. All I wanted to do was make this goddess come like she'd never come before.

"Oh, Yesss!” Mom hissed, bucking wildly off the bed. "Keep going! Ohhh! Ffffuck! I'm coming! Christ, I'm coming!!!"

Holy fuck did Mom come hard, as I kept pumping away while she arched her back and quivered.

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” I heard, when she clawed at my back while locking her legs around my waist, trapping my dick inside her. The feeling of her snatch tightening around my cock was too much for me to take any longer, and with one more mighty heave, I buried my dick deep inside her pussy as I exploded.

"Oh fuck!" Mom expressed, as my sperm filled her womb. "Your cum is inside me!"

Grinding my teeth, I groaned, "I couldn't help it! I'm sssorry. Ohhh!"

I crashed my weight on top of my mother while my dick spurted out the last of its semen inside her.

Only I wasn't finished yet; I slowly but steadily nudged my dick back to life and heard Mom sigh, "Oh fuck, you're already hard again."

Getting myself up on my knees, I held onto my mother's spread thighs while I feverishly plowed inside her, once more.

Over and over, I heard Mom implore, "Oh, God, you're so deep! So fucking deep!"

Pumping away, Mom again came, hard. Once she finished, I spun her around, helping her to get on her knees before I rammed back inside her.

"Oh fuck. Mmm. Ahhh oh.  Holy shit, baby, you're breaking my pussy!"

Groaning and moaning, I held her hips as I thrust with everything I had, and croaked, "Fuck... Fuck! I'm going to come again!"

“Oh! Ah! Oh! Ah!" Mom moaned over and over as my seed quickly rose.

I knew it was wrong, but I needed to feel my dick once again release its forbidden seed deep inside her warm, welcoming womb.

Grunting and huffing, I held her hips tightly as I fucked her quicker. I could feel my throbbing pole burst, releasing its hot cum, and I yelled, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"Cory! Oh, God! Cory!" Mom whimpered, as I came once more, filling her cunt.

Thrust after thrust, I pumped away, holding onto her waist until every drop of my baby-making juices filled her womb.

Exhausted, I fell on Mom's back, just as she crashed on the bed herself.

"You came inside me, again," Mom said, as I eased my pecker out from her sperm-filled box.

Rolling over on my back next to her side I replied, "I know. I... I just couldn't help it. I can't explain it, but I needed to do it."

Mom rolled onto her side and cooed, "I know what your mean, honey. Truthfully I wanted to feel your cum, also."

We held each other as we kissed once more and then fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

I was happy when I awoke, and Mom was still next to my side. I couldn't stop admiring her as she slept, and was greeted by her smiling face when she opened her eyes and said, "Morning, lover."

Lover, she called me her lover again. I thought as I leaned over and kissed her softly, before she rolled out of bed and said, "Okay, time to get ready."

"Can't we just lay in bed for a little bit longer?"

"Sorry, honey, I like to stick to my routine." Mom replied, as she went and changed into a pair of white spandex, forgoing her panties, along with a very sexy, half-cut tee-shirt that exposed the bottom portion of her breasts.

Shit, did she look hot like that! I started to feel my dick rise, realizing the only thing protecting her pussy from my dick once again filling her hole, was that very thin material.

"Let's go!" Mom cheerfully shouted as she departed her room, while I, still feeling a little groggy, staggered out of her bed with a raging hardon now.

I went to my room and changed into a pair of red shorts, forgoing my own underwear since I couldn't stop thinking about how Mom's pussy was barely covered, and if the opportunity should arise, I wanted to be more than ready.

I met Mom downstairs in the living room, already doing her morning warm-up, and watched how she balanced on one leg, the other bent out to her side as she rested her foot on her other leg's inner thigh.  Her hands were also in pray positions as she took a deep breath.

Mom had just changed her pose to the other leg when I said, "Okay, I'm ready."

"Good. Now just do as I do."

I did, and it was more complex than it looked, so I almost fell over a couple of times, causing Mom to laugh as to how bad I was able to balance myself.

"Don't worry. It’ll become easier the more you do it."

I don't know why, but I replied, "I bet Jasmine could help me do it."

Mom cocked her head to the right side a little and, with a devilish smirk, said, "Well, she isn't here right now, so I guess your mother will have to do."

However, her phone rang, and I could tell by her expression it was my father when she said, "Hello, Donald."

"Yes, I know he hung up on you."

"Yes, I'm aware I didn't answer."

"No, I don't want to talk about it now."

"Maybe you should then!" Mom said before hanging up abruptly.

"You okay, Mom?"

"Yes... I'm fine." Mom sighed.

Mom appeared a little distracted as we continued, but I managed to cheer her up by messing up more of those complex poses while expressing how great she was at doing them.

By the time we got to do her floor stuff, Mom seemed much better.

I was sitting next to Mom as she started slowly showing me the correct way to do the stretches from Downward Dog to what they call a Child's pose, and everything seemed fine, until Mom got into a Puppy Dog Stretch pose.

Shit, I almost lost it right then. Seeing her tight ass high in the air while her back arched, pushing her chest and arms flat onto the floor, I swear I immediately got rock hard.

You have to understand, from the angle I was watching this I could clearly see the material sliding into the crack of her ass, while the better part of her bare breast tantalized my eyes, and I couldn't take it anymore.

Quickly getting behind Mom before she could react, I hastily pulled her spandex down, revealing that wonderful ass to me before I got within her legs on my knees and nudged my nose between her cheek, running my tongue over her little rosebud.

"Cory!" I heard Mom shout as I jabbed, licked, and tickled her asshole while my right hand raced over her mound. I could feel her clit hardening while my left hand stroked on my cock.

"Cccory! Oh, fuck Cory! Mmm. Oh, this is so nasty. I'm your Mother. I'm your Mother!" Mom said, as I pierced my tongue into her bunghole while I started to finger her pussy.

Mom was hot now, and I took the opportunity to exploit her excitement. I lifted my head from her ass while I kept finger fucking her pussy and said, "You like it, Mom? Do you like how your son is making you hot?

"Yes..."  I heard her whisper in a long, drawn-out sigh, and took it a step further when I quickly lined up my dick and rammed it a smidge inside her asshole.

"Oh, God! It's in my ass! It's in my ass!" Mom bellowed, as I nudged more of my meat into her super-tight hole.

Another thrust, and it went in a little further. I heard Mom express, "It's too big! You’re ripping Mommy apart!" Fuck she was right! Mom was tight, but I finally got most of my girth inside before Mom implored, “Cory... Oh shit! Oh shit! I've never done this before."

I ease myself out a little, before nudging forward again. Over and over, I slowly manipulated my solid pole inside her ass until I felt her loosening up. Then I sensed Mom backing herself toward me, helping my dick go deeper inside until I was balls deep inside her ass, and slamming my cock in it for all it was worth.

"Oh! Uh! Oh! God! Oh, Cory! Cory! Keep going, baby. Keep going," Mom whimpered, as I heaved and shoved my dick inside her ass while her left hand now played with her clit.

My god, the tightness was like nothing I have ever felt before! And it wasn't long before I felt my juices rising up my shaft, when I hissed, "Fuck, Mom, I'm gonna come."

"Do it, baby! Do it. Come in Mommy's ass. Oh, I want to feel it. Yes! Oh, God, I'm coming, too!"

Holding Mom's hips while her ass was high in the air, I let loose and felt her shiver while both of us moaned and groaned from the pleasure of climaxing.

Mom eased my dick out from her ass and turned over, panting loudly, and said, "My god, Cory! I never felt anything like that before."

The look on her face as she laid on her ass, legs bent and spread, with her pants still half-off while she rested on her elbows, just got to me. I quickly pulled her pants off entirely, before diving headfirst into her wet mound.

"Oh fuck, Cory!" Mom huffed as I lifted her body upward in my hands. I was on my knees until her legs were over my shoulders, and I was eating her pussy like a hungry cat eats tuna.

Mom thrashed around as I sucked the juices out of her moist cunt, while my dick rose to the occasion once more. Then once fully hard, I hastily fucked Mom, crab style.

Mom was moaning and whimpering while I pile-drove my hard meat inside her slick pussy until she came again, but I was far from finished; and lifted her, holding onto her ass while her arms held onto my neck, until I backed her against the wall and fucked her standing up, holding onto her legs.

"Oh, God, you're so fucking deep! You're going to make Mommy come, again!" She shouted, as I jackhammered inside her.

And come again she did, after that,I could no longer hold her up. My legs had become too weak; so I set her down and turned her around, facing the wall, while she bent forward just a little so I could insert my cock back into her womb.

Holly shit! I was exhausted, but I honestly couldn't get enough of fucking her. But then Mom moved her ass forward just enough for me to slide out, and hissed, "Put it back in my ass."

"Well, shit, I wasn't expecting that! I lined my cock back up to her asshole when she pushed backward, sending it into her tight little bunghole.

"Oh fuck, Cory! God, that feels so good. Fuck my ass. Fuck Mommy's ass," she implored.

Holding onto her hips, I pounded away and could feel my knees getting weak as my sperm again flowed to the top of my mushroom head, while I was also tickling her twat.

"Mom! Oh, Mom! I'm... I'm... Oh, fuck, Mom! I'm..."

"Do it, baby! Please do it! Come for Mommy! Come for Mommy, honey!"

"FFFuck!!!" I croaked, as I came hard inside her asshole again.

We both crashed to the floor, totally exhausted and spent, and with what energy I had left, I crawled next to Mom and, before kissing her, said, "That was the best, Mom."

"I enjoyed it too, honey."

We tenderly kissed for a little while before finally getting up and changing into our regular clothes for the day. After a delightful breakfast, Mom and I spent the rest of the day talking about everything while straightening and doing the daily chores.

That night we fucked again in her room. And also after her morning exercises the next day. It was apparent we couldn't get enough of each other, and trust me when I say I was more than okay with that.

However, we had no sooner finished doing it again in the kitchen after breakfast, when I heard a knock at our door.

After we hastily fixed our clothes, Mom went to answer it, and I heard her say, "You got company."

Fuck me... I thought, flabbergasted as I watched Melody step inside the house.

"I think we all need to talk." I heard Melody say, as she took another step inside.

"You really shouldn't be here, dear." Mom replied.

"Can we go into the other room? This shouldn't take me long to say."

Mom and I showed Melody into the living room, and we no sooner took a seat on the sofa, while Melody sat in the love chair across from us, when she blurted out, "I saw what you two did, this morning."

I watched as Mom's face filled with horror, and I barked back, "And I got a picture of you and your family fucking in your room, so what's your point!"

Melody sat back in the chair while crossing her legs and rebutted, "I don't have a point. I just wanted to clear the air before I said what I came here to say."

"And that is?" I asked.

"That I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my parents. At the time, I didn't think you would understand the kind of relationship I shared with them, but now I think you do."

I was at a loss for words at that moment, and tried to come up with something I could say to justify my actions, but Mom spoke up first and said, "So tell me, Melody, were you ever going to tell my son?"

Melody lowered her head and replied, "I... I don't know. I didn't want to hurt him, but I didn't want to hurt my parents either."

"So, in other words, you cared about all of them."

Melody nodded, and I could see a hint of a tear in her eyes.

"And do you still care for my son?"

"I do," Melody said, looking up at both of us.

"And does what you saw this morning bother you at all?"

Melody shook her head, and I felt my cock jump. I guess hearing her say she was okay with seeing me fucking my mother unleashed another sick side of me I didn't know I had.

But I also wasn't sure where Mom was going with this, until she shocked me when she said, "So, if I told you to play with yourself while I suck on my son's dick, you'd be okay with that?"

My mouth dropped open when I heard that; and then I saw Melody give a hesitant nod.

Mom moved closer to me, and as she unzipped my half-swollen prick from its hiding place, hissed, "Then strip, and show us that pretty pussy of yours, while I jerk on my son's cock."

Holly shit! I couldn't believe it. Melody was actually undressing before us, while Mom was stroking on my mostly-hard dick.

"Mmm. I must say you do have a very pretty pussy." Mom said, jerking on my cock until it was fully hard.

"Now sit in the chair and show us how good you can masturbate that pretty little pussy of yours," Mom said, before leaning over and inhaling my dick.

Fuck, I was in heaven. I never imagined I would be seeing Melody's legs spread wide, with her tickling her own clit, while Mom, with her experienced mouth, was blowing me. But it was happening, and my sexual desire built expeditiously.

Suddenly, as Melody and I bellowed in sexual delight, Mom stopped her sucking and said, "Would you like a taste, Melody?" She pointed my cock in her direction.

Melody smiled as she nodded, and then slowly walked over before kneeling in front of me.

With Mom still grasping on my shaft, Melody leaned over and kissed the very tip, causing a sudden rush of pleasure to race through my body.

"Oh fuck..." I groaned, as I felt her then slide my entire girth down her velvet throat.

Faster Melody's head bobbed, as Mom stood up and stripped naked herself< and then watched as she motioned Melody's ass upward, before sliding her hands between her legs.

I could feelMelody moaning on my dick when my mother hissed, "Oh honey, you're so wet. Do you like having your little pussy played with by your boyfriend's mother?"

I almost came when I heard her mumble, "Mhm."

Melody's body was thrashing around, and she hummed on my pecker when Mom's fingers started to fuck her.

No way was I going to last much longer if she kept this up, and I barked, "Fuck, Mom! Oh fuck. I'm going toooo..."

"Do it, baby! Come in her mouth!"

"Ahhh!" I screamed, as my ass lifted off the sofa while holding Melody's head down on my exploding cock.

Spurt after spurt, my cum shot down past her tonsils, causing her to moan and gag, while Mom feverishly finger fucked her pussy until I could tell she was also coming.

Melody shot her head up and gasped for air, but quickly Mom twisted her head to the side with her hand, and kissed her hard on the mouth.

Holly shit! Something else I never imaged. I was in awe as I watched both women French kiss with such lustful energy. Melody twisted the rest of her body around until she was facing Mom, and then snaked her hand down to my mom's pussy and started to toy with it.

Mom broke the kiss first and whimpered, "Oh, fuck,… your fingers. Oh,  God, girl, you know how to stimulate a clit."

"I know more than that," Melody hissed, and eased my mother onto her back before diving between her legs.

"Oh, God! Oh, shit, Melody! What are you doing? Oh, Christ, I'm going to come, already!!!" Mom implored the air as she held Melody's face to her twat.

But Melody kept going, and Mom was once again moaning and whimpering while thrashing and gyrating her box over her face.

Fuck. I was hard again, and stroked on my cock to the sight before me. Seeing my mother getting pleasured by Melody was doing things to me I had never felt before.

"Oh, God! Yes! I'm going to come again!" Mom wailed and then shot her head up before saying, "Fuck her, Cory! Fuck her!"

I got behind Melody and helped her get onto her knees, before ramming my steel pole inside her little snatch. Fuck. I’d forgotten how good her pussy felt around my dick. I went crazy fucking the shit out of her while she brought another orgasm out of Mom.

I could hear Melody moaning on Mom's pussy while I feverishly fucked her, and then felt her body tighten up when she had her first orgasm, causing her to remove her face from between my mother's legs, finally.

Mom haphazardly moved her body out of the way, before panting loudly, "My turn."

Switching positions, Melody lay down on her back while Mom got between her legs,  and I started to fuck Mom, doggy-style.

Moaning and groaning, wailing and whimpering, we fucked, sucked, and licked until finally I couldn't take it. I heaved hard when I said, "I'm coming! I'm coming, Mom."

Mom quickly lifted her head and shouted, "Come, baby! Come inside Mommy!"

"Ffffuck!" I croaked, holding onto her hips as my seed released.

All of us lay on the floor, breaths heaving, hearts pounding, bodies sweating, until my mom finally said, "I think we all should get cleaned up.

I nodded as I tried to get enough strength to stand, before we all took a quick shower and then sat back down in the living room, to discuss where all this would go from here.

I'm happy to say, that wasn't the only time all three of us got together. Melody even asked if I would like to get her parents involved, but truthfully, I don't know how I would feel about it.

Okay, call me selfish for only wanting my dick inside my mother. But hey, it is what it is.

As for what the future might bring when this pandemic finally ends, I guess only time will tell; but for now, nothing will keep me from making these women come over and over again.

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