Mother Knows Best Chapter One

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A mother finds her son has been using her panties to cum in, she decides enough is enough, with the help of a girl in a shop she teaches him a lesson this story has incest,mistress/sub,domination rings

Mother Knows Best

Chapter One

Thank god another day done, I slipped the window down as I sat in my car, turning the key I felt the power of the engine vibrate through the seat. I slipped the clutch and roared off the new housing estate and on to the motorway.

My name is Susan and I am a senior partner of Hudson and Hudson, estate agents to the wealthy.

I had just closed a deal for a new house, also had an order for a swimming pool and jacuzzi, my commission will be good this month.

I came off at junction seven and five minutes later drew outside my house.

I noticed my son's window was open so he was in, my ex husband left me about a year ago so it was just the two of us.

As I entered the house I saw my son run down the stairs and into the kitchen, I noticed again he was topless, he had a thing for dressing down when at home, normally just a pair of shorts.

"Hi Joshua, hows your day been?"

He turned to me and smiled,. "Yea really good thanks how about you?"

I told him about the sale as I made my way upstairs, I needed a shower bad.

As I got undressed I noticed my laundry hamper lid was off, I always kept it on, looking inside I saw a pair of my panties on top, I picked them up and noticed they were full of cum.

Josh called out he was going next door for a bit, I heard the door slam.

I had known for a while that Josh used my panties, at first it upset me, but then I realised he was growing up, I had often thought about watching him cum in my panties, it gave me a thrill.

I felt the silky cum as it lay in my panties, he certainly shot a big wad of it, I undressed and reached for the panties again, I got a big dollop of cum and rubbed it over my nipples, they got hard immediately .

I entered the shower still playing, I felt my pussy leaking I rubbed some of the cum onto my clit,

I felt it swell , my finger entered my cunt and started to explore, soon I was coming hard.

Yes I know it is wrong for a mother to think of her own son as a sex object, but it happens, Josh is 19 , loves to play sport, his 6 pack looks so hot above the shorts he wears, and that bulge he has packed away always makes me look twice.

I stood in the shower and let the water wash my cum from my thighs, I felt giddy as I had a plan that I want to start but I am scared of the consequences.

Getting out of the shower I wrapped myself up in towels and padded into the bedroom, I selected a thong and my half cup bra and slide into them.

I walked into my son's room and looked around, I knew he had a stash of porno magazines, I felt under the mattress and there it was.

I pulled the magazine out and looked at it.

The front picture was a woman of about 30, dressed in latex, she had a whip in her hand and a paddle in the other, her bra had the nipples poking through.

The headline was a wife catches her husband straying from her bed and she punishes him.

I was surprised my son was into bondage and pain, but this was one of five I had seen with the same subject.

As I turned the pages I saw some pages were stuck together, sperm makes a wonderful glue.

I put the magazine back and retreated to my room to finish dressing, I was going shopping.

I had done some research on the net for suitable shops close by, the next town had such a shop.

I pulled up close by and walked to the shop, from the outside it looked like a Ann Summers shop, pretty baby doll sets and a few Basques.

I walked inside and the shop seemed quite small, I caught the eye of a young shop assistant and she walked towards me smiling.

"I saw your web page and you had a lot more interesting things on it, have you stopped selling them?"

"Oh you mean our corrective collection madam, please follow me."

We walked passed the changing rooms into another section, not seen from the street. A large curtain

covered a doorway, she pulled the curtain to one side so I could walk through.

I gasped as I saw the displays, there was everything here, from gas masks to rubber and vinyl cat suits.

The assistant turned to me and smiled.

"I think this is what you are after madam, do you have a particular age of the person you will be catering for?"

"I blushed thinking of my son at 19.

"Let's just say under 25, for the moment."

"Male or female madam?"


She took me to a section of the room that had mannequins of young men dressed in black thongs and a face mask, their hands tied behind their back kneeling down.

My pussy started to leak as I envisaged Josh tied like this.

We walked along an isle of different clothes and toys, many I had not seen before.

"Is this madams first time?"

I looked at the young girl, she looked about 22 , she was smiling, I guessed she could see right though me.

She drew me to one side.

"Madam, let me take you into a private room, we can talk better there."

I nodded, she led me to a room and closed the door.

"In here madam we cater for every scene, nothing is taboo here, I am here to guide you to achieve what you want to do, privacy is our main priority, would you tell me a bit about what you want to do then I can recommend items for you "

I took a deep breath, and poured out my confession to her.

"I understand better now madam, would this be a one-off punishment or longer?"

I blushed, "I think it will take longer"

She smiled and walked to a cupboard, opening it I saw an array of whips, paddles and straps.

"I think it might be more comfortable if you call me Jean, and you are?"


"Ok great Susan, this is one of our best paddles, it fits the hand nicely and give a sharp stinging effect, most people start out with this."

Next she picked up a flogger.

"This is for the more tender spots, used in a circular motion just the tips make contact with the skin, ideal for the nipples and the cock area,"

She went thought a lot of equipment advising me which to buy the first time and others to wait until I was more experienced.

I bought several items and some clothes for Josh to wear while being punished.

"have you got your own wardrobe sorted yet?"

I blushed and said no.

She opened the door and took me to another room,

"In here we carry everything you will need, and the best part is you try things on to make sure it is right for you."

I looked at the selection offered, there where panties in soft leather, some with dildo's in, full length vinyl suits, and loads of other items.

"We need to get those clothes of you so we can see what will suit you better."

I slowly undressed, my nipples poked over the top of my half cup bra, and my thong wedged between my thighs seems very small.

"Oh Susan I love your nipples I have the perfect thing for you to try."

She undid my bra and let it drop to the chair, her hand cupped my left breast and seemed to weight it.

"Yes I think this will be perfect, you seem to be a 36c cup."

I was surprised that she had guessed my bra size correctly.

She turned and picked up a bra from the stand.

"I need you to bend over from the waist, this will make sure the bra goes on correctly."

I bent over and my breasts hung down.

Jean came from the side and slid one of the cups over my breast, then the other, pulling the strap behind she did the catch up.

The bra was tight on me, my breasts seemed so compact , Jean stood in front of me and with both hands moulded my breast to the bra, the nipples poked through two holes, I could feel the pressure making them harder.

"See what I mean Susan, the tight fit make your breast stand out, and even your nipples are squeezed gently making sure they stay hard."

"OK now the thong has to go, you need something that will keep him guessing what you have hidden."

She knelt in front of me and lowered my thong.

"Oh my Susan what a gorgeous little pussy you have."

I blushed as she helped me into a tight-fitting vinyl pair of panties, I felt my pussy lips spilt as they were forced either side of the seam.

Standing up Jean led me to a full size mirror.

"Do you see what I mean Susan, look how your pussy is held tightly in that, I love the camel toe you have created."

I looked at myself, never had my body been so exposed, I felt myself getting hot wanting to stick something deep inside of me and cum hard.

"Once you have got over the first time , you can tease him with something like this."

She pulled her short skirt up, I could see she had on a set of panties with a crotch that looked like a spiders web, her pussy lips were separated by a thin strap, I was surprised how thick her lips were.

As she dropped the skirt she took my hands in hers.

"Susan most mothers get this far and them become frightened, I have been brought up with a very loving family if you know what I mean"

"If this is what you want then go for it, your son will thank you for it believe me. If you need any help I will give you my phone number please call me ok?"

By the time I left the shop I was several hundred pounds lighter in my purse, but my eyes had been opened, I packed the stuff into my boot and drove home.

Josh sat in the front room watching TV, I went about getting tea ready and then took my new purchases to my bedroom.

I noticed Josh had been at my laundry again, this time he had cum into one of the cup of my bra, I took the laundry basket downstairs to put a wash on, when Josh saw me he decided to go out to a mates house.

How was I going to start this, I had no idea, I can understand what Jean said about most mothers stop before they start.

I decided I would call Jean.

We talked for about 30 minutes on the phone, Jean had an idea.

"Listen Susan, I want you to invite me over for the night, we can talk and plan together much better in the flesh."

Jean said she would be at my house in twenty minutes.

I opened the door to her knock and she came in with a suitcase, she kissed me on the cheek and we went into my bedroom.

We sat talking most of the night, when Josh came in I did not tell him we had a guest and he went and had a shower and then went to bed.

I had a shower and Jean helped me to get dressed into my new clothes. She then opened her case and took out her uniform as she called it.

She went and had a shower and walked into the bedroom naked, I saw her pussy had been close shaved and looked so soft, her breasts I guessed were a 38dD at least hung gracefully , she slipped into a vinyl cat suit with no crotch, her lips peeked through vinyl thick as always. I must admit I was getting turned on watching her get ready.

Jean told me of a plan she had, so getting some things from the suitcase we moved quietly out of the bedroom.

Josh lay sleeping on his back, he had fallen asleep after wanking again into his mums panties, his cock lay soft still covered with his mums panties.

Jean opened his door quietly and peeked in, she saw Josh laying there, grabbing 2 sets of handcuffs she made quick work out of securing his hand to the bed head, she then secured his legs to the base of the bed, he lay there naked with his panti covered cock on display.

Very carefully she put a blindfold over his eyes.

Smiling to Susan she turned the main light on, walking over to Josh she nudged him.

He woke with a start, something was up, he could not move his arms or legs and he could not see.

"What the fuck!", was all he got out.

Jean lifted a paddle and slapped his thigh hard.

"So the little pervert likes his mothers panties does he?"

"Who the fuck are you and what are you doing here?"

Another slap from the paddle soon shut him up.

Jean got a riding crop and lifted the panties cover cock, she was impressed with the size but said nothing.

"Is this the tiny cock that cums all over his own mothers underwear? What's up can't get a girlfriend?"

Josh realised what had happened, his mother had found out about his visits to her laundry basket, but who the fuck is this?"

Jean took a metal bar off of Susan who stood there watching, she placed it on the foot of the bed and put a cuff around each ankle, undoing the rope that had held the ankles she tied it to the bar and then fed it through the headboard, by pulling the rope she forced the legs to rise she tied it off with the feet up in the air.

This left Josh venerable, his ass was exposed , also his cock and balls, he felt himself blush.

Suddenly he felt a pain rush through his body, Jean had used the riding crop , it cut a red welt across both buttocks.

"So tell me Josh, what you think off when you wank in your mothers panties"

Josh said nothing, he was so confused.

"Do you think of your mother standing there watching you masturbate, letting your spunk fly over her body?"

Again no answer.

Jean moved closer, she grabbed Josh's balls in her hand. "Do you think of your mother holding these for you as you wank or do you want to her to wank it for you like this?"

Jean let her hand slide on to his cock, slowly she gripped the harden cock, her fingers pulling the foreskin back exposing the head.

Jean motioned Susan to get closer, as she did Jean took her hand and put it on to the hard cock,

Susan gasped and she felt for the first time her son's hard cock, she felt it getting moist as pre cum started to leak.

Jean pulled Susan hand away and gave her the paddle, pointing to Josh's naked ass she whispered to her to spank him.

Susan raised the paddle and brought it down , Jean told her to do it again, Susan felt her pussy soaked as she raised it again several times, each time bringing down on the same spot.

Jean raised her hand and Susan stopped, reaching into a bag she brought out a sliver vibrator, moving closer she put the tip onto Josh's balls and turned it on.

Josh jumped as he felt the vibration course through his balls, the tip went lower and nudged his ass hole, he jumped again, Jean raised the paddle and pulled the vibrator away and landed a hard slap.

"Turning off the vibrator she stood by Josh.

Now are you going to tell us why you use your mum panties to wank into?"

"Us, you said us, does that mean my mum is in here as well?"

Jean landed another blow to his ass.

"I ask the questions not you, and if I don't get satisfactory answers the paddle will be used again, or maybe the riding crop."

Josh went silent, if he confessed and his mother is in the room he would die with embarrassment, but if he kept quiet he would get more punishment.

"I'm waiting and the paddle is almost ready to strike again."

"Ok, yes I admit I jerk off thinking about my mother, I can't help it, I see her daily walking from the shower to her bedroom in almost nothing, when she is at home she often walks around without her bra on and I see the hard nipples it make me so horny."

"What do you think about when you wank?"

"I think of taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking on them to letting my hands rub her whole body"

"And what do you think she will be doing while you play?"

"I think of her taking my cock in her hands and wanking me."

"Do you mean like this?"

Jean grabbed Susan's hands and put it on to the hard cock, Susan rubbed the thick shaft ,her hand became soaked as the pre cum dripped on to it.

"Oh yes and her mouth taking the tip in and sucking me off"

Josh was panting as his mind relived his wanking scenario his mother sucking his cock down and swallowing his thick cum

Jean took Susan and removed her bra, and then bent her over Josh's head she let the nipple touch his lips, Josh groaned and sucked the nipple in his mouth chewing gently on it.

Susan cried out gently, it had been such a long time.

Jean pulled her away from Josh.

"So you want your mum to get you off but what would do for her?"

"I would do anything she asked,"

"Do you mean that or is it just talk? Would you lick her pussy until she came?"

"Oh yes my tongue would go deep and I would lick her dry."

Jean straddled the bed above his head.

"Show me".

Jean lowered her body down until the lips that protruded from her cat suit made contact with his lips, she felt his tongue delve deep into her hot pussy, she almost came as he quickened the pace.

Jean climbed off.

"Not bad for a beginner".

Jean pulled Susan from the room, she could see Susan was getting worked up, she had watched her son licking another woman and her own pussy needed that so bad.

"We are going to let him stew for a bit, was this the first time you saw his cock hard?"

Susan blushed as she admitted it.

"Well I can see the effect it is having on you"

Jean moved closer and cupped both breasts, the nipples were so hard, she brushed a thumb over each one, Susan groaned and almost collapsed as she felt the tingle all the way to her pussy.

"Oh my Susan, we will have to take the edge off of you if you don't want to look to eager to your son."

With that she bent her head and sucked the hard nipple into her mouth, she lashed her tongue across it and sucked hard.

Susan felt her legs give way and she collapsed on to the bed, Jean moved up kissing Susan's open mouth.

Susan felt herself succumb to the kisses.

Jean stood up and threw her cat suit off, naked she lay next to Susan,.

"Is this the first time with a woman honey?"

"Susan nodded, her mouth dry as she admitted to herself she wanted this.

Jean slipped over on top of Susan, her firm breast squashed as they kissed and held each other, Susan felt herself opening her legs wide, as Jean moved down kissing her body as she moved.

Jean moved between the open thighs, she smelt the heady aroma of a women on heat, her fingers opened the way pulling the lips open exposing the hot hole, pushing two fingers deep inside she sucked the hard clit into her mouth.

Susan groaned as she felt the fingers invade her pussy, her juices flowed as they twisted and turned deep inside of her when she felt her clit being sucked that did it, her pussy spasmed and she came so hard,her hips thrust against the lips that brought her to ecstasy.

Jean lay back as Susan came down from her climax, she had loved the taste of Susan, she knew this was not the last time they would play, her own pussy needed some attention and she knew where to get it..

She took Susan's hand and led her back to Josh's room, they were both naked now, Josh was still there and his hard on was still present.

"So Josh we have had a talk and things are going to change around here, your mother has bought you some items of clothing to wear, you will only wear them in the house and nothing else. We know from your magazine choice you enjoy a spanking, your mother will oblige and will spank you when ever she feel fit to do. You will always be ready to please her or her friends sexually without hesitation is that understood?"

"Yes mam"

Josh knew that he had to obey, he had dreamt about being with his mother since his dad left and the thought of her spanking him turned him on so much he felt his cock get harder.

Jean undid the rope holding his legs in the air, she also removed the leg bar helping him to his feet.

She removed one hand from the cuffs and put both hands behind his back and cuffed them again.

Jean motioned Susan to lay on the side of the bed with her legs hanging over, she made Josh kneel between them.

"You will now pleasure you mother with your tongue you will not stop until ordered too do you understand?"

Josh nodded and said."Yes mam"

Jean pushed his head down until it came in contact with his mothers pussy, he smelt the musk and dived in, his mouth covered her pussy and his tongue went to work spreading the lips apart drinking her juices, he made his tongue hard and pierced his mothers hole.

Jean sat on the bed and started to kiss Susan, their kiss was slow and very sexual, Susan reached up and gripped both of Jean's breast and brought them to her mouth, she nibbled on the nipples biting gently and sucking, looking into Jean eyes she knew she wanted to do something.


"Sit on my face Jean I want to taste you"

Jean smiled and kissed her gently, she rose and straddled Susan's head and lowered her pussy closer

she felt Susan's tongue flick out she moved back and forth letting her juices drip on to Susan face, Susan gripped both of Jeans thighs and she fought to get her mouth closer to the sweet hole that poured the juices into her mouth, her tongue found Jeans clit and she bit it gently, Jean screamed as her climax ripped through her body Susan had found her weak spot, she loved her clit bitten.

Susan was dripping with cum, her son was licking her and sucking her lips she wanted more turning to Jean she said . "I need my son's cock"

Jean pulled Josh away from his mothers pussy, Susan turned on the bed and presented her ass and pussy for her son.

Josh was still blindfolded but he knew he was going to fuck his mum at last, his hard cock jutted out

wanting to sink deep inside her.

Jean undid the handcuffs, Josh rubbed his wrists.

"The blindfold stays on" Jean said as she pushed Josh closer to his mother.

Josh felt his mothers body in front of him, his hand dropped to between her thighs and he felt the wetness there.

"Don't play with it, fuck it."

Jean got the flogger and spun it into his ass he felt the needle points lash at his buttocks as he lined his cock up.

With one long stroke he ploughed into his mothers wet hole, his hands gripping her hips to allow a stronger thrust, he felt the hot hole open to him Susan cried as she felt the hard rod enter her, her pussy gripped hard as her first orgasm flow through her body.

Josh lent forward so his hands could hold his mothers breasts, he felt the hard nipples again his palms.

"Yes Josh squeeze them pull my nipples till I scream and fuck me hard son"

Josh did squeeze and thrust even harder and deeper he could feel his mothers pussy clamping down again making it hard work to thrust deeper, he knew he was close to coming suddenly Susan Gasped and her body shook, her orgasm was sweeping her body like never before, Josh pinched her nipples and squeeze tightly he felt her body jerk in response as he spewed his cum deep into her pussy.

He collapsed against his mothers back all the air had gone from his body with the exertion of coming hard.

Jean reached over and removed the blindfold, then she went into the other bedroom and got into bed, leaving mother and son together her job was done for now.

Josh was the first to move, he stood up and looked at his mother sprawled on his bed, he lifted her legs on the bed and then got in next to her, she just lay there all strength to her body had gone.

Josh covered them with the duvet and held his mother in his arms and drifted to sleep.

Jean woke at 6 am, she remembered the past night but she had work to do.

Putting on her cat suit again she walked into the other room, reaching for the riding crop she prodded Josh.

"Come on you time to get up"

Josh woke with a start, he saw a strange women standing next to his bed.

Jean tapped him on his shoulder, "Come on get out of bed now"

Josh stood there blinking, suddenly he felt a blow on his thigh.

"Get down on your knees when you are spoken too"

Josh did as he was told, he looked at the woman in the cat suit, she looked so young but she had something about her that made him obey her.

"Keep your head down and you hands behind your back."

"So tell me Josh, what part of the bondage game turns you on the most.?"

"The thought of a woman controlling me turns me on so much."

Susan sat up in the bed, she saw Jean and Josh on his knees.

"Susan, from now on Josh will do everything you ask of him, if he fails you will punish him."

Susan got out of bed and stood there naked next to Jean.

"Josh, go and get a shower, shave that hair off from around your cock and ass, from now you stay shaved."

Josh looked at his mother standing naked before him.

"Yes mam"

With that he got up went to shower and shave.

Susan turned to Jean.

"How can I thank you Jean?"

"Just keep him on his toes we both know he loves this new arraignment, you don't need to use the paddle he will do anything you want him too, but use it occasionally to remind him who is in charge,"

Jean kissed Susan . "I have to go now but I hope we keep in touch, I would love to sample his cock some time"

Susan smiled, "He is yours when ever you want him."

Jean went into the bedroom and got changed, she had a daddy who was waiting for her at home .

When Josh came out of the shower he saw his mother laying on his bed, her legs open waiting for him, he knelt down and kissed his way up her thighs. He knew his place, it was to be between his mothers legs pleasing her.

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