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My Brother (part two)

BabyBrady   November 06, 2018   | 56449 Views
This is a continuation of how my brother became my lover. Lesbian

It had been two weeks since my brother had completed basic training and had gone on to complete his job training. He finished top of his class and was given the option to do home town recruiting. That meant he was going to be home for two weeks before he was sent to off to his duty station at Fort Hood. He had let our mom know when he was supposed to be landing at the airport so we could pick him up.
Unlike when he was in basic he was able to have a phone in his training. We spent a lot of time talking during the past five weeks, but all of it seamed fairly innocent. The kiss from when he graduated basic was never spoken of. It made me wonder if it had just been a mistake. I wanted desperately to believe that he really did love me more than a brother should love his sister, but I was to afraid to bring this up. I wouldn't be able to handle his rejection or to find out that he was just messing with me. Maybe he was just so horny from weeks without anyone that he made a mistake by just acting on the need to touch a girl.
What ever the reason, I was worried about what I should wear when we would pick him up. I had tried on just about everything I owned aside from something completely formal. As I was standing in my full length mirror for the hundredth time trying to decide if my mid thigh length skirt and white tank top was to school girl look my mom called up to me “Brady! We need to go or he will have to wait for us!”
“Coming mom.” I said giving myself one last look before slipping on a light sweater and headed out of my room. As I came down the stairs and saw my mom waiting at the front door I could see she wasn't happy I had kept her waiting. “Sorry.” I said and rushed past her.
“You look cute.” She said as she shut the door behind me. “It's just your brother.” She joked.
I didn't say anything and just climbed into the car back seat. There was no talking on the 45 min car ride to the airport. Not from me anyway, and I wasn't listening to what my mother had been babbling about. When we got there I could see him right away. He stood on the curb in uniform. One bag next to him and the other over his shoulder, his wide muscular shoulders. He smiled when we pulled up next to him. He placed one bag in the the trunk and the other next to me in the back seat. “Hi little bug.” he smiled and winked at me. I flushed and squandered a smile.
On the way home he and our mother talked and I sat quietly in the back. I wished it was just me picking him up. I could have, but mom took the day off work so she could be here too. I was disappointed when I found out she was taking the next few days off.
“What do you want for dinner?” Mom asked him. “We can go anywhere you want.”
“I was actually hoping that you would make lasagna.” Jeremy said.
“Oh, I don't have what I need for that. And it will take me a while to make it.”
“Please?” He asked again. “I have been thinking about eating that since I got to basic.”
“We will have to stop by the store.” She said. “Do you want to go or should I drop you off at home?”
“I want to go home.” I blurted out. Mom looked at me in the rear-view mirror and Jeremy turned to look at me as well. “I-I don't feel very good.” I lied.
“I wouldn't mind taking a shower.” Jeremy added.
It was decided. A few minutes later we were home, I offered to help him carry in one of his bags until I realized it weighed about as much as I did. He picked it up with one hand and winked at me for the second time. My heart fluttered.
Inside I started upstairs as he dropped his bags. “It's do good to be home.” He said. I can't wait for a shower though. I have been in this for over a day now and I'm pretty sure the person next to me on the flight wasn't happy with the way I smelled.”
“Well you know where the towels are.” I said to him, “I'm going to go lay down.”
In my room I laid on my bed on top of my blankets, thinking about the the fact that my wants for him to swoop me up and kiss me didn't happen. I must have been wrong. He didn't want me the way I wanted him. I was his sister, he has probably blocked out what he had done. Forced himself to forget the whole thing. He didn't want to be with me after all.
I had dosed off at some point until I heard the bathroom door open. “Brady?” I head Jeremy call.
“Yeah?” I called back to him sitting up.
My door opened and he walked in, towel around his waist “I think I used your shampoo. I forgot to grab mind out of my bag.” he said while twisting a q-tip in his ear.
I didn't respond. I was taking back by what I was looking at. I've seen him before without a shirt on. Hell he used to live without one on. But that was before he was in the Army and worked out. His chest was large and defined, he didn't quite have a six pack but you could see it just the same. He had a hard V at his waist that the low towel was showing. His shoulders were wide and toned, all the way down to his for arms was strong large muscle. I was never into guys with big muscles, I just never found them attractive. But for some reason I found my heart racing at the sight of him like this. I could also see that behind his towel. He was sporting something that was also large. I caught myself staring at it, but not soon enough. He saw me looking at him with what probably looked like hunger.
I looked away, but the truth was already there. He saw how I looked at him, and I suppose he took that as an opportunity to come in further. He sat on the edge of my bed, just next to me. I was looking away but he reached over and turned my face to look at him. His eyes were captivating and he smiled at my just a little before he leaned in and kissed me.
My heart rushed, I felt like I was being electrocuted and I burned at the same time. But in such a way that settled me, not caused pain. He kissed me for a long two minutes before pulling back. “I missed you.” He said softly. “I wasn't sure you felt like this. I know it must be strange, me being your brother and all, but I can't hide how I feel about you Brady. I love you, I want you more than a brother should. But it's the honest truth.”
I stared into his eyes as he spoke. I knew he was telling me the truth. And the truth was, I felt the same way. I wanted him, and only him. I leaned in and kissed him this time. Moving closer so I could feel his body against mine.
Then he started to move. Laying me back down onto my bed and laying down next to me. He wrapped his arms around me and and I wrapped one leg around him. I ran my hands over his muscular body as he kissed me more and more passionately. His hand ran down my back and rested on my ass, he squeezed it gently and pressed my into him. I could feel him against me, but package pressing hard into pussy that was starting to get hot and damp. I took control and rolled over on top of him. I pulled off my tank top to expose my bra that held my B cup breasts. I was immediately embarrassed for how small they were and covered myself. Jeremy just smiled and gently moved my arms. “You're beautiful Brady. I don't care how big your breasts are.” I blushed and decided to take off my bra as well. His gaze was fixed on them, however small, they were quite firm and perky. He sat up and kissed me. His bare chest against my. I began to kiss down my neck and then down to my breasts. He kissed them softly all over until his lips found one of my pink erect nipples. He kissed and licked it for a moment until he turned to kiss me again. I was lost in his lips and the feeling of his hands on my skin.
Then, I felt it pulse. His dick against the town and my panties. I hadn't thought about the prospect of actually having sex with my brother. Would he want to go that far? Could I go that far? After what had happened? I didn't feel scared about the idea, but what if I freak out during?
I was so distracted by my thoughts that I must have stopped kissing Jeremy back. He pulled back and looked at me. “Is this not alright?” he ask. “Should we stop?”
“No!” I responded, maybe a little to abruptly. He gave me an odd look. “No,” I repeated, calmer this time. “I you want to have sex with me?” I asked, not knowing what answer I really wanted.
He looked deep in my eyes and his gaze softened. His expression was one that brought me comfort.
“Brady, I want to make love to you.” he said soothingly. My breath caught in my chest and I felt myself start to shiver. I climbed off of him and moved the towel that was hardly covering him anymore. His penis was hard and erect. I took it in one hand and began to stroke it slowly. I could hardly reach all the way around it. With my free hand I pulled my hair back on one side and bent down, opening my mouth and taking the head in. I began to suck gently and moving my lips up and down his girth. I moved my tongue around his head as I bobbed up and down. After a few seconds he exhaled, I didn't notice he had been holding his breath. He moaned slightly as I sucked him off. His hand found it's way to my ass where he lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. His finger found my wet pussy and he started to rub my clit slowly at first. I started sucking harder and faster, he matched my speed with his fingers. Then one of them slid inside me and he started to finger me. I paused and moaned, feeling a part of him inside me was sweet anguish. I wanted more, I was so wet. I cupped his balls and slid my mouth down the side of his dick, my tongue trying to curve around the other side. I took one of his balls into my mouth and sucked it. He slid another finger inside me and he leaned closer to my back end. He lifted one of my legs and guided me over to straddle his face. He kept rubbing my clit as he pulled out his fingers. Then I felt his tongue, and his hot breath on my pussy. He licked my lips and then drove his tongue inside me. I arched my back in pleasure.
I slid my mouth back up his shaft and gasped just before plunging it back down over his dick. I drove it deep past the back of my throat. I gagged once and then it slid the rest of the way down until his balls were pressed against my nose. The sweet musk of his balls filled my head and overwhelmed my senses.
“Oh God.” I heard him groan. “Brady, I'm going to_” was all he was able to say before I felt his cock pulse and his hot cum shot down my throat. I stayed there, his letting his cum flow. I held it there, holding my breath, wanting it all inside me. I wanted it in my belly, all of it.
After he stopped, I slowly backed off. I kissed the tip of his dick, causing it to flinch. Then I climbed off and lay next to him, my hand still on his dick.
He breathed heavily, naked in my bed. “Brady,” he breathed, “I'm sorry I didn't last long.”
I ran my fingers over his chest. “That's ok, Jeremy, you taste good.” I said.
He lifted my face to look at me. H kissed me softly. “I love you.” he said.
“I love you too.” I said and kissed him back.
We lay there for a while longer, maybe an half hr or so, then we heard the front door. “I'm home!” we heard our mother call out. We looked at each other in panic. Jeremy got up and quickly moved to the door.
Before leaving he looked back at me and winked. “Later it will be your turn.” he said and slipped out to his room just next to mine.
I lay there a little while longer still, thinking about what we had just done. I felt good about it. I felt like it was right. I thought about how I told him I loved him. And it was true. I loved him more than I had loved anyone. And I knew that I always would. I wanted to be with him, forever and I wanted him to want me for ever too.

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