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Oh my god my mom is such a good lover rings Oh my god my mother is such a good lover I told my friend she never had to threaten me with the grounding or anything with that matter because I was 18 now but I told my friends about what my mom did some of them were horribled some of them were not. The ones that were not were very interested in and hung on every word that I said which was basically what I said before he made love to me on the couch in my bed. Passionately and sensually on my 18th birthday which was yesterday. 
"So that's why you couldn't go yesterday"
"that's right."
"what was it like?"
"erotic and fun!!"
soon my friend thought I was taboo but I ended up deciding I was going to ignore them for the remainder of my year so is my ear my 18th ear starting yesterday. And I wanted to spend it with my mom or Joe Joe as he is called JoJo was a wonderful lover he seem to have her hand in my pants at all times. As if kind of finger my claret and make love to me through kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear as it was interesting to say the least. She even did it in front of dad who was getting a little angry around the edges one he saw that we were a little more  affectionate to each other than we usually were. That's when he said  "i'm going to go to the pub to go for a drink I've had it"
that day he never came back and I didn't really care because I knew as long as I had her finger on my clt or my or her mouth on my womanhood I didn't care I was happy as it is. You still wanted to be a part of my life but I try to tell him not to even bother. Especially when he threaten my mother with certain consequences.
I am in the making of them my mother that night I love sitting on her face. As she was poking and prodding with her tongue that very lovely long tongue that I enjoyed so much AFL Arash a pleasure in a rush of joy as she was poking and prodding me with her tongue. It was interesting to be sitting on your mother's face as an 18-year-old girl. I was  thought I was only going to do this one time.  What should I ended up making love to my mother more than five times a day at the weekend three times on the weekdays that is if I did not have homework I was really interested in my mother and wanted to touch her breasts and touch her womanhood and make love to her. As she did she She allowed access face sitting but she allowed me to caress her breasts as we crashed our lips together against one another is lips. She then as I was teasing her nipples I was being fingered by her as if she was trying to tell me to open my leg so she can get in and make oral love to me.
"This is your final day at home pretty soon you'll be at college and be thinking about other girls I want you to have the best time now not then."
she ended up getting me a skimpy scantily clad almost nothing nightgown at the time when she was going to make love to me she said put it on for me I want to see it before I put my tongue in you.
it was a black almost just a song outfit and she said I love you very beautiful and said for me to get on the couch as I got on the couch I spread my legs and she ended up doing her business orale making love to my vagina and trying to pleasure me as if she wanted me to be feeling in the moment. She wanted to ask me one thing.
"Do you want it up the ass"
and then I said yes I would like to have her tongue in my ass she was really interested in an ass play that turned out she was very it turned out to be a very good pro at eating ass. She ate me really well as if I was a snake and my butt hole was food and I was more or less being ravaged by my own mother it was very titillating that say to be interested in your own mother and have your ass in her face again as she was making love to her it."
"I am done going to school I am done with everything now I know my friends enjoy me as a friend I just think he has a slight so I'd rather be with you instead will you marry me mom and."
she was able to say an audible yes and I was able to go and say thank God she wanted to say where I mean you wanted to get married and when. I was getting married to my mom sometime.
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