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So like I said in my previous story I visited my sister again and she’s was now happily married with a new baby. We never spoke about our sexual encounter again. Her oldest daughter… Luxury

So like I said in my previous story I visited my sister again and she’s was now happily married with a new baby. We never spoke about our sexual encounter again.

Her oldest daughter was at the time now eighteen years old and was ridiculously hot. Just unbelievably voluptuous and I began fantasizing about her as soon as I laid eyes on her. She, just like her mother was raised without a dad so she is very affectionate towards father figures in her life including me.

She doesn’t seem to understand personal space and would climb all over me weather I’m standing, sitting or laying down. She even asked if she could sleep with me while I was there. I wasn’t sure if she was sexually attracted to me as well or if she was just that innocent. I told her it would be better if she didn’t but she could lay next to me while we watched a movie. But I really wanted her to sleep with me hoping that “something” would happen between us. She didn’t though and after the movie was over she went back to her room.

The next morning I woke up early and over heard my sister and her husband talking about how they were gonna go to the city to run some errands and would be back late in the afternoon. They told my niece to not bother me and let me sleep cause I was probably jet lagged from the flight. I was, but also was incredibly horny. I knew my niece wouldn’t listen to her mother and would come into my bedroom to see if I was up and lay with me. So as soon as I heard my sister and her husband leave I lowered the sheets and stuck my engorged cock out through the pee hole of my pants, just hoping that my niece would come into the room. She did. She gasped and then quickly left. Damn! I thought. But I remained still just hoping that she would come back.

I could tell that she passed by multiple times checking me out. Eventually I guess she got the courage to come back in. She softly called out my name to see if I was awake but I kept pretending I was asleep. Eventually she sat on the bed and lightly started touching my dick with the tips of her fingers. I moaned a bit which startled her so she quickly through the sheet over me and pretended she had just walked in and forcefully jumped on the bed to wake me up. We both acted like nothing had happened and I got up and prepared breakfast for the two of us. Damn! After breakfast I told her I could really use a drink. She said she would join me and there’s this bar where they allow her to drink.

We had a few and got well beyond tipsy but not quite drunk. When we got back my sister had returned and was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Her husband wasn’t home and the baby was sleeping. My niece said she was tired and wanted to lay and rest while we watched a movie. First she went to her room to change. She put on a house dress which went down to her knees. I was on one end of the couch on my knees facing the back of the couch talking to my sister about our day. When my nice laid on the couch she asked if I could massage her feet and I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

She was giving me a flirty look. I wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination or if she wanted me as bad as I wanted her. I began to massage her feet and she started making expressions like she was having an orgasm or something. At this point I started trembling cause of how horny I was and started sliding my hand closer to her pussy and began fingering her. I couldn’t believe what was happing. I signaled her to turn the other way so that her head would now be next to me and I pulled out my throbbing cock hoping that she would suck it. She did and I reached over to continue fingering her. I could tell she wasn’t as experienced as her mother but fuck did she have my heart raising.

I sandwiched her head between the couch and myself so that I could force my dick far down her throat. She choked, and was pretty loud which got my sister to ask if she was ok. She quickly got up and said that her saliva had gone down the wrong hole and went to the bathroom. I said to my sister that I would take her a glass of water and I did. As soon as I went inside the bathroom I began fucking her from behind while I had her against the wall. Her pussy was so wet and tight that I felt like cumming immediately so I immediately slowed down so as to not blow my load. I really wanted to enjoy the moment but knew we couldn’t stay in there too long. I gave her slow deep powerful thrusts. I wanted to fuck her as long as I could in as many ways as I could knowing we couldn’t stay in there too long and not know weather this would ever happen again. I pulled my cock out of her, turned her around and sat her on the sink and continued fucking her while passionately kissing her. She pulled me in close and wrapped her arms around my neck tightly. I then picked her up and continued fucking her. I kissed her kneck and whispered that I wanted to cum in her mouth. She said “anything you want” so I put her down and she got on her knees, sucked me off until I busted a huge load in her lovely mouth.

We were both out of breath, sweaty and bright red in the face. I told her to splash some water on her face and brush her teeth and to catch her breath before coming back out. The whole bathroom encounter took about ten or fifteen minutes. I knew I wanted her again. I stepped out to get some air, my sister asked if she was ok before I got outside. I told her she was fine and that I was stepping out for a bit. Eventually my sisters husband came home, we had dinner and my niece and I tried our best to act casual.

Before everyone went to bed I whispered to my niece to I want to continue what we did. She smiled and proceeded to her room. Later that night around one in the morning she snuck into my room. I was still awake hoping that she would come in. I immediately got a hard on and she wasted no time and began giving me a blowjob. I told her “no hands” which seemed to turn her on even more. I grabbed her and laid her down so that I could eat out her sweet pussy. Then I began fucking her in missionary position. It was so good that I didn’t think to switch positions. I took my time and fucked her slow while I kissed her neck, her mouth, and forehead. We must have fucked for at least forty minutes until I came deep inside of her. I then collapsed next to her. She then hugged me tight and gave me a bunch of kisses all over my face. I told her she would have to go back to her room so as to not get caught.

The next morning my sister and her husband went to work but said we would all go out later in the evening. I took this opportunity to fuck the shit out of my niece throughout the day and be as loud and rough as we wanted to. We literally fucked from 9 to 5. We didn’t even eat all day, just took five to ten minute naps in between. First we fucked in the shower. Then we got dressed and I quickly removed her clothing and fucked her doggy style on the couch. Then she road me on the couch. Then I picked her up and fucked her while walking all over the apartment ending in the kitchen where I sat her on the counter and fucked her till I came inside of her.

We rested  then we made love on the couch, laying. She was on top. Knocked out then woke up and I took her to her moms room and fucked hard in many positions. Had never before fucked as much in one day and haven’t since. We fucked in my room, her room, the living room floor, fuck everywhere in that place. After 5 we got dressed and patiently waited for everyone to return home. We went out, had a few drinks and then dinner.

On the way back my niece and I road in the back of the suv. We said we wanted to lay. My niece gave me wonderful head the whole way. We had sex as much as possible for the remainder of my stay. This was about three years ago or so. I haven’t been back since and my niece has dated quite a few guys since and messages me saying that none of these guys can satisfy her like I did. My sister is now divorced and lonely. I fantasize here and there about me visiting again and this time fucking both my sister and niece throughout my stay.... guess I’ll just wait and see.

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