The mobile phone

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The mobile phone. By Sleep walker.   This story is a work of fiction, and is intended for adults only. It is a fictional biography, and conforms to all legal statutes and is protected… banner2

The mobile phone.

By Sleep walker.

This story is a work of fiction, and is intended for adults only. It is a fictional biography, and conforms to all legal statutes and is protected under the Byrne Convention. 

This can be a little bid fantasy and the truth, U can decide. Thanks to a Wonderful Woman, She know who she is. CC

It started in a small town at the coast of Durban, South Africa. I’m 17 years old, turning 18 in 2 months’ time, going to collage for my first year when the holidays is over. I’m 1.82m high and way at in at 73kg, I do like sport and played rugby and swim for the collage team. I run about 8km a day, after I did my homework. I run down to the beach take a swim in the ocean, most of the days when it is not to cold, then run back home where I will take a shower to be fresh for the night. I live with my Mom and her boyfriend of 4 years, James. Desire my Mom work at home doing Bookkeeping and Tax reports for people and small businesses. Desi as everyone call her was 39 years of age. James was 45 and working for a consulting agent in safety. My father left my Mom when he heard my Mom was pregnant with me, they were in a dorm at the local University, Mom was studding Accountings and wanted to make something of her live. After Mom passed her third year she had to drop out. She never trusted any man around her. It was only me in her live and I was everything for my Mom. It was just after my 15th birthday that James moved in with us they were dating for about a year and half. We are not rich but there is always food and some spending money.

Now let me start with my story about my phone.

My new phone was stolen at school just a month after I got it. It was years that I wanted a better phone. Mine, a cheap phone can’t even go on What’s app or the Net. Couple days before Christmas Mom told me that she can upgrade with her phone and that if I want to, I can get her old Blackberry 9380. My upgrade was only 4 months away. I was in the clouds, now I can get What’s app on my phone and chat with my friends. “Yes Mom please, I can do with an early upgrade to” I said to my Mom and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Can I have it now, Mom?” I asked her and she told me “No Dean, there is some stuff I have to save and delete on the phone before you can have it.” I did pull my sad face, but stood up and made Mom some coffee. “Can you bring the laptop for me please, Dean” my Mom asked me while the water was boiling. I took the Laptop to Mom and ask “Mom please don’t delete my Game that I played on the Laptop, I battled to get to that stage, and I want to play again later”. She smiled and said that I didn’t ask nicely enough with a smile. I went over to her and planted about twenty kisses on Moms face lips and neck, a game that we played since I can remember. I made coffee and gave it to my Mom. I wanted to sit next to her on the couch but she chase me to do some cleaning stuff in my room before I can get the phone. I know when I was not allowed to be there, I walked to my room while Mom were busy on the Laptop and phone.

Mom was blond but not a Dum Blond, I always loved her. If I can describe her…..  well, Mom look just like a model or a centre page model, a normal weight and her breast was bigger than the other Moms of my friends. Mom and I had a relationship of more than Mom, son. It was like friends and I had the worlds respect for Mom. She will always ask me my opinions and I will tell her everything that happen in my live, (not everything for I was shy on my secret feeling that I had for her.) some evening’s she will lay there on the couch with her head on my lap while looking at the television my arm resting on her shoulder and or arm. Some mornings while she get ready to take me to school, we will talk in her room with Mom in only her underwear. There was not much to see, but for a young teen boy this was enough to dream about. To put it more correctly, I had a crush on my Mom and I didn’t show her. There were time when I tried to peep at her in the shower or when she got dressed but I was not successfully at my attempts. There were some days where I looked at Mom at the beach or where she would sun tanning.  Mom had a beautiful body with just the right curves at the right places. Even more curves like her breasts where nice and round with nipples that was small and hard like erasers on a pencil, not so long but you can see them stick out a bid. There was also curves on her mound and I have seen her mound sometime sticking out more than that of the girls and woman at the beach, when she move around, swim and lay back on the towel, I will look at her mound and will see a nice imprint of a Camel toe.

I was busy in my room when Mom called me, she was busy for about an hour. “You can get the phone if you place the table, I will dish up when James get home.” Earlier Mom made food before she got the call from the mobile phone shop, to say her phone just arrived. She went to the shop alone, I was busy playing game on the Laptop. “That will be no problem Mom” I said and move to the kitchen placing the table. I went and sat next to Mom and looked at her working back-up files to her new phone. The Laptop and new phone was still connected when James came in. We greeted and Mom ask me to unplug her phone when it is finish, she will dish up while James wash-up. It took about another 5 minutes and it was done. I took the phone to Mom and sat down at the table to eat. We talk about the day on table and James made a couple jokes with Mom about her new phone. I help Mom with the dishes and while they talked on and watch television I took the Laptop and my new phone to transfer my files and contacts to my new phone, I was so excited about my phone with all its new furthers.

I plug my phone in to the Laptop to save my stuff. While it was busy I looked at my new phone and see that it was clean wiped, after a while I check and my old phone was finish. I unplug the old phone and connect my new phone. The laptop ask to do a back-up of my files and I pressed yes. About 20 minutes later my phone was ready to use. I down load the, What’s app and wanted to chat with my friend’s. Paul my friend was the first to chat with me. And I was so impressed with my new phone’s technology. Paul asked me to send him the video of the Juke R -racing and winning a Ferrari that I got from James. I told him I will send it as soon as I get the video, I must look for it on my new phone.

There I was looking through the phone memory and saw that the files and photos is not mine but that of my Mom. I looked at the photos and there was some of me, some of James, Moms sister Julie and there was some from the beach. I looked at the photos and open every one of the beach. There were a couple photos of Mom in the swimsuit that showed her body like I see it in my memory, now I had the pictures to look at it when I need to. I have masturbated to Moms body for months now.  I deleted all the photos that I don’t want, there was some of Aunt Julie in her bikini, and she was 6 years younger than Mom with the same body type than Mom, her hair was just longer and strait, she was married to a rich business man Mark that sell car. Her photos was also nice to look at without any surprise to be caught looking. I can zoom in to an area on the photo that I want to see.

I went through the albums on the phone and there was one marked James. The first photo set my heart racing more than when I run or played rugby. There was a photo of Mom in Lingerie, I was hard instantly and so excited to see more. The next couple of photos was so sexy, I had to stop and I went to the bathroom to masturbate.

I  Looked at Moms photo while I was busy. I cum in no time. Washed my hands closed the phone and went to where Mom and James watch a movie. I started to greeted James and wish him a good night sleep, went over to Mom and kissed her good night to. “Are you going to bed this early? It is only half past eight. I told Mom that I want to read a book and that I might fall asleep. She kissed me on the lips and I was rock hard again. I walked to my room and was glad the light was off only the television was on. I closed my door and got my phone out. I plugged it in the charger, I don’t want the phone to die on me now. I took a book that I knew I have read before, just in case Mom came looking on me.

I laid in bed and went straight to the file James. I looked at some of the other pictures that made my cock sand up to attention, there were photos in all kind of poses. Mom was so sexy and the photos was so beautiful that if it was not my Mom… I would have fell in love with her, who do I kid, I was in love with her long time ago. As I move over some more photos. A set of photos took me by surprise there was some where I couldn’t take my eyes of the phone, I had my hand rubbing my hard on through my sleeping shorts. I went to a new folder mark as Private under James. And there was the best of all.

Looking at them with my hand on my dick made my nearly cum. There where Mom, topless and showing her breast in full. That was so great, I never knew that Moms breast was that appealing she had small arouras pink, nicer than what I saw in porno magazine's small nipples that stood out about 3 millimetre out, and I wish it was in front of them to suck on it. I went on and looked at the photos one by one. The next couple pictures was of Mom stripping bare naked. Mom took het thong off slowly, and I looked at the first of several pictures of my Mothers pussy, she trimmed it so that there was only a small patch of hair above her pussy. When I saw the one with her legs open I could see the entrance of her womanhood, Oooooit looked so great. While I rubbed my cock not even playing with it, I … cum in my shorts. I stood up and clean myself, I took an old rugby sock with me to bed, just in case. I was so pleased with my new phone and overwhelm with the contents of the phone.

By the time I got back in bed with the sock over my cock that was hard as a rock, I heard sounds of Mom and James going to bed, and talking. I took the book just to be safe and left the pone on my bedside table on charge. I open the book about a quarter in the book, the pictures swam around in my head with mixture of my beautiful Mom and her naked body. I heard a soft nock on the door and the door opening. “Are you asleep sweetie” my Mom asked.“Almost asleep Mom was on my way to close the book” she came over to me and sat on the bed next to me. I closed the book and placed it on my phone. “You know I love you very much don’t you darling?” Mom ask me. I told her I love her just a little bit ……. a little bit more than she love me.” She smiled and kissed me on the forehead. And then I returned a kiss on her lips. I wanted to take her in my arms and make love to her, I was ready like there were no time to waste. Mom stood up and left the room turned just before the door, looked at me and winked. I winked back and she switch the light off. I looked at the alarm clock and it was past 10. I was not sleepy but knew that I need some sleep. I turned around in my bed to sleep, but couldn’t sleep, my mind was full of my Moms pictures. I laid there thinking of what I will do to her.

I could not sleep and turned around again to face the phone. I took the phone and went straight to the folder James, Private. There I skipped the pictures that I have already seen. It is just so exciting to see nude photos of some one that you know, than porn pictures, and I don’t just know my Mom, I live with her and adore her, I’m in love with her. As I went through the picture each one better than the one before. There was a set of photo where Mom opened her legs with her finger opening her pussy, she was wet and her tight pussy looked so inviting.

I took the sock and started to masturbate. Looking at the photos of Mom on my phone, I cum andlaid there just pulled the sock of my cock. I looked at the photos and smile. I hit the jackpot. I fell asleep with the phone on my heart.

The next morning Mom came in my room to wake me with some coffee. Lucky for the phone had a screen saver on, Mom was not able to see the pictures. Mom kissed me on the head and said I must wash and get dressed she wants me to help her with somethings. I washed my sock and dried it the best I could and hang it behind my door. I washed and got dressed made my bed and went to the dining room before I went to the kitchen.Just as I entered the kitchen from the dining room area as I normally enter from the lounge.Mom was looking at the lounge entrance and had her back turned to me. I heard Mom talking with her sister, Aunt Julie, she was talking softer than normally, “As I told you, I have seen him and there is no way he is not blessed with the pole. There is some lucky girl out there that I think will love the whole story…. Ah….No….Wait….ok a woman” After a while she spoke again “But that will be Incest?  .... with ….. you won’t …. I won’t let you. No let me tell you, you are the biggest slut I know.” She said in a laughter in her voice. “I will see ….. I have to go before he come to have breakfast. Goodbye your slut …… I know I saw him. See you later.” I got the feeling that they were talking about me, but how knows. I went to the lounge and entered the kitchen as if nothing happened.

James was not in site so I ask where he was. Mom told me he left for Cape Town to assist with investigation of a Gas explosion that happened in one of their clients work shop. He got the call around five this morning. I went over and kissed Mom on the lips good morning. I ate the breakfast that Mom made me, and ask what we need to do today. Mom told me that she wold like to do some gardening and the shed must be reorganized. Mom was dressed in work clothes, “I had to go back to my room to get change in to older working clothes.” I told my Mom. “Just don’t trough it in your cupboard, fold it up nicely, I will check on you.” I went to my room and got out of my short and shirt folding it up and make sure it is neat. Place it in its right place and took old working clothes out, when I turned around Mom was in the doorway looking at me, and when I looked at her. “I just want to check on you.” Mom smiled and turned and walk away. This was not the first time she saw me in my undies, but I could swear she was looking at my crouch and I had a semi-hard on. I got dressed and went outside. Mom was in the shed taking a heavy box from the top shelf. I moved in to help her, as I positionmyself behind her and took the box out of her hands, she bend forward and she pushed her ass right on my cock and my cock started to feel the attention and react on it. I was hard in no time.

We worked in the shed for about an hour and it was done. Mom gave me a hug and rapped her arms around my neck. Thanking me for the help I gave her. The whole time she flirted with me, bending in front of me, touching my arm as she talk. Mom asked me “Will you please clean the pool, for your aunt is coming over and we want to cool down later.” I told Mom that is was no problem, I just want to run my run but won’t swim, will come back straight away. I went to my room changed into my jogging shorts and sweatshirt and sneakers. As I left, about 3 houses away from our house, Aunt Julie past me by and went home. I run about halfway and turned around and headed back home.As I got to the side entrance where the outside shower was. Mom and Aunt Julie was on the patio chatting away. The hi-fi was on and cheerful music played “I tell you if you don’t see that prime piece of meat in yourself, let me take the opportunity to try and have it for myself.” Aunt Julie said. “I never ever cheated on one of my boyfriends and I don’t think it will change.” Mom told her with a serious face. “You can’t take it as cheating, he’s your blood and look in it as education and not sex, by the way he is my blood to and I will be so willing to taste that meat, and if the thought of incest turn you down, remember what we did when we were young and in the house.” Mom had a sip of wine and spoke thereafter. “I don’t know if I can do it, or even how to do it. I have tried to flirt with him this morning, but no luck, I don’t think he is in to older woman or even his Mother” I nearly fell over and got a heart attack when I heard my Mom talking to my Aunt Julie that Mom tried to seduce me and flirted with me. I thought why don’t you ask me Mom, I will surly agree to anything you want.  I backed down to the gate and walked in the road, turning back and slam the gate close. I made a lot of noise for them to hear me. I had to take a cold shower for I had a raging hard cock. As I finished, I walk over to the patio and greeted Aunt Julie with a hug and a kiss and place a kiss on Mom lips just to say I’m back. Mom had a yellow bikini on with a light beach skirt over Aunt Julie was in a light neon green one piece swimsuit.

I walked to the pool and start the cleaning.With my running shades on and my mp3 player earpieces in my ear, the sound turned off as I want to hear everything they say. Rocking my head to a beat that was in my heart.

“Now look at that …… young handsome and a lot of stamina …. You want to say he will say no for a piece of prime rump steak even if it is not on a silver tray?” Aunt Julie said hitting Mom on her ass. “Shhhh …. He might hear as and I will not be able to look him in the eyes again.” Mom whispered. “I will show you …. Dean Love ……” I kept my beat and the cleaning of the pool without looking at the patio. “Love come and get some pussy if you want…… you have a choice, your Mom or Me or both.” Aunt Julie said just over the music, looking at me. I wanted to look at them and say “really, can I take both” but I kept cleaning the pool. Aunt Julie talked and gave Mom advice of how to seduce me.

“All you do is be yourself and just think of him as your only lover not your son. When you’re alone with him, don’t wear a bra and wear short skirts end don’t wear panties, sit with your legs a bit apart for him to see your pussy, even if you’re busy in the kitchen squatting on your legs and give him an up skirt.  Call him in the shower to get the shampoo in the drawer. There are so many ways to seduce a man.” Aunt Julie said. “You’re a slut. More a whore I think. It won’t say that you are my young sister, but I will try and see what I can do or have the nerve to do.” Mom told Aunt Julie

Aunt Julie told her that if she fail or succeed, that she want to be in on it, she give her a week. I was all most done when Mom called and waved me down. I took my earphones out and shift my shades to my head. “Did you call Mom?” I ask. “It is so hot would you like a cold drink?” “Give the man a beer”Aunt Julie said. “That will be nice Mom… I’m finished. I just want to change into my swimsuit, then I will join you in the pool” I informed my Mom.

When I got in my room I had to masturbate again before I can go down for my dick was hard and hearing all the stuff the ladies was talking about what they want to do with him. I took my phone and open it to a photo of Mom on her back with her legs wide open,

I cum in a record time. I clean myself and went for a swim. Mom and Aunt Julie was in the pool, each with a new glass of wine, Mom had a beer for me in her hand. I dived in the pool on the far site, try not to splash to match for Mom don’t like the splash. I swam over to where Mom was standing, she handed me the beer and said. “I think you deserve it.” I planted a kiss on her cheek. We talked about family stuff and Aunt Julie said to cover what they have been talking about “Like I told you about Uncle Tom going on a boat cruise oversee. He want to pick a rich Widow to settle down”

They talked and I put my beer on the side. I swam around and made somersaults under water holding my legs close to my chest. As I got up Aunt Julie said. “Can you do it backwards …… just hold your nose with one hand closed.” I tried and made a couple that I thought it was perfect. “No…No let me show you” Aunt Julieplaced her nearly empty glass of wine on the side and she showed me, not only that she can’t do it but that she had a nice camel toe and big boobs. “It is your turn Des ….. Show him what you got.” With that Mom started and it was like slow motion and I had a hard on in the pool, knowing that the camel toe in front of me was on my phone without any coverage. A phone rang on the Patio. Aunt Julie said it was hers. I got out to get it for her, as I return all eyes were on my torso and I sure new all my secrets was in the open. That I think of my Mother as a MILF. I walked to the steps to climb in the pool, Mom and Aunt Julie’s eyes followed me. Aunt Julie took the phone and redialled the miss call. It was her husband Mark, they talked and she rolled her eyes, pulling her face to Mom. She dropped the call. “I have to go, that useless man need my help in his office, can you believe it.” Aunt Julie climb out the pool and Mom want to follow. “No you stay in the pool I know my way out, you don’t have to spoil your time.”

After Aunt Julie left, Mom and me played around in the pool ducking each other under water. At some time I grabbed Mom from behind and hold her arms together by her elbow, pressing her breasts together, making a cleavage that was so great looking from behind. Mom tried to move away, but just pressing on my semi hard on. I moved over and started to plant some kisses in her neck. “That is cheating……” she said bending forwards pressing her ass directly to my now growing cock. Mom broke the grip I had, and then her phone rung. Mom climbout the pool, and I couldn’t peel my eyes away from her beautiful body. What a neat woman my Mom was.Mom phoned James back, James said that he had to gofrom where he was to another town,Mossel bay for a safety consultation to a company that had lots of injuries in the workplace in Cape Town, and he will not be home be for the end of the week. That left him 3 more days away from us.

Mom was not feeling well the rest of the day. I planned to spend the evening with my friends, but instead I stayed home. Mom made everything possible to look cheerful than she looked down and worried.I was in my room with the phone looking at more pictures of mom. Every time starting with the first one again. There was some more and I thought I will never get my hard on down for it was never so constantly hard. Mom peeked in my room and told me “I’m having a shower and going to watch television.What is your plans for the evening, Hon?” I looked up from the phone. “I was thinking to spend my time wisely and have the best company that I can think about.” Mom looked at me with that tray to be happy face, leaning against the doorframe. “Did you meet up with a new girl lately that I don’t know about?” I looked her strait in the eyes “yes sort off, there is just one problem.” “And what is that, you want to borrow my car?” I left it hanging in the air for a while. “No…. it is that she’s seeing someone ells sort of involve in a relationship.” Mom left the doorframe and made her way slowly to the bed, at the foot end Mom sit down. “Who is she, do I know her?” Mom was very curious about the new girl. “I know you will like her because I’m in love with her, andshe is a bid older than me.” Mom looked worried. “Who is the woman that try to steel my boy from me?” Mom tried to get more answers from me. “Mom there is now one that will steal me away from you. The LADY I want to spend time with is no one other than you Mom.” She smiled and it looked like tear in her eyes when she came over and kissed me, first on the chin then everywhere Mom could find a place, even on my chest.“You….. you just know how to give me a heart attack.” Mom looked at me and smile. “You know I love you very much, don’t you?” I gave Mom a hug and said that I love her to.”

Mom went in the shower and after about 30min. to her room, I looked at the pictures on the phone and when Mom closed her door, I went for my shower, thinking about 5 min. back Mom was in here stalk naked in the flesh, I was hard when I left my room but now in the shower my dick was at breaking point. I masturbate under the hot water thinking of my Mom just minutes ago in the same shower under the same hot water, I cum with a big bang and felt sorelaxed. I got dressed in just a sleeping boxer and Tee. Momwas dressed in a lose Tee and short, I could see that she did not put a bra on for the outline of her nipples and arouras was visible, but she was properly dressed.Later that evening after lunch and cleaning we sat in the lounge with only the television lamp and the television flickering lighting the lounge on the couch ready to watch television. I ask her what was wrong, she just told me that “You will not understand and I know you will not leave a woman this way.”   I felt so sorry for my Mom, it must be something James did. “I will try Mom and I won’t know how I will leave a woman like, if I don’t know what it is?” I ask my Mom “I’m not 10 anymore I’m turning 18 in a couple weeks.” Mom looked me in the eyes, I could see there was tears in her eyes, and her voice were soft and lachrymose. “To give hope to someone you love and to promised to be there, and then just go away for a week and that just in the New Year.” I took my hands and place it on the side of her face and told her. “Mom I will never leave you and never ever promise you anything that I can’t keep, I love you to match to do that to you.” I place a nice long kiss on her forehead, I broke the kiss for Mom was in tears, I lifted her face and kissed her on the mouth, “That is for the love I feel for the best Mom in the world.” I said. Pushing Mom to the side of me in my arms, like she hold me so many times when I was sick, for Moms favourite soapy was on television As she laid there in my arm. I moved my legs on top of the couch so we laid next to one another. I was on my back with Mom on my left side, her head on my chest, I looked at the soapy and with the first advertising break I looked at Mom and she ask me if I want some coffee. I said that I will make her some nice coffee. “You are too good for me, I love you Baby.” I smiled and in the kitchen made Mom some hot milk-coffee (no water added).

As I went to the couch, Mom made it up with pillows like a bed. I sat down and hold her coffee till we settled down. Mom laid there and I looked at her and could see right down her blouse. I saw her belly ring the roundness of her breasts and the edge of her arouras. I started to get a hard on again and did not know how to hide it from my Mom, Mom was just inches away from my cock. Mom moved up and laid on my chest with her head. We laid there, me thinking about anything else than what I saw. Mom’s hand moved from my ribcage where she was holding me. To over my stomach about half an inch from my cock by now I had to think about some bad things, but every time it keep on coming back to Moms arouras and I even think the spiteful penis felt the heat of my Moms arm just nearby. Mom played with my six-pack and that was so a turn on I nearly cum rite there. Saved by the bell.  The next advertising break came up. Mom said. “I want to go to the loo” she stood up and moved like a feather over the carpet to the toilet. I went to my room just to masturbate a quick one. I got back and Mom was in the kitchen open a packed of chips, I sat back my back little bit higher than before. Mom gave me the chips when she came to lay down, and she moved over me, first she laid on top of me then rolled of me to the side. “Am I to fat for your legs?” she ask me. “Mom did you laid on me, I felt nothing, you are like a feather, and you will never be too fat for me” She smiled at me and say. “Stop flattering me with your sweet talk, keep it for your girlfriend.” With that I moved Mom over on top of me “You know it is only you in my life Mom” she raised her on her hands and the Tee hung open and I saw booth her nipples in the opening of her blouse. It felt like Mom was pressing against me and my dick response to the attention. She came up and place her lips on mine kissing me just a few quick kisses on the lips, me holding her on her back. “Thank you son” she smiled and moved over to where she laid her head on my chest. We laid there watching a movie that came up after the soapy. I tried not to think of Mom, Laying next to me and the photos on my phone. After a while I heard Moms breathing in a manner that she was asleep. I looked and saw Mother fast asleep on my chest with one hand over my hips and one leg over mine. I started to move my hand from her back to her shoulder, pressing her Tee more to the front, so that the Tee was gapping more and more, now I was able to look down her blouse and see her full breast, nipple and cleavage. What a site it was, I got a hard on laying there whishing I could touch them, play with them and suck on thatmiraculous little nipple. As I laid there with my Mom by my side I fell asleep.

Mom woke up just before midnight and ask me in a soft voice. “Are you asleep?” I was awake of dogs barking, I think that is why she woke as well. I felt her elbow moving over my penis as she moved her hand over my stomach. I was getting aroused with a boner that came from nowhere, before I showed her that I was awake she moved more and I could feel her elbow pressing on my rock hard penis. By now there was no way that Mom couldn’t feel that I was aroused. “Sweetie are you awake” I heard Mom softly whispered to me. I opened my eyes and look Mom strait in the eyes. As Mom looked at me with a smile “She ask me again are you asleep” as I moved my arm over her shoulder and under her Tee on her arm, “Morning Mom, damit you are so beautiful laying in my arm” I bend and kissed her on her head, she turned her head and moved her hand behind my head kissing me on my lip, sort of closing her mouth over my lower lip and it felt so great, it was a kiss longer as usual, and not a normal Mother son kiss, but I love it. “Are you sure that is how you feel over me?” my Mom asked. “You know that to me you are the most precious, beautiful human bean that I have in my life” Mom smiled and I looked Mom in the eyes and in the dim light of the surroundings, I know that there beside me lay the most gorges woman I know. “Mom as I told you, I think of you as a Princess, of the only one that I love in such a way that there will never be any one that I will be able to love more in my whole life.” Mom pulled my head closer and this time she kissed me longer and I opened my mouth a little, pressing my tongue in her mouth, just a little, my tongue moving over her lips till she opened her mouth. My tongue exploring her mouth playing with her tongue. That was my first French-kiss, and that of the one I love. After a while I felt her hand leaving my head and moved back to where it was before the kiss. As I laid there kissing Mom, my penis head hade its own mind, moving to get out of the confinement, my rock hard cock was now pressing through my sleeping shorts elastic band, it was out by about an inch and a half. As Moms elbow moved over my torso she moved over my penis head, for a second I felt that she frozen even in her kiss with me. Mom moved her hand down more sliding her elbow over my cock head. She broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes, her palm now over my head. “And this?” I blushed and said. “Mom I can’t help it, even if I try.” Mom closed her hand over my dick head, and I felt that I could cum strait there an then. “This is how you made me with your kiss, I lied.” Mom moved her hand slightly over my cock, slowly jerking me, pushing my boxer short lower and lower with every move she made downwards. “If it is my fault then I think I must do something about it, don’t you think so?” Mom asked I look my free hand and place it gentle on the back of her head moving my lips to hers and start kissing her again, this time my tongue was doing the exploration in my Moms mouth. If it wasn’t for me masturbated twice the evening, I would have cum long time ago, I was not far from ejaculate, Moms hand move over my dick and moved to my balls, playing with them, she mast have feel my balls tighten her hand moved directly to my head, she closed her hand over my cock head and I exploded in her hand. I could not belief my luck. That was the first time I cumme with someone doing it to me, not myself. I did not break the kiss. I took my hands to Moms shoulder and pulled her more up to my body, with my free hand I moved it over the Tee towards my Mothers nipple. My left hand took the place behind Mom head holding her mouth on mine kissing more intense.  As my hand move over her nipple Mom shivered and the nipple was hard like a pebble. I moved my hand and place it under inside her Tee where I touch her nipple with my bear hands. Playing with her nipple between my fingers, teasing by pulling lightly on it. By now I felt my Mothers hand moving between us over my cock massaging my cum in my cock shaft. Still kissing her. I moved my hand from her head to the other breast, kissing her and playing with her breasts. I broke the kiss and moved my way to her neck kissing her gently moving down to her nipples playing with one and kissing her other nipple. “What are you doing to me Dean?” My Mom asked with breathing heavily. I didn’t answer.

I moved over and place her on her back where I took place over her, my leg between her legs and now was the time where I took Moms Tee and pulled it over her head.  She was now topless right in front of me. I looked down. “I can’t believe it is so beautiful, Mom” she ask me again “What are you doing to me, you are driving me crazy.” I moved lower kissing her navel and playing with my tongue in her navel, kissing her over her stomach and back up to her breast, flickering my tongue over her erected nipple and surrounding auroras. Mom was now moaning heavenly and she pulled her knees up so I was laying on top of her moving up and down kissing her all over. Mom was now crawling under me and her hips was moving in a up wards motion pressing her torso to me with every move I came up to kiss her nipples again moving my upper part higher than necessary pressing my hard cock against het pussyshe bucket her hips towards meand “Ooo Fuck oooo Yessss” Mom moaned. I moved lower and took my hand between my Moms legs separating the elastic of her short by the leg opening my hand moved in and I could feel the heat in Moms pants my fingers moved like heat sensor missiles right to where the heat came from. In my first feel of a pussy, it was that of heat and slippery wetness. Mom was so wet that I could move my hand any place and it will glide over her. I pressed a finger upwards and it went inside my Mothers hot sex. Mom was now making all kind of moves and moan out loud. I moved my finger out and moved it over her mound, so smooth that I played with my hand flat on her. My finger moving over a bump and I went back and forth over that area. With my hand still in her pants I moved her pants down so she will be naked under me. Her hand griped the top of the short and hold it still, prevent me from pulling it down. “Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Mom ask me, looking me strait in the eyes. “I will not do it if I did not want to Mom, let me play with you like you played with me, pleas.”She slowly loosen her grip on her shorts and I pulled her short down and throw it to the floor, I stood on all fours and kissed her on her mouth with my tongue deep inside her. I broke the kiss and moved down to kiss her neck and to her breasts, kissing a nipples one at a time I moved towards her kissed and suck on her navel and move lower and lower every time I change direction.

I came to the patch of hair on her mount. Mom pulled my head up and look in my eyes. “Are you sure you want to do that? I have never had someone doing that to me, are you sure?” I looked at Mom and winked at her moving lower. I placed my tongue inside the fold of Mothers pussy and tasted the her sweet honey, with my hands pulling Moms Pussy lips open I saw her wet entrance of her womanhood, I saw her erected clitoris shining in the dim light. I pressed my tongue deep inside her sex hole liking and pushing it as deep as I can go. By now Mom was moaning and moving like crazy. I have read about it and wondered what the taste would be like, I was surprised by the unique taste, I loved the taste and can get used to it. “My…….. OOO what……… How taught you …………… OOOOO” I then moved over for the price, the pearl of a woman (I read that on the net on a porn side) I first started with touching the tip of my tongue on the head of Moms clit, moving my tongue round in circles. Mom was backing and shiver every time I touch her clit. I open my mouth and place it over her clit sucking all air out my mouth playing with my Mothers clit. Mom screamed with her orgasm shivering out of control holding my head to her torso, I felt some warm feeling around my mouth area and next Mom pulled me up to her. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I did not know …” I looked at Mom and said. “That was great Mom I love it so much” I wanted to go back but she held me tight and pull me up and higher. Next I veld that my cock was now pressing against her pussy. Mom stopped, look me in the eyes and said. “That was so intense that I wet your face, Are you ok with that?” I smiled and pulled myself up so that I could kiss her again. Mom stopped me and looked at me with big eyes. “No.. Body must know about this, I mean nobody.” I looked at Mom with honest face. “That will only be between me and my Mom that I love to death” I moved upwards trying to kiss my Mom, but my penis was now right at the entrance of my Mother’s pussy opening, I looked her in the eyes and pushed my cock in her slowly peace by peace when my cock head was in,Mom closed her eyes and I could see A smile on her face as I pushed my cock deeper and deeper her smile  faded and she opened her mouth trying to scream but no sound came out, she was breathing strongly and rapidly. I pushed my cock in more and more till my balls was against her anus. I kept it there for a minute or so. Mom opened her eyes and looked at me and smile. “It is so deep, I feel you stretching me and fill me totally, and it feel so good.” I pulled out to where only my cock head was inside Mom, pushing it backin and out of my Mother’s pussy. She locked her legs over mine and digging her nails in my back, with a pain that shocked through my spine. I increased my speed from slowly to a more constant speed of pure fucking more thrust. And after a while I start speeding up, “I’m about to cum Mom” I told her to get promotion to cum inside her or to pull out. “I’m close myself, Oooo…don’t you dear pull out,” “Are you sure Mom?” “ Yesss….I’m on the pill. Cum in me please I want the feel you cum.” I pushed my balls back against her anus with a force that wold have left me in pain if it was against another object. "Oh god Dean... please don't stop!" Mom pushed her hips up and it look me two more forceful thrust in to her when I felt Moms pussy contractions around my cock and that send me over the edge."Oh god... I’m cummiiiinnnggg!” 

"Please don’t stop baby... please."

I cum and Mom cum with me. That was the best feeling I have ever had. Now I was not a Virgin anymore. They say that the one taken your Virginity will always be in your mind, hopefully someone that could be the one you can love. I love my Mom now even more.

I collapsed on top of her, out of breath and I didn’t want to extract my cock from that wonderful surrounding were it laid now. The truth was that she wasn't sure if it was the love she had for her young son, or the taboo nature of the situation, or that she needed sex badly, but I had just given her the most intense orgasm of her entire life.“That was the best fuck I have had in my life, do you know that son?” I kissed Mom passionate on the lips. “That was the best feeling I have ever felt Mom. And now is the second time I will make love to you.”With that I started to slowly pump right in and out of my Moms now soaking pussy. It took about three minutes and Mom climax again and I kept on pumping harder and harder with more thrusts every time I went in. “Oooo your killing me I have cum again and again. And you just carry on and on.” I place my lips on my Mothers lips and kissed her with passion when I felt Mom’s contractions on her stomach and in her pussywalls tighten around my cock and for the second time I erupted inside Mom and we kissed like old lovers."Please stop baby... please, I can’t cum again" Mom said when she broke our kiss. After a while just lying there on top of here, my cock flopped out of her wet pussy   “I think we must get clean now, I’m wetter than ever before” Mom said. I moved on my fours and hanging there, kissing her nipples one by one again before I stood up. I helpedMom to her feet, but she couldn’t stand. “My legs feel like jelly. I don’t know how I will walk again.” Mom laugh at me. I help her to the toilet and I went to get our clothing, as I went back Mom was getting in the shower. I placed the clothing on the vanity and looked at my sexy Mom in the shower. I moved over and entered the shower where my Mom was showering. My dream the day before in the shower came true, all of my dreams come true. I had the best Mom in the whole world, I had the sexiest Mom in the whole world and I made love to here, and Mom enjoyed it. “We have to wash only, I can’t take it anymore, I’m so sensitive and swollen.” I went to Moms back taking shower gel in my hands and started to wash Moms back working my way to the front and playing with her nipples. “I just want to help you wash Mom” was my answer. My cock was hard again but I could feel it had a rough time on the head.

Mom turned around and face me, “There will be more of this, don’t overdo it think of tomorrow and the rest of the week, you won’t finish it tonight.” I thought to myself, this was the first of the beginning of my life as my Mother’s lover.

To be continued ….

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