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Thick as Thieves

Storytellerz1969   March 15, 2019   | 46165 Views
It wasn’t long before giggling and laughing the two of them had shed their bikini tops, shamelessly displaying their firm teenage breasts, to anyone who might be peeking over the fence, or, watching high above, from their office. banner2

Thick as thieves. That’s the only way you could really describe the two of them. Cindy and Zoe were best friends. The two of them had been running around since the seventh grade and now they were entering their junior year of high school. They were 16 years old and had the whole world ahead of them. 

Now, of the two, Cindy my 16-year-old daughter was definitely the ringleader. Cindy stands about 5 foot nine, with the skinny little body, and plenty of curves to look at. She is very outgoing, with a spunky attitude, that attracted a lot of attention. That in conjunction with her beautiful, tan long legs, wavy sandy brown hair, and topped off with two of the most perfect breasts, any man could ever have had the privilege of laying eyes on. She truly was something to behold. She always had been one of those girls, who was the center of attention whenever she walked in the room.

Now, Zoe on the other hand was a much more introverted and her reserved behavior hinted to us, whispers of a devilish mystery. Her dad passed away when she was very young and always seemed to gravitate towards me in the time that she spent in our home. Because she spent so much time with us, I always considered her and treated her much like my own daughter. She stands about 5 foot six, was a petite frame. Her breasts were just a fraction smaller then Cindy’s but very much enough to do plenty of damage. 

My wife Meredith and I had been married about 20 years. I had a relatively successful home business which gave me the luxury of spending most of my days, being able to spend time with the rest of my family, and at the same time get the things done that I needed for the business.

Zoe spent most of her time in our house, and doing things with our family. The girls were always up to something. They spent just as much time laughing, as they did crying it seemed. The two girls always seem to find something to complain about with a relationship to their bodies. I held the unenviable task of building them up with compliments.

Cindy always complained that her ass was too small. And Zoe would counter her by pointing out that her own boobs were much smaller than she would like. The complaining would go on for sometime, but inevitably would end up in laughs and a tight embrace, as the two of them wrapped their arms around me to show their appreciation for my words. Oh, how those hugs, would leave me in a great need. They were usually accompanied by a quick exit to the nearest unoccupied bathroom and the quick indulgence of sexual self pleasure.

I always felt that between the two of them they made the perfect woman. Cindy had some killer tits, but Zoe’s pouty ass was something to make any man lust after. I had always thought to myself, that if I was a younger man I would chase after either one of them. Even then, I would catch myself in a semi-fantasizing trance thinking about what I could do them if I had the chance. And then shaking my head, I would shrug and say, “My God, it’s your daughter and her best friend, get a hold of yourself man!”

Despite my best effort’s however, it became increasingly hard to ignore the fact that the girls were developing into beautiful young women. I found this task especially difficult, considering how often Zoe stayed the night in our home. Normally Cindy would share a room with her younger sister, but because there were only two beds, the two of them would almost always sleep out in the front room on the couches.

Remarkably of the situation I found myself in was about to become even more of a temptation that I could’ve ever possibly imagined. 

Earlier that morning my wife Meredith had gotten an emergency phone call from her sister. She packed her bags immediately, and I drove her and our youngest daughter to the airport, where she wished me luck for the rest of the weekend. And so was fate would have it, I found myself home alone with the two girls, who had been particularly mischievous in the previous days.

Summers in California as you can imagine bring plenty of heat, and this weekend was looking to be no different. Cindy and Zoe spent the better part of the day sunning themselves out by the pool. I watch them carefully from the second story of our home in my office. It wasn’t long before giggling and laughing the two of them had shed their bikini tops, shamelessly displaying their firm teenage breasts, to anyone who might be peeking over the fence, or, watching high above, from their office.

It had been quite sometime since I had any form of sexual relief. Meredith had lost interest in such things a few years ago, so I had pretty much resorted to my own thoughts, and the pages of illicit magazines. But now here before me, were two beautiful, and very live bodies. What was better then the alluring temptation of forbidden pleasure.

Lowering my trunks, I immediately went to work rubbing the length of my already rigid cock. I continued at maddening pace, as I watched the two girls shifting around on their lounge seats, with their wonderful femininity glistening in the afternoon sun. Just then I saw Zoe glance up towards at my office. I froze, but it just seemed to be only that, just a glance. With that I continued at the object of my desire until I had expelled all of my pleasure into a pile on the ground.

It wasn’t long before the two girls, made their way into the house. Obviously they had returned their tops, but the memory of my sinfulness and the image of their perfect bodies, remained etched in my brain, as they greeted me with barely anything covering their small teenage bodies.

“We want pizza Dad!” They squealed! Zoe had become accustomed call me dad, and quite frankly it warmed my heart that she thought of me as such. To hear them now on call me dad now, only caused significant jump, from the member that was now neatly tucked away in my trunks.

“Looks like we’re having pizza!” I said. “Now if you’ll just let me go,” I laughed, “I can order some!”

Giggling, Cindy and Zoe, released their death grip from me and I marched off in the other room to order a couple of pies.

I could hear their continued laughter, and scattered whispers, as I ordered up some dinner from the local pizza establishment. 

By the time dinner arrived, the girls had slipped out of their swimsuits, and were wearing a few of my old, oversize T-shirts, thar I frequently had lying around the house. Like most girls, they had on just panties and no bra. I could confirm this when occasionally Zoe or Cindy would bend down to pick something up from the floor. The tail of their T-shirt’s would hike up just enough for me to see a pair of lacy panties and two cute cheeks poking out. The outline of a pair of erect nipples was just noticeable under the thin fabric of the old shirts they wore.

Like a couple typical teenage girls,  with no boys around, they had devoured their share of the pizza in no time at all. It was getting late and the next thing I knew the two of them had begun to make preparations in the living room to settle down for their nightly ritual of Netflix and various snacks. 

I was exhausted, saying my good nights, I proceeded up the stairs, in great need of a nice cold shower. As I made my way to the bedroom, I passed by the laundry room, and there in typical fashion of my daughter lay the two bikini’s that the girls had thrown down after changing into their night clothes. I paused for a moment, bent down and picked up the garment. Lifting the piece up to my face, the sweet aroma of young girls filled my nostrils. I smiled, returned it to the basket and after a nice shower settled myself down to sleep.

I tossed and turned, and even though I had managed to relieve myself of the sexual strain that I previously felt, the visions of my young teenage daughter and her best friend danced in my head. I found it extremely difficult to finally drift off to sleep and just when I had, or so it seemed, I was awakened by strange noises, most definitely coming from downstairs.

I stumbled out of bed, half asleep, muttering under my breath as I made my way to the staircase. The girls must still be awake I thought, and since it was relatively dark it wouldn’t matter that I was only dressed in boxer shorts. I reasoned that I could just tell them it was time to quiet down, and get back to some much need rest. At the top of her staircase there is somewhat of a balcony that overlooks the front of the house. When I reach that clearing, I realized, that the noises I had previously heard, we’re definitely that of a sexual nature. 

Oh my God I thought to myself, could it be that one or more of the girls was pleasuring themselves. From the silhouette of a nightlight, I could see the tall torso of my daughter Cindy, squatting on the couch. It was clear that Cindy had removed her shirt. I could see in the dim light her two alert breasts swaying gently as she dipped down and her head disappeared again. Then I heard it again. The distinctive but quiet sighs and then pleasure filled groans, that rippled through the night air. It must be Zoe I thought, and then like a slap to the face I realized what was happening. Cindy, my beautiful little 16-year-old daughter, was pleasuring her best friend. 

I crept carefully down the wooden stairs to get a better look. it was easy because of the angle of the living room where they had settled down, to get a better view of the two girls. And there just as sure, as I relate this story to you now, lay Zoe on her back, naked as the day she was born. Her beautiful fair skin glowed nicely in the summer night. Her legs were bent slightly at the knees, and her legs opened up, as Cindy lowered head once again attacking Zoe’s young pussy with her tongue. 

“God that feels good Cindy!” Zoe groaned. “You taste amazing!” Cindy hissed. “The only thing that would feel better, right now....,” Zoe paused as she looked up at Cindy and with a smile on her face said, “Would be to feel your dad’s thick cock pounding me relentlessly!” “You know, she said, I’m pretty sure he was watching us earlier today out by the pool.” “Yeah right, you wish! retorted Cindy, “For as much as we tease him I’m surprised he hasn’t ripped our clothes off by now!” 

“Geeze Cindy, exclaimed Zoe, “You’re such a kinky little slut!” “Well,” retorted Cindy, “It takes one to know one!” The two laughed and Zoe bit her bottom lip as my daughter continued the attack on her best friends lush wet slit.

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing, as I listened to the two girls talk. It should’ve been the worst nightmare for a father, but instead and not reluctantly it was like music to my ears. My girls, my beautiful two daughters, as I liked to call them were lusting after their daddy! And they were not shy about it either, making the best of the situation that they didn’t quite have access to yet. I guess they figured, the worst case scenario would be, having an orgasm at the expense of each other’s mouth.

I was determined to give them what they wanted. But more appropriately, that which I had also been pining for more than two years. And as chance would have it, they didn’t know, but they had provided me with the perfect opportunity. 

I slowly reached down and peeled off the only thing that kept me from being completely naked, my boxer shorts. My cock was and had already been for sometime harder then ever before in my life. It throbbed, and ached for release, and as I inched my way closer, creeping carefully up from behind Cindy‘s back, suddenly Zoe‘s eyes widened. Cindy was busily and happily devouring her friends sopping wet cunt, oblivious to what was developing behind her. I could see the fear in Zoe’s eyes, once she realized my presence. And now, confusion, as she saw my nakedness and now fully erect prick standing at attention. I brought my finger up to my lips, hushing her as I crept closer. Confusion turned into a devilish smile, as Zoe returned to fully enjoying the attention that Cindy was giving to her sex. Quietly I grabbed the bottle of lube, and applied a generous amount to my now bulging cock. Once I was directly behind Cindy, I carefully ran the tip of my index finger, starting at her neck, down her spinal cord, to the small of her back. She immediately jumped, and yelped. “Whaaa!”, she cried, and with the look of shock, a small gasp and a little scream, escaped her wet lips. “Shit! Dad!” She cried, “This isn’t what…,” 

“What it looks like?!” I replied with an evil grin on my face. “Oh I know what it looks like!” I said smiling. “I’ve been watching and listening for long enough.” “Oh fuck!” She exclaimed. “And that’s exactly what we will be doing!” I said, with lust in my eyes.

At this point I noticed that Zoe was moving two fingers frantically, dipping into her own cunt. I looked at the two of them and smiled. “This is what we always wanted Cindy!” Zoe managed out between sighs and groans of pleasure. “Cindy, you know how much you wanted your dad, and now it’s finally all happening!” She quipped. Cindy’s expression quickly changed to a wicked grin, as she dipped her head and extended her hand back between her legs, grabbing a hold of my prick she carefully guided my tip to her sopping wet hole. “Oh!” she squealed,  “Let’s do this! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me now!” 

I didn’t wait for much more, and grabbing a hold of her slender hips, sank the full my cock deep into in her womb.  Grunting like a pig, I begin my assault on her sweet, tight, little pussy. Cindy continued mashing Zoe‘s tits with her hands, while Zoe plunged her fingers feverishly inside her own wet cunt. 

Cindy arched her back, and with every penetrating thrust, she howled with pleasure, calling out my name, “Yes daddy! She wailed, “Yes! Give it to me, I’ve been bad! Punish your beautiful daughter! Fuck me like a slut I am!” She screamed. 

I was in a state of absolute bliss, as a bore down, into my sexy 16-year-old daughter’s willing cunt. This was heaven, but I was going to hell for sure. I felt like a young man again, as I continued to pound her virgin cunt. I continued to ravish her body, pulling on her perfect breasts with my hands from below. Cindy screamed, as I pulled at her nipples tweaking them between my thumb and forefinger while I fucked her like a beast from above.

“Oh my God!”  I moaned, in pleasure. “I’m going to dump my load !” I yelled. “I’m going to cum inside my little girl!” “Oh god! Yes daddy!” She screamed, “give it to me now!”

“No! “Don’t you dare!” screamed Zoe. “You’re not done, until you take me too!” Cindy slid to the side, and began kissing Zoe with great passion, their tongues intertwined and their hands curled together, as I slid my body between Zoe‘s welcoming legs. Her cunt was dripping with a mixture of Cindy’s saliva and her own vaginal juices. As I guided my erect cock into her sopping hole, I was astonished to discover the significant amount of difficulty I was having, penetrating her little body. 

Zoe’s body immediately shook with her first orgasm, as I plunged my eight inches further into her sweet cunt. She began screaming into my daughters mouth, and bucked her hips upward to meet each of my thrusts. 

“Oh God daddy! Oh yes!” I could make out from the gurgling’s, as she spat into Cindy’s mouth. “Oh yes! I want it so bad!” she screamed, “Give me your fat cock! Give me your babies she wailed! Oh please daddy!” She pleaded. “Fuck your seed into your sweet little girl now!” 

I could hear Cindy whining with seeming disapproval, she seem to be saying, “You’re my daddy, I want your seed first!” Her eyes pouted, as I fucked Zoe back even harder. And then changing in moment, seemed to acquiesce. As if to say, “Yes daddy, it’s OK, Zoe needs her daddy too.” 

Cindy rose to her knees, and watched as the two of us, “father” and “daughter”, finished our deed. Now I began to reach my full stride, and Zoe’s young, tender, body flailed helplessly beneath my weight. It didn’t take long, she was so incredibly tight, that I literally couldn’t have lasted much more than a minute. Her eyes rolled back, and I knew as her body shook, that she was having her second orgasm. 

Then suddenly a calm feeling settled over me, and everything seemed to slow down. Zoe looked up and our eyes met for what seemed like an eternity. “Here I am!” I groaned, “Here I cum!” She lifted her torso up slowly and wrapping her arms around my chest, whispered in my ear, “Give me your love daddy, I need your love...” And with that… I emptied my seed deep inside her fertile womb, hoping , but not knowing, as we collapsed into each other’s arms.

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