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Hello, friends, this is Kumar with my new sex story, I am 29 slim looking guy with a good length of 7inch and from Bangalore. I just completed my engineering in another city and back… Lesbian

Hello, friends, this is Kumar with my new sex story, I am 29 slim looking guy with a good length of 7inch and from Bangalore.

I just completed my engineering in another city and back to Bangalore which is my hometown. I was getting bored in my home and pinging all my friends on WhatsApp just for timepass.One day, I messaged this girl Priyank, a fair and bubbly girl with 34-28-36(the heroine of the sex story), she has a booty to die for anyone wants to bite it as it is soo awesome.

I masturbated many times thinking of her. We both are besties throughout our college life and we use to share everything thing, she used to tell me how intimate she got with her bf and all that stuff but she is a virgin and we chat for some time during that she told me that she will be coming to Bangalore as her father is employed in some factory near the city. So we planned to meet.

After a week, she messaged me that she came to her father’s place and will be living in their factory quarters but the problem is those quarters are in nearby village and there are fewer transport facilities so it may take up to 2-3hrs to reach Bangalore and she needs to get back on the same day which is hectic and also she gets very less time in the city.

Our conversation was like this:

Her: it almost takes 2-3hrs from my place.
Me: I have seen in google maps you are a little bit far from here.
Her: shall we night out?
Me: when?
Her: only traveling takes a lot of time if I come for just one day.
Me: I understand.
Her: is it okay for u?
Me: okay, is there anyone coming with you.
Her: no, it’s only me
Me: shall we roam during the night?
Her: we shall roam but in case we get tired, we need to stay so let’s take the room.
Me: will take Oyo room.
Her: only you and me?
Me: yes
Her: I should have got this chance with my boyfriend
Me: wait for it.

We chatted for a while and planned it and it will be the first time for both of us to stay like that.I told I will be staying at my friend’s house to my parents and went to pick-up her.She came by afternoon and we checked in through our luggage and went to have lunch and followed by a movie in a Mall and enjoyed the movie just like friends and after movie, I showed her the city till its dark and the time is 7 pm.

We headed back to hotel room, took some rest and got fresh, chat for a while and hit the road by 10 pm and had a very light dinner.We purchased a vodka bottle and a cool drink then went for a walk doing time pass and later we headed back to our room.

The real sex story starts here:

Once we were in the room, we spoke for some time about our relationships and shared our feelings about our counterparts with each other and then she opened the bottle and took her first peg and that’s all she doesn’t want to drink anymore. Meanwhile, we opened my laptop to put on some movie but we have watched all the collection before itself, so there is nothing you could watch.

So I asked her is it okay for you if I watch a game of thrones (she already completed it but I started too late)she said it’s okay for her because we are besties and we talk all the stuff.We switched off lights, I was in the middle of season 5.I started watching episode 5 and I know I will be getting hard on due to those intimate scenes, so I put a pillow on my lap to cover it and I was wearing shorts with jockey inside.

She was in her nightwear like pant and t-shirt.She tied her hair talking to me and its damn sexy and I can see her white armpits.We are watching it and the very first intimate scene came and we were shy to look at each other during that scene and that episode is over.

Meanwhile, she moved near me, put her head on my shoulder (this is normal for us)and we continued the discussion about characters of the game of thrones and she was asking how intimate scenes will be shot etc., soon we started episode seven and it changed our lives.

In episode seven there is an intimate scene between Daenerys and Daario Naharis although they showed nothing we were glued to it and I had a boner.She asked me do they have real sex?

Me: I told no, it takes many retakes so they can’t have it in real and even if they get excited, it doesn’t last much time while all the people are around.
She: why don’t they show the guys private part much but the girls are nude.
Me: we shall write a letter to makers requesting for it.

We both just laughed about it.

Me: have you seen your boyfriend’s thing?
She: no, I just saw it above pant that’s all.

It’s getting hotter with our conversation all this time.

Me: do you wish to see it?
She: silent, shy and finally asked how?
Me: opened google in another tab and showed it.
She. She saw it and asked me to close it soon.
Me: you need to see your guys thing in future and maybe you will blow it.
She: silent again and thinking something
Me: what are you thinking?
She: nothing

After some time

She: does it look the same in real
Me: almost same but in porn, they do some makeup to look attractive.
She: Okay.
Me: do you wish to see it in real?
She: don’t know
Me: no problem, we are besties and no problem for me and then I took the pillow off from my lap my boner was fully visible.

She was looking at it and turning away and she has done it multiple times, during all this time, I was looking at her and then she looked onto the laptop screen and was watching a game of thrones.After some time, she moved from my shoulder and kissed on my cheek.

I thought it was a dream but its true.I looked at her and she was blushing and I repaid by kissing her on her bubbly cheeks.We both were hand in hand and continued watching but now the pillow on my lap wasn’t there meanwhile she was looking at my hardon every now and then. 

I noticed it and moved her hand to my dick.(that low light enhances romance)I looked at her and she was caressing my hardon and looking at it from the corner if her eyes.

She looked at me and we both were looking into each other’s eyes and I asked is it okay then she kissed me and we were engaged in a deep passionate kiss for 10min and then I took off laptop and kept it on side table again we hugged and kissing and we were kinky with our tounges this time and laughing in between then I slowly took my hand and caressing her waist over top then she became wild and dig her nails into my neck during our kiss.I moved upward and caught her left boob with my right hand, she was braless.

I was pressing her boobs and she was becoming hornier each time. Now I took off her top and saw those awesome perky tits for a while.She asked me to take my shirt off and she pulled it out her self. We both hugged topless and its best feeling ever to hug like that.

I licked all over neck shoulders, cleavage, armpits were awesome, finally landed on those boobies tasted her nipples and licked them for few minutes.

She was arching back and swirling in bed then after some time she was looking at me licking her boobs and smiling.I looked at her and we smooched again.She was saying do something.I guided my hand inside her pant and touched her little hairy pussy.I fingered her and relaxed her. She took off my short and jerked my dick and kissed it.We slept on bed cuddling after that she again moved her hand onto my dick this time I asked her to blow, she hesitated but agreed later and asked me how to do it.

I told her and then she started to blow me all the while she was looking at my face finally I was going to cum and pulled out.We took some rest then I licked her deep and she was controlling her moans finally she had an orgasm.We got into 69 then she was on top of me and pleasured each other.

I continued to lick her cunt deeper and my tongue jus licking her all the way in. Her pussy was hot & made me suck almost for 30 min, i was trying to get deeper pusing my face more into her pussy, licking her pussy walls. I was eating her cunt xrazily and also getting my dick sucked. 

We couldnt control more and we were into missionary, I lifted her legs spreading them wide, gainging access to her love hole. The sight was amazing seeing her pussy all wet and waiting for my dick to get inside. 
I slowly got my dick near to her pussy lips , rubbing it over.. 

Touching her pussy with my hard dick here and there.. making her moan. asking me to push it in and cant wait for it to fuck her pussy hard.. 

 I slowly teased her at the pussy entrance and she was literally waiting for it..

I slowly slid my dick in her and started stroking it. giving her slow strokes initially and looking at her everytime i pushed it deep inside her pussy, she was biting her lips.. moaning aaahhh.. 

Both of us were in th peaks of excitement of fucking each other.. i bend over to iiss her lips., sucking them while i  push my dick deep inside her.. stroking a bit hard now,. her moans increased and started to say my name loud.. 

This was giving me all the energy to fuck her hard and increase my strokes.. harder and faster.. I was holding her shoulders and trying to fuck herd with my dick... I was able to feel her cum oozing out of her cunt along with my dick.. i could feel her hot cumm on my dick.. I tried sucking her boobs while i was fucking her hard and cummed inside her finally.. 

We both hugged tight while i shot all my cum inside her pussy.. and my dick was resting in.. 
Later i continues to play with her boobs and nipples, softly pulling them.. squeezing them.. kissing her lips.. massaging her hair gently.. 

Cuddling with your bestiee is the best thing that can happen.. Loved it totally. 

We woke up late in the morning and looked at each other then I asked are you guilty?She kissed me on my cheek and said love you.We had a bath together we have some sloppy sex got into doggy style under the shower. We dressed and hugged for final time kissed on the forehead and checked out of the hotel.I then dropped her off.

Guys sex with our bestie is the best sex ever, you tend to do things with your bestie that you shy from your partner with ease.Your friendship bond increases to a new level.

All besties out there please get intimate and thank me later. 

Please write your comments and feedback me at [email protected] or ping me on hangouts using same email address to boost me to write more experiences.

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