How I lost my virginity to my mom

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This is the story of how I lost my virginity in a completely unexpected manner Luxury

Hello friends today I am going to tell you a story that happened a while ago when I was 21 years old. My family consists of my mom, dad me and my younger brother. My dad works in a government office from 9 to 5. We live in a double story house with kitchen guest room and bathroom on ground floor and bedroom, study room and washroom on first floor. My younger brother plays with his friends and also returns home late in the evening before lunchtime. So only me and my mom remain in the house for most of the daytime.

One day around 10'o clock I heard the bell ring. Mom was taking a bath at the time so I opened the door. It was my old school friend Abhishek along with his friend Raghav(both the same age as me). Abhishek is a good friend of mine but Raghav is a notorious kind of person with all the friends in in high places. I invited them both in the house as it would be rude to just invite Abhishek and let Raghav stay outside. We all sat in guest room and me and Abhishek started talking about our old school days while Raghav just listened quietly and was observing the room. After some time we saw Raghav was acting restless so we asked him what's the matter to which Raghav asked: "Where's the washroom" and I replied "It's upstairs."

Before I could tell which room it was Raghav rushed upstairs. We both smiled and continued our conversation. While going upstairs Raghav heard the sound of water splashing so he knew someone was bathing but didn't knew who. Raghav went upstairs and saw the first room it was the bed room. He saw mom's pyjama lying on the bed. My mom keeps her pyjama upstairs since in the bathroom the floor becomes wet after bathing so its hard to wear it as it can touch the floor and get wet. So what mom does is she wears her kurta and wraps the towel at the bottom and goes upstairs to wear the pyjama. I know this since I have seen her many times like that and she usually wears the pyjama in the bedroom or takes it to the study room and then wears it if I'm in the bedroom. When Raghav saw the pyjama he realized that it's a girl's pyjama (it was easy to tell from its color and design) and came to the conclusion that some girl/lady must be bathing and an idea came to his mind.

After 5-10 minutes since Raghav went to washroom mom came out of the bathroom and hearing voices coming from the guest room she quietly tiptoed upstairs to wear her pyjama and hang the towel in the balcony to dry. Mom entered the bedroom and saw the pyjama was missing. She searched the bedroom and couldn't find it so she thought she must've kept it somewhere else and went to the study room to look for it. Mom saw the pyjama lying on the single bed in study room (for guests to sleep) and heaved a sigh of relief. Mom bolted the study room door from inside and dropped the towel on the floor and was about to wear the pyjama when she saw cum stains near the crotch region of pyjama. Mom gasped in shock and went to unlock the door (She thought maybe I did it) when she saw a hand gagging her with a handkerchief from behind and another hand on her waist pinning her both hands. After he inserted the handkerchief in mom's mouth Raghav put the free hand inside mom's panty and started rubbing her pussy rapidly. Mom started wriggling to escape from his clutches but Raghav had a muscular build and was able to prevent mom from escaping easily. Raghav was rubbing mom's pussy inside her panty for 3-4 minutes and as soon as he felt a little heat and moistness in mom's pussy he lowered her panty to her knees and put one finger inside her pussy.Mom jumped but still Raghav held him tightly but her legs were spread due to which the panty was stuck just above her knees.

Raghav said: "Does that feel good? How long has it been since the last time you fucked?"  and inserted second finger inside mom's pussy and started finger fucking her. Mom realized there was no escaping him now and slowly her gagging noises turned into soft moans. As soon as Raghav heard mom moaning he asked mom again this time in a harsher tone: "How long has it been since you last had sex?" Since mom's mouth was gagged with handkerchief she used her fingers to signal three. Raghav asked:"3 days?" to which mom shook her head in denial. Raghav exclaimed:"Three months!?" to which mom nodded in confirmation. Raghav said: This is why your pussy is oozing with juice so quickly".

Raghav continued his finger's assault on my mom's pussy. Mom started shivering violently and her pussy lips now tighly enclosed Raghav's fingers. Her legs wrapped around his hand and her panty fell on the floor. Raghav sensing that his finger became wet due to my mom's orgasm asked my mom: "You were turned on thinking it was your son weren't you?".Mom didn't say anything since she was gagged by the handker chief. Raghav took his fingers out from her pussy and slapped her pussy tighly with his hand asked her to nod her head in a yes or no. Mom nodded yes to which he smiled and tore mom's kurta from the front.He then unhooked her bra and it fell on the floor.

Raghav started pinching her nipples one by one (since his other hand was busy holding mom so that she didn't escape although it didn't matter much at this point) and said: "You naughty girl your nipples are already erect" He then took his dick out from his trouser and inserted it in mom's wet pussy without much effort(as his dick was erect like a pole and mom's pussy was wet from the fingering too). Mom shrieked but her scream was muffled by the handkerchief. Raghav's cock was pumping mom furiously and the room was filled with slapping noises but since the door was bolted we couldn't hear it downstairs.

We thought Raghav was taking to long so I went near the stairs and asked: "Raghav are you coming downstairs or not?" since he was upstairs. Raghav shouted "I am cumming!"(coming) and came inside my mom. I felt that his voice came from the study room side but thought that it must be my imagination and went to continue my conversation with Abhishek. Raghav after cumming inside my mom stopped pinning her and went near the almirah were we keep the books. Mom quickly removed the handkerchief from her mouth and was about to scream for help when Raghav kept a finger on her lips and started playing a video on his mobile. Raghav had already hid his mobile with video recording on inside the book almirah such that it recorded the whole session. He then said: "The video is saved online so even breaking the phone won't delete the video.Now wear your bra and panty and wrap the towel and go make tea for all of us since I'm tired".

Mom didn't have any choice so she pulled her panty up(it was on the ground but her legs were still inside the holes for the legs in the panty  during the whole fuck session). Then she bent to pick her bra on the ground and as soon as she bent down Raghav spanked her ass mercilessly. Mom shrieked and this time since there was no handkerchief even we could hear the sound. I shouted from downstairs what happened to which mom replied: "A cock roach flew past me but don't worry son I killed it". I shouted: "Ok mom" and we continued our conversation. Mom then wore her bra and wrapped the towel around her top body. She then went to the kitchen and started making tea. Raghav came downstairs and sat beside us and continued listening as if nothing happened.

When mom came to serve tea we were shocked to see mom wearing only a towel around her body. I asked mom what happened to which she replied my kurta fell on the bathroom floor and got all wet so I hung it on the balcony to dry. I asked why didn't you wear another one to which she replied all other are being washed in the laundry and bent to serve tea to me and Abhishek(Me and Abhishek were sitting on the sofa and Raghav was sitting in a chair to the right of us). Mom bent down to serve us tea and we can clearly see her cleavage along with her white bra (Mom has medium sized boobs that are not too big and not too small). Mom then faced Raghav (Her back was visible to us) and before she could serve him tea he 'accidentally' dropped his bike's key on the floor and asked mom to pick it up. As soon as mom bent down to pick the keys from the floor we got a clear view of mom's plain white panty. Mom's panty was slightly wet and one off her ass cheeks had a red mark and slight water drops were making way towards her thighs. I thought mom didn't wipe her body dry properly after the bath (little did I knew it was Raghav's cum leaking from her pussy). Raghav said thank you to my mom and then mom served him tea but again he took the tea but pretended that it slipped from his hand and fell on my mom. Mom shrieked as the tea was hot and her towel was soaked with tea. Raghav said I'm sorry aunty and asked me where the fridge was. I pointed towards the direction of kitchen and he rushed and came back with ice cubes. He made mom face us and then said that please remove the towel since its soaked in hot tea and he could apply ice on the burnt areas. Before mom could say anything he removed her towel and it fell on the floor. Mom closed her eyes with embarassment and Raghav started rubbing ice cubes over mom's cleavage with one hand and with the other hand he took out his phone kept it in silent mode on the center table and started playing the video on it. He then unhooked mom's bra and inserted an ice cube inside her panty. I hurriedly grabbed the phone to delete it but then he said the video is saved online so even destroying the phone won't help just let him do what he wants. After the ice cube melted Raghav removed mom's panty and it fell on the floor. Mom was now completely naked. He made mom bend with her hands on the center table as support and took his cock out and inserted it in her ass. Mom shrieked it's the wrong hole to which he replied you will soon know if it's the right hole or not. Raghav started fucking mom's ass rapidly and exclaimed damn that's tight. Mom was getting pumped right in front of us and we could feel our cocks bulging up even though I knew it was wrong. Raghav held mom's hair and started increasing his speed further as he could feel her ass slowly making way for his cock. After 10 minutes Raghav cam in mom's ass and he remarked oh only one of your ass cheeks got red it ain't fair is it? and tightly slapped the other one. As soon as he slapped mom moaned "Aaaaah" and cum started flowing from mom's pussy. Raghav grinned and said now you know if that hole is right or wrong bitch. He then said to me hey be a good son dont waste your mom's cum lick it clean and dry. He signalled us to stand and asked mom to lie on the sofa. I spread mom's legs and started licking her pussy (one of her legs was on the sofa and other was touching the floor. Raghav said it's not fair your mom is naked for you and you are wearing your clothes undress yourself. I had no choice so I removed my clothes and continued licking her pussy. Raghav whispered something in Abhishek's ear and he took his pants and underwear out and kept one knee on sofa and his cock in between mom's tits. He then asked mom to hold her tits such that they stay wrapped around his cock and started humping her tits. Raghav then whispered in my ear it's about time for you to fuck her if you don't I will make the video viral besides your cock's erect like a pole anyways. I had no choice I lifted the mom's leg that was touching the floor in the air,hugged it tightly and inserted my cock in mom's pussy. I gasped in ecstasy but Raghav pulled me back and saw a little blood on my cock and exclaimed bastard lost his virginity to his mom. He then told me to continue and I started slowly increasing my pace. Abhishake had stopped fucking mom's tits and had now inserted his cock in my mom's mouth and was fucking her mouth. Raghav had already started making video of this whole scene as security so that none of us will complain later. The room was filled with clapping noises that even the neighbours could hear if they wanted too. After some time I came in mom's pussy to which Raghav bashed idiot you had to pull out but I replied I couldn't as it happened too suddenly. Hearing this Abhishek also came in mom's mouth and he made mom swallow his cum. Mom passed out due to exhaustion on sofa and before I could do anything Raghav and Abhishek stormed out of the house. I bolted the main door first and then I went to wear my underwear but I noticed there was slight blood on my cock. I saw mom sleeping nude with her mouth open and a slight erection came in my cock. I inserted the cock in mom's mouth and it became erect again. I feared that mom might close her mouth so I took my cock out and inserted it between mom's tits(like Abhishek did) and wrapping mom's tits round my cock with my hands I started titty fucking her. The tits were so soft and it created so much pleasure that I came in 2 min and the semen landed on my mom's mouth. I wore my clothes then I slid mom's panty back over her pussy and then hooked her bra. I kept the towel on her body and carried her upstairs to the bedroom in my arms (mom's face still had my cum on it). I saw the cum stained pyjama and torn up kurta in study room. I took the pyjama and wiped moms face with it(the part that had the cum stain already) and dressed it on mom(the cum stain was on the inside so it wasn't visible. Then I took I new slighly matching kurta from mom's almirah shelf(I knew were mom kept her clothes) and wore it on mom. When mom woke up it was lunch time already and in that lunch we at noodles as mom said she wasn't feeling well (but only I knew the real reason).

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