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two unsatisfied soul fall in lust with each other in passionate way Lesbian

Hi all sexually unsatisfied men and women.

I dedicate this story to you. I am Ram, south Indian guy.Decently fit, fair guy and horny always. I am a sex addict. I love woman totally. I am an unsatisfied guy. My life goes one watching all porn stars, masturbating, looking for a equally unsatisfied sweet women to spill all my hunger and lust. I admire everything about a woman top to bottom.

Luck of my life hit me four months back. I found a woman through a dating application. It was a big time heavenly happiness for me. It was Shreya. We started casually chatting. Then it turned personal. We shared about our life, family and likes. We started to find us so likable. She started liking me. We started with phone calls without knowledge of our partners. We shared our photos. We had sexual chats and sometimes phone sex also.

Oh my goodness.

She was a skinny beauty. She sent her photo in western wear. She was a woman of 30's with firm body with spectacles, horny eyes and kissable lips. I learned that she was married to an old man, who was totally physically unfit with heart problems. I came to know that her vagina was last tasted 1 year back. I pity at her. Days went on. One fine night I was alone at home. I called her and we started talked sex. She was from my place too. Her husband had gone abroad for a week. She got so horny and she asked me to make wild sounds over phone so that she could masturbate. Suddenly I picked up some courage and sent her photo of myself in my boxers. She was shocked and I found out that she got instant horny. She called me back seeing the photo. She started seeing me over phone wildly. She said she wanted a guy like me in life to fuck her every day. She mourned and said she wanted a guy like me to lick her cunt and take her juices out.

Now it's my turn. I picked up some courage and asked her.

How about we go on honeymoon to resort nearby day after tomorrow honey? One full day just me and you in a exotic resort. We can make real lust and we can celebrate nudity.

There was no reply from her. There was total silence. Then she replied.

It sounded interesting dear but are you serious dear. Is it possible?

I jumped in joy. I know deal was going to happen. The dream of my wife was to go on honeymoon with equally unsatisfied wild horny soul. I immediately sent her the resorts name. She replied with smiley. We started discussing about our second honeymoon. I said that I wanted to deflower her in lingerie and saree as a real bride. She wanted me to be hairy, traditional wear and revealing boxers. We decided the trip should be full of wild lust.

The day arrived. I was all excited. I took my car to reach the resort over the beach. I was waiting for her. I was nervous and sexually hungry. Then a white car arrived. An angel got down from the car. The woman was exactly horny as in the photo. She was a hot married woman of my dreams. Sex was not new to us but we wanted to play a fresh hardcore innings. We greeted each other. She was slightly shy. I winked at her. She was blushing. Then we checked into our rooms. It was cozy hot rooms with beach view, lovely soft bed , transparent shower room, private pool and dim yellow lamps. It was a perfect place for a discreet horny couple to make a sexual celebration.

We sat on bed as real husband & wife. Then I went near her and said.

Baby I am not your real husband. I do not want to waste a single minute. I am looking to spill all my lust on you and taste every inch of you .I got just 24 hours of time to eat the golden fruit.

I made her stand up, held her face and started to smooch her softly. Slowly I started to suck her lips and tongue. Then i bite her lips out of lust. While I kissed her, I slowly slid my hands over her hips. I massaged her hips. I then pressed her on the wall on the room. I stood behind her and pressed my body on her. She was breathing heavily. I enjoyed viewing her back. I licked her shoulders, ears and hair. I tongued her ears. She was getting hotter. She made some sounds. I pat her butts over her clothes. She gave a wicked smile. I slowly unpinned her clothes from behind. She was in blouse and skirt before me. Wow she was coffee toned meat. I wanted to eat all her flesh.

I made her lie on bed flat, sat on her tummy. I kissed her chin and slowly opened her blouse. A huge set of boobs was hidden under red lingerie. I pulled down her skirt too. I took off my shirt. We were rolling over on bed. I pulled out her nipples out of her lingerie and started licking her milk out. I fondled her boobs. While I was kissing her boobs my hands were rubbing over her vagina. She closed her eyes and was biting her lips. I licked her thighs and navel. She pulled me close and whispered to my ears

Dear please eat my cunt. It is dry for past 1 year. Come on my baby

I spread her legs apart. With my teeth I pulled down her panties. Wow it was thick dark juicy cunt. It was my dream cunt. It was clean and no hair around. I started licking her cunt violently. I left my tongue inside and cleaned her vaginal walls. I spit my saliva and played with her. I prepared her vagina for a mating session. She started screaming. She pushed me out of bed.

She did bend down. She pulled she licked my penis over my boxers. She left her hands in my anus area and massaged my ass. My penis got a erections. I pushed down my boxers and got naked with horny tool. Her eyes opened an extra inch seeing my cock. She held my penis in her hands and kissed my penis balls. I lifted her, smooched her softly. We were ready for the action. We hugged each other. Our naked bodies rubbed and generated heat. I pressed her butts while I hugged her.

I decided to fuck her in missionary. I made her lie in edge of bed. I massaged her cunt walls. Slowly i made my first penetration into my angel's body. She gave a scream. Then my penis went inside bigger into the love well. I started fucking her slowly. My penis was totally wet inside surrounded by love juices. I had her view on her lusty lips and shaking melons while I was ramming her cunt. I shouted her name while I was in action. She was in heaven enjoying the mating session. Then I dedicated to dedicate my first shot into her pussy. I held her hips tightly and started to move my penis fast manner. I drilled her holes in full strength.

Then I spilled my sperms into her pussy with a loud mourn. We smiled at each other. I smooch her lips. We cuddled each other on bed. She thanked me for having taken her to heaven of lust. It was an awesome fuck. I carried her to bathroom.


Then we made out in lusty shower. Then we had drink and fucked her on floor. We had 4 shots that day. It was memorable honeymoon for us.

feedback at [email protected]

love you all.

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