Got fucked by my neighbour's cousin

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              Got Fucked by my neighbour's cousin

Hi! My name is Vrunda. I’m a 40 years old woman residing in Mumbai with my husband.  My husband goes on company trip to different places on field work for months. I feel alone and lonely at home always so my neighbour and friend Suman is the one whom I spend time with you know “women’s gossip”.

One day at morning nearly 9:30 A.M. I went to Suman’s house to borrow some rice. I entered raising my voice calling her name. But, there was no response. So, as I was about to leave I saw a guy who just coming out from bathroom his lower body was covered with a towel but, his upper body was naked. I got freezed when I saw his body. It was not an athletic body he was not fat, nor thin it was in a good shape. But, his big chest with hair on it and wide shoulders  was something that made my knees weak. He came few towards me with a smile saying “Suman didi is not at home right now. You can come at afternoon she’ll be there”. I smiled him back nodding my head just saying “Ok” and went to my home.

In evening I was at Suman’s place and we were talking about something. All of a sudden I saw the same guy entering inside. This time he was not half naked. He had worn a formal Shirt and trousers carrying an office bag on one side hanging on his shoulder made him look more handsome. Suman introduced me to him “Karan, this is my neighbour and good friend Vruda”.  To which Karan replied “Yeah… I know she came to see you this morning but, you were not there”. He forwarded his hand towards me for hand shake. I also forwaded my hand towards him. We shook each other’s hand. “Oh God” his palm was so warm that something just sensation happened to me inside. He went inside his room while Suman was telling me that Karan was his cousin. He’s  23 years and is here for an internship in a reputed MNC company. While Suman was telling me more about Karan I was just thinking about him.

Few days later it was a morning time nearly 7:00 A.M. returning to my society I went to purchase Milk and was waiting for lift to come down. I saw Karan coming towards the lift. His t-shirt was wet, he was sweating and taking a deep breath. I asked him if everything was Ok. He replied “I was in the society Gym just coming from there”. The lift came and we entered, we both were alone inside the lift as it was moving upwards to 10th floor. The smell of his sweat was so sexy. I was dreaming that Karan was kissing my lips so passionately inside the lift. Suddenly I heard Karan calling me “Vrunda Aunty we have reached our floor”.  I swiftly just went inside my home and was taking a deep breath slowly and was smiling with a blush on my face. That afternoon I was in my bed and reading an erotic novel. While reading I was just remembering about Karan. I moved my hand slowly towards my pussy playing with it and was Masturbating.

Few weeks later Suman came to me and she asked for help. As she and her husband were going out for 15 days so if I could make Karan’s lunch and dinner. I happily accepted and told her “Don’t worry I’ll take care of him”.  At afternoon I had messaged Karan that if he can have dinner at my home as we both are alone. Instantly, I got his reply and he agreed. In evening I had made Karan’s favorite dish and made sure that everything was ready. I Heard a door bell and opened the door and there was Karan looking tired and lazy. But, I know that no matter how exhausted the men are from work sex will definitely kill their tired and laziness.

After dinner we were in hall sitting on a couch and talking I told him to wait while I’ll get an Ice cream for both of us. When I was moving towards the hall with a tray filled with Ice cream, bowl and spoon. Suddenly the spoon had fallen on the floor. I had bent down to collect the spoon. Meanwhile, I was picking up the spoon I saw Karan got freezed when I came to know that he was staring at my exposed cleavage. When he came to know I knew suddenly he looked here and there. That was a bulls eye his tiredness went far away. After finishing our Ice cream I asked Karan if he is in a relationship. He said he was once dating a girl in college for 2 years. But, she left him because he wanted to have sex with her. Although he still loves her today as well. He was silent for a moment. As I was sitting opposite to him, I got up and sat next to him. Moving and rubbing my hand towards his shoulders I said “That’s ok Karan nothing to worry about. I know when we are young we want to try something new and get experience.” moving and rubbing gently my other hand on his thigh in seductive voice “To get an experience you need someone who has experienced it. I saw you were starring at my cleavage and I knew what you wanted.” I moved my hands from his thigh to his penis which had turned into a hard rock. I smirked at him saying “Oooooo…. Looks like somebody has got hard”.

As he was wearing a track pant I just pulled his pant down and was mind blown to see his big fat cock. I slowly touched and rubbed his cock gently. As he was sitting I had bent my knees on the floor and slowly sucked his cock. Karan was now relaxed and was playing with my silky hair. After sucking I stood and whispered in his ears “Lets go to my bedroom.” As a woman I was impressed that he carried me with his both arms and took me to my bedroom. He gently put me in bed and was removing his t-shirt and track pant. On the other side I undressing my nighty dress but didn’t remove my red colored Bra and panty. As it was his favorite colour I wanted him to come closer and remove it. He slowly removed my Bra and panty and started kissing my lips passionately which I dreamed when we were in lift. After the kiss I rubbed his cock with my boobs. He was playing with my titts and helped me to rub his cock with my boobs.  

After kissing, touching and licking I had bent down in “Doggy style position” and told him to put his big fat cock in my pussy. My pussy was desperate to take that cock inside. When he inserted for a second I got a pain and screamed “Ahhh…”. Karan was worried and said if it was paining me he can take it out. But, I was stubborn and told him “No… go on let me feel the pain….” He started fucking me “Ohhhh….. Ahhhh…”.  My pussy had never played with this type of cock before. By this time me and Karan were wild and energetic ”Fuck me hard Karan… Harder… Harder… ”. He was fucking me hard moving his both hands slowly from my waist, touching and feeling my big Ass. As I was bending for a long time I got up and straight

and did the “Oath position” were Karan kept his hand playing with my boobs and titts. I had kept my arms behind his neck. He was kissing on my neck breathing out hot air from his nose which was so sexy. In a seductive tone I said “Oh.. Karan… Your girlfriend… She is a bitch she missed what a great thing you are carrying inside. But, I’m lucky tonight to have you and your cock with me… mmmmm……” .

I wanted Karan to relax for a sometime. So, he was lying in bed and I was on top of him in “Cow girl position”. I inserted his cock in my pussy. I was moving up and down Karan was fucking me even harder than before.       I noticed that Karan got motivated when my boobs were bouncing up and down. I took his hands and put on my boobs “Feel it Karan… Play with them…. They are yours”. While I was bouncing up and down karan was pressing my boobs and playing with my titts, he had confessed to me by saying “Vrunda aunty the first day when we met I had a dream to fuck you. I always masturbated thinking about you”. Hearing this I was so surprised that we both had same desires. Now I had bent down to let Karan kiss my boobs and lick my titts. His tongue was twisting and playing with my titts which made me more horny.

Now Karan got up from the bed and wanted to do his favorite position which was “Seesaw position”. He picked me up were my thighs were supported by his forearms, inserted his cock and started to fuck me. Now I was orgasming even more “Ahhh…. Ahhh… Karan… fuck me more…. Fuck me more… ”.I touched his hairy chest and nipple which aroused him and fucked me more. As it was a climax Karan in his deeply breathing voice ”Aunty I’m cumming” . I got down lying in bed he was rubbing his cock ”come on boy… put that cum on your Aunty…”. After rubbing it fast he cummed on my face and boobs. I cleaned the cum which was on my face and licked in my mouth. While the cum which was on my boobs I had massaged them like a cream lotion. Karan was now truly exhausted this time and he slept beside me. Now I moved close towards Karan played with his hair on his chest and nipples. While his hand was on my back and said “This was the best night of my life vrunda aunty”. We both felt asleep naked as it was late.

The next day Karan and I woke up together. He got up from the bed and went to toilet for pee. I was staring at his ass then I got out from my bed and got ready as I had to make his tiffin. While he was leaving I came out from the kitchen spanking his ass giving him his tiffin and thanked him for the last night. He then kissed on my lip and went to work. That 15 days were the so memorable for me and karan. We went out for dinner, shopping, movie, etc… and we also enjoyed having sex together. Although we had only physical relationship we considered each other as “Fuck buddies”. My husband who stays far from home I love him so much. But, my sexual desires were fulfilled with Karan.

So, this was my story about how I seduced and got fucked by my neighbours cousin.

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