Tinder Experience on a Goa Trip

ajmal.kerala   June 26, 2020   | 1935 Views
How my first match on Tinder while I was on a Goa Trip turned out to be the most exciting experience of my life. Lesbian

Hey, I am here yet again with my story. I’m a 23 years old, average looking guy from Kerala and this is my second story.  I had to come to Goa for a small trip with my friends. After 2 days, I was getting bored in the evening, so I tried using Tinder. Within an hour I got a match and her name was Vidya (name changed). She was 21 years old and good looking.

Then the conversation started.
Me: Hey what’s up.
Vidya: Nothing much getting bored. Came with my friends. They are only drinking and smoking.
Me: You don’t like those things?

Vidya: I do but I want to explore Goa and want to enjoy every bit of my trip.
Would you please take me somewhere?

I was shocked that how she asked me so early of going out with a stranger. I said ok and exchanged numbers. We planned to meet 7.30 outside near Tito's club. At 7.00 pm I left my hotel.

I was shit scared because we didn’t even talk properly before the meeting. I reached there and gave her a call.

Vidya: I’m just coming.

She came and we hugged each other. We both were nervous and quiet. We were not even looking at each other properly. We entered the club.

We started with yager shots and started dancing on the floor. I complimented her for looking pretty and in return, she gave a kiss on my cheeks. I got my signal. We were totally drunk.

It was 12 am and I told her that I’ll leave you to your hotel and I’ll move.
Vidya: Please don’t leave. Let’s go somewhere.
Me: Ok, let’s go.

We went to Baga beach and started walking. As soon as we were away from the crowd, she started smooching me and became wild and was talking dirty. She said she came to Goa because they are about 50 fantasies which she needs to do before settling down. I was excited and I asked can you tell me some of these.

Vidya: I wanna try anal, 69 and really hardcore sex. And if I get a chance why not a threesome?

We sat down in the sand. I started drinking. Meanwhile, she kept her hand on my zip and started rubbing. I was excited about her seeing that. She took my cock out and started stroking and took in her mouth in seconds. I love how girls are fond of cut dicks.She was so good that I told her let's go to my room. We reached my hotel and I had to book another room because my friends were in mine. We entered and started smooching immediately. We were kissing each other as there is no tomorrow. We spat on each others mouth and were going crazy with our tongue. I drank all her saliva. She said she likes doing it on the floor.

She undressed and sat on me and started to undress me as well. She was wearing a matching polka dots bra and panty. Trust me guys she was looking too hot. I started pressing her boobs harder.

Then I threw her bra and her boobs were looking so good. I started biting her nipples so hard that she started moaning loudly. I became so nervous that someone would hear what we are doing inside.

I came down her panty was totally wet. She might have had her first orgasm. I removed her panty and started eating her pussy and she was abusing me. She said she likes the guy to abuse her during sex.

We went in 69 position and started playing with her ass. It was so tight that my finger was not going inside and she was moaning. She told me to tie her hands and I did it with the towel in the bathroom. It was turning out to be my best experience.

I was eating both the holes. Her pussy juices were so tasty. Meanwhile, she was giving me a blowjob and trust me guys she was doing as she was pro. I tried to push two fingers into her ass but it was so tight that it was not going.

I asked her if she is ok, She said to continue and after trying 5, 6 times it went inside. She started screaming loudly to take it out. I started smooching her to make her calm down.

I didn’t move for 5 minutes and then again slowly started fucking her. She was crying in pain when I asked her to stop she said she wants to enjoy the pain. Within some time she started enjoying. I came inside her in another minute.

She took my cock out and started sucking again. We went for a shower and again we had 2 sessions inside. Then we came out and slept cuddling each other.

Next day morning, we kissed each other and said goodbye. She texted me later that this was her best experience of her life.

If you feel my story made you wet please e-mail or hangouts me on

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