My Brother Saved My Love Life

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My Brother Helped Me Saving My Love Life.       Hi, my name is simran. I just finished my teens and enters the twenties. Currently i am doing my second year graduation.… banner1

My Brother Helped Me Saving My Love Life.

Hi, my name is simran. I just finished my teens and enters the twenties. Currently i am doing my second year graduation. I belong to a orthodox family so you can also clearly imagine that how i feel being to a orthodox family when i have no freedom at all. I have parents and one elder brother in my family. And thanks to god that brother is understanding and he supports me. I use to share everything with my brother. He is 10 years elder to me. We have a relation of best friends instead of brother sister. Parents don't even allow me to call my friends or even invite them.

I have a boy friend whom i like the most. He also loves me a lot. His name is gaurav. He is tall and handsome with nice features and muscular looks.  After 4 months of eye gestures he finally asked me to meet outside the college. I was not going to miss it as i also like him but never showed him. So on that day when our college was over. I ran outside the college to meet him. He was waiting for me when i reached there. He took my hand in his hands and said he wants to be with me and i can see it in his eyes. But it was my bad luck that i can't gave him more than 5 minutes to say what he wants to say because my time of reaching home was running short and i was afraid of parents scolding me for being late. I reached home and thinking of him and smiling in my heart.

Next day in college he asked me to meet him in the park near my home. I refused to come because of parents. But he said if i love him then i must come to meet him. I went in my class and asked one of my best friend to help me. She agreed to come to my home in the evening as none of my friends visits me because they also feel scared of my parents. So she came to my house in the evening and hesitantly asked my mom to take me out for a walk. Mom looked at her in different manner. She also got scared that my mom will scold her now but somehow mom gave her permission to take me out for only half hour, not more than that. I got my breaths back and thanks to god. We both left the home in hurry and reached park in a while. Gaurav was waiting there for me. He was looking very charming. Me and my friend reached him and gaurav asked my friend for some privacy so he took me behind some thick bushes. There he hugs me and he tried to kiss me but i was not able to respond him back as he wants from me. The feeling of scareness is running through my whole body and i was not able to do anything. He was kissing me and pressing my boobs above from my top but i was irresponsive. He then stopped and asked me that if i am not liking this. I was not able to answer him. He again asked that i want him or not. I said i want you gaurav. But he said your response doesn't show that you want me. After saying this to me he left and we also left for home. After reaching home i got depressed that gaurav will leave me now.

The next day when we met in college i felt some change in his behaviour. I felt the feeling of being ignored and it broke from heart. I can't accept that he is ignoring me. I went home in depression. At night when the dinner was over and everyone left for their room i started crying in my room. Suddenly brother opens the door and asked me. What happened my baby doll? Why you are crying? Stop crying and tell me what happened. He took me in his room and i told my brother everything about me and gaurav and what had happened in park. Each and everything i told him. And asked him to help me to save my love life. Bro agreed to help me and he said me to invite gaurav to our home tomorrow evening. He then asked me that if i wanted to love gaurav in a physical way or not.? I told him yes i want to but i cant because i know nothing. After 5 mins he took his laptop out and showed me some porn movies and told me that this is called sex. All this happens in sex. I was in shock to see all that and on the same time i started feeling horny too.. My brother asked me to call gaurav and i called him in the midnight and asked him to come to our home tomorrow evening as a friend of my brother. He straight away refused at first and then bro took the phone from me and asked gaurav to come to our home the next evening so that he can sort both of our misunderstanding, then gaurav agreed to come. This makes me little relaxed, after that bro asked me if i really want to save my love then i have to do something. I said i am ready to do anything. Bro asked me to skip my college tomorrow so that he can take me to parlour for waxing. He asked me if i have some sexy lingerie ? I said no i don’t have any. He then asked me to watch some porn and learn some moves and i did the same as instructed and after watching 2 hours of porn i was completely wet and was not able to sleep that night.

The next day bro told my mother that he will drop me to college and will also bring me back as one of his friend is coming in the evening for some business discussion. Mother said ok then she can sleep without disturbance in the evening. I was happy that bro easily convinced mother for the evening and we both then went to the parlour for my full body waxing. After waxing bro took me to college to meet gaurav and there we both met him and bro again asked him to come at our place as the college overs. He then took me to the market to buy some lingerie and some dresses for the evening. He picked up some very sensual lingerie sets and some deep neck tops and single dresses and asked me to try all these i was completely shy and my cheeks were deep red with shyness. I then tried those lingerie sets and those dresses then bro whispered in my ears that i am making some erection there. I blushed with shyness and then he bought me all that stuff.  It was 3 pm now and the college was over. We also reached home and saw that mom was in her room and she was sleeping and we both went upstairs in his room. He asked me to change in those sexy stuff. I picked a blue pushup bra set and same colour deep neck top with beige tights. As i came out of dressing bro commented that if i was not her sister he would definitely makes me his girlfriend. I blushed again, he then started to put some makeup on me and asked me to apply some lipstick also. As he was doing my hair gaurav called and said that he had arrived. I asked bro that gaurav has arrived; bro went down stairs to the gate. Bro brought him to the room and closed the door. I was in dressing when heard the door got closed. Bro asked him to be comfortable. As gaurav was not aware of what was going on and what was going to happen. Bro called me. "simran come out honey, gaurav is here". I was so excited, i just came out of dressing. They both were sitting on the chairs. When gaurav saw me his jaws dropped as he was not able to take his eyes off from my cleavage. And more over he was not able to think what to do as my bro was also present there. I stepped forward and hugged him tightly as instructed by my bro. Bro asked us both to be comfortable as he sits near the door so that he can watch that nobody is coming upstairs. 

Bro asked me again to make gaurav feel comfortable. He then asked me to serve some juice, i poured some juice in glasses and served to bro and gaurav and while serving him i bend more so that he could see my cleavage more. Gaurav was in completely confused situation as he was not knowing that why he was here. Brother then start telling gaurav about our family and he also told him that he wants to help me for my love as he went on telling him everything then gaurav started being some relaxed my brother assured him that when ever he wants to meet simran he can meet her in his room but not anywhere else because of family strictness as now gaurav completely understood everything he got relaxed and gained some confidence. Bro then asked me to sit on gaurav’s lap and i did so he then took gaurav’s hand and put it on my thighs, bro gave me a glass of juice and asked me to serve gaurav with my hands and i went on doing as i got instructed. He drank some sips of juice and then bro again took his hands and now he put it on my left boob and started squeezing it. My cheeks again went red as i put the glass away and started kissing him passionately he also put his hands around me and he was also enjoying now. After kissing for 10 mins bro came to us and said, "i want you both feel comfortable" after saying this he asked gaurav to put his hands under my top and feel my boobs. Gaurav followed him and did as said i was enjoying that moment. Gaurav put his hands under my top and started massaging my boobs. He then took my top off from me as i was wearing my bra he started kissing on my bra and pressing my boobs as he was struggling to open my bra, my bro asked him to kiss me as bro himself opened my bra hook single handed, i was also shocked that bro opened my bra for my boyfriend. And gaurav became totally mad at seeing my boobs as i had maintained my self good. My figure is 34 28 34. Now you can imagine how mad he became. He started sucking my boob. Bro was watching us. As bro again whispered in my ear to open gaurav's jeans button. I did the same. I put my hand on his jeans and opened his zip and button. Gaurav was in complete shock and and excitement. He removed his jeans and took his cock out and it was huge and thick. I got wet to see his huge cock. Bro then asked me to give him pleasure. I kissed his cock tip and then circled it with my tongue. And then started sucking it gently. He was in heaven and saying "suck me baby". I was enjoying every bit of his cock in my mouth. Even tasted his precum. I was only in my panties now. My one hand was rubbing my pussy and other was on his cock. After sucking him for 15 mins he came in my mouth and filled it completely that it came out on my boobs. I then went to washroom to clean my self. Bro also came in to whip the cum completely from my boobs he handed over me the towel to clean my self. I hugged my brother tightly and gave him a kiss on his cheeks without remembering that i was soaked in gaurav’s cum. I thanked my brother for saving my love life and he also caressed my hair with his hands and he kissed me on my head and asked me if i was happy or not. I said i am totally happy now and also said sorry to him for putting gaurav’s cum on his cheek and clothes. He said its completely ok the he removed his shirt and cleansed my boobs with his shirt only and i gave him a tight hug again for being my hero. After 10 mins we both came out of washroom and saw gaurav wore his clothes back and he thanked my brother for this great evening and again kissed me on my lips and on my boobs too. Bro then asked him to visit next weekend again as he will get another surprise and then he left for his home. 

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