english teacher

ksrusson1986   May 21, 2024   | 3216 Views
lost my virginity to my english teacher Luxury

i am in love with my English teacher, she always wears a short black skirt, white blouse, clear stockings and black stiletto shoes, she has the hair in a pony tail, has lovely blue eyes and always has her top buttons undone on her, blouse i sit in front of her, i am always looking down her top at her sexy bras.

 anyways its a right its my last lesson of the day and its with my English teacher, she sits in front of me, i look down her top shes wearing a lovely white bra, after a while she sits on the desk with her feet on another chair i get a quick glimpse of her panties she is wearing some nice black french knickers, with a suspender belt, my penis gets harder

i am enjoying what i am seeing, she stands up and goes to the board to discuss what has just read while shes at the board. after lesson has finished she asked me to stay behind, she says to me i noticed you looked up my skirt and you looked like you got turned on a bit, she said i was a bit turned on myself as she said that she dropped her pen on the floor again i saw down her top and got a hard on, the looked into my eyes and said again, she unzipped my trousers and started to suck my penis for 3 minutes i came in her mouth, she then ordered m to lock the door, i turned round and she was sitting on the desk i started kissing her on her lips, while running my hand through her silky long brown hair, i kissed her more and more, i then unbuttoned her blouse, she was now sitting white  white blouse open with a white bra showing, i took of her blouse, and kissed her from her lips down her neck, undid her bra, licked, sucked her breasts, i then started kissing down her chest, licking out her bellybutton, she was getting turned on she liked and biting her lip, her shoes fell off, i took off her black skirt,

i kissed slowly, while pulling her knickers down at the same time, i saw a little hair i was getting excited, i kissed her groin and pussy area, she had a lovely runway public hair was really attractive,  her black french knickers were on the floor, i then pulled her legs open, opened her lips wider, i entered my fingers inside felt warm and sticky inside again she was liking it, see was sqwiming, making noices and biting her lip, i then started to lick her, she screamed and squited in my face, i thought i want to try something, i picked up her stileto shoe and entered her pussy with this she was suprised but enjoyed it, thier was juice on it, i licked it, her cum was very tasty and warm, she said no has ever put my shoe in my pussy (laugh) or made me cum so much,

i am enjoying this please come near, i then walked over to her and slipped my penis inside her pussy,  it eventually went in, she looked a bit of discomfort, i said did i hurt you she said no, please carry on, i started it slow and sped up, i was getting faster and fater, and she screamed louder and louder, i then shot my load inside her, she gave me another blow job and we got dressed, my first time was great thanx to miss

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