What Happens in Costa Rica...

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"Baby I want to show you how much I love and appreciate what you've done for me. I want to give you whatever you want. I want you to do whatever you want to me!" Saying those words to him turned me on just as much as I hoped him hearing them would. "I'm glad you said that baby because that's what this trip is all about. I want us to be totally uninhibited. This is our chance to fulfill all the desires and fantasies we've ever had. No questions. No judgments. Are you good with that?", he asks intently. "I'm all in baby. This is your body... do with it as you please!" cheating My baby called me and told me that he wanted to plan a special trip for us. We had been really busy lately and not getting the much needed time for ourselves. He asked me where I wanted to go and I suggested Costa Rica or really anywhere, I just couldn't wait to get away with him.

"I'll plan something baby, you won't be disappointed!" he said.

A couple of weeks went by and one day he came home with a box wrapped nicely with a sparkly bow!

"Open it!" he said.

I opened it and before he could say anything, I dropped it on the floor and hugged him, damn near strangling him and kissed him... squealing in excitement at the same time!

"You didn't?!?", I said.

But he did... two tickets to the first place that I mentioned to him weeks ago... Costa Rica!

"Did you check the date?", he asked.
In all of my joy, I didn't even pay attention to the date.

"We leave tomorrow?!?", I squealed.

"Omg, baby, I don't even know where to start with my packing!", I said flustered.

He took my hand, with his touch instantly calming me and said, "You don't have to start with anything because I took care of everything for you. I packed for the both of us. Now, we're going to head out to have a couple's massage so we can be totally relaxed for our trip."

I loved this man with everything in me. This was the most amazing thing that anyone had ever done. He always made me feel like a queen, but this right here took the cake. The mere thought of everything my man just did for me made my pussy drenched. I wanted him and I wanted him right now. I grabbed his neck, pulling his face to mine, and getting wetter by the second as he put his tongue down my throat. He palmed my panty less ass under my dress, semi-penetrating me with his finger.

"Damn momma, I guess I did good huh? That pussy is wetter than a mutherfucka!", he chuckled.

"You're getting ready to see just how good you did love!", I said while I started to unbuckle his belt. He grabbed my hands stopping me in my tracks.

"You know I would never pass up on a chance to cum in that pussy, but I'm going to save it all for this trip! I have everything planned and I just want this to be a trip that we'll never forget. So as bad as I want you right now, especially how you're looking at me, I'm going to contain myself for right now and treat my wife to a relaxing spa day."

Little did he know, him refusing me made me that much hornier. The next day finally came for our trip and I could hardly sleep last night. The car was packed and we headed to the airport. The flight passed like a breeze, probably because of my anxiousness.

The scenery in Costa Rica was breathtaking and intoxicating. We checked into the most exquisite, luxurious resort overlooking the rolling hills of Tamarindo Bay. Our Italian-styled villa was equipped with our own private terrace with an outside daybed, jacuzzi, and tranquil garden. It was our own slice of heaven.

I've always been the one to plan and book our trips, so the fact that he planned this perfect getaway by himself made me fall in love with him all over again. We settled into our villa. I was standing on the balcony, taking it all in and he came behind me, wrapping the warmth of his arms around my waist and kissing me on my neck.

"Baby, you haven't stopped smiling since we landed. I'm going to take that as a sign that you approve!", he said.

"Oh baby, it's absolutely amazing! You took care of everything! I'm so impressed. Looks like you've taken a few pointers from your wife!", I teased.

He smirked. "I knew I wanted you to experience a once in a lifetime trip. And now, I want you to go slip into the outfit I left on the bed because I would like to take my wife to dinner and look at a few sights."

I got ready quickly and we whisked off to a magnificent evening. The dinner was five star with all of my favorites and we spent the rest of the evening looking at the sights. We watched the sunset on the beach and then headed back to the villa. I couldn't stop going on and on all night about how enamoured I was with this vacation.

"Baby I want to show you how much I love and appreciate what you've done for me. I want to give you whatever you want. I want you to do whatever you want to me!" Saying those words to him turned me on just as much as I hoped him hearing them would.

"I'm glad you said that baby because that's what this trip is all about. I want us to be totally uninhibited. This is our chance to fulfill all the desires and fantasies we've ever had. No questions. No judgments. Are you good with that?" he asks intently.

"I'm all in baby. This is your body... do with it as you please!"

"That's my girl!", he said before kissing me in a way I've never experienced before. He had me intrigued.

There was a knock on the door and he asked me to open it.

"I planned a little something for you... well you and me! Just keep an open mind."

I had no idea what was awaiting for me on the other side of that door! I opened the door to two men with a cart of champagne and dessert. That's so sweet I thought. This man has thought of everything. I didn't even see him order room service. The guys pushed the cart in. I couldn't help noticing how handsome they were, but I just kept thinking about what I was going to do to my husband once they left.

My husband moved to the door and closed it. I was a little confused. The two guys stood there by the cart and I immediately thought that my husband forgot to have money for a tip, so I was headed to the bedroom to grab some cash. My husband grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in front of him facing the two guys.

"Baby, this is Jason and Ricky. Do you like them? I mean, honestly.. are these guys your type?", he asked.

"You're my type baby!", I exclaimed.

"I know baby, but are you attracted to these guys? It's really ok if you are!", he said.

They both looked like two men I would see in a movie. Jason was about 6 ft with beautifully dark melanin skin with a body that I could only imagine stayed in the gym daily, packaged in a shirt that traced every muscle and cut.

Ricky stood about 6'1" with caramel skin, washboard abs that were protruding through his black shirt, and a very well-sized package that lined the inside of his pants almost to mid thigh, but I wasn't looking!

He introduced us and mentioned that he was happy that it appeared we all seemed to like each other. I turned to him asking why these men were here.

"You haven't figured it out yet baby?", he paused looking at a confused me. "They're here to fuck the shit out of you! You told me you would give me anything I wanted and my fantasy is to watch you get fucked by two men. I want to see how another man feels digging in that wet pussy like I do."

I couldn't believe my ears. My husband was willing to give me to another man, but not just another man, but two! I could barely take my husband at times, so what was I supposed to do with two men. We had done some kinky shit together and we always watched "extreme type" porn together, but never did I imagine that he would one day want to bring one of those to life. I'm so insecure about my body and my husband knows that he is the only man that I feel remotely comfortable around. How could I be with these guys? So many things were swirling around in my head in those few seconds that it felt like I was pondering for hours.

"Baby, I know you're not comfortable in your own skin at times. I want you to let all of that go. These men don't know you and we're thousands of miles away from home. Look at how they're looking at you. I know you can see that they want you."

He was interrupted by one of the men coming up behind me and kissing my neck.

"Shit, he ain't lying... I've been wanting that pussy since you opened the door!", he said while reaching around and rubbing his fingers between my legs.

I felt his dick rise up against my ass when he realized there were no panties under my dress. My husband, visibly hard, kissed me as he started reaching inside of his pants. He walked backwards away from me towards a chair making sure that he didn't miss a second.

"Just relax and let it happen baby... I'm right here!", he said making it to the chair.

By this time both men were all over me. One grabbing my neck kissing me while the other now appeared in front of me, lowering down to his knees. I was feeling tense. I was trembling because I was so nervous, yet starting to feel myself get wetter from these two strangers fondling my body.

Jason lifted my dress over my head, immediately making me cover my chest out of instinct. He grabbed my arms, putting them behind my back with one hand while using his other hand to unfasten my bra. Ooh...he's done this before I thought to myself. He started licking and sucking on my breasts, which until that moment, I realized that I hadn't experienced from anybody else.

I started moaning uncontrollably. I don't know if it was from Jason grabbing my neck while he was kissing and sucking on my chest or Ricky eating my pussy like this was his last meal.

"Fuuuck!" I could hear my husband saying faintly amongst the commotion.

"Watch out!", Ricky said to Jason as he picked me up over his head, carrying me to the bed, while simultaneously sucking on my clit.

He laid me on the bed, never missing a beat. His tongue was doing things in my pussy that I can't even describe, but the more I came and grabbed his head, the rougher he got. He decided to up the stakes and finger fuck me while he pleasured me with his tongue. He stuck his index, middle and ring finger in my pussy and then slid his index finger out, now naturally lubricated by my pussy, and eased it into my ass.

The moaning got so loud that Jason decided he needed to lower the volume by fucking my face. I could hardly breathe, let alone scream with his massive dick going in and out of my mouth. The sound of me almost gagging made him even harder than he already was.

There were so many things happening to me at one time. I still couldn't believe this was happening to me. How can you feel violated and aroused at the same time? But that's exactly how I felt.

As Jason grabbed my hair, tilting my head to the side so he could watch his dick sliding in and out my mouth, I locked eyes with my husband. He was biting his bottom lip and stroking his dick up and down to the same pace I was getting finger and face fucked. I could see his cum running down the side of his hand and he was still hard! That shit turned me on to the fullest.

On a good day, I could get one out of him. On a remarkable day, I could get two after we took a break. So, the fact that he was jacking off to me getting fucked, was able to orgasm, and was still hard ready for another one, made me cum like I've never cum before. Ricky, probably thinking that his tongue and fingers were to thank for that last gush of wetness, took that as a queue that I was ready for him.

"J, this pussy is wet as hell man. She ready for that d for real, for real!", Ricky said to Jason. 

I looked at my husband wide eyed. I couldn't believe this was getting ready to happen. Ricky got up and pulled down his jeans. My body went numb. He was bigger than Jason! How in the hell was he gonna put any part of that huge dick inside of me. He would rip me open for sure!

"I see you looking ma, you can take it. Imma make sure you take it... every single inch of this dick is gonna fill those walls baby!", Ricky assured me. "Bring that ass over here and come sit on it, so your husband can get a perfect view of me stretching that pussy out! he laughed as he laid on the bed positioning himself for me to me to ride him."

My hand couldn't wrap all the way around him as I guided his cock inside my pussy.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh my God, oh my God, oh shit, baby, baby, wait, fuck, wait, fuck, fuck, fuuuccckk, oh my God, don't stop, please don't stop.....", I hollered in pleasure and pain.

He did that! He filled my pussy up. I could feel him hitting my cervix he was so big. He was fucking me so good that I didn't even realize Jason was back in my mouth.

"Rick, you know I gotta get some of that shit! You can't have all that pussy to yourself!", Jason laughed.

"Come on J! I think he may want an up close and personal view of us destroying his wife's pussy!", Ricky smirked as he picked me up bouncing me up and down on his dick as he walked in front of my husband.

"You like seeing your wife take all this dick huh? You like seeing that pussy cum all on this dick huh? That pussy ain't never gonna be the same after this dick!", Ricky taunted my husband as he was less than a foot away from him pounding my pussy in his face.

"J, come get in on this pussy man and bring baby a shot too... she definitely gonna need that shit!"

So now it was time to take Jason. He was huge too, but I was currently riding a dick that I've only seen in pornos, so Jason shouldn't be a problem I thought to myself. Jason walked up with two shots and gave them to me.

Ricky slowed down fucking me while I took the shots. I was ready to go another round and for him to pass me to Jason. But Ricky didn't stop fucking me and noticed a bottle in Jason's hand. He squirted some gel into his hand and starting rubbing it on his shaft and made his way behind me.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! What are ya'll doing?", I said.

"Relax baby girl, just keep holding on to my neck and riding this dick. We got you!", Ricky said as he slapped my ass.

"No, I can't take both of you! Baby, I can't take both of them!", I pleaded. "Did you know they wanted to fuck me at the same time?", I continue to plead with my husband while Jason started forcing himself inside my ass as Ricky continues to destroy my pussy.

Jason keeps inching his dick slowly in my ass as I scream in agony. But Jason is definitely the type of guy that gets off on hearing women scream out in pain while fucking him. His dick grew harder with every scream that came out of my now hoarse voice. I stared at my husband as he continued to be aroused.

I was bellowing out sounds I've never heard come out of my body, as Jason and Ricky were both completely inside of me in sync with bouncing me up down on their dicks and slapping my ass as I gushed all over them.

"You gonna make me nut in this pussy. You tryin to make me fill that pussy up baby?", Ricky asked me jokingly, but seriously.

"Shit, I been nutted all in that pussy! I'm on my second nut, which is going right in this tight ass!",  Jason laughed.

"You came inside of my wife?", my husband protested.

Almost instantaneously of him asking then that question, I had the hardest orgasm I had ever experienced in my entire life. I squirted all over them and the floor.

That sparked something in both of them because I felt two hot loads of cum fill up both of my holes at the same time!! They dismounted my limp body onto my husband's lap. He was still rock hard!

"So you liked watching me get fucked huh?", I whispered to him.

"Fucking right! You took all that dick baby! Omg, I fucking love you so much!", he said. "Are you mad at me? Are you ok? I didn't know they were going to cum inside you though baby, but I do know it's hard to get out of that pussy once you're in there?" 

"I'm not mad, but I can't have you waste that hard dick that you have either, now can I?", I said while stroking, caressing, and licking it.

I grabbed his shirt and led him to the bed and got on all fours.

"Come feel what my pussy feels like after you had it destroyed by two massive dicks. Come fill the rest of my pussy up with your cum! Go back and forth from my pussy to my ass, so you can see just how much they opened your wife up!"

"Fuck, baby, I've never seen this side of you. You got my dick harder than a mutherfucka!", he said as he pummeled my pussy.

"Jason!", I called out.

"Oh alright, you're trying to make me jealous by screaming out his name? That's only gonna make me fuck you harder!", he said as he grabbed my hair pulling me up to stick his tongue down my throat as he thrusts harder in my ass.

"JASON!" I screamed louder, this time catching the ear of Jason causing him to come in the room.

"Oh shit! Alright! I see you two! Yeaahh...Tear that shit up some more man!", Jason says as he praises my husband!

"You.. wanna... make.. some... more.. money?", I asked Jason in a choppy voice as my husband went in and out of me.

"Hell yeah, what's up?", Jason responded.

"Since my husband enjoyed seeing me get fucked so much, can you fuck him, while he's fucking me? That way I can look in the mirror and watch him take it, the way he made me take it! I don't want you to feel any type of way about it. I have a dildo in my bag if you want to use that, but I'll make it worth your while if you do it yourself!"

Jason paused. My husband slowed down fucking me with a perplexed look on his face.

"Oh baby, you really thought you were there only one that can live out a fantasy on this trip? You had two strangers fuck me at the same time while you had the pleasure of watching and you think I'm not going to make you do something?", I asked.

"Well, you can watch me fuck two women!", he said.

"Nope, that does nothing for me baby! I get fucked, you get fucked! Period! That's my terms! I did what you wanted, you do what I want!", I demanded.

"Fuck it... I'm in! I got bills!", Jason said as he threw back three shots.

"Like you told me...Just relax and let it happen baby! I'm right here! Now fuck your pussy and take it!", I said.

I could tell the moment when Jason entered him because the dick he was giving me slowed down in pace. He took it and didn't give out much of a sound. He had his manhood. But then he started fucking me in a way I never felt. Damn, he felt incredible. The way he was stroking inside of my pussy was amazing. I laid my chest on the bed, keeping my ass tooted up to him, fucking him and taking it all in. The harder Jason fucked him, the harder he fucked me, slapped my ass, and pulled my hair.

There were so many screams of passion coming out of the room, Ricky came back in to see what was going on.

"Shit, I'm gonna get in on this too!", he said as he jumped in front of my face, pulling his dick back out of his boxers and shoving it into my mouth.

"Man, your wife can suck the hell out of a dick!", Ricky said to my husband.

There were so many loud noises coming from our villa, I know half of the resort heard us, but we didn't care at all. We fucked until we couldn't fuck anymore! Between the guys, I probably had over 15 loads shot in me or on me when it was all said and done.

Me and my baby both got what we wanted. This was a trip that we would never ever forget. We flew back home still madly in love, still hot as ever for each other, just slightly used versions of ourselves before Costa Rica!
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