When Seduction is Done Right: Part 2

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Author's NOTE: Please feel free to read Part 1 if you like, though both work as stand-alone stories. Enjoy! "Mmmm, I've always had fantasies about my male teachers." "We do command the classroom." "Well, command me then." She set her glass down and playfully drew her finger down the length of his forearm, pulled his hand to her lips, and slowly wrapped her lips around the end of his index finger. With two long, slow strokes of her tongue, she gave him a preview of what she had in mind. Luxury

Jose's hotel suite was huge! Laura's whole little one-room studio could fit in the living room area with a bit of space to spare. While she was admiring the soft feel of the sofa and the plush fabric, Jose asked from the minibar, "Would you like something to drink?"
"Water, juice, soda...alcohol."
"Water." She wanted to experience all of what was to come and not have anything dulled by any more alcohol.

She took a sip of the water as they settled on the sofa she was admiring.
"I have to ask, what do you do?"
"Actually at the moment, I don't really have a job. Are you familiar with cryptocurrencies?" 
"Not really."
"It's cool. Long story short, thanks to them, I can take something of an indefinite sabbatical I guess you could say."
"But this're not here on business?" Laura gave a look of disbelief.
"I live in Seoul. My hotel room was just much closer than my apartment. I did a HUGE favor for the hotel owner's kid a while back when she was my student, and her mom gave me this room."
"Wait, really?! You were a teacher? I wouldn't have guessed."
"Yup, for most of my professional career."
"Mmmm, I've always had fantasies about my male teachers."
"We do command the classroom."
"Well, command me then."
She set her glass down and playfully drew her finger down the length of his forearm, pulled his hand to her lips, and slowly wrapped her lips around the end of his index finger. With two long, slow strokes of her tongue, she gave him a preview of what she had in mind.

After a few clicks on his phone, the speakers around the room played slow lounge music. He stood up and pulled her to her feet. He turned her around and brought her in close to him, her body pressed against his. His warmth made her shiver with excitement.
"Move with me."
With both hands around her waist he directed her actions and had her grinding against him slowly. 
"Good,'s all about tempo and contact...change up the speed as you like. Use the melody, the bass notes, your choice."
Laura could feel Jose get harder and larger through the thin fabric of her shorts as she made slow then slightly faster teasing circles. His warm lips worked their way up the side of her neck in a series of kisses, ending just behind the back of her jaw. She felt how wet he had made her and couldn't help smiling.

Then, Jose slid his hands down from her waist, past her hips to where her "thigh brows" were. She gave have a moment's thought to how silly the word was as he moved past the area further down. She wanted to feel his fingers inside her again; she bit her lip in expectation, but he brought his hands back to her waist. Twice more he did this, and twice more was she left wet and wanting.

She couldn't see that he was smiling. Sensing her aroused frustration, he stopped her, kissed her neck one more time, and led her to the bedroom.

"Shall I get the lights?" she asked.
"No, you're absolutely gorgeous, why hide in darkness?" he responded.
She blushed at his words.
"Take off your shirt...slowly."

Laura found she liked following his orders. When her shirt passed her chest, she felt her breasts lift up slightly, and then fall back down with a bounce. With her arms over her head and her shirt covering her eyes, she felt Jose's firm hand hold both her arms in place as he kissed her first softly, then with more passion. Not seeing him heightened the sensation of his lips on hers.

She flung her shirt off to the the side when he released her, smiling with her eyes.
"Now, turn around."
She did.
"Your shorts."
He didn't tell her how to take them off this time, so she arched her back, ran her hands up the sides of her thighs and slowly started to peel the shorts off, unveiling the top of the black lacy g-string she was wearing. Her hips moved in that same motion that got him so hard earlier. She looked over her shoulder and gave him one last seductive look before she brought her shoulders down to her knees in a feat of flexibility as she removed her shorts.

When she brought herself back up, her shorts were in a crumpled heap on the floor, and over her shoulder she saw him looking at her from top to bottom. She turned quickly to face him and locked eyes with him while she reached for the clasp in front to unhook her bra. Before she could, he stopped her, and with a flick of his fingers it came loose, freeing her plush, round breasts and their light brown nipples. Laura loved her breasts; they weren't the manmade giants some women opted to buy in Seoul, but they were full, had life, and were much more than a handful.

He laid her down on the bed, following her and propping himself up on his hands. He started by kissing her lips and working his way lower to her neck and lower still to her breasts. His left hand squeezed one lightly while his finger teased her nipple with small, circular motions until it was fully aroused. The other breast felt his tongue flick the nipple back and forth, arousing it. Then his lips closed around it completely. His right hand danced lightly along her side, exciting her skin. Her hips moved involuntarily, squirming in anticipation.

He kissed her navel on his way down her body. He stood up to admire her, and she brought her legs up onto the bed. Her legs were parted just a little bit, and when he kissed her knee, they slowly parted completely, welcoming him in again. His lips made their way down the inner side of her left thigh while his hand caressed its outer side. Laura's body tightened in response to the stimulation. She knew Jose could feel see that she was completely wet.

She began to remove her underwear when he stopped her and pulled them up over her feet. Jose made his way back down her legs, he stopped to kiss her calf and allowed the hairs of his mustache to gently skim the inner parts of her leg, heightening her anticipation. Thank God she had shaved everything this morning.

Jose loved the feel of her smooth skin, and her scent commanded his attention, drawing him in. He had taken it slow, but now it was time to speed things up. With his head between her widespread legs, he ran his tongue across her lips, up on the left side, and then down on the right, making sure to just brush his beard against her sensitive skin. From the squeaks of pleasure she made with each pass of his tongue, he knew she was more than ready.

His tongue parted her lips and went impossibly deep, searching and sending tingling fireworks all the way down to her toes. As he pulled out of her, his tongue flicked her clit, causing her to clench the pillow in her hand.

The tip of Jose's tongue came back and flicked it repeatedly from every conceivable angle, then seemed to encircle it. She couldn't tell how long it went on, but this blitzkrieg of feeling, this torrent of pleasure, was causing her to come so hard she couldn't help but scream in ecstasy. However, Jose was relentless. When she felt her clit seem to lose sensation from the sensory overload, he slid a finger easily inside her, having it search, find, and exploit her most sensitive area.

Laura felt the rising tension in her body again, but Jose took her to new heights when his tongue began again. "¡AHHH, Dios Mio!" she shouted between sharp intakes of breath. Her whole body clenched, and then she shuddered uncontrollably. Her hand shot down, and she ran her fingers through his silky hair.

"Mmmmm," was all she managed to say as she bit down on her lower lip.

After a few moments of catching her breath she propped herself up on her elbows, biting her lower lip again, playfully this time. "You're wearing too many clothes."
"Am I?" he joked, still fully clothed, lying down beside her.

She stood up, brought him to his feet and eagerly started unbuttoning his vest. She ran her hands all over his well-muscled chest. After unbuttoning his shirt and leaving it in a pile on the floor, she reached down and started to stroke him through his pants with one hand. She felt him grow as she wrapped her fingers around him. He ran his thumb in small circles around her nipple.

With a deft flick of her fingers she undid his belt and got down on her knees, sitting on her feet. She pulled down his pants and boxers. Jose's was the largest she had ever had. Laura felt excitement and fear as she put one hand around him and then two. This...was going in her? Her thumb and finger tips were almost an inch from touching as they wrapped around his shaft, but she started with slow strokes before attempting to use her mouth. She knew she couldn't take him all the way in due to her horribly strong gag reflex, but she would show him he wasn't the only one with a versatile tongue.

Laura worked and squeezed her lips around the head. Her mouth full, she slid her tongue around one side of him and then the other in slow methodical movements. Her hands felt him pulse, harden, and relax as her tongue made each pass. She sped up a bit and slowed down, keeping her lips locked around him as she brought his head in and out of her mouth. She was surprised at the taste of his precum, which was slightly sweet.

His hand came down, and took her hand to help her stand up. She stood, still having one hand wrapped around him. She widened her stance a bit, and brought the tip of him between her legs. Laura wanted to let him feel how wet he made her.

Damn she was good, but now to switch gears. He laid her on the bed, which was nice and high, bringing her hips to the perfect level. She lay there with her legs spread to either side of him. Jose knew he was big, and he had to go slow at first. He parted her lips with his finger, God she was wet, and brought the tip of his cock into position, teasingly moving it around. He got it wet before slowly pushing his way inside her. She was so tight that it took a little bit of effort.

He watched Laura as he started to push his way inside her. She was nervous and squeezing the sheets.
"It's fine, just try and relax, I'll go in slow."

She really was very tight. He went in a little bit, pulled out, went further, then pulled out again. He enjoyed watching her squirm in excitement and nervousness each time, but he was gentle with her, carressing her side with his left hand and running his fingers up and down her leg with his right hand.

Laura felt herself being stretched out, but her arousal and elation conquered the pain with each penetrating thrust. Each time he would move his hips in a way that excited a different part on the way in and the way out. Each time he seemed to make sure to hit just the right spot, she was being driven closer and closer to coming.

"Are you all the way in? I honestly feel like I'm going to explode."
"Maybe halfway?"
"You're fucking kidding me!" she said as she looked in disbelief, the build up gone.
"Lie back," he said, softly pushing her back.

His hands squeezed her breasts, teased her nipples, and she relaxed again as his fingers set fires of sensation along her sides. He moved inside her, stretching her, but still she clamped down, her abs quivering with the effort. Her fingers clenched and unclenched, pulling at the bed sheets. Her legs started to wrap themselves around Jose. But every few thrusts he went deeper and deeper still, so she threw her legs out wide, welcoming his intrusion. Her gasping breaths shortened, and her whole body began to quiver in excitement. His hips moved in slight twists, causing him to stimulate every part inside of her. "¡Madre de dios!" she screamed, and with his hands around her waist and one particularly deep thrust she threw her head back, arched her back and came harder than she ever had before. Her short, gasping breaths turned into a scream of lustful bliss, squeezing him even tighter than she already had been.

It was hard to not come earlier when he was working his way inside her. The sights and sounds of her alone nearly put him over the edge. When Laura came, it took all his concentration to not come with her as she clamped down on him, and my GOD did he love a vocal woman.

He wasn't done yet.

He had just been able to get all the way into her, and God did he love the feeling of being completely buried in a woman. He never said, but he was secretly glad his cock wasn't so long it wouldn't allow him to feel the press of a woman's body against his with each thrust. Especially with what he had in mind.

He watched as Laura lay there, playing with her nipples and enjoying the post-orgasmic sensations. He pulled out, which got her attention.

"Ready for more?" he asked.
"Mmmmhmmm!" she replied.

He helped her to her feet, turned her around and with one hand he bent her over the edge of the bed, tracing the line of her spine and admiring the two perfectly formed dimples in her lower back. God, she was gorgeous. Her fair skin glistened with a thin sheen of sweat, and her ass was perfectly round. He reached down and easily slid two fingers in her then moved her thighs a little ways apart.

She followed his lead and arched her back, bringing her hips up. He brought his cock between her legs and allowed her lips to wet his cock. Bringing the head into position, he slid inside her in one long, even push. Laura moved her hips in small motions up and down, taking him all in.

All the way in, he enjoyed the feel of her warm, round ass pushing against his body. She writhed beneath him and moved her hips in different directions, allowing his cock to push against and explore every inch within herself. Each time she did, she bumped against his body, and it sent a ripple that caused her cheeks to bounce. 

Jose matched tempos to sync his thrust with hers. She started to moan and clamp down hard on him. He changed tempo to thrust as she pulled away, causing her to be even more vocal. He grabbed on to her waist and continued from various angles, fighting his urge to cum as she squeezed him tightly while he was inside her. Suddenly her movements quickened, and she exclaimed, "I'm coming again!"

At that, Jose moved faster and pushed harder than he had been doing already. Laura's orgasmic screaming and moaning drove him further, and she came hard, but he didn't let up. He reached around in front with his right hand...

Laura was already feeling the relaxation come over her from the first climax. However, Jose's finger found its way around to her clit, and her eyes opened wide at the rush of sensations that swept through her body. It was far more intense than anything she felt up until that point. He was going deep and hard into her, while sending a tsunami of sensation that seemed to flood her body as his finger seemed to dance the with her clit.

It was as if he were causing both zones to make her climax simultaneously for a particularly potent orgasm. She reached the tipping point and her whole body began to shudder uncontrollably as she came. Laura couldn't stop herself from being so loud, and the shuddering only intensified what she was feeling with Jose inside her. She felt him thrust deep into her and come, the warmth of his semen filled her like liquid fire. It was warm, but it felt so good as it found itself all around his cock, warming her from the inside. A few seconds later, they lay on the bed together, their legs dangling off the side of the bed. As she was catching her breath she watched as his cock seemed to move with his heartbeat.

She had never come so many times in such a short amount of times, and she was totally spent, but she wanted to try something out. She got to her feet and took his semi-hard cock in her hands, bringing it towards her mouth. She flicked the tip, and then wrapped her lips around the head like she did earlier. She tasted his sweet cum and smiled when she realized she was right. The way he was tensing and relaxing while she worked her tongue showed that he was also highly sensitive just after he came.

"Damn you're good," he said, barely composed.
She worked her tongue in circles around his head as it left her mouth, ending with a kissing sound, "I've never come like that in my entire life....Round 2, later?"

Jose chuckled as she continued with her lips.

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